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One thing Wally was sure about was that Batman- Bruce Wayne!- would never, ever know. All feelings about the billionaire had been lost in that intense moment, and one thing Flash knew for a fact was that he did NOT like Batman. And, since Bruce Wayne was basically a facade, he couldn't really like him. That made sense. That was logical. Right?

Then why did he stomach flip upside down at the mere thought of a world where Bruce Wayne didn't exist?

When J'onn had suggested that they change from their costumes, Wally was terrified. He trusted the others- but not that much.

"Hold on a second here- what about the whole secret identity thing? I mean, I trust you guys, but I'm not sure I'm ready to-" Batman hadn't even let him finish. He poked him, hard, in the stomach, and said,

"Wally West-" Flash had bit his lip hearing the dark knight say that name. That was his name. That was his name, for only him and a few other very trusted people to know. Next up was Supes: "-Clark Kent-" Though the name seemed familiar, Flash couldn't place it. Besides, he was still shocked that Batman had said his name. His name. Then the Batman did something completely unexpected. He began to pull back his cowl as he said a name. The familiar face and the name clicked instantly. But it didn't make sense. Batman was Batman. Bruce Wayne was a billionaire playboy with a heart of a gold. Batman- heart of gold. The two things- they didn't match. Wally was confused, and some emotions he didn't want to think about were tumbling around inside of him. So he did what he did best when he was nervous, or just torn. He joked.

"Show off." He pulled back his own mask to reveal his face. He tried to make it seem as mature as possible, without dropping the grin. Maybe it was to impress Bruce Wayne- but he didn't like him anymore. How could he? It was- it was Batman. Diana ruffled his hair, commenting teasingly,

"Red hair- it suits you."

"You think?" He asked, with a small smirk. Wally figured there must have been a 'thing' between Bats (Bruce Frikkin Wayne!), because the Human Bat threw a shirt at him, and growled in the classic monotone,

"Change. Now."

"How can we hide when the whole world is trying to find us?"

"They are looking for the Justice League," J'onn murmured, feeling the fabric of a coat that hung beside him. He began to meld into an unfamiliar person. "Without our costumes, we are ordinary citizens." Batman was about to agree, reluctantly, with a curt nod, when he heard Flash's exclamation.

"Hold on a second here- what about the whole secret identity thing? I mean, I trust you guys, but I'm not sure I'm ready to-" Batman rolled his eyes under his mask, and walked up, stabbing Flash in the chest with his forefinger. Trust Flash to think of these kind of details when their lives are at stake. He had done a good job at masking his identity -this is Batman... no pun is EVER intended...- and maybe he just didn't want to let loose his civilian name. Too bad for him, Batman did know. Having liked Flash for a small amount of time, he understood that it didn't matter what he thought of Flash, because his identity could be completely different. Or maybe the stalker within Bruce had popped up. Either way, Batman had begun his quest to discover the speedster's identity.

"Wally West," He said sternly, as he watched the face pale slightly. He tossed a fist over his shoulder at Superman, though he didn't take his eyes off of the shocked Flash. He did look cute when he was confused as hell. "Clark Kent." The name either hadn't registered in Flash's mind, or his mind was still reeling over the fact that he had known who he was. Probably the latter. This would shake him out of his reverie, though. He pulled back the mask. "Bruce Wayne." The lips parted in a gape, and the eyes beneath the mask widened in shock. A look of embarrassment passed over the Flash, who was staring at Batman, mask pulled down. Finally, it seemed the words clicked as the kid smiled slightly.

"Show off." He pulled back his cowl, and red hair fell from under the clutches of the confining red cloth. The vibrant green eyes had more energy now, in the real, then they had in the photographs. Batman reminded himself that he shouldn't stare, and quickly walked away.

"Red hair- it suits you." Diana. Was she hitting on him!? Batman scowled.

"You think?" Asked the red-head. Bruce felt like screaming, and punching everything in sight. Was he flirting BACK?! Memories flooded into his mind. Black hair. Deep blue eyes. Hiding it from the team. Damn it! It was Diana. How could he have been so damn stupid!?

"Change. Now." He growled darkly, throwing a pea-green jacket at Flash, who blushed, the smile he had been wearing fading into a small smirk as he rubbed the jacket off of his head.

Wally warily entered the room, tossing the jacket he still had (It was a good jacket, what did Bats expect? He wasn't about to throw it out! Besides, he needed something new to add to his wardrobe) to the couch, which he promptly collapsed onto.

"God, what a long day," He sighed to himself. "First Hawk Girl leaves, and then Bats!" He groaned and threw his head back. "I need caffeine!" The scene stirred his memories, but he was too tired to care. He grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. While he waited for the TV to turn on (It takes, like, two seconds, which can be a long time for the Fastest Man Alive), Wally ran to the fridge, grabbed a coke, and returned to his seat.

"Maybe this grant he is giving to the Arkham Institute for rebuilding after the Thanagarian attack on Gotham will help keep those cared for there better... secured?"

Wally realized he was watching a talk show, though he didn't know what they were talking about. The woman to the right of the man who had just spoken nodded.

"We can only hope, Paul. There are too many convicts sent there for there to be a mediocre security system, as there has been for a while. The Joker makes it a monthly game to escape!"

Although he didn't usually enjoy watching shows like this, he made it his mission as a concerned citizen, and superhero, to watch something besides cartoons at least once a week for at least ten minutes. It never really worked, but he still tried. He'd lasted about fifteen seconds. New record. That was good. He began to take a sip of his soda as he relaxed.

"Bruce Wayne certainly didn't waste anytime helping them- even though his mansion was attacked by Thanagarian ships! There is apparently even a hole in the wall!"

Wally spewed out the coke at that. He didn't know whether it was because A. It was Bruce Wayne they were talking about, or B. The Thanagarians hadn't been the ones to do that second little incident...

Bruce glared at the paperwork. He had great insurance on his house, considering what he expected, but apparently, this wasn't considered Vandalism, or Arsenal. What the hell was it then?!

"Aliens... aren't covered?" The woman had told him timidly. Damn it, Flash! Okay, he wasn't really mad at Wally. Well, he was, but not as mad as he was justified to be. The kid had pressed a button. And Bruce knew he watched cartoons by his sense of humor, so how the HELL did he not know what pressing buttons does? They drop avalins on your head. Or pianos. Or safes. Or, they shoot a hole through your teamate's wall. It is as simple as that.

"Master Bruce?" Came a voice from behind the door.

"What is it Alfred? I'm busy," Bruce replied in a low growl. The door creaked open.

"There is someone who wishes to see you, sir." The one thing Bruce did NOT want was company.

"Tell them I'm asleep."

"Everyone knows The Batman doesn't sleep!" Chirped a familiar voice. Bruce spun to see Wally West, not Flash, resting in the doorway. Alfred stood beside him, hiding a smirk.


"Hey, Bats! Or should I say, Bruce Wayne?" The grin seemed glued to his face, and Bruce kicked himself inwardly. How the hell was he supposed to ignore him when he looked so damn cute without his mask?! He rolled his eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Well, I was watching TV, and I saw a very famous Gothamite, so I decided to stop by."

"Do I need to get J'onn to take away the memories of who I am?" Batman asked dryly, not sure whether he was joking. Flash seemed subdued, almost wistful. "...Flash?"

"Yea?" The speedster questioned, the wavering smile returning in full force. He smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. Thinking of what would happen if I got J'onn to do you first- I'd totally have the upper hand. Flash'd stop by, and you'd have to be not-glaring! Can you imagine?" Bruce hid a smirk at the blunt joke, and Alfred even allowed a smile to grace his features.

"Okay... so... what were your reasons for gracing my company?" Bruce asked sarcastically. Wally blushed.

"Well- see, the show I was watching reminded me of...certain...happenings."

"Being?" Bruce asked. Although he was weary of the dodging answers, he enjoyed the simple comfort that radiated from the speedster. He knew that the only reason J'onn had not simply phased back into the space station and stopped him from sacrificing himself was because he had skimmed his mind; and found his reasons. The simple fact that the Earth would have died wasn't the thing that had troubled Bruce most. It was that Flash would. And, yes, he knew it was stupid, and selfish, but he had felt helpless. The thought of a lifeless Wally was unthinkable. I seem to have contradicted myself, Bruce thought to himself with a wry smile.

"Well- I wanted to know how much it cost." Wally finally managed. Bruce glanced up from his thoughts, perturbed.


"The..um...wall." Bruce felt livid, and, just as quickly, felt the anger melt away.

"Wally, you don't have to-" He realized his voice had gone soft, and he quickly amended the problem. "Flash." He corrected. "It doesn't matter."

"Yea, it does Bats. Just tell me how much and I'll pay it. Swearsies. I'm trusting you not to lie, here. Of course, if you want something special for yourself, you'll probably make me pay a buck or two extra and get some gum. That's okay, man."

"Flash- there is no way you're paying for it." There really wasn't. Even if Bruce had felt so inclined as to take Flash up on his offer, he had seen how much the hero had to his name. It wasn't a lot.

"Bruce-" His voice cracked, as though he felt awkward saying Batman's name. Sure, it must have been a shock, but Flash seemed pretty out of it. Bruce tried to keep the unreadable expression on his face. "Just- just tell me, kay? Cause you may scare the crap outta me, but I'm not going to back down just because of that glare you're wearing, terrifying as it may be." Bruce hid another thin smile.

"Fine. You're pretty damn stubborn. It cost about five hundred dollars." Alfred gave him an amused and soft look, that Bruce ignored, and Flash didn't notice. However, he did look uneasy. Batman wasn't surprised. It wasn't even a quarter of a quarter of how much needed to be paid, but to Flash, it was a lot of money. It was why Bruce had chosen it. It seemed like enough to a person that didn't... didn't have much.

"Okay, Bats." Flash agreed. He dug his hand into his pocket, and fished out five hundred dollar bills.

"Do you always carry that much money around with you?" Bruce raised an eyebrow, amused.

"I picked up a thousand from my account on the way over," Flash explained. "To pay." A thousand wasn't even a quarter of a quarter of what needed to be paid, but neither Alfred nor Bruce said so.

"Thank you, Flash." The gratitude had come out unintentionally. Flash didn't notice.

"No prob. See ya. Bye, Jeeves." He sped out of the room.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! The thought pounded in Flash's head as he called a taxi, too tired and too hungry to run all the way home. He still had enough to pay to get home, and get a couple of pizzas. He had gone to Bruce Wayne's house to pay for the damage. And what was he thinking about the ENTIRE time he was there?! It wasn't about the gaping hole in the wall, that's for sure. He sighed, disgruntled, and collapsed in the car.

The taxi wound it's way through Central City (Where he had run to before feeling tired, and changing from his costume he had gotten into after leaving His house) and he began to fall asleep. He awoke as the car jolted when it stopped, and he threw cash into the driver's fingers.

"So tired.." He mumbled, making his way to the bed. He crawled beneath the covers.

"Wally...?" Said hero stepped into the light, smiling slightly at the man's shocked look.

"Hey, Bruce."

"Wha- What are you doing here?"

"Like you don't know," Wally teased with a small grin. He walked closer to the billionaire, who shied from him. "What's wrong?"

"It's you." Bruce finally said, his cold eyes meeting Wally's. "You're Flash."


"I'm Batman. It will never work. Never. I DON'T like you. Get it through your thick skull, that I-!"

Wally awoke at his alarm clocks bidding with a small jolt and a small sigh.

"I thought dreams were supposed to tell you stuff you didn't know..."


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