Here you are, feast your eyes on this! A JALICE! My first and only, I suspect.
I came up with this after coming home from a night of Ouija Board with my friends, and then finding a Robert Downy Jr. film called 'Only You' on television, so I decided to borrow the plot! I like it.

This is only going to be a threeshot.
Maybe if you're lucky four.

This is also my Author's Note to tell you that after Monday I'll be taking a break from Fanfiction. I won't have a computer to write on, so I will write by hand, but I'm moving into my dorm room at university, so until my laptop is fixed and there with me, I'm actually going to concentrate on school (shocking, I know. I somehow managed to graduate with honours) hope you enjoy this!

Only You

Part One: Ten Years Ago

"Edward! Put Bella down, you can't be mean tonight!" a ten year old Alice yelled to her big brother. Edward, at thirteen, and Bella, at twelve, were already best friends, but they grinned at each other, like they knew something Alice didn't.

"Come on," she sighed. "Emmett and Rose are downstairs, and we're just waiting on you two."

Emmett was Bella's twin brother, and Rosalie a girl from Alice's class. Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Edward's parents had decorated their basement with pink and purple balloons and streamers. There was a table full of snack foods, and Alice's presents were piled on a coffee table. Rosalie was sitting quietly in a chair, and Emmett was stuffing his face at the snack table.

Alice quickly introduced everyone to Rosalie before she attempted to cut the cake. In the end, Bella had to help her cut it, with Edward close to her side.

"Right, so are we going to play any games?" Emmett asked, sitting next to Rosalie and passing her a piece of cake. She blushed and thanked him before looking at Alice.

"Well… I think we've got Twister here somewhere…" Alice murmured. Bella grimaced.

"Why don't you open your present," Edward suggested, eyeing Bella. Alice's eyes lit up.

"Yes!" she squealed, launching herself to the floor. Bella sat on the arm of the chair closest to the gifts, ready to pass them to Alice. Edward took his spot in the seat next to her, his arm behind her back casually. Alice noticed how Bella's cheeks flared and she attempted to cover it up by passing Alice a large, blue gift.

"This is from Emmett," Alice murmured, ripping the wrapping paper to shreds. "Oh, neat!" There was the box displaying a picture of her new boom box, and there was a CD for one of her favourite boy bands on top. "Thanks Em!" she yelled, throwing herself at him in a hug.

"This is from Rosalie," Bella said, passing a pink and silver box to her. Alice grinned and hugged her friend who smiled at her, eyes sparkling.

Alice uncovered a cute new dress that Rosalie had seen and thought immediately of her. That was the first clue to the two's everlasting friendship.

"Okay, Al. This is you r last one. It's from Bella and me," Edward said, holding out the last purple box. Alice smiled at the two and pulled away the wrapping paper. She gasped loudly.

"Ouija!" she squealed, launching herself at Edward and Bella, squeezing them tightly. Bella fell awkwardly into Edward's lap while Alice sat back on the floor, pulling open the box.

"A Ouija board?" Rosalie asked nervously.

"What do you do with that?" Emmett murmured, sitting on the floor.

"You talk to ghosts," Alice replied, wiggling her eyebrows. "Edward, go get some candles."

"You can also just ask questions about your future, Alice," Bella said, sitting next to her while Edward hurried up the stairs. "Your love life what you're going to be when you grow up, that sort of thing."

"COOL!" Alice screamed. "I can find out who my other half is!" The three sitting around the board in a circle furrowed their eyebrows.

"You know, like, every person has another person made specifically for them!" Alice explained brightly. Edward came back, carrying an armful of candles and a lighter. He carefully lit them as Alice placed them around in a circle.

"Okay, let's start. Everyone put two fingers on the piece." They all reached out, putting their fingers on the pointer as Alice called; "Are there any spirits in the room with us now?"

They were all still, perfectly quiet. Emmett rolled his eyes, nothing happening, until suddenly the piece moved under their fingers to the "YES". No one could tell if anyone was pushing. They were all so sure they were barely touching it.

"Okay. Who wants to ask a question?" Bella said quietly. Alice smirked.

"Who is Bella destined to be with?" Bella's cheeks flared red and Edward fought back a smirk. Everything was still for a moment until the pointer turned and quickly headed for Edward, sliding off the board where it stilled, pointing straight at him. Bella and Edward blushed, but both of them were hiding smiles.

"Okay, I've got one," Emmett said. "Is my team going to win the football game this weekend?" The pointer hurried to the "NO". Everyone snickered.

"Am I going to pass my math test?" Rosalie asked. "YES".

"Okay me," Alice said softly. "What is the name of my other half, my soul mate." Everything was still for a moment, and the five friends truly thought that nothing would happen.


"Oh my gosh it's spelling his name," Alice murmured. S…P…E…R…

"Is anyone pushing it?" Emmett asked. "Is anyone making this up?" W…H…I…T…

They all shook their heads. L…O…C…K.

"Jasper Whitlock," Alice sighed." That's my true love." Edward snorted.

"You're such a girl, Alice. 'True love', It's probably not going to come true." Alice glared at him.

"We're going now," she called out, the pointer moving to "GOODBYE," when she finished. She jumped up and flicked on the lights, the others carefully blew out the candles.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked, watching her pull out the phone book, searching the W's in Forks.

"There aren't any 'Whitlock's' here," she said softly. "But it's a big world. I'm sure I'll find him someday."
Edward watched with a sigh as his sister quietly led her friends to the door. He waved goodbye to Bella, and helped Alice clean up. He watched his sister eyeing the box of the Ouija board. She'd always been interested in fortune telling, but he'd forgotten that she usually strongly believed in it.

"I should have gotten her the magic 8-ball," he murmured to himself.

Emmett did lose his football game, and Rose did pass her math test. Alice noticed more and more the way Edward and Bella acted around one another. She and Alice used the Ouija board many times, but mostly to interrogate ghosts rather than tell the future.

Emmett insisted that it had all been coincidence.

Alice didn't believe in coincidence.