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Homophobic No More

Chapter 1

It was the first time the thought had ever crossed his mind. Ok, maybe the second.

I really hate fan girls...

Dante stood outside of Devil May cry, leaning against the side of it watching a group of girl's standing across the street. They were whispering to each other with cute little flushed cheeks and perverted glances upward.

"Hey you. Old man. You listening?"

Dante looked up and had to block his eyes from the afternoon sun that was glaring down at him from an angle. The rays becoming less intense as Nero's head suddenly moved to block it, casting his face in a halo of white light.

"If you're gonna stand out here the least you can do is help out," he beamed down at him as he lifted his forearm to wipe the sweat from his face. Currently Nero was at the top of a ladder shirtless, with his devil arm bound up to conceal it from the peanut gallery across the street. Dante just blinked up at him with a glazed over look in his eyes. "Just hand me a nail already!"

"You're gonna fall if you keep working with only one hand." Dante sighed as he picked up a nail from the toolbox and handed it up to Nero.

"I have more practice one handed than you do. Remember, I'm the one who has to live with this thing on a regular basis."

Dante almost made a crack about Nero being the king of five finger knuckle shuffle but somehow he just didn't feel like it. Since the incident with Nikki, Nero and that terrifying kiss in her office Dante had been having real issues sleeping. He was frustrated that it had bothered him more than Nero who seemed to completely forget about it. This pissed him off even more. Even if Dante WAS the one who said they should forget about it.

Trouble was, in the catches of the night his subconscious mind point blank refused to let him, so he had woken to his heart racing and stained blankets. The humiliation of it all...

Dante's glare returned to the girl's who were ogling Nero's sweaty torso with rabid eagerness. Dante might've called the police for loitering, but they weren't on his side of the street. Normally he might've welcomed the attention...if it were on HIM. Not one of them showed the slightest interest in ogling him at all since they had Nero to fawn over.

He tried very hard to keep his attention away from the kid, because the sight of an overly sweaty Nero evoked his dreams to the surface that Dante did NOT want to think on. He figured it was some oddity that had been switched on when he was forced to kiss him back then. It HAD to be, because Dante was still sure he found women sexy as hell and the idea of guys repulsed him. Well, every guy but Nero. That bothered him even more. It might've been easier if he was just attracted to men in general, but this wasn't the case. This new found attraction was towards Nero and no one else.

"Whoa, WHOA!"

Dante drew his attention upwards just as Nero lost his balance and came crashing down. Dante put his arms out to protect himself but it was too late. Nero caught him off balance and before he knew it he had the kid laying on top of him, his concealed devil arm caught between them and causing Dante to gasp as it hit his chest HARD.

"Ow." Nero said as he tried to get his barings again. He sat up, rubbing his head with his free hand before looking down at Dante. "Dude, are you OK?"

"Peachy," he groaned back at Nero. Partly because he was in pain from breaking the kids fall, and because the kid didn't seem to notice he was straddling him. He was pretty sure Nero's fall wasn't the only thing broken on Dante. "You Ok?"

Nero grinned down at him with only the smallest wince of pain in his eye.

"I'll live. C'mon, let's get inside and out of this hot sun. I think I'm ready to call it a day with the ladder."

Nero got up and stretched his available arm out to help Dante up. He shrugged it off and got up on his own, avoiding touching him at all costs.

"You sure you want to disappoint your fans?" Dante asked testily as he smoothed his hair back and threw a hand towel at the kid he'd brought out earlier. It caught Nero's head as he turned away to look at the girl's.

"How long have they been there?"

"You're joking me, right?" Dante asked doubtfully.

"I've been working up near the roof with the hot sun in my face. My mind wasn't exactly down across the street." Nero grinned as he used the towel to wipe off his face. "I could go for a cold beer."

"You're underage."

"So? You don't seem the type to care anyway."

Dante only turned and walked into Devil May Cry with Nero following close behind. He disappeared into the kitchen and returned with one beer and one bottle of water.

"Where's my beer?" Nero asked pointedly underneath the towel he let drape on his head.

"Water is good for a growing boy."

Dante walked over, took a seat behind his desk, and placed his feet up on it. He popped the cap off his beer with the side of the desk and took a deep swig from it. Nero glared at the look of ecstasy on his face as he inhaled nearly the entire bottle in a couple gulps. After he swallowed Dante took a deep breath and belched.

"Dude, sick." Nero said in disapproval as he only eyed his bottled water before popping the top. He sat on Dante's desk with his back to him as he began downing it. Dante's eyes narrowed as he watched the plains of Nero's musclular back while tiny drops of sweat rolled their way down to the waistband of his jeans. Nero tilted his head backwards, slightly to one side and Dante felt his entire body flush from just the singular image of the boy downing water. The roots of his hair were wet with perspiration and it reminded him of his most recent dream.

"Ahhhh," the kid said sticking his tongue out to lick his dry lips after finishing the bottle off, then smacking them loudly with a deep breath. He undid the sling from around his neck and used his devil arm to wipe his mouth of any excess water he had dribbled as he greedily drank. "You were right old man. Hit the spot." He stood from the desk, dropping the towel on it as he headed to the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Dante asked leaning back in his chair to keep an eye on the ascending boy.

"Shower time. First you refresh the inside, and then you cleanse the out." Nero answered without so much as a glance backwards at Dante.

When he heard the water turn on upstairs Dante idly stared at the towel sitting on the other side of his desk. He leaned forward, letting his chair down on all fours again and hesitated for a moment before pulling the discarded towel towards him. He looked around guiltily to see if anyone was watching then drew it close. He was about to lean in and smell it when he suddenly tossed it across the room with a mortified look.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" He growled as he put his hands to his face.

"Maybe you're bi-curious?" Nevan's sensuous voice called from the case where she was perched in her weapon form. Dante glared at the cabinet and suddenly her vampiric form appeared outside of it.

"Back in your cabinet Nevan," he growled as he watched her glide towards him. She settled herself behind him, placing her clawed fingers on his shoulders before resting her cheek against the top of his head.

"Ohhh Dante... It's all right my love. Demons are born without a sexual preference you see. Why, even your father might've..."

"DON'T you dare say it!" Dante snapped as he yanked her hair down to bring her face to face with him. Her lip curled into an evil smirk as her stained fangs peaked behind them. She nuzzled closer to his face and her smile widened as she saw in his eyes that he still was affected by women.

"See love? You feel the same for women as you feel for the boy. So why worry?"

She lifted a leg over his thighs and slowly came to straddle his lap with a wanton look of desire in her blood red eyes. Dante turned his face from her, but she caught his jaw and gently pulled it back towards her. She pressed a light kiss on his lips with a sinful giggle that spoke volumes of her intentions towards him. Nevan then leaned back and looked down between them.

"I knew you would come out to play," she teased down at his crotch.

"You're pushing it," he growled with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Would you rather I pulled it?" She countered as she slid her hand down his chest heading southward. Dante stopped her before she could go too far.

He released her and pointed a finger back to her cabinet. She frowned at him before standing to walk seductively back before turning to smirk on him over her shoulder.


"Yes Rudra?"

"What is bi-curious?" Rudra asked from his perch beside his brother on the wall.

"I believe brother it means that our Master Dante wishes to insert his penis into young Nero's rectal cavity." Agni responded in a very robotic tone.

"Will you all shut it?! Didn't I say you couldn't talk?" Dante barked as he stood from his chair and pounded a fist on his desk.

"Yes, but that was many years ago Master Dante." Agni stated.

"Since then Master Dante you have become much kinder and allowed us freedom of speech." Rudra continued.

"I'm revoking your rights NOW! All of you will remain silent unless spoken to, as WELL as in your respective cabinets. Get it?" Dante said eyeing Nevan in particular at his last statement.

Silence fell at this and Nevan returned to her cabinet with a rather sulky face. Even the tiny heads on top of Agni and Rudra seemed displeased by this.

"Butt pirate," someone said as Dante turned to walk away, but it was so featureless he couldn't determine which of the three had said it. He watched them closely for a moment and only heard Nevan's sultry voice suddenly whisper.


Her tone sounded genuinely surprised to the point it confused and shocked Dante to hear it. After all she was hardly moved by much of anything, even when she toyed with Dante. He was wondering what she was referring to when he heard feet padding behind him.

"Hey old man you have some clothes I can borrow?" Nero's voice came from behind him.

Dante turned and had to try hard not to sputter a response. Nero stood at the bottom of the stairs fresh from the shower with only a towel hanging loosely on his hips. He hadn't even bothered to dry himself, because water was still falling from his hair and pooling on the hardwood floors at his feet. It was his body though Dante couldn't stop staring at. If he thought sweaty and dirty was sexy then there was something even worse about slippery and clean. Nero's torso glowed healthily, no doubt slightly browned by the days work outside. It cast shadows in every hollow and indentation of his muscles, defining them as water carressed over every taught inch of him. Dante noted with an internal growl that as Nero walked towards him, rubbing his wet hair with a towel, that a bulge was visable behind the surface of the one around his waist with every stride.

He could smell the soap from where he stood and suddenly images from his recent dreams began flooding through his head.

Dante closed his eyes for a split second to try and get the images to stop.

"Dude, you OK?"

His eyes opened and now Nero was a lot closer, having slung the hair towel behind his neck and over his shoulders. Apparently Nero had forgotten all about their kiss at Nikki's office, and it was a very stupid thing to do. Was he teasing Dante purposely to see how he would react? Or was Dante hoping he was? Hoping?! Where the hell did that thought come from?

"I'm fine, the devil arms are annoying me and it's hot as hell in here," he finally responded as Nero cocked his head sideways to get water out of his ears. "And don't go walking around here half naked kid, we already have an outdoor infestation of fan girls, we don't need one inside as well."

Nero grinned at him but somewhere behind it was a blush. The damn kid was too humble for his own good. He was nothing like Dante who knew he was sex on legs. Surely Nero must've known that he was too? But no, he would rather take a wound than a compliment. What an odd guy.

"It's not my fault they're coming around, and if you expect me to work in this heat fully clothed then I think it's time we put you in a nursing home old man." Nero replied with a cocky smirk and a wink. Obviously Nero was picking up too many of Dante's traits to be healthy. Separation would be the best remedy. Besides, if Nero didn't notice Dante's erection yet he would soon.

"Check my room. Top drawer on the left. Should be able to find something in there." Dante said as he pretended to mess with his jukebox. It was the only way he could conceal his... guilt. He heard Nero begin padding upstairs again and Dante leaned forward onto his jukebox with hot breath that fogged the glass.

"Only a few more days," he said to himself in the glass. Nero had said he would remain with Dante long enough to repair the store front, which had been Nero's fault in the first place. He had gotten a little too enthusiastic when trying to show Lady a new trick he learned for his Devil Bringer and it had punched a new "front door" in the wall. Dante figured the boy would get it done within three to four days given his inability to use his demonic arm outside of the shop. Especially with the fan girl's who never seemed to let up.

The problem was Dante didn't know if he could shake this feeling within the few days. Every second Nero was near him Dante was close to losing his control which was NOT something he was known for losing easily. Normally he could just tease the hell out of the kid to entertain himself, but it seemed to lose its fun now that something was stirring within him.

Tonight would be the first night Nero would be under his roof alone, and somehow that both terrified and excited the devil hunter.


Nero lay curled up on the couch watching TV as Dante sat on the opposite end of it. A half eaten pizza sitting on the coffee table before them along with 5 empty beer cans, and a barely touched bottle of water. Nero wasn't happy at the fact he's was almost 20 and yet Dante refused to relent on his "no beer till you're 21" rule. If anything it might've loosened to kids inhibitions, but Dante wasn't looking to take advantage of Nero... yet.

"Any good movies on?" Nero asked with a deep yawn.

"Doesn't look like it." Dante replied as he continually flipped through the channels. If there was something worth watching on he wasn't paying attention to it. Nero's legs were bent to give Dante room to sit, but had slowly moved to sit just against his leg. Nero's toes would move every so often and seemed to dig their way under him to keep warm. Dante could feel the sweat breaking out at the back of his neck, the burning heat in his earlobes, and the sweat he couldn't seem to wipe off his palms. This was seriously BAD, and he was barely touching him! Dante had used a conveniently place pillow across his lap for great results to his relief.

"Here," he said as he tossed the remote to Nero.

Nero flicked through the channels and settled for some random black and white horror flick. It seemed to be perfect considering all the lights were off except the one coming from his juke box. An half an hour went by and Dante felt his eyes begin to droop slightly along with his head. He startled awake with the feeling of falling and stretched lazily.

"I'm going to bed," he yawned as he turned towards Nero, who he suddenly realized was asleep. He considered carrying the boy up to the room they'd set up for him, but the image of Dante carrying Nero bridal style wasn't sitting right with him. It would only make matters worse.

Instead he stood and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and knelt beside it to pull it over Nero's sleeping form. Nero turned slightly towards him and sighed.

Dante could only sit and stare at the boy as the orange/yellow light from the juke played across his skin, trying to suppress the urge to reach out and touch him. It was hard, and so was he at that thought. He slumped forward to lean his forehead against his arm while it rested just in front of Nero. He had to get himself under control, but now he could feel Nero's warm breath as it hit his forearm.

He looked up with narrowed eyes at him before reaching a hesitant hand out and lightly felt his lips with his fingers. They were baby soft and warm to the touch. Dante licked his lips nervously as he closed his eyes and pressed on by sticking his finger into Nero's parted lips. He pressed past his teeth and felt the warm tongue behind them. It twitched and moved at the sudden invasion, as if feeling his finger to identify what it was. Nero's face turned slightly.

"Nero," he whispered lowly as he leaned forward, pulling his hand away as he licked the boys mouth with a shudder. He was losing control, and somehow he was having trouble getting it back. His pants felt constrictive as he dropped a free hand down and pressed it against the rough jean fabric that held him in place. Dante growled against his mouth as he finally kissed Nero at feeling the warmth his own hand gave off.

His other hand trailed down Nero's cotton shirt and found the bottom of it. He lifted it slowly, letting his fingers trail up the boy's abs before moving back down into his pajama bottoms. He felt the fine hair just below his naval and moved further until he grabbed hold of Nero's hot sex, sighing against his mouth as he pressed his tongue inward.

He began to stroke himself through his jeans with one hand and Nero with the other. He felt the boys breathing become heavier, and knew that if he didn't stop himself now he might not stop until he went all the way with him. The pure thought of that was enough to undo a few days worth of sexual frustration as he felt his muscles tighten and warm wetness spill inside his boxers.

Dante let go of Nero and pushed himself away from the couch to lie on the hardwood floor. His breathing heaved and he put his hand over his face to block out what he had just done. Nero dozed on; innocently unaware he was in the chamber of the wolf himself who had less than honorable intentions.

Dante tried to calm his breathing and thanked whatever god was keeping watch that he had managed to pull himself away from Nero. He was leaning back on his elbows as he watched to make sure the boy didn't wake up.

Nero turned over and a dazed eye popped open at the disturbance from the bright TV screen. He dropped his hand down to the floor to find the remote to turn it off and seemed to not notice Dante sitting just outside the reach of the TV's glow. The remote was sitting on the floor, but Nero's devil arm kept missing the mark. Dante slowly pushed his foot out to touch the remote and slowly pushed it towards the kid, afraid the longer he had to search for it the more awake he would become.

Finally Nero's hand slapped on top of it just as Dante pulled his foot away. He pressed a few random buttons successively pressing mute, changing the channel and then finally turning the TV off. He dropped the remote off the side of the couch with a loud bang of plastic against wood. Dante sat with bated breath as he waited for Nero to roll over and go back to sleep.

He didn't though. He turned onto his back, pushing the covers away with a bit of a grunt. It took a minute for Dante's eyes to focus on what exactly it was Nero was up to. Then it occurred to him. He'd started the boy's engine and had left him running.

Nero let out a deep breath as his semi-glowing hand began to rub at his crotch through his cotton pants. Dante sat frozen, unable to move without Nero surely seeing him there. At first it seemed like only a bit of light play as Nero rolled his hand back and forth over his erection, but soon his body arched up as he pulled the cloth down just enough to loosen his flesh from its confines.

Dante felt himself harden all over again at the sight of the boys swelling member. The sighs and gasps coming from Nero's mouth was enough to set him over the limit. Nero's knees came up and spread to get a better angle at himself as he languidly stroked, wetting his hand with his own pre-cum that shone different colors in the light of the juke box and his devil arm.

"Ha..." Nero growled as his hips bucked forward into his clawed hand, his back arching to get as much as he could into his palm. His devil arm shone a bright white the faster he pumped at himself and soon Dante was trying to block the sensual sight out of his head. It was bad enough what had already occurred, but now he felt the urge to mimic the boy's action in the semi-darkness of the room. Not only was he a pervert, but now he was a voyeur.

Nero suddenly cried out quietly, biting his lip as he held back the voice of his pleasure as his lower half exploded in pleasurable waves. His body arched so beautifully that Dante had to look away, taking the opportunity of Nero's distraction to get himself away from him. It was just too much.

He flew up the stairs as quietly as he could muster and threw himself into his room. He dropped down onto his knees on his bed and hurriedly pulled his slick sex from his pants; rubbing it hurriedly to get rid of the sin it carried. He leaned forward onto the wall, touching his forehead to it as he closed his eyes tightly. Nero flashed into his mind. That beautiful arc of his back as his legs spread wide with his muscle spasms. That stifled moan of pleasure he couldn't seem to bottle no matter how hard he tried. His devil bringer slick with sweat and the boys own lubricant.

"Nero..." Dante gasped as he felt his limit peaking. He squeezed harder, stroked faster and soon his entire body was tensing as he spilled his seed all over the head board and his pillows. His body twitched as he slid down, and fell back towards the other end of the bed breathing hard.

Dante wanted to cry as emotions overwhelmed him for the boy. He knew that it was wrong to feel this way for the kid and yet no matter how hard he tried he could not get his beautiful face out of his head. The rambunctious, cocky smile that seemed to match his own. He wanted that smile for himself alone.

Dante pulled at his sheets to cover his naked lower half with a crestfallen look on his face. This was the first time in his life the one he wanted the most was 100 out of his reach. Somehow that made him feel cold and utterly alone. Suddenly his room no longer seemed to protect him from the scrutinizing gaze of the boy downstairs and the world beyond his front door.


Dante woke feeling as if he'd only gotten a few minutes rest, which wasn't far from the truth. He didn't trust himself to sleep and had gotten up several times to do different things. Firstly he had used the washer and dryer in the upstairs back bedroom to clean his sheets and pillow cases. He had used that as an excuse to sit up rather than going to bed.

He washed them twice for good measure and once they were dry he made, and re-made the bed like someone with OCD. It was all just something to keep his mind off of Nero.

Today he would ask the kid to go back to Fortuna. It was the only way Dante could think clearly to figure out how to stop these feelings from growing and in the process stop him from making a jackass out of himself. Well... more so than he already had.

He stumbled out of bed, went to the bathroom to do his morning routine and also to prolong having to see Nero. If he were still asleep on the couch Dante would remain upstairs until he was conscious. He was less tempted to take advantage of him when he could actually fight back.

To his relief the couch was devoid of any Nero's, and Dante noted that the blanket he had been using was missing and the washer was going in the back bedroom. Ok, he found that funny at least. He stumbled downstairs and entered the kitchen to find Nero crunching away at some cereal.

"Mownin," he mumbled with a mouth full of breakfast. He munched on it and swallowed before continuing. "I put the pizza away if you want it for breakfast."

"Thanks." Dante replied quickly as he went to open the fridge.

"You went to bed after I did, and yet you left it sitting out all night. Either too tired or too lazy?"

"Both." Dante responded as he eyed the pizza box. He wasn't much up to eating. Damn, he didn't even want pizza. Now this WAS depressing. "Hey Nero."

Dante turned to see him staring at him with his mouth partially opened and a spoon partway to his mouth in shock

"What?" Dante asked at his weird look.

"You, well, you said my name." Nero replied in slight awe, and Dante had to look away because he blushed slightly.

"Well, it's your name isn't it?" Dante growled defensively.

"Yeah, I guess. Dante..." Nero smirked at him.

"Just, s-shut up and listen here kid. I think I can finish the job myself. You should head back to Fortuna today."

"What? Why?!" Nero asked looking confused. "If this is about the ladder thing..."

"It has nothing to do with the ladder. Isn't Kyrie waiting for you back there? You don't want to leave her without her white knight do you?"

At this Nero looked down at his bowl and pushed his cereal around with his spoon.

"She'll be OK without me," he said solemnly with a hint of bitterness.

"What do you mean she'll be OK without you? You two are practically attached at the hip." Dante asked suddenly concerned. It wasn't right for him to talk about Kyrie without practically passing out in pure bliss.

"She isn't in Fortuna anymore, so even if you send me back there it won't do her an ounce of good."

"Wait one sec... She's not in Fortuna? Where is she then?"

"In a monastery further north. She decided that she wanted to devote her life to her faith," he said glumly with his face still down.

"What?! I thought you two were doing good!"

"I thought so too. She said she loved me, but her love for her faith was greater. I told her I understood and... I let her go."

Dante just stared dumbfounded at the boy who seemed to lose a bit of his self assurance before his very eyes.

"You just gave up without a fight?! Are you stupid or something?"

Nero's face leapt to his and a deep frown formed there.

"Just because you're a selfish prick who wants to monopolize those around him doesn't mean I'm the same! I love her, and because of that love I can't deny her wishes. I always promised Credo that I would take care of her."

Dante turned from him with a huff, because he knew he was right. Dante HATED the idea of losing the attention and affection of those around him. When he wanted it he could manipulate almost anyone into getting exactly what he wanted. Hell, he wanted to monopolize the boy himself and probably would if given the chance.

"Besides... I finally got up the courage to kiss her and it was the most awkward thing I've ever done," he said as he rubbed his demonic hand against his forehead.

"More awkward than ours?" Dante let slip before he could stop himself. Nero seemed to tense from the top of his white head to the pads of his feet. He hissed at Dante to indicate he wasn't having this conversation with him as they both promised they wouldn't even talk amongst themselves about it.

"So what, Kyrie goes off to take a vow of silence and chastity leaving you where exactly? I'll tell you where. You've been demoted to a guy friend."

Nero pushed his bowl away with a sneer, slumped back against the chair and crossed his arms at this statement. Dante pulled a chair out on the opposite side and sat on it backwards. Nero was pouting, and it was kind of cute... Ahhh, stop that!

Nero rubbed his hand against his nose, an odd habit that Dante HAD always associated with the boy being embarrassed. It could've been what he said, but somehow Dante didn't think that was it.

"C'mon kid, cheer up." Dante finally said when Nero wouldn't let up on the pouting. "You know what you need? A little Love Planet," he grinned at him. Now Nero flushed red.

"I-I couldn't go there."

"I can get you in. Tell you what; I'll even buy you some beer."

Nero's pout turned into a tiny smirk as he contemplated his first visit to Love Planet. Dante though was determined to beat whatever these freaky feelings were. He would surround himself with beautiful women and hopefully hook Nero up with someone. It would help ease the tension, and if Nero was interested in someone else it would help to make these feelings go away. Hearing that Kyrie was out of the picture gave Dante a detestable feeling of comfort, and that was BAD, BAD, BAD.

"So you're not going to kick me out?" Nero asked breaking Dante's thoughts back to him.

"We'll discuss that later. You just be ready by 10 tonight," he replied. He did not want to rule out sending Nero back to Fortuna to protect him from Dante's perverted clutches. But one more night... surely he could handle one more night.