By Gumnut
8 Jun 06

He swung for all he was worth. Because it was worth more than he.

Spock called out to him to stop, but he ignored him.

This…bastard. He had…

His fist landed with a satisfying crunch of bone and cartilage. Warm liquid splattered on his knuckles.

The alien stumbled and fell, his beady eyes staring up at Kirk as he clutched at his face, blood flowing freely between his claws.


Kirk moved in, blinded by anger, and raised his fist again.

A green tinged hand, far weaker than it should have been, reached out and touched him. Kirk spun, just in time to catch his falling first officer. "Spock, you shouldn't…"

His voice, laced with pain, startled him with its desperate weakness. "Jim…he didn't do it…"

"…he didn't do it."