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Tracks of Choice: "Peephole" by System of a Down, "Super Beast", "Dragula", "Living Dead Girl", "Demoniod Phenomenon", "Spookshow Baby", "Meet the Creeper", "Return of the Phantom Stranger" by Rob Zombie

Chapter 26: Frightklok
Belated Halloween Special

The girls sat brooding in the rec room as Dethklok left Mordhaus to go appear and perform at some club nearby for Halloween. The girls had wanted to leave, but were somehow tricked by Munkitrrick and Ofdensen to stay there. It was barely three in the afternoon and Cancerous was getting restless. Halloween meant being scary, having parties and fucking your brains out or getting high and hammered. At least for the older girls. Lucy usually went trick-o-treating, despite her age.

Speaking of which, the Ukrainian girl sighed, holding up her costume which looked like a purple and black jester suit with a dark purple tutu. She was already wearing the cap, which fit her head perfectly as the little bells at the end jingled lightly. Around her neck was a dark purple neck ruffle.

"Dis sucks." She said, "I works hards on my costumes all years. But now no ones gets to see its. Da dark carnival deme was goods ideas." She squeaked as Bloodyfist patted her head, dressed in a one strap leopard printed dress with brown fur boots. Around her waist was one of her championship wrestling belts.

"Oh well, I'm sure Moira'll think of something. She went to talk to the managers after all."

"Buts I wanteds to go gets candies!"

Moira burst into the rec room, a huge smile on her face. "Get into your costumes ladies!" She was already in hers. Moira wore three quartered sleeved black coattail jacket that hugged her torso. The lapels fell on either side of her boobs, accenting her cleavage from the white halter like top with a collar and a black bowtie. Her bottom actually was a part of a two toned romper, the top was white and the bottom black. Moira also wore fence net stocking that reached mid thigh and knee high black gogo boots. In her hand was a riding crop and her top hat.

Runa perked, looking up from her phone, "Are wes leavings to goes parties?"

Moira deflated a little, "No… but I decided we're gonna throw a concert for the klokateers! Munkittrick's looking over the preparations and says they'll be done in a few hours, probably around seven or eight." She of course knew why none of them could leave, but she still couldn't tell them.

Moira knew the girls had been looking forward to Halloween and so she thought up of a diversion to keep them occupied until Dethklok came back, much to her dismay. But Ofdensen did mention something useful about a concert. It could possible gain more loyalty from the klokateers. The thought of them wanting to protect Cancerous versus them doing it because they were told to do so made Moira more determined to go with it. The idea was inspired several days ago and thus a lot of the performers Moira intended to have were already there. The arena just needed to be finalized and set up today to not raise any suspicion.

The other girls who weren't dressed up dashed to their rooms. Lucy easily slipped on her costume and the dark purple booties that went with her costume. As quickly as possible, she applied white face paint, fanning it dry so she could draw a purple diamond over her right eye and a black tear drop below her left. She used black lipstick for her top lip and purple on the bottom.

In Runa's room, she was wiggling herself into a strapless black leotard with a white lace skirt that went from one side of her hip, around her back and attached to the other side by spade buttons. A large spade was cut out of the chest area, outline in red along with red accents running along the body of her suit to the spade buttons. She wore matching fingerless gloves that had the same white lace around the top. Once she put that on, she sat down on her bed and slipped the black and white harlequin thigh socks before her black flats with little black roses on the straps. With red face paint, she placed two downward facing triangles underneath her eyes and two upward facing triangles above her brows.

Cherry cursed as she rummaged through hers and Pickles' messy room, trying to find the small pin stripped bustier she had been meaning to wear with her black and white layered skirt that was designed to look as if torn and hole covered from years of traveling, one side reaching her thigh and draped across to her ankle on the other. She had stenciled on puppet joints on herself over her elbows, knees, ankles and fingers. Around her neck was thick leather choker with three hoops and cuffs were on her wrists. Cherry had somehow managed to slip on black lace topped stockings and Mary janes. She had applied white face paint as well, blending it into her skin so it made it look pale so she wasn't ghostly white. Taking the black pencil, she had put two lines from the corner of her lips to her chin. With blush, she made two neat circles on her cheeks. She barely painted her lips, just putting enough to make her mouth look tiny. She was to be a broken marionette. Finally finding her top, she put it on and grabbed her black fedora, tying strings to the end of her fingers to add to her costume as she left.

The girls regrouped in the rec room where Moira and Bloodyfist had already created a short and simple playlist. Their leader also went on to explain the performances happening while they played. The dark carnival theme definitely was a good idea since the circus was literally in town. To perform in Dethklok's home was an honor, so the real ring master had no problem doing it for free.

"You know… it's fucking Halloween, the only time we can do scary shit without looking like total dumbasses." Bloodyfist said, a coy smile on her face, "I say we scare the boys to teach them a lesson for leaving us behind."

Cherry giggled, "Sounds fun. I'm in fer sure. We got a few hours, I'm sure we can pull somethin' off with the staffs help… if they'll do it."

"Hopefullies, even if dey are dere employers." Lucy piped up, bouncing in her seat.

"I's sures dey wills. It all funs n' games, right?"

Moira chuckled darkly, "They went to treat, we'll give 'em a trick they'll never forget. I'll show that cunt face Nathan Explosion whose the pussy around here."


"All Dethklok employees, report to the arena. I repeat, all Dethklok employees report to the arena." Ofdensen's voice droned through the intercom a few hours later. Thousands of masked men and women shuffled their way to the outside concert arena, filling in every available spot in the three viewing structures. A low murmur echoed as they sat, the ones unaware of what was happening asked around. If they hadn't been setting up the stage, they had set up the "Most Brutal Maze" ever in the house when their masters returned. The idea was too funny to pass up even for them and Cancerous had promised to take full responsibility of whatever may happen in the night to come.

The concert was to start at eight-thirty, just half an hour away, and go on until eleven, just before Dethklok came back. Moira admired the set up behind the shut curtains. The stage did look like some evil and twisted circus. Drapes of blacks, red and indigo hues lined the front, hiding the girls from their audience. A backdrop of an old run down circus was a glow with red lights behind the drums. On the floor, the fog machines were warming up. Circus props like cannon, trapezes, wagons and ring were on stage as well as what looked like an out of place pole extending from the floor level to the cat walk.

Once Moira was done ogling the fine and nearly flawless details, she debriefed the girls their grand entrance.

"Simple, really." She began, pacing back and forth. "We kick off with our starter song. The fog machines will first go off as the backup track start with the strobe lights. There are monitors on either side of the stage, and the cool part is that they'll flicker before you guys start. The circus people will file into their areas, and I'll come up from the lift right when it's my cue. That sounds like everything."

Lucy applauded her, "Yous always comes up wits bests ideas, Moiras." She gave her a toothy smile.

"She's just bitchin' that way." Cherry smirked.

Moira took off her top hat and bowed, "Hey, I'm fucking ring leader around her. Bitches better believe it." All of them laughed.

-Concert time-

The lights dimmed around the audience. The skull on top of the stage began to shine, signifying the beginning of the concert. The curtains opened and everyone "oohed" or "awed" at the stage while it was lit up with red lights, the silhouettes of the girls made it a bit creepy as they stood motionless. The sound of an elephant and lions roaring startled a few. Since when did they have a zoo? Vendors from the circus began to walk up and down the aisle ways, handing out the normal kind of concessions such as popcorn, drinks, cotton candy, hotdogs, ice cream and the likes. The workers already began to like the arrangement since for once they were being served and not the other way around after becoming prestigious klokateers.

Down on the floor area, just in front of the stage, real circus performers came out, all dressed in dark colors or as the undead. Jugglers, gymnasts, contortionists, lion tamers and much more went to their designated ring. The klokateers were applauding, and many were getting excited. As Moira said, the strobes and fog machines were turned on, adding to the odd music playing in the back ground. The monitors flickered, the image of a rundown circus morphing in and out. Moira ascended from the floor and began.

When your stars are baked,
And your rivers fly,

Do you ever believe you were stuck out in the Sky,
When your castle breaks,
And your feet are dry,
Do you ever believe you were stuck out in the Sky,
Do you believe, when you're high,
That your life is tried,
Don't you ever get stuck in the sky,
Don't you ever get stuck in the sky,
Don't ever get stuck in the sky, when you're high

The funny song did actually remind everyone of a circus. At the small interlude, Moira cracked her whip. The workers began to cheer, actually enjoying themselves for once and the down time instead of doing their tedious chores or doing Dethklok's bidding. Cancerous was… kind and pretty down to earth. Maybe they weren't as bad as they had thought when they learned that the women on stage could probably out do their masters . Perhaps they could.

It was amazing how during the song, the entertainers did a routine that almost went along with beat, as weird as it sounded. But it was more noticeable with the acrobats, fire starters/dancers and jugglers. How the animals didn't freak out was a mystery, but everyone still hopes a lion or tiger would mawl the tamer or an elephant would go on a rampage. It was Dethklok logic speaking of course.

Once the song was over, Moira looked at their audience and smiled, "Good evening, fiendish ghouls, and what a glorious Hallow's Eve it is. For being such hard workers and putting your life on the line, the girls and I thought it would be sublime to honor you with a concert and the circus." The klokateers cheered, "For now, sit back and enjoy, but don't stuff yourselves. Jean Pierre's been working extra hard the last few hours to give you a feast." She winked, "And now, I present to you, Hell's Carnival." Lights flashed above Cancerous as girls in cages, dressed as sexy zombie saloon looking gals or dolls, were suspended around the stage. Cancerous began Superbeast.

Shriek the lips
Across ragged tongue,
Convulsing together. Sing
violently, Move the jaw
Cry aloud. Bound up the Dead

The ragged they come and
The ragged they kill!
You pray so hard on bloody knees.
The ragged they come and
The ragged they kill!
Down in the cool air I can see.

Hey, Yeah - I'm the one that you wanted
Hey, Yeah - I'm your Superbeast
Hey, Yeah - I'm the one that you wanted
Hey, Yeah - I'm your Superbeast….

Many of the klokateers stood up and head banged. Slowly but surely, the plan was working. No doubt the klokateers would be more than willing to help them now. Plus Cancerous always liked to perform, with or without pay really. It was just fun. But Moira really couldn't wait for the boys to come home. It was going to be great. Time for the next song.

Dead I am the one, Exterminating son
Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze
Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry
While they slowly turn, conquering the worm

Dig through the ditches,
Burn through the witches
I slam in the back of my

Dig through the ditches,
Burn through the witches
I slam in the back of my

Runa and Lucy were head banging. How did Lucy's jester hat not fly off was a mystery. Out of a fit of sheer stupidity on Bloodyfist's part, she kicked one of the amps, sending it careening into the performers, narrowly missing the contortionist who thankfully had bent herself backwards just in time. Once Living Dead Girl began, the caged dancers moved more erotic.

The concert continued into the night. The Wheel of Death (AN: YouTube 'Wheel of Death' and click the 3rd video. That's the one I like :D) finally came out with the beginning of Demoniod Phenomenon. The man outside of one of the deadly spinning circles had almost fallen, but managed to catch him. All a part of the act. Or was it? It was a fast tempo performance, easily pacing itself to the current song.

The conquering worm
The slithering germ
Lost in black sleep
I see how the gods weep
The horror of Madness
The Terminal Sadness
The cool air of mourning
Gave me the warning

Turn around and meet the hater
Turn around and

"Enjoy that dead girl's body"

Demonoid Phenomenon
Get it out
Get it on
Demonoid Phenomenon
Get it out
Get it on…

Spookshow Baby and Meet the Creeper were played without a hitch. The klokateers were now wild, losing themselves to the Cancerous Carnival from Hell. These women were definitely worth protecting if they allowed them to have that much fun once in a blue moon. Only during the Branding of the Gear ceremony were they blessed with an actual performance from their masters.

Cancerous finally finished up several more songs and were on their last one, Return of the Phantom Stranger by the time it was a quarter to eleven. No casualties had occurred with the performers unfortunately, much to the klokateers disappointment. As the concert came to a close, Moira and the girls bowed.

"Thank you!" Moira said into her mike a bit out of breath, "Now go enjoy your dinner! But those of you who still have jobs to do, hop to it! Dethklok will be here soon!"

--Half hour later—

"I'm… so fuckin' drunk…" Pickles said lazily as the murderbus pulled into their garage place. "I need ta sleep er somethin." His fellow band members and himself were coming back from the bar they had performed at. No one was dressed up in costumes, just their normal concert make up.

Nathan rubbed his eyes, smearing the black eyes shadow around, "Tell me about it. There's a fucking conference tomorrow Moira and I have to speak in. Fucking brutal." They were all stepping out of the bus when the lights suddenly turned off. The backup generators were kicked on, giving enough energy to the red emergency lights. Everything looked creepy. "The hell just happened?"

To their left, the door that led inside their home creaked open. Something dressed in what they thought was white and black, darted passed the entry way. Everyone jumped, and immediately wondered where the klokateers that had been with them had gone to.

"I's not likes dis." Skwisgaar said, a shiver running down his spine, "Tinks dem Undertakers took overs Mordhaus whens we gones?" He clutched his guitar close to his chest and gulped.

"I don't think show. Ofdenshen would have like… called in or schomething. Maybe he forgot to pay the electric bill. Bashtard 'sh been cheap lately."

Slowly they inched themselves to the door. Nathan was the first to enter. He looked around and found nothing out of the ordinary aside from the fact there were no lights on anywhere. He motioned for the others to follow him. One by one they entered, going down the wing to their right which would lead them to the elevators. As they waited, strange noises began to fill the normally quiet passage. It kind of sounded like hissing from a snake. A really big snake.

"Whats dat?" Toki squeaked, hiding behind Murderface.

--Else Where—

The girls were laughing as they sat around Ofdensen and Munkittrick in the security room. "This is going to be great." Moira cooed, taking a sip of her margarita. "Thanks for letting us do this."

"If they asked, I knew nothing." Dethklok's CFO sighed, polishing his glasses, "Munkittrick was the one to really convince me. However, if Nathan finds out, he's not going to be happy."

Moira scoffed, "When is he ever happy?" She then squealed as she spotted the first prank coming up the hallway. "Nice cameras. We can pick up on the holograms and sounds. Sweet."


"Fuck you Cherry."

"Some other time, hun."


"G-g-guys? I'm… I'm not that drunk… am I?" Pickles said, backing away a little. "And I don't remember getting high. Did I?"

"Uh… no. Why?" Nathan asked, pressing the up arrow on the elevator.

"Den what da fucks is dat!?" Skwisgaar gasped as he pointed down the opposite end of the hallway. Coming towards them was some kind of vile creature with the mangled body of a human woman doing some kind of exorcist pose and the head of a komodo dragon. It hissed at them as it got closer.

Nathan pounded on the up arrow of the elevator, "Why won't this thing go any faster! What is that thing?"

"Shit! Did Ofdenshen do shome kind of genetic exshperimentation?" Murderface said as he backed away. The soft ding of the elevator and the doors sliding was like heaven. Everyone jumped into the small space, someone pressing the button for the sixth floor where Ofdensen's office was located. As the doors slid shut, the creature sprouted wings and took off after them. Once the door closed, they heard a thud. What they didn't know was that two klokateers were waiting in the shadows ready to throw two huge sacks of meat at the wall for sound effects. It was realistic enough.


Everyone tried to catch their breath and think up of a logical solution of why this was happening. They didn't get very far as the elevator jolted and began to slow down, stopping on the third floor. In a panic, Toki continuously pressed the number six button but nothing happened. A crash was heard and droplets of red goo began to seep into the compact elevator. Dethklok looked up. The emergency escape hatch jiggled before finally a small corner was pulled back as a pile of intestines slid in with a decapitated head of an employee. Everyone yelled in shock while they jumped away before looking back up to the opening which revealed a klokateer in a movie quality werewolf costume. Obviously Dethklok didn't know that as they all screamed, tumbling out of the elevator into the faintly lit hall when Murderface and Skwisgaar pulled the doors open.

"Stairs! Fucking stairs are across the damn place!" Pickles shrieked, getting up, he cursed again, "Fuck! It's like… Dawn of the fucking Dead or something! Ick!" he wiped his hand on a wall, blancing at the red stain. "Need muh inhaler…"

Everywhere, carcasses lined the walls of fallen workers and strangely enough, yard wolves. Many had their torsos ripped open, as if something feasted on their insides. The elevator doors closed behind them, trapping the wolfish monster inside.

"Ok… uh, battle plan. We run. Every man for himself. Sound good?" Nathan panted as he got up from his kneeling position. Everyone stood in front of him, and instantly paled as they noticed something behind their vocalist. "What?"

"When the fuck did we step into Silent Hill? Fucking Red Pyramid!" Pickles cried as he turned around and high tailed it out of there, screaming. Nathan took a quick peek behind his shoulder and screamed at the top of his lungs as the monster fully emerged from one of the rooms.

"Holy fuck! It is huge!" He bolted away immediately, quickly passing up Murderface and Toki. "We're gonna fucking die!" Ah, the poor drunken fools. Alcohol was a blessing and curse, depending on the situation.


The girls were all in hysterics at the men's reactions. It was all priceless from the very beginning. Of course they were aware that when the men actually figured things out, if ever, Cancerous was probably going to depart this life. Pulling a prank on Dethklok in their own home was perhaps the funniest, but most dangerous thing anyone could do, especially with Nathan's temper and dislike for Moira.

"Oh my god." Moira gasped as she held onto a remote that would control some of the animatrons Dethklok would be coming across, "This is great… this is all so great."

"He's going to kill you." Ofdensen said quietly as he took a sip from his coffee. Munkittrick patted his back. "For the record I tried to warm you."

"Lighten up, Charlie. We had to make it up to them somehow. Besides, I think Moira had something planned at the end to make sure the boys don't figure out it's them." Munkittrick said with a big grin. "My girls are smart."

"Damn straight. Knock out gas is the way to go. They'll wake up thinking it was all a bad dream." Bloodyfist snickered.


The boys were currently running for their lives and damning everything to bloody hell for having the stairs installed all the way at the other end of Mordhaus instead of near the elevators like other normal buildings. Toki and Murderface squealed in surprise as something caught them around their ankles and pulled them down.

"AHHH! Don't get bit by them, or you'll turn into a zombie!" Murderface said as he tried to kick off the half eaten zombie corpse. Toki managed to kick the jaw off the one holding on to him, but due to the poor lighting, he didn't see the wires sticking out.

"Ughhhh..." it groaned as it tried to crawl up his body.

Skwisgaar had come to the rescue and swung his guitar like a golf club, sending the mechanical undead flying back a few feet. He did the same for Murderface who was bubbling like an idiot. Taking another look down the hall, all three screamed yet again as they saw the Red Pyramid make his way toward them, but this time with an army of flesh eating mutant bugs behind him.

Up a head, a Chuckie doll, which was actually the midget klokateer, flew out and knocked Pickles down, pretending he was trying to stab the drummer with a cheap rubber knife that looked very realistic. Pickles flailed about before finally he threw the two foot devil off of him. Nathan was also locked in an epic battle with Freddy Kruger who managed to snag his shirt. With a surprise upper cut, the boogey man was down for the count.

Pushing their way through and trying not get bitten and injured by anything in any way, Dethklok finally managed to make it to the stairs. What they didn't know was that Lucy had a very special surprise waiting for them when they entered.


Lucy rubbed her hands together as she cackled like a witch. Her fellow band mates gave her a funny look.

"I has specials plan for dems. I tinks notings scariers den dat little goil from da Ring and lady from Grudge."

"Oh snaps." Cherry chuckled, "Didn't ya say lil' Toki hated those movies? Somethin' about lil' girls and Jap women bein' freaky?" Lucy only nodded as she pressed a red button on a control pad and took over the joy sticks. "Damn, yer evil. No wonder ya had the holograms attached to the stairs." The others applauded Lucy's deviousness.


"I think… we lost them…" Nathan panted as he secured the door with a chair. Looking through the peep hole, he was surprised to see the monster go back down the hall, but the zombies tried to get through. At least they didn't get super human strength.

Everyone else was climbing the stairs until Murderface stopped them. "Shh! You guysch hear that?" They all strained their hearing as they heard soft creaking and throaty noises. Slowly they lifted their heads to look up but saw nothing. Carefully, they preceded forward, Skwisgaar in front with his guitar poised and ready for a surprise attack.

As they got to the fifth landing, the noises got louder and the air was getting colder. Silent air conditioners, great prop to use. Toki summoned enough courage to look up again and regretted it. Wailing like a little girl, he pointed up to the two heads poking out from over the seventh floor landing.

"WAAHHHH! Dead goils from dat movie with da rings and Chinese ladies!" he yelled, frozen in his spot. The figures began to move in their freak sort of way. Samara hologram disappeared for a moment as Grudge lady twitched herself down the stairs. Samara then appeared on the sixth floor landing, slowly making her way towards them. Dethklok flipped out again and rushed straight into the fifth floor. Nathan locked it and jumped away from the door as the two pushed their faces against the glass.

Everyone jumped into a storage closet and huddled around. The two female apparitions were of course… ghosts, so it was probably just a matter of time before they made their spirits appear. Pickles was pacing back and forth. For reasons unknown, the lights had seemed to be working on this floor and nothing seemed out of place. It was… normal.

"We're gonna fucking die! Fucking Halloween and the spirits rising from the graves and shit! Excuse me as I take a piss in the corner."

"Whats goings ons here?" Skwisgaar panted, leaning on his guitar. "Dis never happens befores."

"Dats cause we normalies stays outs all nights!" Toki countered as he sat on his haunches, panting just as hard as Skwisgaar, "I tinks I's going to has heart attacks."

Murderface looked around the room and spotted an open vent and motioned for the others to take a look. "Do you think it'sh schafe to go through the ventsch? I would prefer dead ratsh then zombiesh." Grabbing a crate, he climbed up and took a quick peek, "Nathan'll fit."

Mentioned man sighed, "Do ghosts go in the vents? Cause I think zombies are too stupid to even think about that." Every nodded in agreement, and in an unanimous vote, everyone made their way up into the vents and started to army crawl, Nathan in the front because he had a better sense of direction then anyone.

"I so hate fucking Halloween now! The stories of ghosts and shit coming back to life is real! I'm scared shitless." Pickles whined. Nathan smacked him in the face with his foot. "OW!"


"Oh crap! Where'd they go?" Moira said as she flipped through the different camera screens. "Shit… I think they went into the vents."

Again, Ofdensen sighed as he pulled out his cell phone. "Have the maintenance crew form a search party and await further instructions. They are in the ventilation system on the fifth floor. No, I'm just preparing you. Yes, it's a surprise Nathan even got through the opening." He turned off his phone and got up. "Well, I bid you ladies good night. Perhaps it's best you, uh… stop now while you're ahead. I assume you didn't install cameras in the vents?"

"No. Didn't know they were smart enough for that. They're piss ass drunk as it is." Moira pouted. "Going to look for them?"


"I'll join you Charlie." Munkittrick said as he got up, "No offense, but I have got see for myself what you're going to do."


"The fuck are we Nathan?" Pickles asked as he slid himself around the corner, "I think I swallowed a spider. And my dick is hurting from all this sliding."

"Well, we went up a floor, so we're in the six-… sh…" Nathan strained his hearing. "I hear the girls."

"Dammit, I was hoping this would last longer. Why didn't we cover the vents?"

"Settle down Moira, it was a nice prank."

"Seriously, hun, how long did ya want it to last? They've been screamin' like lil' girls for an hour almost."

"I tinks Toki's tranutized."

"Traumatized… I need to get you and Runa into speech classes."

"Fucks you, Moiras."

"Ooh Runa, I didn't know you swung that way."

Nathan's jaw clenched painfully as he heard the interaction. "Should have fucking known it would be her." Without much thinking he crawled to the vent that lead into the room Cancerous was in and broke the thin metal barrier with a powerful shove. The girls shrieked as he tumbled out, barely managing to flip in time to land in a squatting position. "You…" he hissed, pointing a finger at Moira.

"Oh fuck!" she yelped, backing away.

"Pickles?" Cherry voice was heard. "Oh hun… wha-"

"Watch out!"

The other members of Dethklok tumbled down from the eight foot high hole in the ceiling one by one, sadly knocking Nathan out and themselves. Cancerous stood there stunned, and then laughed. In no time, they called in klokateers to escort them to their rooms so that every detail from their prank was cleaned up to leave no evidence. The klokateers who had volunteered for the job were glad, and had an absolute blast with messing around with their employers.


In the morning at breakfast, Nathan trudged in in a foul mood. Seeing Moira reading a book as she bit into her toast already dressed a sexy little strapless dress, he pointed at her and growled.

"What the fuck did you do last night?"

She looked up, and fiend innocence. "Why Nathan, I have no clue what you're talking about. You came back drunk as a skunk. The girls n' I watched movies in my room."

"I… I did? You sure…?"

"Would I lie?" she smiled and batted her lashes at him.

"I dunno, yes?"

"Well fuck you, believe what you want." Moira scowled, pretending to be offended.

"So, you didn't pull… like a prank or something?"

Moira sighed and went back to her book. Nathan shrugged and decided to drop it. Maybe he and his band mates somehow had the same crazy dream. As he left the dining room, Moira snickered and patted her arm on a job well done.

"I should sell the tapes on ebay."


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