Guardian Angel (by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

She was back on the rock. Her thoughts had become melancholy and irate. How hard was it for Aang to see how she felt? I mean, come on, she had been sending him signals for nearly a week!

She sighed and her sore throat flared. She had cried the night before, the first time she had cried in a long time. She knew this was stupid. She knew better than to put so much reliance into another person and she went along and did it anyway. Now where was she? On a stupid rock wasting her time, whining over a stupid boy.

Unlike the last time she sat on the rock she had full understanding of what she was doing. She could get up and leave if she wanted to, but she didn't. Part of her wanted to stay away from Aang because of how irritated she was with him, another part wanted him to freak out about her being on the rock again, and another part just wanted to be alone to sulk.

Then the light ripples of footsteps came across her "sight". He was coming toward her and she refused to look up to greet him. But instead of stopping to ask her if she was alright he sat on the rock with her, right behind her so that his chest was against her back. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt this. Why was he so close?

"Toph." Aang spoke and the stupid swooning flutter spread through her body. "You're avoiding me."

"Duh." She responded. Might as well not beat around the bush.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"For what?"

"For not telling you sooner."

She was confused. Her female mind shot into a hundred thoughts at once. Was he saying…no he couldn't be…could he? No! He's just apologizing…for what? I don't know! Just shut up and listen to him!

"Tell me what?" The moment she finished her question she felt something press against her cheek. Was this…his lips? His arms wrapped around her waist and held her tighter against him.

"I think you know what." He answered. His hand went up to guide her chin towards him. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly agape.

"Aang." She whispered.

"You better stop me now if you don't want this." He said. He started to lean forward.

Two seconds ticked by and that was enough for Toph to click the thought into her mind. He wanted her. He wanted her as she wanted him. Abruptly, as if it had never existed, the nervousness was gone and her head went forward to meet him.

Their lips melded together with the softness of clouds. Unlike her fantasies, Toph did not gasp for air, nor did she cling to him. Instead she leaned against him, closed her eyes, and melted into his body. Their lips moved in synchronized harmony. Aang's hand caressed her cheek tenderly as the kiss deepened and this elicited a moan in her throat. This was so much better than she had wished. So much better because this was real. He was really here, holding her and kissing her.

They did not stop for several minutes and every moment was memorable to talk about for years afterward.

The End