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A/N: This is a collection of five drabbles of Taang. Every story will be inspired by a song and every story will be interconnected.

Directions: Go to iTunes, turn on song shuffle, and use the first five songs that play to write five drabbles. Try and write the fiction within the time that the song plays.


Kryptonite (by 3 Doors Down)

Toph sat alone atop the same rock she had been sitting on for the last several days. She had left a few times, of course, for normal human reasons but otherwise she remained still. Whenever someone attempted to speak to her she would either shoo them away or not answer. Aang, being the selfless person that he is, was making his fifth attempt of rousing her.

"Toph?" Aang asked tentatively.

"Huh?" She grunted in response.

"Do you want some dinner?"

"No." She responded. Her monotone voice whispered through her lips as it had during their last short conversations.

"Do you want to talk?" Aang pressed.


"Do you to throw rocks at my head?"

"No." Her answer was routine, Aang was sure that she wasn't paying attention anymore; she never passed up an opportunity to throw stuff at him.

The young avatar walked away without another word. The strong earthbending master he had come to admire had become a walking corpse and there was no explanation as to why. He would keep watch over her as she passed through this phase. He would meditate to try and discover why she might be acting this way. But he would also be hoping that she would come to him again soon, as strong and sarcastic as she always had been.

End of Part 1