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Part Three: Now.

The flight to Rome was agonizingly long. At the connection in JFK I changed from my flapper dress into a pair of sweats and a nice t-shirt, and had just enough time to hop on to the plane before we left.

Edward and Bella were lucky enough to fall asleep straight away, but not I. Somehow, those two managed to get window seats next to each other and got real cozy before dozing off. I, however, was stuck next to a smelly old man who decided to try and talk to me the entire flight. Even when I put on the headphones and picked out a romantic movie to drown him out he continued to talk, and took no notice of the fact that I was occupied.

There was a young man next to me, tapping at his laptop, and a woman next to him who looked at me sympathetically. I couldn't get a good look at the guy next to me, he was too tall and I'm sure he'd notice if I just looked away from my movie to stare at him. I did notice when he put his laptop away, though, and happily took a blanket and pillow from the stewardess.

I pulled out my headphones and stopped the movie, deciding it was impossible to try to drown this guy out. Maybe he'd talk himself to sleep? We'd only been in the air for about an hour, but I was exhausted, and if I was going to have any luck finding Jasper Whitlock once we got to Rome, I was going to need my beauty sleep. I stared ahead of me, my eyebrows I'm sure, were an arrow pointed towards my nose.

"Excuse me sir?" The man next to me said. I turned to look at him, and was awed into silence. He was beautiful. He had wavy blonde hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes. I just stared at him as he smiled softly to me and then looked back at Mr. Verbal Diarrhea. "My wife and I were just going to start a movie together, so I'm afraid I'll have to steal her attention from you." Mr. VD didn't even put up a fight. He just chuckled and went to sleep. Jeez.

"Thank you very much," I whispered, though it was hard to get out straight through my pounding heartbeat. He grinned at me.

"No problem," he said, throwing our blankets over us. "So, what do you want to watch?"

The rest of the flight went well, obviously. We watched a light comedy, and when I last peeked a glance at him he was fast asleep. The smile spreading across my face felt calm and truly happy. I curled up as well and let my heavy lids shut.

The plane landed roughly and people stood up as soon as they could, grabbing their things. I'd sat through the breakfast in silence, getting a serving for my 'Husband'. He woke up for a few moments, thanked me, ate, and fell back asleep. He'd fallen into my arm and was still fast asleep when the plane landed. I just smiled and read my magazine.

The giant, talkative man next to me stood up and grabbed his things quickly, expertly getting ahead of everyone else. I was impressed. I gently shook awake the handsome man next to me. He looked up at me, yawning before wiping his eyes. Adorable.

"Oh, morning. Sorry about that," he mumbled. I noticed the slight twang to his voice, and it just made my heart beat faster.

"We've landed," I said softly, putting my things into my purse and standing up. I saw Edward give Bella a quick kiss, and a few of the women around them frowned, their shoulder's visibly falling. The man stretched adorably, his shirt rising slightly to reveal the tone of his chest.

"Come on Alice," Edward called. "Hurry up and grab your things." Bella nodded and swung her bag over her shoulder. She pushed her way ahead of everyone else and reached into my overhead compartment, grabbing my bag and walking forward, out of the plane. I stood shocked until Edward grabbed my head and dragged me away.

"No, wait!" I called, looking over my brother's shoulder at the man I left behind. He looked at me sadly but offered me a kind smile. I waved and turned around, chasing after Bella into the airport.

"You idiot!" I yelled when I caught up to her. "Did you not see how absolutely perfect that guy I was with was? How could you drag me away from that!"

Bella smiled at me and passed me my bag as Edward took her hand. "Alice, don't forget that you're here for a reason. You're looking for your soul mate!" I sighed. I guess it was a good idea to bring her along. She sobered me up a bit.

Edward used his talent of picking up every possible languge like it was english to get us a cab and brought us to our hotel. He and Bella went up to the desk clerk and asked for our room, while I began the search for Jasper Whitlock.

"Excuse me," I asked the clerk after we'd been given our room key. "I was wondering if you could tell me which room Mister Jasper Whitlock is in?" She smiled kindly at me.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, but that sort of information is confidential. We can't give out information about our clients." As I suspected.

"Yes, I understand that. But you see, I'm his fiancée, and I'm here to surprise him!" I bent over the counter to whisper to her. "It would really mean a lot if you could just tell me if he's checked in, at least." She brightened up.

"Oh, certainly!" She smiled warmly at me and I saw her fingers fly at her computer. "Mr. Whitlock checked in maybe twenty minutes ago." She smiled. I shook her hand, slipping her a few Euros and hurried to the elevator.

"We're on the fifth floor," Bella muttered as Edward reached around me to press the button.

"Stop jumping, Alice. There isn't enough room with the bags and everything," he muttered.

"You're making the elevator bounce," Bella said while grabbing my arm to hold me still. "The last thing we need is for it to break." I sighed and slumped against the wall, watching the lights above the door as they changed from one number to the next.

Our room was pretty nice for getting it on such short notice. There was a sitting room and a single bedroom off of it. The bathroom was spacious and I caught Edward and Bella eyeing the room.

"Don't worry," I muttered. "I'll sleep on the couch." They took their bags in and shut the door behind them. I sighed and slumped on to the couch. "At least it's comfortable," I assured myself.

When it was time for dinner I helped Bella get dressed up in a nice black dress and some respectable flats. Her hair was nicely curled and she was applying a little bit of makeup as I slipped into my own dress.

Edward had changed into a nice pair of grey pants and a black dress shirt. His hair, of course, was out of control- but it suited him. We walked through the lobby and before we could reach the door the clerk waved me over.

"Ms. Brandon, your fiancé left a few minutes ago. He was heading to a wedding reception. Would you like to know the name of the restaurant?" Um, YES. It was really hard not to scream, to be honest.

The restaurant wasn't far away. Basically, we were on one side of the Trevi Fountain, the restaurant was on the other. I started walking- quickly- and Bella and Edward stayed right behind me. Their legs were longer- even if I was walking fast it wasn't hard to keep up.

I managed to pull a few strings and get us seated in the back, next to the kitchen. I swear, if I started sweating before I could see Jasper I was going to sue someone. The wedding party was outside. I'd barely caught a glimpse of the bride. She was a gorgeous brunette, her curls cascading down her back.

Her dress was really nice as well.

What I could pick out the most was the groom. He was handsome, sandy, medium length hair. He sat properly in his tux and he had a huge smile across his lips. He was staring at his wife with pure adoration.

Edward ordered food for us. He figured that since we were in Rome we might as well get the full experience. Bella reasoned that stalking someone I didn't really know wasn't a good enough reason to be here. I had to at least look inconspicuous.

By the time the food came out I was so hungry that I let myself forget my ultimate goal for a moment. The three of us enjoyed each others' company, enjoyed the food, enjoyed Rome for a few hours. We laughed harder than we had in a long time. Here, in Italy, it was like no worries from home could plague us.

Bella looked beautiful and Edward just stared at her. She didn't even notice how in love he was with her.

"Alice," Bella finally gasped through one burst of laughter. "Go and grab your man. I'm really tired; I want to go to bed." I saw her eyeing Edward from the corner of her eyes. She may have wanted to go to bed, but she definitely didn't want to go to sleep. Edward's cheeks flushed and I knew he knew what I was thinking.

"Okay, I'm going to go take a look. It should be one of those 'at first sight' things, you know? I mean this was meant to be." Bella nodded and I stood up, flattening out the creases in my dress as I moved towards the door.

When I glanced over my shoulder I saw Bella giving me a thumbs up while Edward paid for our meal. I walked outside and looked around at the tables where the wedding had been seated.

And they were empty.

I turned around and Bella was right there. I'm sure my eyes were wide and terrified. She looked behind me and then pulled me into a hug.

"It's alright, Alice. We'll just have to creep the lobby when we get back to the hotel, alright?" I shook my head.

"I'm never going to find him…" Bella patted my back.

"Hey, never say never. Peter Pan taught us that… or someone…"

"Isn't that the bride and groom over there?" Edward asked, pointing to somewhere behind us. I shot around and true enough, turning down the street was the entire wedding party, whooping and cheering loudly.

I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I did. I ran.

I could hear Bella and Edward calling after me but I knew they'd catch up. I just had to catch a glimpse of him- just one glance.

They turned down a couple of side streets until they were standing by the Trevi Fountain and I was there next to them. The square was packed. Even at this point in the night there were tourists. People were turning from the fountain to throw coins over their backs. The first to come back to Rome someday, the second to find a husband here, the third to divorce him. I watched as the bride and groom strode up to the fountain, held hands and both tossed a coin over their shoulders.

I scanned through the crowd but didn't see a face that stuck out. So of course, the first thought that came to me was maybe he'd started to head back to the hotel.

I pushed my way through the crowd, excusing myself here and there and was only vaguely aware of losing my purse. It didn't matter anyway, there was nothing valuable in there.

I fought through the surge of people to reach that one little road lined with stores that lead straight to the hotel. Someone had started yelling after me, I might have stepped on their toes.

A few minutes of struggle and I was out of the crowd, running as fast as my shoes would let me down the road. My heart dropped when I saw the hotel before me, and absolutely no one on the street. There was no way he could have left that fast. I'd missed something, or he simply hadn't been there.

I turned around and sniffed, trying to hold back tears that were stinging my eyes when I heard someone calling my name.

"Miss, you dropped your purse back there," a familiar voice said. I looked up at him, still hugging my arms and my heart skipped a beat.

The man from the airplane, my temporary husband, was standing in front of me. My stupid clutch was in his hand and he held it out to me, a handsome smile on his face.

"Th-thank you!" I stammered, taking it from him.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again," he muttered huskily. The southern drawl was evident in his voice and I nearly melted into a puddle right there. "You looked in an awful hurry there. May I ask why?" I remembered my current situation and my stomach fell a little.

I tried to rationalize that this must also be fate. Meeting him twice in such a short time? Jasper was so far out of reach. "I was looking for someone," I answered. "I was sure he was in that wedding."

"I certainly hope he wasn't the groom," he joked. "May I ask who it was?" I felt my cheeks burning up, but he was looking at me with these eyes… I just couldn't say no.

"His name is Jasper Whitlock." The man's eyes lit up with amusement. He smirked at me, but he did look a little confused. He stepped closer to me. So unbearably close.

"I'm Jasper Whitlock," he murmured.

"Alice? Alice wake up!" I felt a hand patting my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly. It was still dark out, I was still in a street. However, my head was lying in Jasper's lap and Edward and Bella were on either side of me; rubbing my arms, patting my cheek, calling my name.

All I could see were their three faces. I sat up and Jasper held on to me tightly, making sure I didn't fall I guess.

"What happened?" I asked drowsily.

"You fainted," Jasper said with a smirk. We all stood up and I tried to get my bearings.

Then I remembered what happened. "You're Jasper?!" I asked. Bella and Edward widened their eyes and stared at him. He still looked confused.

"Okay, I'm really sorry if I freak you out," I began. "But have you ever really believed in fate or destiny?"

"Not really, but I think I've suddenly started to believe in that love at first sight bit," he replied. Okay… that is supposed to mean…? Why does he have to make me swoon right now.

I fought back the blush and continued. "See… I got your name from a Ouija board when I was a kid. It told me that you'd be my soul mate, and since then I've… sort of been looking for you." His eyebrows rose up, but he still didn't look deterred.

"Not that I've been trying to track you down my whole life," I said, trying not to sound like a maniac. "It's just that when you called for Mike, I answered the phone and I knew I had to find you… so… here I am."

"You did all of this for me?" Jasper asked softly with a grin.

I nodded and smiled weakly. "You've kept me waiting a long time."

He smiled warmly at me and stepped closer, his head stooping closer to mine. "I'm sorry Ma'am." He was dangerously close, and I wanted to make sure this was special. Edward and Bella had started walking towards the hotel.

It was just us two, alone, in a tiny little street in Rome. I was on the tips of my toes, and he was bending down towards me, his arms slowly wrapping around my waist. And our lips touched.

We were stuck together, feverishly gasping at each others' lips as we fought to stay connected. Eventually breathing won and we let go, still ridiculously close to each other. We were keeping each other warm.

"Wow," I sighed. He let out a breathy laugh and nodded.

We turned and walked to the hotel. The irony of all ironies is that his hotel room was across the hallway from ours.

"I was calling Mike to let him know I was coming to Peter's wedding, and that I was sending my things to his place. I'm moving to Seattle when I get back." My eyes widened.

"You are?! That's where I live!" He chuckled and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"I know, Alice." I couldn't help the smile that broke out on my face. I was smiling so widely that it was starting to hurt. So I did the only thing I knew how to do right then. I reached out and kissed him again. This was bliss, and exactly what I'd been waiting for.

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