Royal Prerogative
A Harry Potter fanfic by Steven Jester
Chapter 3: The Greatest Pains

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With that out of the way, onwards!


"All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains
Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes
I wish I had one more night to live
" – Beauty of the Beast by Nightwish


July 1, 1996 – 8:15

Light poured into the top most window of the circular tower of Lovegood House giving the room a sort of eerie half-lit feel. Luna Lovegood sat in front of her mirror brushing her long blonde hair for the twentieth time that morning. For some reason Luna could not get her hair to look just right this morning. Luna grabbed two hair ties from the table in front of her and put her hair into two pigtails. She let the hair fall and admired the look a few minutes before shaking her head and pulling them out. "Nope, he won't like that."



The bright sun beat down on Diagon Alley. Hannah Abbot walked leisurely down the busy street, her blonde hair up in pigtails like it usually was. As she strolled past Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor she noticed a rather odd person pass her en route towards Gringotts. Curiosity getting the best of her, she followed the cloaked person her hand on her wand. She knew that she shouldn't engage this fellow if he indeed was a Death Eater, but she could call for help.

Her confusion widened as he suddenly cursed loudly before disapparating away. Somehow Hannah Abbot knew that it was going to be a strange day.



Harry's head throbbed with pain as he slowly came to. His vision remained unfocused for quite a while before he decided to take off his glasses and found he could see clearly. Sitting 

up he realized he was in Director Mackrack's office. "Harry, are you all right?" a feminine voice to his left. Harry turned his head and say Zara closest to him looking worried.

Harry stood up, his mind feeling groggy from the pain. "Yea, did any of you catch the plate of the lorry?"

Prince William chuckled, "Yea, mate. I'll send it right over to dad." Adopting a more serious tone he said, "What happened in there Harry? You look like death warmed over."

Harry shook his head before sitting in the chair that was offered. "I'm not sure. I guess it's how I was brought back here. I remember King Edward declaring me worthy, getting the rings then black until I woke up just now." Harry looked around the office, "Where's Mackrack?"

"When you arrived he took his key out of your pocket and said he'd be right back," Zara said, "Said he needed to obtain a few items from his personal vault."

Harry sighed; he could only guess what exactly those items were. Moments later Mackrack showed up carrying a folder with parchment in it and a small ornamental box. "Ahh, Your Grace, I see that you have awakened."

Harry looked at Prince William and at Zara, both of whom shrugged, before turning back to Mackrack. "Did you just refer to me as Your Grace?"

"Yes, it is the traditional spoken style for a Duke. Wearing the ring of the Magical House of The Crown, you are now a Duke."

Harry sighed remembering King Edward's proclamation, "Right. Anyway, what is next?"

"Well, Your Grace, the first item up is this chest which contains a copy of the original Letters Close given to the Founders which state your authority to use seat granted The Crown." Mackrack opened the small box and took out the folded parchment and handed it to Harry. Harry quickly placed the parchment in his pocket. "The papers in this folder are copies of your emancipation and the wills of your parents and Lord Black. Now unfortunately I can't let you take the Black will as it still is pending the secondary reading, but the Potter wills I can because you are the sole beneficiary. I came across a certain peculiarity while reading both your parent's wills. If you will, read the first few paragraphs of your father's will. Your mother's is the same just replace his name with hers and vice versa."

Harry took the parchment that Mackrack handed him and began to read:

I, James William Potter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and by marriage the Most Ancient and Noble House of Evans, do solemnly swear that I am of sound mind and body at the time of this writing and that this is my Last Will and Testament. I declare any previous wills null and void. I bequeath everything I own and the custody of my only son, Harry James Potter, to my wife, Lilly Elizabeth Potter, Lady of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Evans and by marriage the Most Ancient and Noble Hose of Potter. Should we die simultaneously or she predeceases me I leave everything to my son, Harry. Until he reaches the age of majority or until he is emancipated in another capacity, Harry Potter is to be raised by the following in order:

Lilly Elizabeth Potter, my wife and Harry's mother

Sirius Orion Black, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, Harry's godfather

Amelia Anne Bones, Regent of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Bones, Harry's godmother

Remus John Lupin, Long-time friend (This will is to act as my approval for guardianship under the Werewolf Rights Act of 1865)

Peter Richard Pettigrew, long-time friend

Frank Raymond Longbottom and his wife Alice Mary Longbottom, close friends

Rebecca Amanda Abbot, Lady of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Abbot, close friend

Arthur Septimus Weasley, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Weasley, and his wife Molly Guinevere Weasley, close friends

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the House of Lords Wizengamont, Grand Sorcerer, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, friend and ally

If in the unforeseen event that all of the above are not able to take care of my son I authorize the current Minister of Magic to find a suitable family of Wizarding decent to take care of him. Under no circumstances is my son, Harry, to be placed with my wife's sister's family, Vernon Dursley, muggle, and Petunia Dursley (née Evans), squib. Both Vernon and Petunia are abusive and abrasive to all things magical and are unsuitable as guardians.

Harry's face turned red with anger. "Mackrack, are you telling me that I was supposed to be given to Sirius or even Madam Bones if we're to take Sirius's incarceration into account and not with the Dursleys?"

"Indeed, Your Grace."

Harry kept his anger in check before saying as steadily as possible, "What else has Dumbledore done against parent's will?"

"Apparently, and I say apparently because we're still investigating, he has taken 1,000 Galleons every month from your family vault for your caretaking. There have been also withdrawals in amounts of 500 Galleons a month that have been going on for the last five years. They were authorized by Dumbledore and deposited in accounts that are in the names of Ronald Bilius and Ginevra Molly Weasley. There is evidence that during 1991 a similar withdrawal was made and deposited in an account in the name of Hermione Jean Granger but those payments stopped in approximately November of that year."

"So Hermione is loyal to me but Ron and Ginny are questionable at best," Harry said mumbling to himself. "What kind of properties are there in my estate?"

"We are uncertain on most of the properties but the ones that we do know will be yours are Potter Manor, which is under Fidelius, Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow, The Stag Loft in downtown London, and a small house which has been leased to muggles somewhere near a place called Syracuse, New York in the States. According to the latest figures the house in the States is earning the equivalent of approximately 809 Galleons a year which in turn is being paid out to taxes on the property and payment to the executor hired in the States currently running the house. The other Potter Properties remain vacant."

Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded throughout the building. "What's going on?" Prince William said slightly frightened.

"Diagon Alley is under attack," said Mackrack, "That signal means that all guards on duty are to seal the bank and all guards not on duty are to report to duty to secure the vaults."

Harry stood up and bolted towards the door. He had no time to lose.



Hannah Abbot watched as chaos erupted throughout the street. Death Eaters walked openly in a march towards the bank, killing everything in their path. Hannah was sure that Mr. Fortescue was dead and possibly Mr. Ollivander. Hannah did her best to hide as the Death Eaters continued up the street. In her mind, however, she knew she had to do something. Just as she summoned up enough courage to fight she heard a loud voice proclaim, "Stop where you are!"

Hannah recognized the voice. It was hard not to if it's the voice of the same boy you've had a crush on for the last few years. She stood and turned and saw the visage of someone she was not expecting. Most of the details were the same, the short scraggily black hair and general facial features stayed the same, but this person was better developed than when she last saw him on the train back yesterday. The person wasn't wearing glasses either.

"Potter! Well, well, well, what a pleasant surprise this is," oozed an icy voice from the front of the pack. Hannah couldn't see from her angle. "I thought you'd still be crying over Cousin Sirius's death. A pity he had to die for your arrogance."

"A pity that one has to kill their own cousin to feel like they're doing something important, Bellatrix," said Harry in a voice that made Hannah's heart flutter. That confidence made Hannah look straight into his eyes and all of a sudden it was like a string pulled taught as it was connected between her and Harry. Harry winked at her before saying, "What's your business here Bellatrix?"

The insane Death Eater didn't get a chance to answer that as Hannah fired a "Reducto!" at the unsuspecting Death Eaters. As they turned around Harry capitalized firing a Reducto of his own at the Death Eater next to Lestrange.

Bellatrix, in the confusion shouted, "You won't get away with this Potter! Retreat!!"

With that, all the Death Eaters alive disapparated away. Hannah ran up the stairs and hugged Harry with all her might. "Whoa, easy there," Harry said before getting a good look at the girl hugging him, "Hannah, right?"

Hannah nodded, "I'm sorry Harry but I was just walking around the Alley when all of a sudden they started showing up."

"You did all right Hannah," Harry said smiling, "Although it sorta helped that they left quickly. My guess is that this was a scare tactic."

Hannah's face paled before she turned and saw that Mr. Fortescue's body was still lying in the street.

Harry's face also hardened at seeing the dead friendly man lying face down on the cobbles. Harry steadied Hannah and led her inside the bank.



Albus Dumbledore sat in his office reading the latest Daily Prophet. The headline: Muggle Royal Family Wanted for Questioning Regarding Boy-Who-Lived plastered on the front page. A certain payout to a certain bug-eyed reporter ensured that the right facts were printed. His grin fixed on his face and he thought nothing could remove it short of Voldemort having another hissy fit.

Boy was he wrong.



"Are you all right Hannah?" Harry asked his arm around her shoulder as they walked towards the Director's Office.

"Yea, I'll be fine in a minute," Hannah said, "I just felt sick at forgetting about Mr. Fortescue.

"Don't worry, I feel bad for not noticing him either."

They both entered the office and Harry found another pair of arms viciously wrap themselves around his torso. Chuckling Harry said, "Easy Zara, I knew what I was doing."

"You headstrong dummy! Nearly giving me a heart attack!" Zara said furiously.

Meanwhile Prince William eyed Hannah favorably before saying, "Hey Harry, who's your friend?"

Harry blushed before saying, "Your Highness, Zara, this is Hannah Abbot, a class mate of mine. Hannah, this is Zara Phillips and His Highness The Prince William of Wales."

Hannah's eyes went wide before going to one knee, "Your Highness, forgive my manners."

Prince William chuckled before saying, "It's ok, don't make a scene. It's not like I'm trying to be all pompous and royal."

"Yea, save that for Draco Malfoy!" Harry chimed in which earned a good laugh from Hannah.

"I hate to interrupt but you said you were Hannah Abbot, did you not?" Mackrack said curiously.

"Yes I did. Well, Harry did," Hannah said nodding her head.

"Oh dear," Mackrack said solemnly, "I'm afraid I have bad news Miss Abbot. I hold here in my hand the roll of Family Heads, both those entitled to seats in the Wizengamont and not, your family is one of the ones entitled to such seats correct?" Hannah gulped before nodding yes. "Well, my dear I'm afraid that this sort of thing is usually best left to the authorities but since you're here I may as well say it. It seems something has happened to your mother."

Hannah felt her heart grow cold. She took a few deep breaths before taking the offered scroll from the goblin and reading the line: Head of the Most Ancient and Nobel House of Abbot – Lady Hannah Eve Abbot.

Hannah promptly fainted into Harry's arms.



Aurors arriving on scene at Number 14 Alabaster Drive in the town of Drakesburg, Surrey found nothing but a Dark Mark floating above charred house and muggle police everywhere. Inside and badly burned were the remains of Rebecca Abbot, who as the medical examiner would determine latter, was dead prior to the house being burned.



Nymphadora Tonks was the first Order Member on the scene of the attack on Diagon Alley. She had initially thought that there was a bloodbath in progress but found only one casualty among the scores of scarred people. In the huddled masses she saw twin tufts of red hair bobbing up and down amongst the Aurors and civilians. Making her way over to them she said, "Wotcher Fred, George, what's can you tell me of what happened?"

Fred and George Weasley turned towards the metamorphmagaus. Fred decided to speak first, "Well If it isn't Tonks, our Auror friend in deed."

"We seem to have ourselves a fine ruckus you see."

"Turns out your Aunt Bella's up to her old tricks again."

"But a strange thing on this turn of fright."

"Strange indeed my dear brother for it seems that after Bellatrix blasted poor Fortescue over there."

"Our good friend Harry appeared from over there," George said point towards Gringotts.

"He just showed up out of the blue?" Tonks said confused.

"No, he came out of the bank," corrected Fred.

"Yea he said a few things a wave of magic went through the air then he asked why Bella was here then someone threw a curse at the tossers from behind."

"This is someone who is not Harry?" Tonks said curious.

"Yea, we didn't see who it was. All we know is that once they turned to the first curse Harry sent a Reducto to the guy next to Bella."

"Then they left," both twins said in their twin like way.

"By 'they' you mean the Death Eaters?" Tonks said. Both twins nodded in the affirmative. "Well, that seemed too easy."

"There's more, after they left a girl with long blonde hair in pigtails ran up and hugged Harry." Fred said curiously.

"Yea, Harry led her into the bank afterwards."

"Any idea who?" Tonks asked whishing she had a notebook and was jotting this down.

"From my angle it looked a lot like Hannah Abbot," George said wondering.

Tonks's face paled before she muttered an, "Oh, bugger."

"Why what's up Tonks?" Fred asked.

"Hannah Abbot is presumed missing after the death of her mother this morning. If it is her she might be under Imperius or something."

The twins face-palmed themselves while muttering, "Oh, bugger."



When Hannah woke up the pain in her heart still was present as she still realized that her mother had passed on. Upon looking around she noticed that she was not in Gringotts anymore but in a very fancy room that from her memories seemed to be in the style of Buckingham Palace. "Glad to see you're awake, Hannah."

Hannah looked to her left and saw Harry looking worried. "Harry, please don't scare me like that."

"I'm sorry, I just thought you might want some company," Harry said with a small grin.

Hannah sat up and looked into Harry's eyes, "Harry, where are we?"

"We're at—"

Just then the door opened revealing The Queen and The Prince of Wales. Hannah immediately went down on one knee but then curiously noticed that Harry didn't follow, "Harry! Show some respect to Her Majesty!"

"You will find Lady Abbot that The Duke of Gryffindor does not need to show me that much respect as he is now considered a member of my family."

That caught Hannah's attention. "Duke of Gryffindor?! H-Harry?"

Harry held in a chuckle before saying, "A long story Hannah that I will explain later."

"Quite right Harry," The Prince of Wales said before walking over to Harry, "I'm afraid that my son and Zara will not be joining you and Lady Abbot on your shopping trip. It was bad enough that an attack happened on you while they were safe in the bank. We can't risk them like that again."

"Understandable Charles," Harry said shaking his head, "I almost wonder if there is a way I can get a detachment of Aurors to watch over Buckingham. I'm sure someone other than Hannah here recognized them."

"We have our own magical staff on site Harry," The Queen said softly, "We're not completely vulnerable."

Harry smacked himself, "I'm sorry I forgot my manners, Your Majesty, Your Highness, this is Lady Hannah Abbot, Lady of the Magical House of Abbot. Hannah, I present Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and His Highness The Prince of Wales."

"Your Majesty, Your Highness," Hannah said curtsying.

"Lady Abbot, are you by chance born of non-wizarding parents?" The Queen asked.

"No, Your Majesty," Hannah said, "Well, my mother no, she was a witch and was Lady Abbot before me, and my father was a muggle, a person without magic. He died before I was born."

"And your mother?" The Prince asked.

Tears welled up in Hannah's eyes as before she turned and cried into Harry's shoulder. Harry answered for her, "Apparently she died this morning. We haven't got any evidence except for the roll of Heads of Magical Houses."

The Queen sat down on the bed next to Hannah and said softly into her ear, "I'm sorry for your loss my dear."

Hannah nodded a simple thank you before continuing to cry into Harry's shoulder.

Harry patted Hannah's shoulder as the girl continued to sob loudly. "It will be ok.

"It will be ok."



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