Chapter 6: Debate Begins

It was finally the day of the debates for Bikini Bottom President, with two leading candidates Patrick Star and Mermaid Man, with a lesser known candidate Farmer Jenkins also running in the race.

"Yes, today is the day" said a reporter at what seems like the coliseum, "King Neptune himself is prepared to be the moderator of the debates, since he has the highest say of the seven seas."

The scene then turns to the coliseum itself, where King Neptune takes the center stage.

"Ah, good morning my subjects" said King Neptune, "I'm glad all could attend, or at least watch this on your television. The debate will square off between Patrick Star, Mermaid Man and Farmer Jenkins. Both Mermaid Man and Mr. Star are the perceived front runners and they are quite close, Farmer Jenkins, however is the dark horse candidate here. Let's go to the panel of our candidates."

The scene then changes toward a patch of darkness, with the light shown on them, Mermaid Man, Patrick Star and Farmer Jenkins.

"Where, where the heck am I?" asked Mermaid Man to which back behind the stage poor Barnacle Boy knew things would be quite grim for him.

"And I guess here, this is where I'm certainly going to win!" laughed Patrick which was really accidentally Plankton's voice.

"Hey, how are y'all doing!" added Farmer Jenkins.

Meanwhile, back stage, Mr. Krabs was getting a big suspicious over the sudden voice change of Patrick. So he signaled Spongebob to immediately come over.

"Say Spongebob" said Mr. Krabs, "did you hear that sound clip of your friend, having the voice of Plankton?"

"Well, now that you've mention it, Patrick has acted a bit strange" replied Spongebob.

"Go cook up a Krabby Patty, and hand it over to King Neptune, the patty will come out of your pay check to see if Plankton is really controlling Patrick" continued Mr. Krabs.

"Aye, aye captain" said Spongebob as he then rushed back.

"So you think exposing Plankton to being controlling Patrick will help Mermaid Man win?" asked Barnacle Boy.

"I'm sure of it" replied Mr. Krabs.

"I just hope he can answer just a simple question" said sighed Barnacle Boy.

Meanwhile, back on the stage, King Neptune was well prepared to ask a few simple questions for the first round of the debates between the three candidates.

"Your first question, tell us what is your view of the world, and why we should accept you as Bikini Bottom President?" asked King Neptune.

"What was the question?" asked Mermaid Man as he was falling asleep.

"I can answer that" continued Patrick as Plankton immediately switched his voice to Patrick's, "I am all but a humble starfish, prepared for big things here in Bikini Bottom. Before, I was nothing more than someone who laid on a rock all day, but something changed inside me that I decided to stop laying around on my behind."

"And you Farmer Jenkins?" asked King Neptune.

"I'm but a humble farmer, whom wishes to help aid in bringing Bikini Bottom back to the good old days, we don't need someone who thinks big, but thinks among simple ways of life" replied Farmer Jenkins.

"Okay, next question, how would you improve Bikini Bottom if you're elected President?" asked King Neptune.

"Huh, what was the question, where the heck am I?" asked Mermaid Man who was still quite in his old senile mood.

"Let's just say that I have big plans for Bikini Bottom, big ones that'll change it forever" added Patrick who then was laughing a bit on the evil side.

"We don't need that type of a change, heck we don't even know what sort of change this starfish here is planning" said Farmer Jenkins, "sounds a bit evil here."

"Evil, where?!" cried Mermaid Man who was startled.

"Er, let's take a snack break here, and come back for the second round of the debate" said King Neptune.

As King Neptune went to look at the number of questions on the sheet of paper, Spongebob came right before him with a special Krabby Patty made just for him.

"Ah, Spongebob, what can I do for you?" asked King Neptune.

"Mr. Krabs asked me to give you this Krabby Patty as sort of a snack I'm paying for" replied Spongebob.

"Wow, that's nice of you my boy" said King Neptune, "I ate a little bit of food before the debate, but I'll put this aside for later."

"You got it" said Spongebob as he then left the scene.

Plankton who was still in control of Patrick's nearly empty skull then noticed the Krabby Patty sitting right on the table near King Neptune as he was preparing himself for the second round.

"Oh my yes, could that be, a Krabby Patty?" asked Plankton to himself, "This might be the right sort of chance for me to grab it, I guess I can just ditch the starfish about now."

"Er, excuse me" said Patrick as he raised his hand to King Neptune, "could I use the restroom before we start the second round?"

"Well, sounds appropriate" said King Neptune, "I'll give you at least five minutes in there, to do your business."

"Excellent" said Patrick as an evil grin formed on his face.

About two minutes later, the lights went off, and the audience gasped on what was going on.

"What's going on?!" cried one of the reporters.

"Is it my nap time now?" asked Mermaid Man.

Meanwhile, in Patrick's nearly empty skull, Plankton decided to make an exit of the skull, through one of the holes meant to be Patrick's ear. He immediately leaped down, and rushed toward the table of where the Krabby Patty was placed. As the lights went back on, Patrick was back to his normal stupid self, and Plankton was right under the Krabby Patty.

"Mr. Star, could you please get back to your seat, there must have been some technical difficulties here" said King Neptune.

"Uh, where the heck am I?" asked Patrick, "Oh, is it some game show, I must be on a game show, I love game shows!"

"What the heck is the matter with you?!" cried Squilliam who was trying to get Patrick back to the seat, "I'm going to loose all my money on you, if you loose this Presidential race."

"Hey, where did my Krabby Patty go?" asked King Neptune as he noticed it missing.

Suddenly the audience gasped as they noticed a Krabby Patty literally trying to walk out of the coliseum. But before Plankton could make his escape, Mr. Krabs stood right in front of him.

"Not so fast" said Mr. Krabs as he picked up the Krabby Patty.

"It's not far, I almost had it!" cried Plankton.

"So you were the one who was controlling Patrick within his nearly empty skull" replied Mr. Krabs.

"Yes, and I would have gotten away with it too!" cried Plankton as he was picked up by one of the royal guards of King Neptune.

"But you didn't" laughed Mr. Krabs, "now let's see this election be ran fairly here, with me winning."

A few days later, after everyone cast their votes, Mr. Krabs who was watching the election unfold along with Spongebob, Patrick and Mermaid Man in the Krusty Krab were shocked to see the winner is.

"And the winner of the vote is, Farmer Jenkins!" cried the reporter on the television screen.

"Well, at least Plankton didn't win this" said Mr. Krabs.

"This was an election, I thought it was a game show" said Patrick.

The scene then ends with everyone laughing, with both Patrick and Mermaid Man with their usual clueless selfs.