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Track of Choice: "Confrontation" by Otep

Chapter One: Fateklok


"Place the chicken in…"


"Dethklok on tour…"


There's no
Way they
Can stop us

So let them try
We fight or we die

"And that was 'Confrontation'. Fans are going mad for the new hit metal band named Cancerous. An all female band that's been together for a good decade." Said Dethklok's Minute Man who strangely resembled Ryan Seacrest.

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Volumes goes up.

"In an anonymous poll, 49 percent of Dethklok fans believe that they could be the next Dethklok, only as girls…"


"…could be the next Dethklok…"


"…the next Dethklok…"


"…next Dethklok…"

Nathan Explosion, the front man of the world's greatest metal band, looked at the screen in sheer horror, his eyes widen as his mouth hung open and a low, but loud scream erupted from his throat, nearly shaking the very foundations of Mordhaus. Many Klokateers stopped in their work, looking around in wonder. Who the hell was screaming? It surely wasn't a threat.


-Sometime Later-

Pacing around the front of the meeting room, Nathan grumbled to himself as his band mates looked on in worry. The news was just as shocking to them. Another band? As good as them? It was just unbelievable. And the fact they were all girls was like a slap to the face. Nathan did not like this fact at all. He felt like this was a challenge from them, those girls who thought they could beat them at their own game. He would crush them, good and hard, with help from the rest of Dethklok.

All of them were waiting for their manager to come back with some information on these girls when Nathan had barged into Ofdensen's office and demanded to know the basics of Cancerous. It had been over an hour, too long for them. They were hoping he'd be back in five minutes…

The door opened up and immediately Nathan was on Charles like skin on muscles.

"Sos… what dits yous finds?" asked Skwisgaar, nervously picking at the strings of his guitar. When Nathan assembled a band meeting, he replayed the news of the new female metal band that was supposedly, just as good as them. The mere thought was unbelievable. To them, girl's couldn't be metal enough, not with their supposedly naturally good intentions. There was no way it could work!They were Dethklok, and god damn it, no one was as good as them when it came to metal and brutality. Mood swings and periods were not brutal, just scary.

Ofdenson adjusted his glasses and opened a file folder he was carrying. Leafing through some pages, he took out five pictures and set them on the table for everyone to see. Each member took a photo, which surprisingly, was their female 'counterpart'. Pickles gave a low whistle, reading the female drummer's name at the bottom.

"Dood… if I didn't know better, I would say they were hot. Scratch that, this chick is hot." The drummer said as he examined the girl closely. Her wild red hair reminded him of his days back with Snakes n' Barrels. "Well… most of them are too." He took a glance at the picture Murderface had stabbed with his knife he seemed to always carry. "'Cause yeah, I'm comfortable to say I would so totally do her. Cherry is a really cute name too."

"Well boys," Ofdenson began as he cleared his throat, "Rumors are true, and they seem to be very talented musicians like yourself. If you turn the photos over, you can see their status…"

"The hell? She's a midget." Nathan grumbled, interrupting his manager's little speech, "Moira Implosion. 5 feet 3 inches. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana." he mumbled the rest of her information, completely ignoring Ofdensen... again.

"As I was saying…"

"Wow-wee…" Toki exclaimed, "Lucy was endorsed by big toy and candies companies day afters band aired dere song 'Confrontation'. It was ones of da biggest success dey had after beings toget-der for a whiles."

Rolling his eyes after figuring they were going to interrupt him anyways like they always did, he took a remote from his breast pocket and clicked play. A flat screen TV came down from the ceiling and began to play a song, capturing the boy's attentions.

(AN: If in the furture I begin to write more about 'Cancerous's' music videos, they will not follow the actual music video of the songs by Otep, Within Temptation, Rasputina or other bands I use for them.)

The music video began with a girl standing in an abyss with her head bowed, wearing a blinding white robe that covered everything but her mouth and chin and the stands of hair falling past the hood. She began to whisper.

"Don't be..." Her head raised suddenly as she whispered the last word, a hazel eye outlined in thick black eye liner was seen through her hair, "Silent. FIGHT!"The abyss shattered into the image of a battle ring where corpses covered the stage in a sea of red while black and blue masses fought each other as she held out the note of the last word. An other voice appeared in the background "(violence, mêlées, and disturbances of the peace)." Large TVs mounted the walls of the arena as the the same girl from before appeared with the rest of the band, all dressed in black leather and lace.

The boys gawked. These girls had killer bodies. Even the bass player, though a bit chunkier compared to the others, looked good in the tight fitting leather tank, pants and boots. The lead singer had amazing vocal chords, the harsh singing would normal ruin female voices, but she played it like a champ and recovered with a relatively pleasant voice.

"Here's your introduction to destruction and the hate sustaining me. Are we safer or in danger? Drowning in atrocities?"The lead singer was wearing this complex leather corset with red lace in the front and back, holding the material tight against her. The top dipped low, showing much cleavage. For a small person, she was pretty busty. Implants? Maybe. Her hair was pretty long, reaching to the middle of her back as she began to head bang to the beat, a purple blur in the middle from her streak.

"Riot gear, the slaves are here piling corpses high. Its the rich man's war but its the poor that fight. More capitalist crimes, more enemies than allies. No WMD's - who gives a fuck if they die? Just kill em all - watch em fall skin the world with their lies, its a rich man's war but its the poor that fight! Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. They don't know what they started… CONFRONTATION."The blond woman, whom they assumed was the lead guitarist, got a close up as she rocked to the beat of her guitar. She was tall and skinny, almost like a model but less skeletal. She had a flat stomach shown by her small leather halter top that just managed to cover her breast. The leather pants she wore had a flame on the left side reaching up to her hip when the camera moved for a side angle.

The drummer had a small sheen of sweat on her forehead already. Her wild red hair flared around her as she sang the back up vocals with her front woman. She was in a black tube top and tight leather carpis with what seemed like black skater shoes. On the other side of her, beside the bass player, the other guitarist took a step back, her black dress with white lace bellowing around her thighs like wings.

"My… religion of resistance challenging everything, Radicals and dissidents of creativity. We are the children of the siege you hide in this rich man's war where the poor just die. More deception and greed, more wars and disease, More lies from the hive mind, That seek to deceive. A weak nation of need, Like silent thieves in the night. Its a rich man's war But it's the poor that die. Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. They don't know What they started…CONFRONTATION."

The camera panned out to the fighting blobs now as they tore each other apart. Red figures looked from above a balcony, each of the six figures camera again played the battle field, but this time the lead singer was in a sexy soldier suit blasting away her enemies with an AK-47. A ring of corpses surrounded her as she lowered her gun before turning to look up at the balcony. Her eyes narrowed as she soon took off, this time followed by the other band music video ended with all of them shooting at the red figures as they advance on them. The figures soon dissolved into mist and all five girls grinned, blood streaming down their faces. The vocalist grabbed a detonator from the ledge of the balcony and pushed the button, a bomb going off and killing the rest of the fighting soldiers behind them.

"Stand – FIGHT, Speak – FIGHT, Strike back! Stand – FIGHT, Speak – FIGHT, Strike back! They don't know What they started-- CONFRONTATION. This is my Battle cry! Defy the lies Of the tyrant race With a fist in the air And a finger in their face! DEFY THE TYRANTS! DON'T BE SILENT! DEFY THE TYRANTS! DON'T BE SILENT! DEFY THE TYRANTS! DON'T BE SILENT! DEFY THE TYRANTS! DON'T BE SILENT! Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. Stand up, Speak out, Strike back. They don't know, What they started-- CONFRONTATION. Stand – FIGHT, Speak – FIGHT, Strike back! Stand – FIGHT, Speak – FIGHT, Strike back! They don't know What they started-- CONFRONTATION. There's no Way they Can stop us Now. So let them try, we fight or we die!"

Ofdenson looked back at all of them and sighed yet again, pushing his glass up on on his nose using his middle finger. Dethklok looked like a bunch of fish. That was one of the most brutal music videos they had ever seen done by women. And truth be told, the song wasn't half bad, albeit no one would ever say it out loud. There was slight tension in the air, hovering over Dethklok like bad mojo and here was only going to be one way to settle this dispute and that was to meet these girls who thought they could out do Dethklok. No one out did Dethklok, or fear the wrath of all five of them and their ability to kill unintentionally without being convicted.

"Ofdensen…" Nathan began as he faced away from his manager. He folded his arms behind his back, looking at the screen where the image froze on the lead singer and her grinning face, "We need to convince these... girls that Dethklok is the only metal band around. We need to meet them." Nathan was already trying to figure out a way to get rid of these girls. Girl's just weren't metal enough. They were good for a good fucking and that was it.

"Nathan, I can't just…" Like always, Ofdensen was interrupted.

"Ah! There he goes again! Being cheap or whatever!" Pickles said as he pointed an accusing finger.

"Ya, it can'ts bes dats hard to arranges meetings." Skwisgaar said without looking up from his guitar. He was furiously plucking strings, a sign he was either really upset or really nervous.

"Guysch, guych…" Murderface said, "They're jusht ladiesch. I think we… we schould reshpect their caush and shuccesch in being a female band. The world ish shuch an unfair placesh."

"Ah, dere you goes agains Murderface, defendings pretty goils in hopes dats yous gets laids by dem." Toki rolled his eyes. "Dat can't always works. Maybe if yous just stop being such jerks to dem when dey says you gay, perhaps one of dem will give you blow jobs."

Charles shook his head, "Enough." He rubbed his temples, "If you insist, I will attempt to set up a meeting… if you like. Their manager just so happens to be an old college classmate of mine." He felt a ringing in his ears, but he played it cool. It usually happened when he was ready to smash their brains in, but they were his bread and butter. Without them, he wouldn't be powerful. Damn the trade offs of being their manager. "In fact, uh... I may be able to get you guys a meeting with them by tomorrow. They are performing in Vegas. I need to speak with their manager anyway."

"Yea, you do that." Nathan growled, "Or I have a wave of klokateers or something after you."

"Right. Of course." Charles said as he walked out, resisting the urge to roll his eyes at Nathan's childish threat.

So there they were… Dethklok worrying about their future all because of five women in a metal band much like themselves. It was disturbing to know they hadn't even heard of them.

"Do you… do think this is a good idea?" Pickles said, "If they managed ta get this far, whose ta say that they're not good? Obvious they've done something right."

"I don'ts know. Murderface looks-a-like looks muchs betters den Murderface himselfs." Skwisgaar snickered.

"Aw, shcrew you Skwisgaar!"

"No tanks you."

I might end up changing the band name because Cancerous just isn't metal enough for me. But if by any chance any of you readers have been reading my other stories, I am proud to tell you that they are no longer on HIATUS! (AN: 2/09: That's a lie :D)

Bands I will be using: Otep, Within Temptation, Night Wish, Rasputina, Emilie Autumn, Arch Enemy (fronted by Angela Gossow), Kittie, Evanescence, Lacunca Coil, The Birthday Massacre, and various others for COVER SONGS and/or the use of examples of band member's pervious musical background (i.e. Cherry).

If you have any other band to recommend, please feel free to let me know :D