The brother of one of my friends is in the hospital (nothing major; he's just getting his appendix out). They often joke that he's the Sunstreaker to her Sideswipe, so she requested that I write this for him. She was very specific about how she wanted it to go, and said that they both sometimes have nights like this.

Also on an unrelated note, my sister sent me a message on another site that was supposed to say "How R U?" but she somehow butchered it so much that it looked more like "Ho's R Us". XD

Sunstreaker looked up from his berth to the one across the room. Sideswipe had started squirming and whimpering in his recharge. He was no doubt having another nightmare. He quickly got up and made his way to his brother and gently shook him awake. "Sideswipe! Sideswipe, wake up! It's okay, I'm here!" Sideswipe quickly sat up and started panting. "Woah…are you alright, little brother?" Sunstreaker asked him.

"No!" Sideswipe replied before sobbing into his brother's armor.

Sunstreaker pulled him into his lap and held him tight. "It's okay now, Sideswipe. You're awake. I'm here."

"Don't leave me, Sunstreaker!" his brother begged into his armor.

"I'm not gonna leave you, Sideswipe. You're my brother. You're stuck with me for the rest of your life," Sunstreaker reassured.

"Can I stay with you on your side?" Sideswipe asked.

Sunstreaker smiled at him. "Yes, you can stay with me on my side." He picked his brother up and carried him over to his side of the room, then set him down on his berth and climbed in next to him. He put his arm around Sideswipe and pulled him closer.

"Sunstreaker?" Sideswipe asked.


"Thank you."

Sunstreaker found his brother's hand and squeezed it. "You're welcome, Sides."