Hey, um, I know I haven't been updating lately. And you are all getting pretty pissed off at me. . .But I keep telling myself to update, update, update! But I can't find the motivation - I always find a reason NOT TO. And, the reason for this one is. . .Over the period of time that I have not been updating. . .I've absolutely fallen in love with Blackwater fanfiction, and Leah has become my new favorite character. The way I've been playing Bella is far too close to the way I've been rping Leah, and I felt stupid and annoyed with myself that I'd pretty much replaced her. So. . .I decided that I would redo this story. I would say "with a better plot", but I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be the same, I'm just going to play Bella differently. More like herself.

Also, there will be more depth, hopefully. More ideas and such. Drama. I also hope to find a beta that can help me along by contributing ideas and stuff. :]

I'm going to leave this up for a few days, and then I'm going to delete this story. I'm starting over. It'll be called the same thing, so, watch out for another Leech Lover within the next few days. My muse is coming back, Loves!


p.s. I MIGHT change the plot. Just so you know. But it will be basically the same.