It's hilarious actually; the way people react to me. They're so used to regarding me with a kind of hero worship, and with my all too obvious fall from any kind of grace, and my strange clothes and music; I'm an oddity. Which I'm finding suits me quite well. I always found the stares as I walked down the corridor irritating, but now they come from something I did, instead of just being the Queen Bee's lackey, it's fun.

Each day I made a point to dress completely differently, I didn't want anyone to try and classify my new look. Today, a very conservative blue sundress from American Eagle looked much better with a black waistcoat and a blue velvet hippy band in my hair. I grinned and plugged in my iPod, choosing a song that totally matched my mood. I felt on top of the world.

I take it in stride; One day at a time

If I ask no questions I'll hear no lies

How come blessings only come in disguise?

Try them on for size as I vocalize.

"Lalalala" I hummed along to the cheery track as I grabbed my books from my locker and headed for Trig. Suddenly there was an 'ahem' behind me. I turned and saw Regina with the other plastics. In her no doubt designer heels, she was a few centimetres taller than me in black ballet flats.

"Hey Evie, what's up?"


"Not much, you know, normal crap."

"Yeah. You know, those clothes rules are kind of stupid anyway, you should come sit with us again."

Wow. I made Regina George relax her strictest rule, within a week. I hadn't expected that. And now I had to make a decision.

"Well, I promised I'd sit with Jake and Janis today, maybe tomorrow?"

You know what was worth the social alienation all on it's own? Seeing Regina George speechless.

"Janis? Janis Ian? You'd rather sit with Janis the Dyke than us?

I knew what she was saying. Say yes and you will be branded a lesbian for the rest of your school life.

Shit what do I do? Oh god I'm going to regret this.

"Yeah, I think so."

Oh shit. I regretted it.