Setting: mel's wedding chapter 1

Setting: mel's wedding chapter 1

Do you Melanie Smooter to take Andrew to be your lawfully wedded husnad? The crowd is very bedazzled when Mel says no in a meaningful tone." She adds " my heart belongs to a certain someone from in my past." But everyone knew the certain someone was Jake!!

Andrew then was talking to Mel and said "are you sure this is what you want Mel?? I have the money and power to give you a happy life rather than you living in a shit hole your entire life. I can take care of you unlike that lowlife Jake fella."

Mel replied angerly " that "fella" your referring to is my husband and if you think anyone is a lowlife scum it's the fella im looking right now. I am completely positive about my decision to call of this wedding you inconsiderate ASSHOLE!"

The barging into the conversation Andrew's mother looks at Mel and says in disgust "look you little drunken cheap whore what gives you the right or any of your lowlife friends to talk to my son that way!!"

Mel looking very angry says to her "nobody is aloud to talk about me, my friends, or my family that way" and Melanie decked the women right in her rich prettied up face. In the manner of the women falling to the ground Mel began to walk away and turned and told the crowd "if you're a party to the bride go to the town bar because ill be there with a husband soon enough."

This is the point that it began to storm so Jake had to go work. He was out in the clear vacant field of soft sand that him and Mel once played in as they where kids. Mel knew where he was so she took her daddy's truck and drove out there. It is raining very heavily now and Mel went running to talk to Jake. Her first words were " I'm sorry Jake I love you and now I see it. You're the first man I ever kissed and you the last one I ever want to"

Jake replied "why do you marry me anyway?"

Mel said while giving him a little smirk, " so I can kiss you whenever I want to" as he said when they were younger.

They were leaning into kiss a gently soft kiss but Melanie had put her hand on the lighting pole in the ground when a giant bolt hit that pole and shocked Melanie's poor little body as she fell to the ground…