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A bath? Sasuke was a but ....lost at the moment. Though having a half naked Itachi did help his mind in figuring it out a bit. When Itachi moved to remove his little brother's shirt, Sasuke finally pieced it together. A bath.

" you mean a bath....or bath?" The question made Sasuke blush scarlet and look down. IT was embarrassing asking his older brother something like this but he wanted to make sure.

Itachi paused at the whispered words and looked down as his brother. Sasuke wasn't looking at him, seeming to find the floor more entertaining. Well, Itachi wasn't having that. Removing one hand from the bottom of Sasuke's shirt, he moved it until he grabbed his chin, forcing Sasuke to look up at him. Still, his eyes were downcast. "Sasuke, look at me." When he said it, he voice was soft and comforting. After a moment of hesitation, he complied. "I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do Sasuke. If just want to have a bath then that's up to you. But I will not let you go." His tone turned commanding at the end, making his words law.

Sasuke's eyes grew wide. "N-no, I didn't mean that I didn't wantto do's just....-" Sasuke broke off, his face flushing red once more.

Itachi had to refrain from smirking. Instead, he smiled at his brother. "Sasuke, are you trying to tell me that you're a virgin?" He laughed when Sasuke looked down, giving the answer in that movement. "I already know that Sasuke."

Sasuke's head shot up faster then he thought was possible. Fighting the blush that wanted to come back, he said, "What do you mean, 'you know'?" He glared at his brother.

You haven't had the time for lovers Sasuke, and if you had, trust me, they would all be dead by now." The and that was still on his chin tightened, confirming his words. He wasn't lieing. He wanted Sasuke all to himself, and that is what he would get. he couldn't hold back the joy and the shiver that ran up his spine at the thought of being Sasuke's first and only.

Sasuke's himself had wanted to save himself for his brother all along. Yeah, it could have been stupid if his brother hadn't felt as he did, but all was good, because Itachi did want him. Still, he was a bit mad that he wouldn't have been allowed to have lovers because his brother would have scared them away. "Oh? And that is fine that you have lovers when I couldn't?"

Itachi's smile died and he sighed. "Sasuke, it's not like that." He let got of his brother and sat on the edge of the bath again, this time shirtless, and so so delisous. "There was barely even a chance for me to get you. I wanted to wait for you, but when people look down on incest, let alone gays, what do you think would have happened? Tell me, what would you think- no, what did you think when you thought about me?"

Running a hand through his hair, Sasuke sighed. "I thought that is was never going to happen. Not only is it wrong, but if by some chance it wasn't then what were the chances you were gay? Or that you particularly had anything against incest. Then there was the factor of even if by some miracle that all that happened, what was the chance that you would like me."

"Exactly." Itachi reached out and pulled Sasuke to him while shutting off the water with his other hand. "I didn't wait, and I do regret it Sasuke. But I have you now, and I'm not letting go."

Looking into his eyes, Sasuke leaned in and kissed Itachi on the lips quickly before saying, "As if I would even let you try." And with that he crashed their mouths together, plunging his tongue into his brother's mouth. Without even a hesitant millisecond, Itachi responded, taking over and dominating poor little Sasuke's mouth. Then again, he didn't seem to mind as he groaned and pushed his hips down into Itachi's making him hiss out a breath.

Pulling away from the kiss, Itachi stood up, causing Sasuke to slid down his body until his feet touched the floor. On the way down however, he felt something press against his ass. Sasuke looked up at Itachi and saw the smirk that marred his face. "That was mean Itachi."

With an almost silent laugh, Itachi leaned down so they were eye level. Sasuke saw the look of heavy desire and lust in his eyes along with the love he had not seen before. He gasped at the strength of the emotions that swirled around in his brother's eyes. Itachi whispered in his ear, "Trust me Sasuke-" the way he said his name made tingles appear all across his body, "-that is not all that is going to happen." With that said, Itachi swiftly removed the shirt that hid his brother's upper body from him. Once it hit the ground, Itachi's hands were roaming over his flesh, feeling the satin like texture of the pale skin.

He didn't wait any longer. Soon both were naked and sanding before each other, letting their eyes travel over the flesh they had dreamed about for a long time. The moment was broken when Sasuke smirked and 'accidently' rubbed against his brother on the way into the bath. Once he settled himself below the water he looked at Itachi innocently. "Aren't you coming in Itachi?"

Narrowing his eyes at Sasuke, he too got in, sitting closer to him then they normally would have. "So this is war, brother?" He leaned in and swiftly kissed Sasuke, cutting off any reply that would have made it's way from those delectable lips. Oh, yes, using that term would certainly get under Sasuke's skin as he was more into the world then he was. He considered it a way that stopped them from being together. Itachi used it as a way for them to be tied together forever.

Soon all teasing was gone from the kiss as passion swam into their mind, forcing them to do more then what they were. Soon the kisses deepened in intensity and Itachi drew Sasuke over to the ledge of the tub. Sasuke pushed Itachi's back against it and straddles his hips, wrapping his legs around his older brother's back. As their painful erections rubbed against each other, they both let out a low moan. "Itachi...." Sasuke was panting hard at the temperature of his body rose into something almost unbearable.

"What Sasuke? What do you want? Tell me." Again, Itachi pushed their erections together. It was hard to not simply take his brother, but he wanted Sasuke to tell him. He had waited long for this, he wasn't just going to take and not give. He loved Sasuke and wanted him to be pleased too.

"Ah...I..I want...Itachi do something!" He had started to move his hips feverously against his broters who were still going slowly. Why wasn't he moving more!?

"Tell me what you want." The words were a passionate command in Sasuke's ear. "Tell me."

Giving an aggravated sound Sasuke bit at Itachi's neck. How was he suppose to get words out of his mouth when they were like this? Trying his best he said, "I-Itachi...I want" This time he bit hard, causing blood to arise. He heard Itachi let out a hiss of pleasure before he felt Sasuke begin to lick at the wound.

With a moan, Itachi said, "You evil little demon." His voice was a bit straighned with the strength it was taking to hold back mindlessly driving into his innocent brother.

Moving his lips to his brother's ear, Sasuke whispered huskily, "Take me now Itachi. I want you to make love to me."

With an animalistic growl, Itachi switched their positions, placing Sasuke at the edge. Looking intensely into his little brother's eyes, he fiercely kissed him at the same time he pushed a finger into his tight entrance.

This time it was Sasuke who hissed at the invasion. His muscles twitched and tightened, trying to force out the offending digit. Itachi grabbed onto Sasuke's member and began slow strokes to distract his brother from the pain. It seemed to work as he added a second finger. He kissed Sasuke before telling him, "Relax. It will hurt some, but more if you try to fight it."

Nodding, he clenched his jaw, and Itachi felt the muscles slowly loosen around his fingers. Giving it a moment, he began to make scissors movements, stretching him. Soon, he entered the third, continuing his ministrations on Sasuke's member. It tightened for a moment before relaxing again. Smirking, Itachi kissed Sasuke and looked at him. "Very good, Sasuke." The teasing tone he used made Sasuke's eyes narrow a bit before he leaned forward, ignoring the more pain it caused, and bit Itachi on the lip, hard. Sasuke smirked and said, "You taste good brother." He licked the blood off his lips and stared at Itachi with amusement that disappeared in an instant when Itachi pulled out his fingers, only to shove them forcefully back in.

]Sasuke's head snapped back and a throaty moan came out of his mouth. Both the pain and the pleasure together were entwined as they made their way up his spine. He didn't have time to think it over though because Itachi quickly did it again. Each time at a different angle. Just when Sasuke was about to ask, Itachi hit something deep inside of him that made him scream out, the pain forgotten for the moment. eyes wide, he looked at his brother, only to see him smirking. Slowly, he pulled them out only to enter and hit it again.

"Ah! I-Itachi! W-what is that!?" His eye were so wide they made his head look to small to hold them. It would have been funny if they didn't have better things to think about.

"That, my dear brother, is your prostate." He pulled out his fingers and positioned himself at Sasuke's entrance. He looked down at him for permission, knowing that if his brother said no then he would stop. But he wouldn't be able to stop after this if his brother changed his mind.

Seeing the unspoken question in Itachi's eyes, he smiles shakily, and nodded his head, giving him the go ahead.

"Are you sure? there's no going back if we do this." He said it with certainty and conviction. When all Sasuke did was nod, he nodded back. Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward until his was right at the opening. Leaning down, he kiss his brother hard as he quickly plunged hilt deep, hitting the younger boy's prostate perfectly. Sasuke screamed so loud Itachi was sure that he had saw the walls vibrate. Not that he minded at all.

Trying his best to remain still so his brother could get use to his being filled like this was very difficult, especially since he was being squeezed from all sides by Sasuke's inner walls. He began to shake with the force it was taking not to break. Sasuke was so hot and tight....

After a moment Sasuke said in a very weak voice, "M-move Itachi."

Shaking his head, causing some sweat drops to slid their way down his face, neck and back, he said, "No, you're not ready-"

Growling, Sasuke gripped Itachi's shoulders before pulling back and slamming back down on Itachi's member. He yelled again, though this time void of all pain and said, "I said I am ready."

With a hiss, Itachi lost control and pounded into Sasuke's tight entrance, each time harder and with more power the the last. His hands grabbed Sasuke's hip, helping the inexperienced boy learn how to move with him, and also using it as a way to put more force into his thrusts giving Sasuke more pleasure.

Sasuke slammed his mouth onto Itachi's and kissed with a fire that he didn't know he had. It was then that Itachi matched his tongue to his thrusts, plunging them both into a heat that was his and only his. Sasuke.

Soon, they both came, screaming each other's name.

While they were recovering, Itachi bit down on Sasuke's flushed neck, leaving a mark. Smiling, he though, 'There. Now we both have a mark to prove we belong to each other.' After a few moments, they got up and Itachi helped Sasuke clean up as he couldn't move that well. Not only did his ass hurt like living hell, but his legs were recovering from their numbness.

When they were both dressed in robes they made their way back into Itachi room. Before they could lay in bed however, they saw a card laying on the made bed.

Uzumaki Naruto

Relationship Expert

Call any time

Itachi took the card before Sasuke crumbled it up and read what it said. He laughed. It was then though, that Sasuke saw writing on the back.

Just a note, you two may either want to keep it quieter or at least get sound proof walls. You animals!



"NARUTO!" Screamed Sasuke at the top of his lungs, ready to rip that dope apart.

Just as he was about to, Itachi wrapped his arms around him and whispered, "I'm not done with you yet Mister."

The shock was clear on Sasuke's face before he blushed. "There's more?"

"Oh yes, there's a lot more." And with that, he pulled off Sasuke's robe, ready to make love to him once again.

Walking away from a house, a boy with tan skin and blue eyes filled with joy and mischief heard a scream that contained his name. With a laugh he looked down at the paper he was carrying and said, "I guess he got my message."

Smiling, the boy cheerfully checked off the box thext to: Bloody blind Uchihas Ya/cest

He hummed and looked at the next name: Eyebrows & Wannabe Ya

Whistling, he put the paper away and walked back home. He had some planning to do.


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