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"Why do you groom your Pokémon?!"

"It keeps them beautiful!!"




It was a typical Friday in the cafeteria at Poke. Oaks High School. Ruby and Sapphire were arguing away (the current topic being grooming) while the rest of the gang (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gold, and Crystal) watched either in amusement or exasperation.

"How long have they been at it?" Red was watching in disbelief as yet another argument started.

Green checked his watch. "Almost 35 minutes." Yellow was also staring, though not as openly as Red.

"Wow, they can even argue even longer than we can!" Gold was watching in amusement and admiration at the bickering pair.

"Is that even something to be proud of?" Crystal asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Yes." Everyone (excluding Ruby and Sapphire) facefaulted.

"Arrgh! Those two are driving me nuts!!" Blue had finally cracked. "They argue every minute, every day, every month, about everything!! I'm going to find some way to shut both of them up!"

With that, Blue released her jigglypuff and flew out an open window. The rest of the cafeteria glanced up and went back to eating and/or talking. (They were used to such odd occurrences.)

"Isn't she going to be late?" Yellow asked in a worried tone as she stared out the open window after the floating pink blob.

"She'll be back in time," Green drawled in a very offhand manner.

Both Yellow and Red continued to look worriedly after Blue as the bell rang and everyone packed up and left to go to class.

in class

Blue fell into her seat just as the bell rang and the teacher walked in.

"Where were you?" Red hissed from behind her. Yellow didn't say anything but looked at Blue with questioning eyes.

"Getting something that's going to solve Ruby and Sapph's arguing once and for all." Blue smirked confidently while Red, Yellow, and even Green looked at her curiously.




Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue all looked up from the steps they were sitting on as Ruby and Sapphire walked out the front entrance (still arguing), with Gold and Crystal following behind closely.

"Hey guys." Ruby and Sapphire continued to argue. "Hey guys!" Still arguing. "HEY GUYS!!"

Both Ruby and Sapphire looked up. "Hey Blue!" Then they turned back to argue again.

"Stop!" Blue stepped between them and pushed them away from each other. "I wanted to ask you guys to try something on for me." She pulled out a small red box.

At the phrase, "try something on," Ruby immediately looked interested while Sapphire immediately backed away.

"What is it?" Ruby asked looking at the box.

Blue slowly opened the box…then dropped it as she grabbed Ruby's index finger, stuck it in the object, then grabbed Sapphire's index finger and did the same thing.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" yelled Sapphire as she tried to pry her finger loose.

Ruby didn't say anything, but also tugged in bewilderment.

"It's a Chinese finger trap," Blue said in a smug tone. "It won't do any good if you pull; it'll just get tighter."

Indeed this seemed true because both Sapph's and Ruby's fingers started to turn an interesting shade of purple.

"Well…How do you get it off?!" Sapphire growled.

"Not telling."

Sapphire roared and lunged at Blue in fury, pulling Ruby along.

Blue dodged easily since Sapphire was slowed down by the extra weight. (cough, Ruby, cough.)

Blue continued. "I won't tell you how to get out of the trap until you guys solve it by yourselves, or you guys learn to get along without arguing so much."

The rest of the gang looked at Blue in amazement at her clever plan while Green shook his head, knowing the plan was destined to fail.

"Fine! I'll find a way to get out of this thing without your help!" yelled Sapph.

"Okay…but I suggest you guys find a place to sleep, because I doubt you guys can find a way to get out before tomorrow!" With that, Blue skipped down the road, silently chuckling to herself.

The rest of the group quickly followed suit, also going in the same direction as Blue. (excluding Sapphire and Ruby.)

Ruby and Sapphire looked at each other, and then looked away.

Finally Ruby broke the silence. "Well…your house or mine?"

at Ruby's house

Ruby cautiously opened the front door of his house, poking his head in and glancing left and right. Then he waved to Sapphire, signaling her to come in while he slowly tiptoed through the doorframe. Sapphire rolled her eyes and pushed Ruby through.

"WHAM!!" The door opened all the way, slamming against the wall as Ruby fell onto the wooden floor and Sapphire was jerked toward the ground, but managed to keep her balance.

"Shhh!!" hissed Ruby from the ground, carefully getting up and dusting off his clothes.

"What's the big deal?" asked Sapphire in a loud voice, giving him a weird look as Ruby glanced around.

"R-U-B-Y K-U-N!!"

"…crap…" groaned Ruby, "She found us…" Sapphire cocked her head in confusion.

Suddenly Ruby's mother, a rather young looking woman with short brown hair, sporting a frilly pink apron with the word "Kiss the cook…or ELSE!" appeared out of nowhere.

"YOU'RE FINALLY HOME DEAR!" she trilled in a rather shrill voice. She ran over and gave Ruby two rather slobbery pecks on the cheeks. "AND WHO'S THIS, DEAR?" She turned on Sapphire, circling and examining her. Sapphire flinched at Ruby's mother's voice and uncomfortable examination. (A/N: Ruby's mother a.k.a. Caroline, is going to be OOC, it doesn't affect the plot much so, sorry to those who like Caroline the way she is, but this Caroline is going to be...odd...)

Finally Ruby, who had been wiping off the cheek residue, answered his mother's question. "Mom, this is Sapphire. She's…"

Before he could finish, Ruby's mother grabbed his hand and began crying. "Say no more! MY BABY'S FINALLY GOTTEN A GIRLFRIEND!!"

"NO! MOM! LISTEN TO ME! SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Throughout this whole performance, Sapphire had been frozen in shock. Her ears twitched though, when she heard footsteps approaching.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" In walked Ruby's father; a rather intimidating man whose eye's Ruby had inherited, which were glaring at the scene before him.

"DARLING!" screeched Ruby's mother, rushing over to Ruby's father and hugging him around the waist.

"Hello dad," Ruby said quietly, not meeting his father's eyes.

"And who's this?" his father said, turning his eyes toward Sapphire. "THAT'S RUBY KUN'S GIRLFRIEND!!" chirped his wife.

Sapphire noticed Ruby didn't bother to argue this time. "Um…I'm Sapphire." She felt extremely intimdated in the presence of Ruby's father.

"Norman," he responded curtly, "and this is my wife, Caroline." Caroline waved cheerfully, and Sapphire waved back weakly.

Finally, Ruby spoke. "…Is it okay if Sapphire stays over for a couple of nights?"

Caroline gasped. "You guys are this intimate already?!" She blinked back tears unsuccessfully. "Did you hear that Normy? We're going to be grandparents already!!"

At this, Sapphire reacted violently. "WE'RE NOT DATING! AND I WOULD NEVER DO THAT WITH HIM!!"

Sudden realization dawned upon Norman's face. "Wait, I remember you…You're Birch's daughter aren't you?!" Without waiting for an answer, he continued. "You were that horrifying child from the Parent Teacher Conference!"


It was the winter Parent Teacher Conference. All the parents were gathered in the main hall, munching on holiday cookies and drinking cider. Suddenly, a commotion occurred.

Norman (being a Gym leader, thus a "problem solver") naturally went towards the scene.

Pushing his way through the crowd, he finally reached the centre of the ring.

There stood Sapphire, in all her natural glory, of palm fronds, twisted and tied in a matter so they formed a set of "clothes." She stood, glaring at a Tropius, who was glaring back.

"Get away from the cookies Pilo!" she yelled in frustration. The tropius instead of obeying merely flipped his leaves at her in an offhand manner, stuck his head in the cookie platter, and proceeded to finish them.

"Grr…That's it!!" Grabbing a Pokeball of the pack around her waist, she threw it up in the air and yelled, "Go, Toro!!"

Out popped the large red-orange blaze Pokemon. The blaziken glared straight at the Tropius with beady blue eyes.

"Use Slash, Toro!"

Raising his sharp claws, the blaze Pokemon rushed at the fruit Pokemon. However, the Tropius created a Whirlwind which blew away the Blaziken along with half of the tables, chairs, and guests.

The blaze Pokemon crossed his arms, managing to stay upright in the mass of confusion and panic. He screeched in fury, his wrists firing up as his fist ignited with flames and launched a fire punch at Pilo.

Pilo grunted in pain and quickly flew upward to avoid more fire punches; all the while, still munching on a cookie. Using Synthesis, he was able to heal his wounds slightly, but not completely.

"Toro, use Sky Uppercut!"

Toro's claws began glowing a bright blue, then he shot into the air using his powerful legs, aiming straight at Pilo…only to get hit dead-on by a Solarbeam from Pilo.

Struck by the powerful beam, Toro was shot straight onto the ground crushing the rest of the tables to smithereens and causing a series of cracks to appear on the floor.

"Don't give up Toro! Use Blaze Kick!" yelled Sapphire from behind a battered table.

Toro stood up and shook his head a couple of times before leaping into the air once again, but with one leg kicked out that was covered in flames. Too slow to dodge, Tropius was hit on his chest, causing quite a bit of damage, but had released an Air Slash at the same time, causing Toro to drop to the ground in pain.

Both Pokemon were breathing heavily and covered in wounds. Finally Sapphire yelled, "Show Pilo who's the boss with your Flare Blitz!!"

Mustering all his energy, Toro became cloaked in flames and rushed up at Pilo. Pilo also using all his energy, fell downward with a body slam…

"BOOM!!" The impact was so huge, part of the wall broke down and many people were thrown backward.

"Click!" In walked Prof. Birch, Sapphire's father. He looked around in confusion.

"What'd I miss?"

end of flashback

"You're that crazy child who couldn't control her Pokemon!!" yelled Norman, pointing a finger at Sapphire.


Before Sapphire could lunge at Norman in all her crazed fury, Ruby jerked his right arm, effectively pulling her back.

"We're going to be in my room then we're going to Sapph's! Bye!" Then Ruby dashed up the stairs, before Norman (or Sapphire) could protest.

In Ruby's room

"Whew…that was close…" said Ruby as he slumped down onto the floor.

"Why'd you stop me?! I should have punched his face in!!" yelled Sapphire.

"Not a good idea. My dad has serious anger management issues (like you) and he's pretty high on the social ladder. If anyone found out you attacked him, you would have become a total outcast."

"Humph…I still could've taken him…" she pouted, "HEY! I DON'T HAVE ANGER MANGAMENT ISSUES!!"

She turned toward Ruby, with flames in her eyes…and saw him packing.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ruby didn't answer, carefully folding a pair of shorts singlehandedly.

"I said, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Ruby flinched and zipped up his bag.

"Well, obviously, my dad isn't going to let you stay here, so we're going to your house."

"WHAT?! No way are you staying at my house!!" Ruby held up their linked fingers.

Sapphire glared, then sighed. "Fine. But you better not be all girly!" Ruby opened his mouth to protest…then shut it, knowing it would be a lost cause.

"I hope your parents are more understanding than my parents…"he muttered as they left his room.

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