Dear Loyal and Awesome Readers of Royal Prerogative:

First off, I'm sorry it took so long to respond to you all and to try to continue this story and give it the ending it deserves. I've dragged this on for way to long and, to be honest, the decision I've made has been a long time coming but I've just been too stubborn to accept it. As such, this is an important announcement regarding the future of Royal Prerogative.

Alright… here goes…

The Fanfiction Story entitled Royal Prerogative is now officially available for adoption.

There, that wasn't so hard… what this means is that, starting at 00:00 EDT (GMT-04:00) 21 May 2015, I will be taking applications via the Private Message function here on the site. Application period closes 00:00 EDT 24 May. Applicants should include a link to what they consider their best work and a brief description as to why you would be a good pick to finish the story.

Now as to what the chosen applicant is allowed to do with the story. They are allowed to revise and edit and change the beginning part of the story as long as they maintain the existing narrative (i.e.: big ideas the same but details could be a lot different than mine) and are allowed and encouraged to write and design an ending that they deem fit to end the story.

I will make some kind of decision by 00:00 EDT 28 May as to what happens next.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support over the years. If you know an author who might be good but isn't a known fan of this story let them know and see if they're interested.

Again, thank you so much,

Steve Jester