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A/N - thanx for the idea Tui! Little did you know that the stories you tell me in science can be used against you.

"Come on Pietro," Todd encouraged the speedster, "it's just one little pill yo."

"But you aren't meant to snort these!" Pietro objected, looking down at the ground up pill in front of him.

"But you like caffeine."

"In coke, yes. In coffee, yes. In pill form, normally yes. But snorting a caffeine pill for Todd's amusement? No."

"Come on Pietro. I triple challenge double dare ya!"

"Must. Resist." Pietro said, more to himself than Todd.

"Oh what will Evan say," Todd shook his head, "you've gone soft Quickie."

"Fine! YouWantMeToSnortTheGodDamnPillI'llSnortTheGodDamnPill!"

"I think that was a yes," Todd grinned. Pietro scooped up the dust that was a pill and placed it on the back of his hand. "Oh, you certainly look like you know what you're doing," Todd grinned.

"ShutUpYouLittleToad. IAmNotACrackHead!"

"Of course not." Todd's eyes gleamed as he watched the speedster raise the pill carefully to his nose. Pietro cautiously pressed one delicate finger to the side of his nose and sniffed. Todd watched intently as Pietro's face twitched slightly.

"AHHHHHGGHHHH!" Pietro cried, the blue eye on the side he'd snorted on watering, "my face! My face!" Pietro shot up at super-speed and began to run around and around and around waving his hands about his face.

"What?" Todd asked.

"My god damn face is numb!" Pietro stopped his frantic but useless efforts to stop the feeling that was creeping over the left side of his face. "YouKnewThisWouldHappenYouLittleShit!"

"Actually I wanted to know what would happen. There's a difference."

"I am not your guinea pig!" Pietro objected, though his glare was turned against him by the simple fact that he could only speak out of the right side of his mouth and the fact that his left eye was weeping hot unbidden tears.

"Coooool!" Todd grinned, watching the infuriated speedster, "it's like one of those injections dentists give you, only it's available in supermarkets! Careful you don't bite the inside of your mouth Pietro."

"YouAreDeadTolansky! DeadLikeALittleSquashedToadyOnTheRoad!"

"What's that Pietro?" Todd asked, "I can't understand you. You seem to be having some difficulty moving one side of your mouth."

"Die Todd Die!" Pietro rushed at Todd.

"Eeeek!" Todd shrieked, hopping away.

"Come back Toddy," Pietro called after the youngest mutant, "Let's see how many caffeine pills you can handle. Hmmm, one every 24 hours. Well I think we can go a little over huh Todd? Come back here you mad and definitely evil scientist!"