Naruto Tekno Ninja

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Chapter 5


( ): Thoughts

(( )): Kyuubi's voice

// \\: Persona Drive



Naruto and the others were finally given some free time in order to prepare for the coming semi finals of the Chuunin Exams. The blonde could tell that it was going to be a very interesting competition for the time being as he and Sasuke had made it through the Preliminary rounds well enough, it was not a good thing to know that Sakura was not going to be with them in the remaining matches but they couldn't do much at that point. The battle between Ino and Sakura was all right in his mind and he had to give the two credit for being able to fight well…despite knocking each other out in the end

They had been given at least a month's worth of time to prepare for the semi finals and the blonde decided to figure out how to deal with the coming battles. The fights he had seen were certainly worth the effort and time to see.

Shikamaru fought with the Sound Genin named Kin Tsuchi and was able to defeat her despite her use of sound based Genjutsu and ranged attacks with Senbon as well as bells to even things up a bit. And Naruto admitted that the Shadow manipulation jutsus was very good to see in combat.

The other battles were interesting to see at that point, another team had been there as well and that was another Genin Team from Waterfall that fought with the other ninja groups at the Preliminaries. Kiba had been paired off with one who apparently had an aptitude with several Taijutsu moves that gave the Inuzuka and Akamaru a run for their money, but Kiba managed to prove that he and Akamaru could win and they were both now in the semi-finals.

Shino also managed to defeat yet another member of the Waterfall Genin who used a number of Genjutsu moves to try and disorient the Aburame clan member but Shino's Destruction Bugs were able to counter the move and forced the two to go head to head, the Genin made the mistake of attacking Shino head on and got beaten up when the Destruction Bugs were able to drain him completely of chakra and that was something that many had to admit was the least bit pretty.

Two of the fights got most of his attention though.

The first was Hinata's battle with her cousin Neji and it infuriated him to hear Neji berate and down talk Hinata who on the verge of tears at that point. He got so angry at the way Neji insulted the ones who worked their hearts out to change themselves and it was something he held close to his own heart and it was very much something that grated on his nerves when people tried to treat other's dreams like jokes, that he was tempted to attack Neji himself but resorted to shouting at Neji and telling Hinata to stand up for herself and beat Neji to the ground. Hinata fought her best and was able to hold her own but she was defeated and somehow Naruto knew that it would be bad news….the same was no doubt in the minds of some of the Jonin as they prevented Neji from attacking.

Neji was not happy and said something about the main branch getting all the good treatment…and Naruto had enough of this as he leaped down growled at Neji…making the Hyuuga turn and see that Naruto's arms were covered in his black, white and red armor and he was glaring deeply at the Hyuuga Branch member and walked over to Hinata and checked her condition.

He could have heard Hinata asking him something but she fell unconscious before she could say what she wanted to say and Naruto's anger was growing….so much so that he began to glow deep blue as before and he walked over to the place here some of Hinata's blood was and ran his hands on the blood and that created grating sounds as his claw like armored hand were coated in Hinata's blood and he pointed his hand in a fist and Neji and replied.

"When you and I meet….I am to beat a bloody apology out of you for what you said about Hinata….count on it!"

Sasuke was somewhat surprised by this and so was Sakura and they wondered just what was it that made Naruto this angry before. But he was tight lipped about the whole thing for the time being.

The second fight was the one between Gaara and Rock Lee….he knew that Lee was fast and so did Sasuke and Sakura, but when Lee took off the weights on his leg and was moving so fast he was blur….even Sasuke who had been able to copy Lee's techniques was quite surprised to see the speed Lee was able to achieve… Sakura was impressed by that as she had never seen Lee move that fast before and he was also impressed. However, even with the weights removed, Gaara was not easily beaten and even when lee used that move that he had tried on Sasuke it was not enough as Gaara was able to stand and fight….Sasuke was able to see Gaara in action and felt that it was going to be a very interesting battle if he and Gaara fought.

But it was Lee's opening of the normally sealed Chakra Gates in one's body that really got some attention form the others….Gai had explained before that Lee was not gifted at all in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu but was exceptionally gifted in Taijutsu, but when he explained that Lee was able to open the Chakra Gates of his body to boost his abilities to near super human levels that had the team looking at Lee as he unleashed a massive amount of chakra and the change was obvious as his skin tone was deeper and darker.

After being told the risks of forcibly opening the Chakra gates by Kakashi and hearing that Lee was a genius for making it to the Seventh Gate open, Naruto was hoping to finally see Lee shine, but it seemed that even when he moved at high speed and was able to unleash a serious beating to Gaara, the Sand Genin with the gourd was not giving up early

As the blonde Genin walked back to his apartment as more and more work was being done to prepare for the soon to come dignitaries, he wondered just what he was going to do for the upcoming fight and wondered just how good was this Neji character….the thought of what he had done to Hinata seemed to make him all the more angry. At the moment however….he needed a good soak to clear his mind.

Sasuke was busy being trained by Kakashi at the moment and while he wanted to be trained by Kakashi as well, the Jonin told him that maybe he could be able to learn some new techniques on his own and he would find him a much better teacher and he would be meeting him tomorrow. Naruto couldn't help but wonder just who that teacher was at the moment as he headed off for something to eat and that something being ramen.

As he arrived to the Ichiraku Ramen stand, he managed to buy himself something to eat and he was happy to tell Ayame and Teuchi on how his day had gone on and how the Chuunin Exams were and it was going to be next month that he was going to compete in the semi finals and both of them were very happy for him.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun, you're going to make it to your dream finally."

"Oh yeah!!!! I feel great about all this and the chance to face really good foes is worth it."

Ayame smiled at Naruto and couldn't help herself as she stared at his features at the moment as he was now very handsome at the moment, she admitted that in a way, she saw him as cute in a somewhat immature nature, but now that he had somehow had a heck of a growth spurt….her thoughts towards Naruto were taking a much different turn.

As Naruto finished his bowls of ramen and left the stand Iruka was left to pay for his student and adopted brother's meals. But that was all right for him as he had gotten a good amount of money recently. Naruto himself began to think about how he was going to train with his new found abilities and also just who this new teacher was that Kakashi referred him to.

And he then began to think about the armor he had on, he still couldn't figure out just how he could talk to whatever was inside of him. It would be nice to at least find himself some answers on how this gunk had transformed him somehow, but since he had no idea how to do it, he decided to just figure it out at a much better time.

Unknown to him, a certain white haired super pervert of a Sannin has just arrived to cause a new round of ruckus.


The next day…

(Oh man….Kakashi-sensei! Why the heck did you stick me with him?!)

Naruto wondered why he was stuck with none other than Ebisu himself, the Jonin who he had something a spotty history was the one he would have to be working with and he had challenged him to a contest of how to be avoided, and despite his best efforts he still lost. That told him that maybe Ebisu wasn't as weak as he thought he was.

They were currently eating in the ramen shop and that was when Ebisu told him something important.

"Now there is an important lesson I will teach you Naruto, and that is chakra control."

"Why do I need to learn something that I already knew about in the Academy?"

"Did you really learn it? I'll give you some examples on what I mean and by examples, I mean the difference between you and your fellow ninja. Take Sakura Haruno, while she may not have much chakra as you and Sasuke, she does have exceptional chakra control and therefore she can learn high level jutsu and use her chakra to the best of it's ability, when making Bushin for example, she is able to make the required amount without wasting chakra."

"Yep, that's Sakura-chan all right."

"Good that you've noticed, now let's take the case of your other team-mate Sasuke, his chakra may be good, but his control over his chakra is somewhat imbalanced, as such when he makes a Bushin, he uses up more chakra than Sakura but succeeds in making the Bushin."

"Hmmm….I never noticed that, I guess Sasuke isn't as good as I thought."

"Before you get some bright ideas and start talking about other's weak points…you should hear your own first. In your case…you draw too much chakra and you have no control over how to channel it…therefore…you use far too much chakra…and you're control is spotty to say the least as you have not practiced how to properly control the chakra you summoned…that's why your Bushin back in the Academy…look so weak and you could only make one or two at best…and they are not stable to say the least. With the amount of power your team mates have…they can make twice the number as well."

Ebisu finished his food just as Naruto did, and the blonde boy was silent…the Elite Jonin then continued.

"That was a bit of an exaggeration actually…however, you do have those weak points, so while you can do jutsus like the you're team mates…they are too wild and unstable to say the least. You need to learn control to better utilize both your chakra and jutsus."

"But there were times that I was better than either Sasuke or Sakura! How can those times be different?"

"That's because you have a source of amazing stamina and chakra inside of you to begin with! And they are hardly human as well!"

Naruto's following retort fell silent and so was he…and Ebisu sighed…while he still had fear and dislike for the Kyuubi inside Naruto…he understood that Naruto was not the Kyuubi himself as he had once thought.

"Come on, I have something to talk to you about."

Later, the two walked over to a nearby bridge and the Elite Jonin spoke to Naruto, facing him seriously, he made sure no one else was near them and they were out of earshot as well, there was still the law after all.

"You no doubt were told by that traitor Mizuki about…well, your status as the Kyuubi's container. By the way…I have to thank you for dealing with that rat. Who knows how much trouble he would have caused if he got away with the Book of Seals. Not to mention his attack on Iruka has convinced us of his dubious behavior for some time"

"No problem…"

"Good enough then that we agree on something, now because of the fact that you have the Kyuubi, the chakra you have is too powerful to be contained in your body, so it would make sense why you have such stamina and you can recover easily and as such, when you get your chakra and channel it, it is very large amounts and is overflowing and since your chakra control is poor you have a hard time using it with certain jutsus. However, with my training in both chakra channeling and control…you can master it well enough. Once that happens through my training…you can be even stronger than you are now as a ninja.."

"Are you really serious?!"

Ebisu nodded.

"Of course I am serious…I wouldn't be an Elite Jonin Tutor if I wasn't serious you know… once we're done with the meals here we get down to the training."



Naruto and Ebisu were walking along towards the hot springs and Naruto wondered why were they here of all places and naturally Ebisu forbade him to go the other side since that section of the hot springs was for women. Naruto, dressed in his newly modified clothes…the ones he used to wear, but were now suited for his growth spurt, however had a feeling that things were not going to be easy and it was proof that despite what Ebisu said…he was still a closet pervert.

He once more left Holy Talon back at his apartment… Kin had decided to go out with Sakura who came by the house to buy some clothes and supplies…naturally she was in a disguise…with some easy to wash of hair dye….and a set of clothes that were that of a civilian…this helped her avoid being seen by any of her former team mates and villagers. While the two were not in good terms yet…they were at least not fighting each other yet.

Naruto put that aside as he spoke to his teacher Ebisu.

"So what are we going to do here in the hot springs anyway?"

"Simple…we're going to walk on the hot water today."

Naruto looked at Ebisu in a very weird fashion, as if trying to dissect and find something. The Elite Jonin noted that look very quickly and spoke.

"Why are you giving me that look?"

"Can you really walk on water, or are you just pulling my leg?"

"Of course I can walk on water! It's a basic skill, but highly useful! If you had paid more attention to Iruka-sensei instead of always pulling pranks, arriving late to the Academy, and running from classes or you would have learned this skill before you graduated. Never mind though, this will be a good test of the two things I mentioned."

Ebisu then looked at the water and then back to Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei told me you were able to use the tree walking technique without your hands in Wave Country after some serious training…well, the same principle works here too…though in a bit more unique mindset."

"What are you talking about…how can tree walking work here?"

"Simple in words, yet difficult in action at the very same, in tree walking, you have to channel a required amount of chakra and then concentrate it to the appropriate part of your body and that will allow you to place that said body part…namely your feet on the tree to walk and you must release the same amount of chakra constantly to walk on the tree. Now as a tree is a solid object and does not move about much, so in tree walking, you just have to absorb the chakra to hold you into place. Water walking on the other hand is a different matter."

"Water is obviously neither solid nor stationary and as such, you have to float on the surface to walk on it without falling into the water. You must continuously release the appropriate amounts of your chakra to your feet, as well as control the flow of your chakra to adapt any changes to keep balance. While it sounds simple, it is difficult since you must always use a changing amount of chakra instead of a fixed amount and you have to make sure that you must control the chakra properly as well and change it should you need to. That is the core lesson I will teach you today Naruto."

"I can understand some parts of what you're saying, but to be honest I still don't get all of that you know."

"I know…so I will show you instead since it's far better to see it with your own eyes anyway. Now then…the first step is to channel the chakra and focus it on my feet…"

Ebisu summoned his chakra and his feet were now glowing and he then faced the water of the steaming hot spring.

"And then I control the amount of chakra I have in my feet and how much I can allow to flow to my feet, and then walk on the water while keeping in mind how much chakra I need for any changes…"

The Elite Jonin then walked over the water…and he was not falling into the steaming water at all…much to Naruto's surprise and amazement.

(Wow! He wasn't kidding! You CAN walk on water!!!!)

Ebisu walked on and stopped a short distance from Naruto and turned to face his student.

"…and here I am…walking on water… as you can see, water walking is the best lesson in both channeling and control of chakra. Master this and you can easily channel your chakra and control it so you can then use enough chakra without using unknown amounts, reserving your chakra for more powerful jutsus and make your currently used jutsus more effective and you can even boost the power of your armor…now you try Naruto."

Naruto was ecstatic as he saw the whole thing.

"All right then!!! I'll take a stab at this too!!!"

(Okay…first I need to gather and focus my chakra to my feet…)

Naruto did so and then walked towards the water.

(Now I have to keep releasing the same amount constantly so I can….AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!)

Naruto found himself falling to the hot spring water very quickly and there was one thing he quickly realized…it was HOT.


"I forgot to tell you that the water here is 60 degrees hotter so you will be boiled like a lobster in a cooking pot if you fall too many times Naruto…you have to get the amount right and then keep it flowing…do it again."

Naruto got up and tried it once more, but failed several times…as he was not used to doing water walking…having never mastered the trick as of yet since he had not been as attentive in ninja classes back in his Academy days. Ebisu watched on and noted Naruto's determination and guts as he did it again and again. And despite the failures…he WAS getting better…

(I see now…I guess Konohamaru-san was right about what he said to me before.)



Ebisu was busy training Konohamaru in the forest and he was telling the young man doing pushups that there was a shortcut to being the Hokage…Konohamaru disagreed and he spoke.

"I learned something from my Boss Naruto and he was right Ebisu-sensei…"

"What was he right about?"

"If I want to be Hokage someday…I have to work hard…train hard…and sweat hard to be Hokage…I want be a Hokage who gets there through hard work and effort, and my own determination…not through shortcuts! That's the way I want to earn the right to be a Hokage! Just like Boss Naruto!!!"


End of Flashback…

Ebisu recalled those words and he looked see Naruto smiling and moving about as he finally managed to do water walking and was happy and cheering away. He had seen that it took a number of painful and hard attempts until the blonde learned the right amount and how to control it well.

Naruto couldn't believe it…he kept on trying and learning…and now he was doing it…he was walking on water!!!!!

"I…I think I've got it…all right! I did it Ebisu-sensei! You were right after all!!! I can do it!!! ALL RIGHT!!!!"

Ebisu nodded and smiled.

"Nicely done Naruto-kun…keep the lessons here in mind always, for they will be truly important to you when the time comes."

(I am impressed that he was able to master it quickly…I never knew you would grow up this much in a short time…and how you were able to teach Konohamaru-san the truth…I admit that there is no true short cut to anything…everything takes hard work, dedication, sweat, tears, and even blood, you taught Konohamaru-san that, and I sorely underestimated you…you are a far better teacher to Konohamaru-san than you realize Naruto-kun, better than me in a great respect. You are not a stupid container of the Kyuubi as others tend to believe…I have no doubts now in my mind that you will be a great ninja of Konoha someday for you already have the drive and heart of one…and with time and more effort, training, spirit, and hard work…you can even be a great Hokage someday.)

Naruto then turned and his eyes widened as he saw something…or rather someone and that broke his concentration and he fell into the hot springs with a cry of shock. Ebisu was surprised that despite his success, Naruto had suddenly lost his focus and fell back into the spring.

"What happened? You suddenly lost your control Naruto…"

Naruto popped back up and pointed in a direction to the bathing area.

"Look over there!!!"

Ebisu turned and his surprise…there was someone there near the women's bathing area. The man seemed to snickering and making lewd noises…telling the Jonin that the man was peeping on the women who were no doubt bathing there. The person also had deep while hair in a long ponytail and had a massive scroll on the back…plus he was dressed oddly. The Jonin however put that out of his mind and spoke.

"I don't know who you are or how you managed to evade my senses…but I will not allow you to continue with such shameless and impudent behavior!!!"

The Elite Jonin tutor charged at the man, intent on dealing with him quickly as Naruto got out of the hot-spring. But just then, the man suddenly did several hand seals and called forth a toad…and not just any toad…but a very large one at that.

"What…wait a moment!!!"

Ebisu had no time to complete his statement as the massive toad suddenly fired out it's tongue and grabbed him and tossed him to the ground with considerable force…not enough to kill him, but enough to knock him out like a mallet to the head.

Naruto was stunned at the sight of that.



"No way….your the pervert who writes those books?!"

Naruto couldn't help but feel very much shocked at the fact that the man who was before him calling himself the Toad Sage or whatever was the man who made all those novels that his sensei Kakashi loved reading. He had to admit that when he had seen him knock out Ebisu with little to no trouble with the giant frog he was sitting on. He had tried to revive Ebisu but nothing worked.

"Oh, so you know this book already?"

(Oh man, I am famous….this book hasn't even been fully copyrighted and now it's famous, My hard work has finally paid off!)

Naruto however was not the least bit happy or amused as he shouted.

"You call that perverted stuff a novel?! Geez, you're nothing but a dirty old man, and research, that has got to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard for peeking at the women's side of the hot-spring!!!"

The women who were there already quickly screamed and left the area…much to the Sannin's disappointment and disgust.

"Now look what you did, you ruined my peeking, my research!!!"

"Knock it off you perverted old coot!!!!! You're doing nothing but being a dirty old pervert!"

"What I do is NOT dirty brat!!! I just need to be inspired by beauty to write my masterpieces!!!"

"Sure you do you perverted old geezer, but what about MY training!!!!"


"YOU KNOCKED OUT THE GUY WHO WAS TRAINING ME IN SOME WAYS OF CONTROLLING MY CHAKRA AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS HUH?! Listen here! You interrupted my training so you help continue it!!!!"

Jiraiya snorted.

"In your dreams kid, I've got way better things to do."

"Like what?! Peek at women again?!"

Jiraiya grinned in his usual fashion and replied with a very perverted and sly look.


Naruto glared and snorted.

"You Pervert Sage."

"The name's Jiraiya to you squirt, and who are you supposed to be?"

"Name's Naruto Uzumaki and I am going to be Hokage someday!!!"

Jiraiya looked at the young man and then saw the similarities to a certain someone that he knew a long time ago and had been a very good friend and student of his, the Fourth Hokage, and he knew full well just who Naruto was, though he didn't expect this young man to be him.

(He looks so much like his old man…damn.)

Naruto wondered why the man was looking at him and he got an idea that he did NOT like in the least and he backed away and got ready to fight by taking out his kunai and glaring.

"Don't you dare try anything you Pervy Sage, it's bad enough you're peeking at women, don't tell me you have a thing for guys too!!!"

Jiraiya glared at that and replied.

"No I don't have a thing for men you idiot, I'm a full on lover of women so don't you ever accuse me of that again. The reason I'm looking at you is that you remind me of my old student all those years ago."

Naruto could tell that the man was telling the truth and decided to cool down and place aside his kunai. And though he knew it was not something he should be concerning himself with, he couldn't help but ask the question anyway.

"So who was your student?"

Jiraiya grinned and replied.

"The Fourth Hokage was my student."

Naruto's eyes nearly bulged out of his head at that, he was so shocked to hear that this perverted old man was the sensei of the Fourth Hokage, the idea of it was utterly shocking and downright ridiculous but he couldn't help but tell that the man was telling the truth and he spoke.

"YOU taught the Fourth Hokage?!"

Jiraiya nodded at that and looked at the Hokage Monument with a very thoughtful eye.

"Yep, he was one of the finest ninja this village ever had, and I was proud of him when he took the rank and mantle of Hokage. And I also know about what happened when he died long ago."

Jiraiya then looked at Naruto and he could that the blonde was apprehensive and he replied to assure him that he was not here to avenge his student's death and sacrifice, as The Fourth's sensei he knew a LOT more about what happened that night than anyone else in the village did and also he knew quite a good deal about several deep and powerful secrets regarding Naruto's life and existence.

"Relax Naruto Uzumaki, I'm not here to fight you or anything, I just have to admit that you resemble the Fourth a great deal when he was young, exactly how old are you now?"

"I'm…well, 13 but something happened to me to accelerate my growth and I'm like this now."

Jiraiya gave a raised eyebrow at that and spoke.

"Really now? If that's the case you must be getting a lot of ladies looking at you the right way huh?"

Naruto blushed bright red at that and replied.

"Hey! I'm not like that, I like women but I'm not really all that…well…knowledgeable."

Jiraiya smiled and then took out his book once more.

"Well you can always gleam plenty of ideas from my masterpiece or you can ask me for advice about women. I know QUITE a lot about them and you can really use all that to impress the ladies."

Naruto looked at the Sannin with horror in his face and he replied.


It was then that a squad of ANBU came on the scene and one of them, wearing a dragon style mask spoke to Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya-sama, this is highly unexpected. Nevertheless it's good to see you again after all these years."

"Kouma-san isn't it, my goodness you've grown, I take it this isn't a social call?"

"No Jiraiya-sama, Hokage-sama wants to see you immediately because this is of great importance."

The Sannin thought it over and decided to go along with the ANBU, further confusing the blonde as to what was going on at the moment and he couldn't help but shout up into the air.



In the Hokage's office…

Sarutobi turned and smiled a bit as he spotted the new arrival.

"Well now Jiraiya, it is good to see that you are back here in Konoha."

Jiraiya smiled a bit at that and sat down to face his former mentor, the Sannin had to admit that it had been quite a while he had gone back home and he could see that the village was still in good hands at the moment, though he missed seeing some old faces and he couldn't help but wonder just what was going on recently, however, he threw away his old nature and spoke to his former teacher and showed that while he was not a permanent resident of Konoha, he was still a very much welcomed ally of the village when the time came, namely when it involved a certain former team-mate of his.

"So is what I heard true….Orochimaru is back?"

"Pretty much, and I take it you've learned of Naruto's new abilities?"

"Abilities? You mean apart from the fact that he resembles his old man? What else are you talking about sensei?"

Sarutobi then told Jiraiya everything that he knew at the moment concerning the devices they had found in Naruto's body and what he had been able to find out about the incident. As soon as Sarutobi showed him the findings of the Medic Nin' reports, the Sannin looked at his sensei and asked the question that was bugging his head.

"Who else knows about this?"

"Kakashi, Iruka, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha...and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible, whatever these devices are, they are giving Naruto a powerful level of ability, so much so that if Orochimaru finds the findings out, he might decide to target Naruto as well as Sasuke and I shudder at the thought of him getting on his hands on both the Sharingan and these devices."

Jiraiya nodded and he began to think on how to address this situation and that was when Sarutobi spoke.

"Jiraiya, I have a favor to ask of you should anything happen to me, I want you to train Naruto yourself."

"Me? I haven't taken in a student in years sensei. Keep in mind that I'm not exactly 100% good sensei material"

"True, but there is no one I know better suited to keeping Naruto at the top of his game, besides, you are his godfather after all and The Fourth trusted you with his son's own training, so I think that now is a good time to begin training him."

Jiraiya thought it over and had to agree with the assessment, but he also was very curious as to what were the benefits of these devices in Naruto at the moment…


The next day…

Naruto woke up and was not in the best of moods after what happened yesterday, just when he was learning a brand new jutsu that he could find a very good use for, his training was once more messed up and it was grating on his nerves as he got some food, but much to his surprise, he had visitor.

Jiraiya grinned and presented him with several takeout orders of ramen, all of which were Naruto's prime favorites, and unknown to him, his father's own favorites as well.

"Hey there squirt, figured I'd bring you something to eat."

"What are you doing here in my home Pervy Sage?"

"What? You think I can't visit the one the Hokage asked me to teach?"

Naruto's eyes opened wide at that and he couldn't help but wonder if he heard wrong. He was going to be trained by none other than the former sensei of the Fourth Hokage? That was unheard of, he still doubted this as some sort of joke but another part of him was very interested in learning all that he could possibly learn from the Pervy Sage. He however decided to test the waters.

"How can I be sure you're serious?"

"Simple finish your break-fast and find out later when we meet in the training field."

All the while the Persona Drive had been subconsciously scanning Jiraiya to determine the ability possessed by the Sannin

//….Scanning subject Jiraiya AKA Pervy Sage…\\

//Subject Scan complete….Analysis…\\

//Subject possess high level of bio-energy despite advanced age, exceptional combat skills, and high levels of perception and intellect despite, perversion tendencies….Analysis determines subject as similar to subject Orochimaru…\\


"Ow…you hit hard for a dirty old man."

Naruto groaned as he got up from the blows Jiraiya threw at him as they spared with one another in single combat and the Sannin was living up to his name and rank as he hit fast and hard, showing that despite his perversion he was no fool.

Jiraiya however noted that Naruto's body was healing rapidly and was impressed with the sight of Naruto taking such blows and still being able to fight more effectively and as the Sanin observed his movements and determined that while Naruto was certainly an unorthodox fighter, his techniques were effective and the devices in his body were pushing him to the limits as well. As they wrapped up the training session, the Sannin decided that now was the right time to find out what they could about the devices in Naruto's body .

"All right, now is the time to figure out just what sort of devices you have inside of you Naruto."

Naruto looked at the Sannin and wondered just what he had in mind and he listened in.

"How do you propose I do that anyway?"

"Think deep and focus your thoughts in your inner self, once you do that, you will be able to speak to either Kyuubi inside of your mind or the devices inside of you, though how that is possible beyond me, however, if those devices protect you when you are in danger, they must have some form of consciousness to be able to do the things they did."

Naruto decided to go and try it out, besides, what did he have to lose by trying this idea out? As soon as he relaxed himself and delved deeply into his thoughts, he began to feel light and then all darkness surrounded him as he closed his eyes and focused his thoughts inward.


In Naruto's mind…

Naruto found himself…somewhere, he knew he was in his mind but somehow this was not how he imagined his mind to look like. The place was filled with clean white walls with strange mirrors that resembled his TV set back home, but was certainly a lot cooler, there were lines of chakra moving around in seams in the walls and there were flashing symbols there as well that made little to no sense to him at the moment. The floor was clean and pristine and amazingly he was moving without walking at all.

"What the heck?!"

Naruto tried to move his feet but found that he didn't have to as he was moving through the corridors of his mind with little to no worries and then he arrived before a massive room with a huge device that had a TV style screen on it but was larger than expected, and some really big boards with all sort so of glowing squares on it. He tried to figure out just what was going on until a deep male voice was heard and he reacted.

"Who's there?!"

Naruto turned around and was ready for a fight though he had little to no idea just who could be in his mind of all things

Naruto's mouth was wide open as he gazed at the image of the person before him….he had never thought he would encounter THIS person of all things in his own mind….



"You're….the….YOU'RE THE FOURTH HOKAGE!!!!!"

The image however of the Fourth Hokage shook his head and replied.

//You are mistaken Naruto Uzumaki, I am not the Hokage….I am merely an avatar of the person who you are going to be when you are grown up at the approximate age of 25 to 28….\\

"What are you saying?!"

//I am a construct…an image if you will….comprised of data that serves as a physical representation of the person you will grow up to be in the near future.\\

"Wait….are you telling me that I am going to look like THAT when I am older?!'

"Yes….you're genetic profile served as the data base for my creation….\\

"I don't get it…"

//In layman's terms…I am you….12 years from now….at least according to your genetic makeup…\\

"Okay…so you're me in the future?"


"All right….so what exactly are you….I mean, really….I know you are an avatar, whatever that means…but WHAT are you?"

//As I have said, I am an avatar…the avatar of the Persona Drive….the governing program of the bio-armor. In your way of saying it….I am the black gunk that entered your body….at least, it's avatar.\\

"YOU are that black gunk?!"

//Yes…I am not gunk in reality….but a living colony of nano-machines that melded with your body and fused with every cell in you're body…This will be a long explanation you know…are you sure you want to hear it?\\

"As long as you can make sense, fine…go ahead, tell me everything."

//Very well….I was created as a special prototype weapon system by the military scientists of the Interstellar Alliance, a collection of highly advanced technological worlds that were fighting a war with another highly advanced race known as the Hi'lkar. The war had gone into a stalemate for the Interstellar Alliance and they needed to create a weapon system to improve the survival of their covert operations troopers to attack the Hi'lkar held planets. I and my fellow suits are the result as we were gleamed from....\\

"Wait….there are MORE of you?!"

//Yes and no….there are only two others like me. As I have said, we were prototypes only and thus were limited in number and as prototypes we were to serve as the foundation for mass production models in the future wars the Interstellar Alliance would be fighting in..\\

"So you're some sort of super weapon….how did you wind up here in my world?"

//I cannot recall all the details, but the facility that we were in was under attack, I and my fellow nano-colonies were to be evacuated but somehow something went wrong and I came here. You found me in my container and when you're blood was taken in I was able to read your DNA profile and considered you a good host/user and melded with you…and here we are at this place and time….in truth this meeting was somewhat unexpected so I must ask….why are you here?\\

"I was training with the Pervy Sage and he showed me a trick on how to go deep into my mind….I wasn't expecting this."

//Interesting….well, no matter, this is your mind and you and I are speaking, and I have no doubt you have many questions for me, and I will do my best to answer a majority of those questions.\\

"I guess….what sort of abilities are you giving me?"

//You do not like what I have already given you?\\

//I didn't mean it that way….but I just want to know what else you can give me."

//I see…very well, to make the long story short, I have an array of energy and projectile based ranged weapons that can be used to engage targets at a distance….more such as the Seeker Beam Cannons can be able to home in on their targets, while others will not, I also have an arsenal of energy and kinetic based close combat weapons that can utilized by you….some of which you have no doubt used already. I also was the one handling your flight capabilities on auto-pilot."


//Auto-pilot is the short term for automatic piloting system, it simply means that I was the one operating the flight systems of the armor while you did most of the field work….it was a way to handle the battle evenly between you and I….you focused on fighting while I focused on the aspect of making you fly. You can of course deactivate my auto-pilot and do your flying manually….though you may need to practice how to fly on your own.\\

"You were the one doing the flying?"

//That is correct, flying is easy to understand but controlling fuel consumption, flight speed, direction and more is something else entirely and since the technological level of your world is centuries or even a few millenniums behind my world of origin….then the idea of flight might seem preposterous to many, and flight for you will be difficult….but it can be what you might call…fun.\\

"Cool! What else can you do?"

//Many things….for example, in order to increase your stamina and energy I have improved and upgraded your body's metabolism to optimal efficiency and made it increase by at least 200%. This naturally allows you to have a much better distribution of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, sugars and more throughout your body….however, this increased metabolism does demand an increase in your appetite, therefore you eat three to four times as much as you normally do.\\

"Cool, I might not understand that all, but if it gives me more power to fight with, then it's worth it .What a minute….what about the Kyuubi? If you are here then what have you done with the Kyuubi?"

Naruto wanted to know just what had happened to the demon resident that he was supposed to have inside of his body. He knew that the Yondaime had sealed the Kyuubi inside of him and it was the reason he had been mistreated for the majority of his life at the moment, but he was curious what happened to it either way.

//The Kyuubi? You mean the entity that I detected when I was melding myself with you….you wish to see it?\\

"Yes….I just need to know just what happened the demonic fur-ball."

//Very well, follow me to his containment cell Master Naruto.\\

The two walked through the corridors that were well maintained, there were clean walls, well lit corridors and glowing lines of power that Naruto saw had chakra in them as well. It was somewhat like he was walking in a whole new world and it was all in his mind at the moment. The two of them were making their way into the many corridors and then they were surrounded by a group of flying orbs that seemed to scan them with a beam of light and then they let both the Persona Drive Avatar and the blonde ninja through and there before Naruto was a massive cage with a seal paper symbol on it and soon enough a blood red chakra came out from the hidden shadows.

((So….you decided to show up brat?))

Naruto couldn't help but feel very torn….on one hand, he could order the Persona Drive and it's nano-machines to destroy the Kyuubi and free him from the life he had led, he would be free of the stigma of being the Kyuubi's container and more besides. He looked at the Kyuubi and the Kyuubi stared right back at him…

//That is as far as you can go.\\

And sure enough several energy beams came from the ground floor and further sealed the Kyuubi's chakra away from Naruto. The Persona Drive's Avatar then spoke as it revealed thousands of glowing spheres that resembled fireflies and the Avatar turned and spoke to Naruto.

//I have already determined that due to the fact that this entity known as the Kyuubi is part of you before my fusion with your body due to the history in the memories you possess. This being is naturally a threat to your mind and that is something we cannot allow, therefore, if you so wish, I can have him deleted from your body.\\


//Destroyed I believe is the better term.\\

((Hah! You cannot destroy me!))

//That is what you believe, but I have the ability to siphon away the chakra that binds you to this boy's cells, purging you from his system, some of the features that were no doubt influenced by you will remain but when he gives me the order, my nano-machines will invade your body and then break it down as I can have the nano-machines switch from nano-assembly work to disassembly, and that will allow me to purge you and end your existence forever.\\

((You're lying!!!))

//I am not, all my master has to do, is give the order, and you will cease to exist.\\

Naruto was shocked by this, the gunk in his body had the ability to actually destroy the Kyuubi and it was going to do so if he gave the order for it to destroy the monster inside of him. It was a lot to take in at the moment…

And then Naruto saw something that he thought he would never see in the eyes of the Kyuubi of all creatures…


The fear of actually being erased from existence, to actually die, and the thought of dying in the mind of an Immortal was so horrifying and terrible that the normally malevolent and dark creature of power was struck silent, waiting for Naruto's decision on it's fate

That fact alone told Naruto that the Kyuubi was at his mercy. He could finally end the creature's existence and be free of the curse of being always treated like dirt? The blonde Genin thought it over and then realized that the Kyuubi was part of him and destroying something, no matter how vile and evil it was, felt wrong somehow. And he then realized that he had the chance to make people not see him as the Kyuubi container, and the Kyuubi itself, but his own person. And the Kyuubi was sealed in him for a reason, what that reason was, he couldn't understand just yet, but he felt that he wasn't chosen randomly. He now had a chance to make his mark on the world and achieve his dream.

"No….don't destroy him."

//Are you sure?\\


The Kyuubi grinned at that but Naruto then spoke with a serious tone.

"Don't think you're off the hook yet Kyuubi."

The Kyuubi growled a bit and glared at Naruto, he could feel the relief turn into anger and more, but he was determined not to back down before anything and anyone before him, even if it is the Kyuubi itself, the Demon Fox that nearly obliterated Konoha.

((What's that supposed to mean kid?))

"You're in my body and that means you are my prisoner, and tenant, and you owe me rent!"


"That's right, here's the deal, you are in me so I expect you to pull your damn weight in here. You give me your power when I want it and need it."

((And if I refuse?))

"Then I'll have you removed by the Persona Drive's nanomachines and you disappear. However, I think you will do what I ask even if you don't like it."

((Really? And how do you think you know that brat?))

"Simple, if I die for some reason, you die too, you need a body in order to exist and since my body is the one you happen to be in, so if you want to live a lot longer fur ball you will help me, that's the deal.))

The Kyuubi was silent and it gave a loud laugh, a deep and primal laugh and then spoke to the blonde Genin.

((You drive a hard bargain kid. But you are right, I don't want to die and neither do I relish being erased from this world….very well, on my honor, I will give you my power.))

"Fine, but if you so much as try to take over my mind, then you're dead."


With that out of the way, Naruto felt like he could finally be able to have some peace of mind and as soon as he was able to return to consciousness, he spoke to Jiraiya and got to tell the Sannin just what exactly happened in his head and his meeting with the Kyuubi.

Jiraiya was very surprised by this and wondered just what were the implications of all this once he understood just what happened in Naruto's head. To think the machines inside him had the power to actually destroy the Kyuubi by breaking it down and shattering it's chakra. That told the Sannin that wherever Naruto gained the armor from, must be a place of great power and more.


The rest of the weeks were spent on Naruto trying to learn how to use his bio-armor and it was not easy. He had managed to convince the Persona Drive to let him try and control his own flight mode, but he quickly realized how much of a mess that was as his first attempt literally sent him right up to the sky and into a nearby river. Jiraiya was shocked at the sight and rushed there and began to laugh as Naruto was deep in the water and coughing like mad at the unexpected flight.

The Sannin continued to observe Naruto's progress with the armor as he began to struggle with the flight abilities as well as trying out some new techniques that amazingly worked well with the armor itself. Due to the fact that the nano-machines contained a vast portion of Naruto's chakra for energy and since Naruto's chakra was already four times greater in amount than normal ninja, even those of Jonin rank, there were a number of techniques that Naruto decided to try out for the sake of experimentation.

Jiraiya also took the time to see just how far Naruto could push his new found abilities and that of the armor itself so he would have an edge in combat when he needed it. The two were busy training, that is Jiraiya entertained himself by looking at how far Naruto can push the armor and his mastery of it and he couldn't help but laugh when he got it wrong. The blonde was very much not the kind to give up for any reason and continued to get back to his feet. Thankfully the regeneration abilities given by the nano-machines were more than helpful in that regard.


In the hospital…

Naruto was going to the hospital to check out on Lee and see how his friend was doing, he considered Lee an upstanding guy and he felt a rapport with the young man He and Shikamaru were on their way to see lee, after Shikamaru told him that due to over eating, Chouji was also in the hospital, however, when they arrived into the room, Naruto and Shikamaru saw Gaara about to kill Lee with his sand both stopped him quickly.

Naruto managed to create his Sonic Resonance Sword Staff and aimed the weapon right at Gaara as his gauntlets were already out and Shikamaru held Gaara in place with his Shadow Manipulation Jutsu. Naruto knew after observing Shikamaru's battle with Kin, that any move he made would affect the one his shadow controlled and if he hit Gaara, then the same could happen to Shikamaru which was why he didn't launch any attacks that could hurt Shikamaru..

There, Gaara told them about his past and how he had been imbued with e demon when he was child and hearing that made Naruto all the more curious, and The Persona Drive had told him that it's scans had confirmed that like him, Gaara did have an unknown entity in his body that was sealed away as well. Gaara was about fight back as Naruto and Shikamaru got ready but Gai showed up in time and Gaara vowed to kill them all….even going as far to say to Naruto that he will destroy him even with his armor.


Naruto however was assured by the Persona Drive that it was not going to be easily destroyed by Gaara. And he had a chat with the Kyuubi who decided to tell his container about just who this demon was in Gaara.

((The kid Gaara's referring to Shukaku, the Sand Raccoon demon. That guy is as whip smart like the rest our kind, but he's too much of a incoherent idiot and a drunkard, he is powerful though, but not the same as me and the others.))


((That's right brat, there are at least nine of us and I am the most powerful so be thankful that I'm inside of you, I don't know the fates of the others, but I can bet that they are not going to be entirely happy being trapped in the human world.))

As the time for the finals came, Naruto was ready and Jiraiya told him to be at his best when the time came for him to participate.


In the training field…

Naruto wondered just how the fight between him and Neji was going to end, he had every confidence in his new found control and abilities with the armor and his own skills so he was not afraid, but still, it would be nice to reflect on how far he had gone ever since graduating from the Academy. As he walked through the field, he was surprised to find none other than Hinata who seemed to be deep in thought or something like that.



Hinata moved behind one of the pillars and gave a shout of surprise and she blushed as she looked at her long time crush who smiled at her, making her feel all the more weak in the knees before him.

"N-N-Naruto-kun? W-W-Why are you here? The finals should be starting soon."

"I know, but I just needed to be here to think out some important matters, this is where I took my first steps as a Genin after all."

"I see…"

Naruto then wondered just what was the story with Neji, he had a feeling that there was some major history between Neji and the rest of the family as he recalled his words. He had been enraged by it all, but when he had asked the Persona Drive to replay the information once more to him, he was curious about this and since Hinata was the kind sort of person, she might provide the right answer, but only if she was willing to tell him.

"Hey Hinata-san?"


"What the deal with Neji and his hatred for the Hyuuga Clan anyway? Why does he have a lot of dislike for your family?"

Hinata wondered if she should tell him, as such things were forbidden to talk about, but she wanted Naruto to know the truth and she trusted him not to reveal anything.

"Well….promise me you won't tell anyone about what I have to say, okay?"

"Okay, I promise Hinata, so tell me everything."

"W-Well, you see….the Hyuuga family is actually divided into two houses, the Main Family and the Branch Family, the main family are the heads of the clan while the Branch are the protectors of the Clan. My father Hiashi and his twin brother Hizashi were born, but my father was born seconds earlier than Hizashi so he was made as Head of the Hyuuga Clan while Hizashi was born later, and therefore…my uncle was placed in the Branch Family."

Naruto nodded and could see the direction for the moment.

"Hizashi is Neji's father?"

"Y-Yes, my uncle has always hated the Hyuuga Main family because he believed Neji should be the one more capable than me or my sister Hanabi. On my birthday….Neji had seal on his head…"

"A seal?"

"It's….not something I find to be good for any reason….you see, the Branch Family have a seal that allows the Head Family to control them, hurt them to submission and even destroy their minds…."


"It was to ensure their duty as I heard, and it was also to protect the Byakugan from outsiders as the seal could destroy the Byakugan. I never thought of it as fair and I know that Neji was branded with that when he was older when we first met. However….the real blow was when I was kidnapped long ago.

"Kidnapped? I didn't know that!"

"I wasn't taken completely, long ago during my birthday there was a peace treaty signed between Konoha and Kumo, but their head ninja tried to kidnap me and my father killed him, they wanted my father's body in exchange, but Hizashi was sent instead….I think that is why Neji hates the Hyuuga Clan so much, even if he is a Hyuuga as well."

Naruto thought all that over and it was then that Hinata began to cough and she saw that there was some blood and tried to hide that from Naruto, but thanks t the upgrades to his eyes, he saw that and was very worried. The Persona Drive then spoke to him and this time it was on an open channel and that meant that it was no longer subconsciously relaying commands and subliminal suggestions to Naruto, but this time it was speaking to him in a more open fashion.

//Hinata seems to be suffering from the injuries that she sustained fighting Neji, the damage is still there but I can heal her.\\

Naruto then thought his response as he tried using mental thought to communicate with the Persona Drive and found that method to be very effective.

(You can heal her?)

//Yes, I can create some temporary nano-machines that can be transferred to her body effectively repair her body and if you would like, I can improve her genetic structure that will make her a lot stronger than before.\\

Naruto thought about it a bit more and gave his consent and he placed his hand on Hinata's forehead for only a brief moment, making the young Hyuuga heiress blush to such a degree that she would have resembled a tomato.

That brief contact allowed the persona Drive to release through Naruto's skin pores the nearly invisible nano-machines that quickly entered Hinata's own body and they quickly multiplied inside of her and began to use the reserves of chakra that they had been given to repair all the internal damage suffered by Hinata to her organs after the fight with Neji and following their secondary directive, they began to increase the strength of Hinata's body.

The process would take only a minute or two and as soon as that was over, the nano-machines broke themselves down into base line components that were non toxic to Hinata's body and would be part of her, but the repairs they did t her body were already present as well as the upgrades. Hinata breathed in and out a bit and felt the pain fade away instantly and she smiled at Naruto.

"I feel a lot better Naruto-kun….I really do."

"That's great! Listen, I'll my best to beat Neji and when I become Hokage, I'll do my best to make things right between your families okay?"

"Y-You would?"

"Believe it! That's a promise to you Hinata!"

"T-Thank you…"

With that done, Naruto left, and since he was still new to the idea of nano-machines, he was very much unaware that his tampering with Hinata's body through the nano-machines was going to have some very beneficial effects in the long run for her.


In the ring…

As soon as Naruto walked into the building, he was greeted by the others with Gaara giving him an evil look while Neji looked on, ready for a fight.

He placed that out of his mind for the moment and got ready to fight Neji, however, in order to be fair at least, he decided to reserve his armor for now and fight Neji without it. He knew that the nano-machines were already helping him without being visible so there was no need for him to manually activate the armor. Both he and the Persona Drive had talked it over and it allowed him to decide when to manually release the armor.

As soon as it was just him and Neji and the referee, one Genma Shiranui by name started the match, Naruto studied Neji carefully, his ally the persona Drive relaying him the information it had gathered about Neji's combat skill and he knew that he had the edge, and now was the time to go full throttle.

He threw some kunai at Neji who blocked them and he attacked, Neji threw the kunai back at him and he evaded and Neji struck with his attacks, but Naruto was waiting and showing extreme dexterity and reflexes, Naruto flipped backward and used his feet to catch Neji's arm and in the flip tossed him over himself.

Neji was surprised by the move and so was everyone else for that matter. Neji landed and Naruto quickly landed on his feet and turned to fire another trio of shuriken at Neji, Neji caught them and fired them back at Naruto and Naruto flipped back to avoid the weapons and Neji fired his own shuriken the weapons came at Naruto and he evaded two of them but on cut his face. However Naruto was not worried as the Regeneration Programs of his nano-machines kicked in and healed the cut.

That was not lost to Neji and he knew that the best chance was to hit him up close, the two charged at one another and threw punches and kicks at one another and while Neji's abilities and training as a Hyuuga made him very limber and agile, Naruto's nano-machine allies were making him even faster as he blocked and dodged each of Neji's attacks.

(He moves much faster than me….almost the same way Lee does when the weights on his legs are off, but there is no way anyone but lee can move that fast, what is going on here?)

The two continued to fight and then both struck the other, Neji landed a strike to Naruto's stomach while Naruto his Neji and the shoulder, both backed away and then re-engaged one another and they were hitting with a lot of force and then Neji moved away and fired some more shuriken but Naruto focused his chakra into his hand and then to the surprise of the audience, a ball of pure chakra appeared and then Naruto lashed out like he was holding s katana. The crowd watched as the chakra expanded to take a bladed form and indeed turned into a katana and he sliced the shuriken in half.

"What the?!"

Neji had no time to react as Naruto charged at him with his chakra katana and began to slash at him and Neji tried to use the Gentle Fist to cut Naruto from his chakra to stop the blade but Naruto suddenly was able to strike him, but the blade seemed to pass through him with no effect, but that was the opening Naruto needed to land a fierce kick into Neji's chest and the Hyuuga managed to evade that by flipping over Naruto, but when he turned, Naruto struck as well with the chakra katana, but it was sharp this time and wounded him right on the leg, and Naruto lashed out with a punch to the face that Neji didn't escape from.

Neji retaliated with a powerful kick to Naruto's stomach and forced Naruto back, Neji then used his gentle Fist to hit Naruto's arm and that was enough to hit the chakra area to force Naruto's chakra katana to disperse and then Neji unleashed a pair of chosen attacks, the ones thing he had copied from the Hyuuga main family through observation.

Neji gathered his chakra quickly and then unleashed it.

"Hakkeshō Kaiten!!"

The attack hit Naruto hard and sent him flying and Neji was not done as he used his Byakugan and readied himself.

(You fought well Naruto-san, even without your armor, you are a dangerous foe, but I will win this fight!!!)

"Hakke Rokujuyon Sho!!!!"

Neji charged and unleashed the next attack that relied on powerful Gentle Fist Strikes on Naruto's body much to Hiashi's surprise. The other ninja looked on and thought that it was going to be the end of it, Naruto can't possibly get up after that attack.

"It's over…"

"Want to bet?"

Neji looked at Naruto with surprise at that, he had expected the young Genin to be down and out after that combined strike, but Naruto was smiling at him.

Naruto got up and but was not bowing down as his wounds began to heal which confused Neji somewhat as he had already hit his foe's chakra pathways and therefore he couldn't heal his wounds without chakra..

(How is his body able to heal after that?!)

Unknown to Neji, while his attacks did cut Naruto's chakra pathways, they were NOT able to hit the nano-machines that stored Naruto's chakra and the Persona Drive gave the order to the reactors to release their backup reserves of chakra and Neji could only watch as Naruto's chakra was restored to an even greater level. That stunned not just him but even Hiashi and the other ninja.

"How is that possible?! Neji's attacks should have denied him the use of his chakra!"

Naruto grinned and shouted at Neji.

"Care to try again?!"

Neji barely reactivated the Hakkesho Kaiten to block Naruto attacks when Naruto summoned two spheres of chakra and then the spheres extended to create a spear of pure chakra….a Chakra Naginata and the attack surprised all the viewers as Naruto's attack….actually pierced the Hakkesho Kaiten!!!


The crowd saw Naruto new attack pierce the technique of Neji, Naruto pulled back his chakra Naginata and dispersed it and that was when the sphere faded, and the crowd saw Neji was holding his side which had blood on it.

That was when Naruto gave the command to activate the Armor and Neji only had time to see the light cover Naruto and when he looked, he was now in his armor

As soon as he was in armor Naruto cracked his knuckles and was ready to unleash a world of pain on Neji. The Hyuuga youth wiped the blood from his mouth as well as ignoring the pain on his side from the blade of the Chakra Naginata that hit him and Naruto knew that with this level of power, not even the Byakugan could match him in a direct fight.

Hiashi and Hanabi looked at the sudden transformation before them with surprise, this was certainly unexpected as they had never seen this before. They were not the only ones who were shocked as everyone in the audience was surprised by the sight of Naruto in full armor. However, Naruto decided to try a special program that he had cooked up.

(Time to use that program!)

//Are you sure of that order you gave me Naruto? This has yet to be properly tested in a controlled setting.\\

(I am, no sense not letting be sent into a trial by fire!)

//All right then….\\

//Uploading Fusion Combat Persona Program….Loading…\\

//Loading complete….Kyuubi/Naruto Persona Loaded….accessing Kyuubi chakra reserve…\\

//Access complete…activating armor transformation mode….\\

The Kyuubi was ecstatic at this as he finally allowed his chakra to flow out and it was used by Naruto and the Persona Drive.

((Finally some action!!!))

In the ring, Neji was about make his next move when he saw something that stopped him cold in his tracks.

(What the heck is this?!)

Neji's thoughts were right on the money as he looked at the sight of Naruto in his armor form being suddenly surrounded by red chakra that seemed alive, almost bestial. There seemed to be sections of the armor turning to ash and moving away from the main body. The ashes suddenly were replaced and the armor was suddenly covered in a thick near impenetrable mass of red chakra.

"What the heck?!"

Everyone was looking at the sight with shock, and the Hokage could only watch as well as the Kazekage as the red sphere engulfed Naruto in his armored form. The Jonin were not all that shocked seeing the armor, but this was utterly unexpected. Gaara and his siblings were stunned as well as Baki and a certain ninja watched the situation play out before him while wearing an ANBU mask.

Naruto's voice was then heard as the sphere glowed even more.

"IT'S SHOW TIME!!!!!!!"

The ground around the sphere cracked and exploded outward as weaves of pure chakra were unleashed everywhere as Neji covered his face and so did Genma. It was then that the sphere dropped and Naruto appeared once more….but he was QUITE different now


Neji could only gasp in shock as he had no choice but to deactivate his Byakugan as the influx of pure chakra before him nearly blinded him…and just about everyone covered their eyes even the Kazekage and the Hokage covered their eyes as the flash of light hit them, as soon as the light began to fade….the crowd looked into the arena and so did the others who were in the Chuunin Exams…

And what they saw was enough to send them into a stupor…

As Naruto was in the middle of a maelstrom of pure red chakra that revealed him in full armor….but with a vast difference….

The once white, red and black armor was fully transformed and was now blood red, black, and with gold mixed in as well. The finger guards took a much more claw like appearance and were bladed meaning that a single swipe from Naruto's hands could wound any target he hit with those clawed hands; the helm had a more bestial design and took the form of a fox's head with ears. The armor now had streaks of lowing red and blue on them in faint but powerful hues. The boots had taken a five toed appearance and were also clawed and there were crystals on the knees and the elbows as well and on Naruto's back were a pair of four purple crystals in a set order that were radiating pure red chakra that were shaped like….tails. The shoulder armor was also somewhat spiked with razor sharp blades on it as well.

The armor not only underwent color changes but physical changes as well…and that was when Naruto spoke.

"Here's something you've never faced before Neji….in this form I am still me but different….I am no longer Naruto the dead last as everyone thinks."

Naruto in his new armor crouched down in a beast like position that was taken by a predator which was about to tear into its prey and spoke.

"I am going to show you just what I can do!!!"

Neji could only prepare himself as best he could, though he had no choice but to lower the strength of his Byakugan lest he got himself blinded by the sheer power that was radiating from the armored blonde ninja. However, Naruto had been training with his bio-armor and learning much from the Persona Drive and now decided to access a special feature and one he had custom built just for this purpose.

"Here's something I borrowed from Kiba, hope you're ready for this!!!"

(What is he saying?!)

Naruto accessed his weapon and support options and found the one had specifically requested. And there in front of him was the access menu in his HUDS and as soon as he saw it, he accessed it.

Neji watched in shock as Naruto took off a portion of his red armor and tossed it to the ground and to his eyes, the armor Naruto wore rebuilt and the other piece began to transform in a swirling light of blue and red chakra, and before him, the armor shard transformed into something that utterly surprised and shocked not just him, but everyone else.

The armor grew a body, an elongated and lupine one, similar to a dog, and had four limbs on it with massive, razor sharp claws, and has flowing lines of pure chakra on it's body, the form was lithe and agile despite being a very large creature of metal, and it's head appeared with two glowing blue eyes and the face was in the form of a fox complete with the long ears, and there on the back….there nine tails which were also covered in chakra. The metallic creature created from Naruto's armor turned to stand behind it's master and growled at Neji and then Naruto replied.

"Kiba has Akamaru for a partner…and now here is mine! Meet my Cyber Fox!!!!"

The metallic fox with nine tails roared at Neji and now both it and Naruto were ready for one hell of a fight.

Everyone in the arena's audience was shocked nigh out of their wits and many looked at the metallic fox with utter disbelief.

Naruto however was more than ready as he and cyber fox ally charged at Neji.


To be continued…


Author's notes:

Ahhh….this is done.

To new readers, I have to apologize for the confusion in chapter 4 since I had used some data from Tekno Ninja's fantasy cousin Dragon Champion in order to cut time and I made the mistake of not modifying the work so you'll have to forgive the sudden inclusion of material that was not in the story. I was in a hurry at the time due to some extensive second courser school work that was handed out to me, as well as report work for the semester.

To clarify the situation, ignore the mentioning of Holy Talon and breaking the sword of Orochimaru, plus Sasuke having the Cursed Seal… this story, Sasuke does not have the Cursed Seal, Orochimaru's sword is still intact and the Holy Talon does not exist here.

To those who have read this, then I have the intention of making Naruto as powerful as necessary….but keep in mind that the two other Suits have the same level of ability as the one Naruto has and since the Persona Drives in the Suits are able to sample their user's personality and adapt to suit the combat style of the user.

Overall…the suit gives the powers and weapon systems that are tailored to suit the user. And another thing….I am not in the mood to make Naruto the ultimate character in this story….keep in mind that I believe still in the principle of making the characters balanced, and like what I did in Naruto Dragon Champion, I want to make Naruto work hard to come into his own and not be super powerful righty off the bat….there's been way too many of that formula of fics in here already.


Naruto's new abilities:

Chakra Katana:

By using the nano-machines to focus and control the chakra already stored inside them, Naruto is able to create a blade of pure chakra energy and this is among the few techniques that do not rely on him being in his bio-armor. The blade is shaped like a katana and is sharp enough to slice through bone, metal, flesh, stone, and the blade can be made from a solid mass of energy into an intangible mass of light to fool his foes into lowering their guard.

Chakra Naginata:

This advanced form of the Chakra Katana is designed for longer range and piercing attacks and the chakra is so concentrated and heavily solidified that it can slice through most barriers, especially when it slices through Neji's Hakkesho Kaiten and wounds Neji at the same time.

Naruto's support abilities:

Temporary Nano-machine Assemblers:

These devices are constructed by the bio-armor and are temporary units that can heal, construct, or improve anything that the Persona Drive and or Naruto order them to be inside of. Their first appearance is to heal Hinata's injuries and even improve her physical growth and condition. The devices are temporary and break down into baseline components, but their effects are permanent as Hinata is fully healed.

Bio Armor Weapons:

Cyber Fox:

Created from a section of the bio-armor and fed with the Kyuubi's chakra, this cyborg fox is under Naruto's complete control and is obedient to it's master. In normal form, it can attack with claws and teeth that are the same type as the Sonic Resonance Blades, allowing them the power to slice through stone, bone, wood, and metal with little to no difficulty. The tails themselves are strong enough to crush walls and because of it's armor, this beast will be very difficult to take down. In it's full sized form…it can be as big as Naruto wants it to be.

Temporary/Permanent Nano-machine Disassemblers

The counterpart of the Nano machine Assemblers, the Disassemblers are used to break down and deconstruct anything, be it energy or matter, that Naruto or the Persona Drive wishes them to break down, this gives them the ability to delete anything in Naruto's way, and are first seen when the Persona Drive states that it will delete the Kyuubi if Naruto wishes it to do so. While not yet seen in action, this by far can by Naruto's most frightening ability to date.