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Tap, Tap, tap. Booth's foot was a constant rhythm against the floor. Sweet's glanced at his patient not quiet believing what he had just heard.

"So she left?" Wow, just wow.

"Yes." Booth nods, tap, tap, tap

"Because you told her to go."


"And you just let her go?"

"Yes." Tap, tap, tap.

Sweet's was shocked. This had turned out better than he thought it would. This was brilliant, well, not exactly brilliant he had hoped to be present at this argument so he could document it for his research but still. This was totally awesome.

"Booth, do you know how much the bureau pays me for each session that you and Dr. Brennan come to."


"Allot, and apparently I have failed you." Sweet's got the response that he wanted. Booth's head snapped up and glared at Sweet's. Excellent.

"So this is all your fault?"

"Yes, totally and one hundred percent my fault."

"How?" Sweet's had to bite his cheek to stop himself from smiling; Booth was falling for this so easily…

"I gave you an environment that allowed that…what did you call it? Line? Yes, the 'line' to fall apart, I pushed your relationship and it fell apart on me. Sorry."

"Sorry?" Tap, Tap… "Your sorry that you broke a four year relationship?"

"Yes sorry." Come on Lance don't laugh the man is totally broken.

"Damn it Sweet's! Fix it!"

"You're the one who wanted her to go."

"Because I don't want her to get hurt!" Booth is pacing the office trying to figure out if throwing the laptop at Sweet's would kill him or just knock him out, nope better go with the stapler.

"Parker, Rebecca, Jared, Cam, Tessa…"

"What do they have to do with me and Brennan?"

"You put them in danger as well, you crossed the line for them and Dr. Brennan can take care of herself far better than many of the others can."

Booth had to think about this for a second, did Sweet's look up his file? How did he know about Tessa…

"Sweet's what are you saying?"

"Her plane leaves in about four hour's right?"

Booth just nods.

"Do you want her to go?"

"No," It comes out in a very small voice.

"But you don't want her to get hurt."

They both shake their head, one in disbelief and the other as an answer.



"Go. Tell her. Use your words big boy." Shit wrong thing to say Lance. I think he might punch…

"What if she still goes?"

"Then you can come back here and we can talk it out."

"Ha, funny Sweet's I never thought you'd be a sarcastic one." Sweet's is proud to see that Booth is already putting on his jacket.

"I'm full of surprises." Sweet's grins as Booth leaves mind made up. It takes that good doctor about a minute to phone a certain someone and tell her to meet him at the Diner.

"Booth?" She ran a hand threw her hair, a habit that she had just started that helped her deal with stress.

"BOOTH" She was really impatient. Where the hell? She bangs her head on the wall and slides down the floor. Damn it.

"Bones?" he's banging down her doorway. The hinges are groaning as each pound of his fist slammed her doorway. "BONES!" He yells again before slamming his head against the door. "Damn it Bones answer the door."

His phone rings twice before he answers it.


"Hey man, I got to ask you something."

"What Hodgins?" Booth sighed closing his eyes as he slid down her door and sat on the floor.


"What about Angela is she okay?" Booth's voice was weary even though he was seriously worried about Angela he was so tried, his limbs felt heavy and leaded. It had been a long day.

"She's fine dude. I just…"

"What then?"

"I don't know how to…I need some advice. I don't know how to tell Angela…"

"Speak Hodgins, talk-in English please."

"I'm still in love with her."

"Oh." Booth could hear Hodgins breathing heavily on the other end, he sounded like he was about to punch something.

"Ya what do I do?"

"Tell her, tell her you love her." He didn't hesitate on his answer, it was so obvious that there was no question as to what Hodgins should do.

"What if she says…"

"She won't Jack, she won't."

"Cool, thanks Booth."

Seeley Booth smiles a little as Hodgins hangs up the phone. Getting up he gives her doorbell one last ring before getting in his car and driving home.

He left in an almost trance, not sure where he was going, not sure how he got to his apartment when he finally pulled up. Drifting to a stop and remaining in the car for a few minutes.

"Hey Bub." Talking to Parker usually calmed him down, something about his six-year-old son made his head clear and heart slow down to a reasonable rate.

"Hi daddy when are you coming to see me?" Parker's voice showed that over the last week or so he had completely put what had happened behind him. He was good at that, like his father, he was able to-in a sense- compartmentalize, put things in the past that should stay there.

"Soon Parker, soon I just have some things to do first then I'll spend the whole weekend with you."

"Okay, daddy. I miss you."

"I miss you too."

"Bye love you."

"Love you too."

Parker hung up and Booth was feeling better, not much better, but still better.

He took the stairs slowly and aimlessly mind wandering, wondering if he could talk Angela into telling him what plane she was taking so that he might be able to try and stop her-what he was going to say when he saw her, if he saw her? Tell her that he needed her well she already knew that. Tell her what else then? That a job with less pay, more danger, and having to report to people half as smart as her was better all because she worked with him? Would that seriously work on her? Was it rational enough to convince her to stay?

Seeley Booth was going to have to think fast because none other than Temperance Brennan was lying on his doorstep fast asleep.

She was lying on his couch, her brown waves resting gracefully against the pillow, completely oblivious to the world-and that included her partner taking a shower in the next room.

It took him about twenty minutes with water pounding down on his face to seriously realize that his partner was asleep on his couch.

When he heard a groan, he bolted out of the shower.

"Bones, Bones are you okay? Hey Bones?"

Nearly tripping over his own to feet he ran over to her.


"Ya, hey Bones are you okay you were..."

"Asleep, your shower woke me up." She cuts him off running a hand threw her tangles hair.

"Ohh, sorry."

"Booth, Are you okay?"

He had to smile; this was probably the best mood that he had been in. in a while. "Ya, I'm good Bones, I perfect."

"Great, you hungry?" She stood up stretching as she did.

"Ya, starving." It was half-true, half just an excuse to get her to stay.

"Ya, me too. Do you want Thai?"

"Ummm, no do you know what, you finish up your shower and I'll Make something, and you've probably got about two weeks wroth of uneaten food in your fridge I'll find something…" Her eyes waver for about half a second. Damn, she thought.

"Bones, I thought you were getting killed or kidnapped or something."

"So you decided not to take a towel?"

"I was worried about you."

She sighs a little, not looking down again. "Thank you. For worrying about me I mean."

"Your welcome."

They stood there for a tense minute before she turned towards his kitchen and he went back into the shower. Nearly half and hour later they were both in front of the TV eating some seriously amazing Mac and cheese.

"Booth what are we watching?"

"It's called the X-Files Bones, and trust me it awesome."

"Booth, it's only about three minutes in and I can already point out nearly twelve irrational points in their logic and their-wow."

"What Bones?" he mumbles threw a mouthful of Mac and cheese, (mostly cheese)

"He's cute."

"Ya well he's taken. See her, Scully and Mulder Bones, Scully and Mulder."

"I don't know what that means."

"Their Partners, Bones."

"Like us?"

"No we don't do what they do."

"Which is…" She smiles at him, falling back into a comfortable rhythm with him that nearly twenty-four hours ago she would have thought not possible.

"They are crazy about each other and yet they get together, and then move apart, get together then…"

"So their lovers."


"Okay, I get it now. Their idiots."

"What?" Booth's head snapped towards her.

"They're going to get themselves killed; they can't have that much of an emotional connection and still be able to think clearly when a stressful situation arrives…Booth, your laughing at me."

"Bones, you've seen about a quarter of and episode and suddenly a critic."

"Ohh, you're teasing me…" She nudged him with her shoulder. He pushed her back lightly smiling.

"So, how you feeling?"

"Tired, and kid of scared."

"Scared? Bones you don't have to be scared about the Gravedigger we caught her." He set down his plate holding her chin with his hand as she struggled to comprehend what was going on behind those blue eyes.

"It's irrational I know but."

"Hey, you want to stay here for tonight."


"Yah?" his lips turned up into a half smile that caused one to mirror on her lips.

"Yah, I kind of maybe moved out a bunch of stuff from my apartment because I thought I was going to leave but I didn't and know I…"

"Bones just stay here all week."

"Is that an order Agent Booth?" She teased.

"No, it's a request Temperance."

"Who changed your mind?"

"Well, it wasn't hard, but Sweet's did help a little."

"Well, maybe the kid does know something after all." She admitted picking up her fork again.

"Maybe he does Tempe maybe he does."

"Seeley can you just pick one?" She laughed.

"What?" He laughed with her although he was not quiet sure what he was laughing at.

"Booth, my name, Temperance, Tempe, Bones, Dr. Brennan, pick one."

"I'm working on it. I'll make up my mind eventually."

"Eventually? Okay, I'll wait I guess." She takes another swing of beer turning up the volume.

"You know Bones tomorrow we have to put away the people who did this to you and Parker; we have to bring back all these feelings." He was trying to be light about it but he knew that this was going to be painful."

"Well it's for the greater good, besides your going to be there with me so I'm all good."

"All good."

"Tempe your crazy." He laughed, the woman could seriously compartmentalize and rationalize being kidnapped and buried alive.

"So are you."

"Fine so were both crazy."

"I accept you logic." She clinked her beer glass against his and took a swing. "Now shut up the show is back on and he is cute."

"Your serious?" he could almost feel his jaw drop.


"Crazy." He sang.

"Well at least I don't have to put up with a crazy person."

"Tempe putting up with you is the least of my worries. So don't worry it doesn't bug me."

She snorted hitting his arm. "I like you too." She mumbled taking another swing of her beer.

Amazing pay, head of her own department, a new location, a fresh start, and a safer surrounding. It would be a good deal, but give up all of this? Giving up her partner, she realized when she was halfway to the airport that no matter what lines had been crossed not matter how many times they both came close to dieing they were partners for better or for worse, and all that that entails. But she was seriously going to have to buy Booth a robe or something because if he kept on walking out full frontal then things could get awkward.

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