Naruto - Tekno Ninja

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This is the latest project that I have created following Naruto Dragon Champion…however, in this case…this NOT the same as said fanfiction story. You might say this is the more technological version of the said story. I got some ideas since watching Iron Man, playing Halo, seeing Karas, watching Teknoman Blade, and a few other things I will explain in time. Now before anyone gets ideas, the story is NOT using the mentioned materials, but all are of my own choosing for this project.


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"How goes the experiment?"

A tall man wearing what appeared to be an official's uniform asked as he faced a tall woman wearing a suit that was all white and having the logo of what appeared to be a shield with two dragons chasing each other around it behind a blue flame and three swords in the middle. The blonde woman who, while attractive had a serious and focused façade as she read the data on what appeared to be a hand held computer pad, she didn't reply at first but the man paid that no mind.

As soon as she was done reading the reports, she faced the man who asked her the question.

"The project is progressing nicely sir…we have had some initial problems with the neural programming…but it seems that some time and extra work was needed to fix the known errors in the systems. The bio-metal has been fully infused with the needed nano-computers, nano-assemblers, neural network fibers, power core units, and power transmitters to begin the rest of the core programming…as of now…we merely need to install the last program package into the nano-computers' main collective hard drive."

"We've also installed a variety of weapons to further boost combat functions and adaptability so that will be a good edge as well for the project once the experiment is complete."

"Good…exactly how many of the models are present?"

"We only have at least three models…all three have the same level of abilities and systems, they will served as the foundational test beds for the later models."

"What's the main power source for the models?"

"Bio-energy sir."

"Bio energy…I was under the impression that we were using the main miniaturized fusion core system, just like the other combat models."

"Normally sir, that would have been our choice…but we have decided to follow through some new breakthroughs in the medical research conducted before…we're using the old theory of bio-energy placed forward by Professor. Deckard Ranes at least ten years ago."

"Professor Deckard? Wasn't his theory on bio-energy supposed to be considered as the only failure he had in his career?"

"Yes…but it has been discovered that he was correct. According to research…while the body does produce it's own electrical power to run the basic organic functions, there is another more unique power source in the human body. This power can be accessed only high levels of mental and physical training and through several other methods, and the level of power is determined by one's physical condition and stamina…that is bio-energy. Through the mentioned methods the bio-energy is rumored to be able to augment a person's physical abilities and can be used in a variety of ways that seems far fetched at first…but possible indeed…Bio-energy has gone by many names over the years and Deckard was able to record the names in his research and we know many of them."


"Some of the terms include ki, chi, the yin and yang, chakra, and many other terms that are too long to fully place on record. The bio-energy is also determined to exist as a near invisible field around a person that can only be seen with special sensors. Normally a person has what we have determined a reserve of bio-energy and since it is naturally grown energy and is able to be naturally replenished, this would be an ideal power source for the suits. Once the suits' built in computer networks determine the level of the wearer's bio-energy reserve levels, they will siphon amounts of that power with no side-effects and store it throughout the suit in hidden micro power reactor cores that were modified to house and use bio-energy to power the suits and also if needed…to improve key functions in the systems."

"The nano-machines will also reconstruct the body in order to suit the needs of the suit and make it's user a much stronger person to handle the demands of the suit..that would mean an increase of overall psychical traits such as muscle mass, stamina, height, metabolism, body functions and more…in simple terms…the body is rebuilt internally to be at the peak of human perfection and ability."

"Interesting…what else are you planning on doing with the suits?"

"We've been working on a new combat program that we've dubbed the Persona Drive System or the PD System for short."

"How will that work?"

The female scientist ran through several holograms high-lighting several bands of human soldiers in combat armor and then several other figures in combat scenarios and situations as she turned to a massive core display of information in what appeared to be some sort of massive data stream.

"Normally an AI program that is used to supplement a combat system computer relies on a key frame-work of information to serve as the basic foundation of the program…however in the case of the Persona Drive System, the computer samples the psychological profile of it's host/user and then creates a combat program to suit the fighting potential and preference of the said host/user. This program is then named as it's Combat Persona and that will determine the weapon load out of the suit itself…custom tailored to suit the user's personality profile and the combat scenario."

"I see…is it finished?"

"Yes…we have installed the basic core functions of the PD System into the three suits and they will be ready in a few moments. The persona Drive and the built in AI computer will passive evaluate it's users opponents through scanning and determine the threat level of the foe…if the threat is minimal and no a true danger to the user…then the suit will remain inactive…if the threat is considerable, then the suit will activate and protect the user and aid it in combat. If the threat is grave then the suit will unlock some of the more lethal weapon systems to deal with the threat effectively, this way the suit will determine who are combatants and non-combatants."

"Will the suit be present?"

"No…it will remain in the body unless activated either by conscious thought or by the PD System's automatic response modes…the suit will appear and then cover the user in the bio-metal…until then…the person will appear normal."

However…a massive sound was heard and then the entire room is shaking and then the lights began to dim…people milled around as doors opened and highly armed soldiers came rushing into the area and they also had the same symbols on their apparent body armor…with one having rank bars on his armor…the man who had been talking to the scientist earlier spoke to the soldier.

"What the hell is going on?!"

"We're under attack sir!"

"How many?"

"Unknown…but they are heading right for this room…My guess is that they're after the suits!"

The two people looked at one another and gave a dark look as the facility continued to shake and groan from the assault beyond the rooms…with that in mind, the man turned and gave a command to the rest of the staff.

"Have all data and prototype designs destroyed immediately! Prepare the teleportation grid system and send the suits back to High Command! We cannot let decades of work fall in the hands of our enemies! And begin full evacuation!"

The people rushed to do what they could and began activating purging programs to all of their computer systems and data drives and for the first time..the suits were revealed…but they were not towering suits of metal armor…but rather pure liquid…like a massive blob of deep black goo…the containers housed what appeared to containment fluid that kept the suits fully active and functioning and the containers were now being taken towards what appeared to be a massive archway that quickly began to glow and a massive semi solid liquid mass that glowed appeared inside of it as the scientists began typing in coordinates into some sort of computer terminal.

The containers were the first to be placed into the mass and the containers were taken in by the gate's system in a massive flash of light but then the computer was suddenly hit a by a powerful energy surge and the gate sparked brightly and began to behave erratically as well. The leader of the scientists spoke to the one who tried to figure out what had happened to the key system.

"What happened?!"

"Ma'am…the last attack has caused a massive power fluctuation in the teleportation system core…it's caused the teleport system to send the containers beyond the required coordinates to an unknown heading!"


In a clearing…

Naruto yawned as he was sitting down near a tree and looking at the moon and stars as he and his team had left Wave Country after the defeat of Gato and his men…the blonde Genin still felt sad about the deaths of both Zabuza and Haku and wondered about how things were going to turn out when they got back to Konoha.

He looked at his team and there was Sakura chatting with the ever silent Sasuke and Kakashi was reading his book at the moment…he still considered Sasuke a bit of a show off and a rival but he was not that bad in a way…though he wished Sakura would look at him more favorably…

Naruto then decided to take a walk…it would be at least another day and a half before they got to Konoha and a walk could certainly help him.

"I'll go for a walk and I'll be back."

Kakashi looked up from his book and replied.

"Be careful and don't get lost Naruto."

"Got it."

"Better do what Kakashi said Naruto….you do get lost and it would be a pain to look for you in the dark."

Naruto gave Sasuke a glare and snorted while Sasuke gave back a glare as well and the two Genin turned their faces and Naruto walked away. This made Sakura look at her two team-mates with a bit of confusion and she hoped that there would be no incident between them.

Naruto walked into the forest and began to think about a few things that could give him the edge over Sasuke and show the Uchiha prodigy that he was not some dobe and galled him when Sasuke would insult him at times, however, he did admit that when the time came for him to learn some new jutsu it would really give Sasuke the shock of his life!

Naruto's thoughts however were suddenly broken as a massive blinding flash of light appeared right in front of him and a massive wave of heat and force knocked him down…the force wave had shattered the silence of the night and the entire area shook with enough force to make even a large number of bunched exploding tags going up all at once sound like a weak fire-cracker going off. Amazingly enough…the heat was not strong enough to char or burn him…so he was safe.

"What the heck?!"

Naruto gasped and thought for a second that he stumbled into an ambush and as soon as he was able to move, he got up and tried to look about and then his eyes were directed towards some sort of crater there in the ground…he crawled slowly towards it and then took out a kunai and stood up…ready to fight if it came to that. However there was no sign of anything threatening at the moment and Naruto looked into the crater and then spotted something…


"What the heck was that Kakashi-sense?!"

Sakura asked as she, Sasuke, and Kakashi walked towards where Naruto had gone and they needed to find out what that massive wave of light, heat and force was.

"I'm not so sure Sakura..but be ready for anything."

The Jonin took out a kunai and they moved forward…they stopped when they spotted Naruto walking towards them and to their surprise…he was virtually unharmed and he seemed to have something in his hands.


The blonde ninja smiled as he presented the container before his team.

"Look what I found guys! This is one really weird container."

The container was quite off with strange markings and words that were totally alien to the Genin team and they were curious as to what was going as they approached the blonde, Sasuke was the first to speak.

"What the heck happened to you? And where did that come from?"

Naruto told them about what had happened with the flash of light and then his finding the container in a crater with the ground being turned into glass…Naruto however was unaware of the fact that the container was armed with a special device that required a user to place his hand on the small panel…and then Naruto's finger was right on top…a small needle came out and then the container glowed white…


Naruto felt a short stab of pain on his hand and reflexively dropped the container which amazingly enough did not break even after falling hard on a rock…the group watched as a red spot was seen in the container due to the light and then the red spot was somehow absorbed by the black liquid…and then the container seemed to open and out flowed the fluid and left behind the black goo that burst out and landed on the ground….Naruto was curious and reached out to it.

"No Naruto! Don't…"

Kakashi's warning came too late as the liquid suddenly reared back as if it was alive…startling the group with it's sudden life like action. They then saw a strange light appear in the black liquid and it directed the light on Naruto and the light lasted for a brief second and then Naruto could only look as something about the light was holding him in place…

Kakashi and the others in Naruto's team watched in shock and horror as the deep black liquid that burst out from the unknown object suddenly leaped outward and slammed right into Naruto and then began to cover Naruto…almost as if it was truly alive…Naruto struggled desperately to stop the thing but his attempts were met with failure as the liquid covered his body with terrifying speed. He looked to his team and shouted out.

"Help me! Get this stuff off of me!"

Kakashi rushed in and tried to help Naruto…but to his shock the liquid began to seep into Naruto…though his clothes and seemed to go into his skin, while some more of the liquid rushed up to Naruto's entire face and covered it briefly and then began to seep through his skin, and go through his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth…in less than a few seconds after being covered by the liquid…Naruto was standing there and Kakashi caught him as he fell to the ground.

"Naruto! Are you all right?!"

Naruto turned and looked at Kakashi and replied.

"I…I…I feel weird…like there's something…inside me….."

That was all Naruto said as he suddenly lapsed into unconsciousness.




Kakashi checked Naruto as the Genin slept on the bed roll that he had been placed on…it had been very harrowing for the whole Genin team ever since that black liquid had somehow entered Naruto's body…something was going on and the Jonin had no idea as to what could be happening before him. When he checked on Naruto after he fell unconscious…he was relieved that Naruto was still able to breath and his pulse was steady, and he had a heartbeat at the moment. But he was out-cold for the past hour or so and his temperature would routinely spike once in a while as if in a fever of sorts..

Kakashi then took a look at the bag Naruto had…which held the strange container that housed the liquid previously…

(It's unlike anything I've ever seen before…and that liquid goo…what was it…some sort of creature?)

Sasuke arrived on the scene and brought some container carrying some cold spring water and some towels and then he sat down next to Sakura who had been given the task to watch over Naruto as she washed the blonde's head which was bare of his forehead protector band. The blonde ninja would routinely moan in pain and become feverish and this was a concern…As she wiped his forehead and wringed out the water…the pink haired Kunoichi turned to Sasuke and spoke.

"What was that thing Sasuke-kun?"

"I wish I knew…I've never seen anything like that in my life…nothing in the Academy books mentioned anything like that."

Sakura then turned to Kakashi and spoke.

"Do you have any idea about that stuff Kakashi-sensei?"

The Jonin shook his head.

"I don't Sakura…but whatever the case…Naruto is not dead and amazingly unharmed despite the spikes in his temperature and the moans of pain…but this has to be placed under secrecy…once we get back to Konoha…I'll have a few words with the Hokage and see if we can track down what that mysterious gunk was."

Unknown to them…inside Naruto's body…at this very moment…machines so tiny were flooding his body and soon began to settle into his body…cell by cell…and soon, the strange things began to move…


To be continued…


The prologue is finally done…this will take a while to update so please be patient…with luck and time…this could be the high tech mirror of Naruto Dragon Champion…but for today, it's the prologue only.