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-Chapter 2-

Mr. Nameless

It was the last week of school before the Christmas break, and, like usual, everyone was discussing their plans; or, in some cases, making them. This continued until the bell rang, which was exactly when their English teacher walked into the room.

Putting the usual things he had with him (a laptop, a planning book, a textbook of some sort and whatever book he was reading at the time) on his desk, he started the class. Since it was Tuesday, it was the day for journal writing. This was something that had started since the beginning of the year, where he alternated between journals and reading. The class had gotten used to this, as well as one other thing.

"Excuse me, but why the hell do we have to write a journal?"

That would be the second one. For some reason, Eric Cartman always had to ask this, though he was normally less polite when he did.

And, like usual, their teacher responded with, "Well Cartman, as I've said over and over again, it's meant to get you to write something."

So, with that, the class started to write. Their topic today was to write a descriptive journal, as some of the people in the class didn't put enough "color" into their essays and such.

Their teacher had asked a couple of students to read their journals, including Cartman, who wasn't particularly happy about this. After Butters had finished reading, they continued on what they were doing the day before. Of course, no one was excited about this, but their teacher tried to remain enthusiastic despite of this. Seeing that his class was bored half to death, with some even sleeping, he gave up and told they could just talk for the rest of the class, though to speak quietly. Only one person objected to this.

"Mr. Teacher, shouldn't we be doing something at least? I mean, exams are next month," the ginger kid of the class said. He was actually a daywalker, but no one really cared; as long as you had red hair, you were called a ginger these days. This whole concept, of course, was brought up by none other than Cartman when they were in grade four.

"I can see why you're asking that, but I don't really see the point if no one's going to pay attention. Your class is already ahead of the other ones anyway," the teacher pointed out. "And Kyle, could you please just call me by--"

The last part of this wasn't heard, as Cartman had started laughing loudly about something that Kenny had said. When Cartman finally stopped laughing, Kyle asked, "What were you saying?" The teacher merely waved him off.

Now, to explain the whole thing with the teacher. It started on the first day of grade eleven, when he had walked into the room. He was a new teacher at the school, so none of the students knew his name. But his appearance was already strange: he always wore a dress shirt and tie, he had really short hair and he wore glasses, though there have been random days where he'd wear contacts instead. There was also his obsession with vampires, though this was only known because Cartman had pointed it out. Either way, he didn't exactly blend in well with the other teachers. This didn't make him popular with the students either, as most of them disliked any sort of educational figure, as well as the fact that he stood out from the other teachers.

So, when he had walked into the class on the first day, he was about to introduce himself until Cartman had cut him off. The whole thing went something like this:

Teacher: "Hello class, I'm--"

Cartman: "We don't give a fuck about your name."

Teacher: "Um... what?"

Cartman: "I said that we don't fucking care. Teachers are Jews and fags--"

Kyle: "Hey!"

Cartman: "--and I have no reason to know their names because of that."

Teacher: "Okay then, let's just start the class..."

Therefore, because of that incident, no one knew his actual name, so most of them called him "Mr. Teacher," though a few called him "Mr. Nameless," though that was usually used when they spoke about him and not to him. No one was interested in wanting to know his name except for Kyle, though every time it was stated someone or something would make some loud noise, and the name would never be heard.

So, to return to what's happening, after school everyone decided to go straight home, as they'd likely be shopping later that night. The exception to this was Kyle, though it didn't take a genius to figure out why. Tonight though he decided to take a walk, as Stan, his "closest friend," was busy preparing for the holidays.

When Kyle passed by the local mall however, he saw a strange ad saying: "Do you want to be like Santa for one night? We're looking for you!" The sign showed a group of people, with some abnormal creature -- a hedgehog, maybe? -- in the front pointing in Kyle's direction. While he was Jewish and didn't celebrate Christmas, he was a little curious as to what was meant by this. Technically, mall Santa's don't do the same job as the actual Santa. They weren't looking for someone to replace the real Santa this year, were they?

Now taking a bit of interest in the whole thing, Kyle looked into the window that was closest to him. He saw the same black and red hedgehog-like thing in there, and it looked like it was talking to someone. Moving to get a better view, Kyle saw who the hedgehog was talking to, and he instantly knew that this year was going to be the most fucked up one.

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