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Bruce didn't know what had happened, but he knew something was wrong with his ears. Or maybe it was a trick of J'onn's...whatever it was, he had heard Wally say that he liked him. Liked him. He stared for a moment at the blank, blushing face that stared back, and coughed into his palm to break the tension. How the tension had gotten there, he didn't know. He had said he liked Flash. And Flash had said something, that J'onn probably made sound like 'I like you', and now, they were standing in the front hallway of his mansion, shoulders tense. Well, he and Flash were, anyway. J'onn was standing beside them with an amused expression on his usually stoic face, looking proud of himself. Bruce coughed again, then managed,

"What?" The red-head's blush deepened. He glanced at the martian, then back to Bruce, and shrugged helplessly, looking embarrassed.

"I- well, J'onn said- he told me I had to, or he would tell you, and I didn'twanthimtotellyou,becausethatwouldbeevenmoreawkwardthenitisrightnow,eventhoughit'sprettyweirdrightnow, butIsaidIlikedyou,like'like'like,andIknowyou'llprobablybemad,orsomething,butJ'onnsaidhewouldtellyou,so,I'msorryItoldyou..." He mumbled quickly. Bruce raised an eyebrow.

"What did you say?" Wally glanced at J'onn, and it was obvious some sort of mind conversation was taking place. Finally, Flash turned back, looking distressed.

"I said I like you." He mumbled.


Had he said that he liked him, too? Wally glared accusingly at J'onn as he quickly understood what had happened. The martian had duped him! Tricked him! Confuzzled him! He felt Bruce's stare on him, and quickly dropped any signs of anger he had held on his face, and he turned, his face blank, feeling as a man does as he walks the green mile. There was a moment of tense silence, as J'onn watched, obviously enjoying how horrible he had made Wally's life. Sure, Wally liked Bruce, but he was content just to have the man around. He didn't want him to hate him, or to feel awkward around him. He didn't want to tell him! He heard a cough, and his dim eyes turned sharp as he realized he was still standing there, a few feet from Bruce, whose deep blue eyes were fixated on him. Another cough.

"What?" The voice of the billionaire was cracked and weary, and Wally blushed further. Was he really going to tell him...again?! He looked at J'onn, then at Bruce. He shrugged sadly, and then rambled off an excuse. He couldn't really hear what he himself was saying, but he didn't want to be aware of anything right now. Bruce was going to hate him forever, and he was going to try and kill J'onn J'onnz, who would probably kill him first... it was a sad, miserable life.

"What did you say?" Bruce hadn't heard him?! Wally looked unhappily at J'onn.

J'onn...I really don't like this.

I gathered, Wally, but don't you like him? He almost seemed sympathetic.

Sure, but I don't have to be with him. He doesn't even like me, anyways.

Are you sure?

Come on, that trick you did didn't fool me, Martian Man. I know that was you, and I know he hates me. And after this, he'll hate me even more.

Well, you've gone too far, Wally. Just tell him.

Is that just logic clicking, or are you manipulating my mind?

A little of both.

I'll assume that's a joke. Wally finally tuned to Bruce, feeling nervous. He took a deep breath, then uttered,

"I said I like you."


J'onn watched the two faces, and felt the feelings in each.

Confusion- Bruce.

Fears of rejection and hatred- Wally.

"You...'like' me?" Bruce asked in a tone that was unlike his usual one.

Hope- Bruce

Confusion- Wally


More hope- Bruce

A little hope- Wally

"It wasn't a trick by J'onn, then?"

Lots of hope, and some suspicion- Bruce

Loads of Confusion- Wally


"A trick. To make it sound like you said it."

"Um...no...why would it be?" There was a pause.

Embarrassment- Bruce

Hope- Wally

"Wait," Wally murmured. "Was what I thought you said what you really said, and not a thought like I thought it was?"

Confusion- Bruce

Confusion- Wally


"Did you say...?"

Still confused about that last sentence- Bruce

Hope- Wally

"You like me?" Bruce nodded slowly. J'onn felt a smug smile grace his lips as the two men looked at each other, each as embarrassed as the other. Slowly, however, they stopped being embarrassed as they both reached a new feeling.

Happy- Bruce

Happy- Wally

"Wait- that means..." Wally turned to J'onn, green eyes flaring. "You."




"I have to go to the tower." J'onn announced, disappearing through the door as Wally and Bruce glared. Wally turned to Bruce, and muttered,

"We gotta figure out how to keep him from delving."



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