Rating NC-17
Pairing(s): Charlie/Hermione
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they all belong to the inimitable J.K. Rowling. I just play with them. I'm not making any money, or my student loan company would stop calling me.
Summary: Charlie is hurt while on the job, and it's up to Hermione to makes sure he heals properly.
Warnings: None, really. Just general smut.
Author's/Artist's notes: I wrote this as a gift to luvscharlie at lj for a weasleyfest gift. I hope everyone enjoys it! A big thank you goes out to my beta, Esmesfavoritedaughter here on . Please let me know what you think!

Charlie sat on the edge of the small lake in the Carpathian mountains he had found while out flying one day, bobbing his head slightly to the song coming through his headphones. He had been slightly surprised by the gift from his brother's friend last Christmas, but had appreciated the gesture all the same. He had felt so bad about not reciprocating that he had caught Hermione alone and given her his lucky dragon tooth pendant in return, explaining that the good luck it provided had kept him from getting hurt worse than a few mild burns over the years. She had tried to deny his gift, but after a bit of cajoling on his part, she reluctantly hung it around her neck.

After the last strains of the song finished, Charlie shrunk the portable radio and headphones and carefully tucked them into his pocket. He stood, grabbing his broom, mounted it and kicked off the ground, soaring twenty feet or so in the air when he heard a shout of "Watch out, Chuck!" as he got a face full of shiny green scales. Before he could register the pain in his nose or the metallic taste of blood on his tongue, Charlie felt himself falling, falling, falling, and heard rather than felt the sickening sound of bones crunching together, then breaking. He felt himself land rather roughly on the ground just before everything went dark.

"Hey, can you hear me? C'mon Chuck, wake up! Wait, here ya go…"

Charlie wrinkled his nose at the horrid smell. What the bloody hell was that stuff?! Charlie groaned and turned his head away from the stench before opening his eyes, squinting against the summer sun. A pair of worried brown eyes stared back at him.

"Hey there, Chuck! Welcome back to the land of the living." Les, the supervisor of the Carpathian Dragon Exchange and Animal Reserve, and Charlie's best mate, grinned at him. Charlie chuckled deeply in response before replying, "Don't call me that bloody nickname, Les. What the hell happened?"

Les shook his head at his favorite dragon tamer and partner before replying,

"Berta decided she wanted to run off. The others got her back and penned up, and left me here to make sure you weren't dead. These muggle smelling salts worked pretty damn good!"

"Well, they smell pretty damn bad!" Charlie grinned in reply as he quickly did a self-assessment: Can't move my right leg, probably broken. Hurts to breathe, get ribs checked out. Tooth is loose and bleeding, fix that, don't need a jack-o-lantern smile… Charlie grimaced as he told his partner what he had figured out and pulled a face when he saw that Les was conjuring a splint for the leg that was turned around backwards at the knee, obviously broken, and a stretcher.

"Bloody ridgeback. Been nothin' but trouble since we brought her here from Hogwarts. I can fly, y'know."

"Over my dead body, which it will be if your healer finds out I let you." Les stated dryly as he unceremoniously levitated Charlie onto the stretcher and bound him firmly in place, then tethered the lot to the end of his broom.

"Healer? Can't Cindy take care of this?" Charlie asked, then grimaced as he felt himself being lifted from the ground and spinning a bit in the air. Charlie hoped he wouldn't get dizzy and nauseated. The last thing needed was to vomit all over himself on top of everything else. Les just shook his head and shouted over his shoulder, "As good a nurse as Cindy is, all the medic tent is good for is cuts, bruises and burns. Nope, it straight to St. Mungo's for you, buddy boy!"

Charlie groaned in response. If there was anything he absolutely hated, it was going to the hospital. No, scratch that, he thought to himself, he hated being incapacitated in any way, and if Healer Derwynt reported his broken leg to his mum, as the healer was bound to do, Charlie could kiss his freedom goodbye for the next six weeks.

As Charlie pondered his family's reaction, Les managed to levitate the stretcher into the medic tent. After a quick word with the resident nurse, Les levitated the stretcher into a large grate and flooed them to St. Mungo's. Charlie was quiet as he felt himself being moved into a bed and patiently took what looked like a sleeping draught, although he wasn't quite sure. Potions had never been his strong suit, that was more Hermione's area of expertise. The stabs of pain from his chest and leg started to ebb away and he felt himself become drowsy after the stress of the morning. Charlie drifted off slowly, wondering how long it would be until he saw the healer.

Charlie had always been a light sleeper, and even with the affects of the sleeping potion making him drowsier than usual, he stirred as soon as he heard the door of his hospital room squeak and soft footfalls on the floor making their way to the bed. He listened patiently, eyes still closed, as the intruder waved their wand over him, mumbling diagnostic spells. She, he knew it was a woman from the sound of her voice, then checked his pulse and made a note on the clipboard she was carrying, then cleared her throat.

"You can stop pretending to sleep now. I'm done for the moment, but I still need to get your shirt off."

"How did you know?" Charlie mumbled as he opened his eyes and looked into a pair of amused cinnamon orbs. This certainly wasn't his healer. "And where's Healer Derwynt?"

"I've slept in a tent with Ron for almost a year, and I've stayed at the Burrow more times than I care to count, also at the twins' flat, and at Shell Cottage. All you Weasley men are alike. You snore." Hermione stated matter-of-factly, then added as an afterthought, "loudly. As for your other question, Healer Derwynt is out this week, her lumbago is troubling her, poor thing. Guess you'll just have to put up with me." With that, Hermione helped Charlie lay back against the bed after putting a pillow behind him to help prop him up. She had managed to get his shirt off and used her wand and a quick spell to wrap clean white bandages around his torso. Hermione then walked to the end of the bed and cast a quick charm over his right leg, Charlie's sleepy gaze following her. She waved her wand in an arc over the bone, looked at the green mist that had formed, shook her head and went to the potions cabinet on the wall in between the beds. She came back with a glass of a smoking green liquid, so dark it was almost black, and handed it to Charlie, who grimaced.

"I know, I know. Harry's told me all about how nasty Skele-gro is, but it's the fastest way to mend those broken bones. It's either this or a cast." She leaned over to look in his eyes as she continued, "And trust me, muggle casts are not fun."

Charlie just cocked his head at her before swigging the glass of muck, then grimaced before flopping his head back onto the pillow. He gratefully took the glass of water she held out to him, and chugged it before finally asking the one question that had been rooting around in his brain since arriving.

"Do Mum and Dad know I'm here?" His shoulders tensed as he waited for her answer, he wasn't sure he really wanted to know.

"Of course they do. I was at the Burrow when Mindy, the receptionist, flooed and asked if I could take care of an emergency patient for Healer Derwynt. Imagine my surprise when I found you. Your mum would never forgive me if I hadn't let her know right away. You know that."

"Yes, yes, I know. Are they here?" Charlie groaned as he scrubbed at his eyes. The pain potions that he had ingested earlier were making it hard for him to stay alert, although he was thankful for them.

"They're here, and your brothers and Harry are all on their way, they may even be here by now. You don't have to accept visitors just yet, though, I can always tell them you're fast asleep."

"No, it's alright. Go ahead and send Mum in. I don't want her to worry."

"Alright, I'll do it. Don't fight falling asleep, though. I guarantee the potion will win!" She shook her finger at him in a mock scolding, and picked up her clipboard from the bedside table where she had laid it down. As she opened the door and started to head for the waiting room, she heard Charlie call out,

"Oh, hey, Hermione?"

"Yes, Charlie?"

"Thanks. I'm glad you're here." He blushed, then stuttered, "I mean...I'm glad you're my healer. Since my regular healer is out and all."
"I know what you meant," Hermione grinned in response, "Your welcome, although I'm just doing my job. I'll send Mrs. Weasley in in a few minutes. Get some rest." She stepped out of the room, pulling the door shut quietly behind her.

Charlie pulled the pillow out from behind him and put it behind his head, falling back into a supine position, letting the pain potion take it's effect. He started to drift off, the vision of warm brown eyes and a nice smile dancing behind his eyelids.