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Sapphire's P.O.V.

"Mom, we're back!"

We'd finally made it up the cliff, through the woods, and back to the house, luckily, without running into more Ursarings.

"Is she home?"

I glanced back, realizing that Ruby had poked his head around the tree he'd been hiding behind as a precaution.

"I thought so…" I was still feeling happy about what Ruby had said earlier, but now that I knew how he felt…

"Wanna go in and check?"

Before I could respond, Ruby was already tugging us toward the house. When we entered the kitchen, I spotted a note on the table.

"Dear Sapphire,

I've gone out to go buy some groceries and run some errands. Tell your father that he's in trouble for NOT coming back and helping me with the house chores. Will be back in time for dinner. Stay out of trouble!



"Well that makes it easier," I heard Ruby sigh.

I raised a brow. "Makes what easier?"

"To explain why we're so dirty and scratched up?" He gestured toward the stairs. "We should get cleaned up before your parents return."


As we went up the stairs I couldn't help wondering what in Arceus's name was going through Ruby's mind at the moment. So when we finally got there, I couldn't help but ask.

"So…you really meant what you said back there?"

Ruby blinked innocently. "What?"

"You know…" I stared at him.

More blinking.

"About liking me…?"

Now Ruby's expression was bemused. "Is that weird? Would you prefer if I hated you?"

"What?! No!" Out of habit I reached over and punched Ruby on the shoulder.

"Ow…" He reached up and rubbed his shoulder, actually looking like he was in pain. When he pulled his hand away I realized it was speckled in red.

"You got hurt?!"

"Huh…it didn't seem so noticeable before. Must have been the adrenaline," Ruby mused thoughtfully. He frowned as he tried peering over his shoulder. "And I kinda liked this shirt."

I rolled my eyes, walking over to my cabinets and pulling out a first-aid kit. Storming back to Ruby, I pushed him back down, making sure not to touch the wounded shoulder.

"Lemme see it."

"Wha-?" Ruby sputtered.

"Your shoulder, let me see it," I repeated. "Can you turn?"

I watched, amused and a little concerned, as Ruby twisted and turned, trying to face his back toward me. Finally he paused, wincing.

"Ah…can't do it," he sighed. "…'cause of this."

I glared at the fingertrap that Ruby held up. "Stupid Blue. If she hadn't stuck this on us, we wouldn't have run into that Ursaring in the first place and you wouldn't even be hurt."

Ruby's lips twitched slightly. "Is that concern I hear? Kinda amazed that's coming from you."

I flushed. "Shut it you. I just want to check on your shoulder before it gets infected or something." Glancing around, I pulled another face. "And we've already tried everything to get this off…"

"Well…not everything I'd say."

I looked up. "What?"

"We could try…" Again, Ruby held up our fingers, "…this." With that, he pushed our linked fingers inwards and in a blink of the eye, the trap loosened and our fingers slipped out.

I stared, feeling my jaw drop slightly. "Huh?!"

Ruby smiled. "Yeah. That's how you get fingertraps off."

Narrowing my eyes, I turned. "You knew?"

His grin widened. "Yeah…"


"The first day." Ruby's expression turned sheepish as I gestured for him to explain. "Well…"

Ruby's P.O.V.


"Okay…but I suggest you guys find a place to sleep, because I doubt you guys can find a way to get out before tomorrow!" With that, Blue skipped down the road, silently chuckling.

As Sapph continued fuming next to me, muttering curses about Blue, Blue's ancestors, and Blue's future offspring, I was silently observing the fingertrap.

Realizing Sapph had finally stopped and was looking at me; I glanced at her then turned away.

"Well, your house or mine?" I said.

-later that night-

It wasn't fun sleeping linked to another person by a finger.

Every time I'd try to turn onto my right side, I'd feel my left arm jerk me back. The only thing I could do was twist my body slightly to the right or turn entirely to the left, meaning I'd be facing Sapphire…

Slowly I sat up, holding my breath just in case she was still awake. Luckily, from her deep breaths, I could tell she was sound asleep.

Nice to see her close and personal eh?

I stiffened. 'Who asked you?'

There's no need to ask, the Voice scoffed. You should be grateful I'm sharing this wonderful info with you.

'And why's that?' I thought sarcastically.

Because if I didn't, you two knuckleheads wouldn't be doing anything to get together. Thank Mew that Blue girl has the common sense to see what you're too blind to notice.

'By chaining us together with a fingertrap…?'

Personally I prefer handcuffs, but every man is entitled to his own opinion. The voice paused. Whatever works to get you two together.

You know I know how to get out of this right?

Do you? It said mockingly.

I let out a silent snort. 'Of course!'

Prove it.

Hesitantly I raised my free hand to the trapped ones. Clutching the trap gently in the middle, I pushed inwards, effectively freeing my left hand.

'See?' I thought.

So watchu gonna do now? Leave?

I blinked…looking from my freed hand, down at the trap, and then toward Sapph's face. Her brow furrowed a tiny bit as she breathed out unsteadily. Without warning, her hand (the one with the finger still in the trap), moved, wrapping her fingers around my hand.

I stared in amazement as Sapph's features relaxed again.

Well that was interesting, the Voice commented amusedly.

I didn't answer. Instead, I tugged my hand gently out of Sapph's grip, paused and then slid my left index finger back into the trap.

Ooo, looks like somebody's got a little crush on Ms. Wild-Child over there.

Shut it, I thought, laying back down. I…just want to see where this goes.

Mercifully, the Voice faded and I felt my eyes closing. Now that Sapph's hand was wrapped in my own, the fact that I wasn't able to turn in bed didn't seem so bad an issue.

-end flashback-

"So you knew this whole time?!"

I winced as Sapph's voice rose while at the same time, the hand she'd been using to clean my wound, tapped my shoulder with more force than necessary.


"Ugh!" Sapph sighed. Plastering a bandage on the wound, she turned around and began stuffing the supplies back into the first aid box.

Pulling my shirt back on, I felt my shoulder then asked, "Why do you seem so upset about me knowing?"

Sapph didn't look up as she replied. "You could have left at any time. Why'd you stay then?"

"Well…" I paused, searching for the right words. "Like I said, I was curious…"

"That's it? Curiosity?" Sapph sounded somewhat disappointed.

I held up my hand, indicating that I wasn't finished. "That and…I actually did like you before; I just never had the chance to hang out with you enough to say it."


Looking at Sapph, I could see a mixture of happiness, surprise, and a touch of uncertainty.

I smiled, grabbing her hand and facing her toward me. "Sapphire Birch, even though we fight all the time and it seems like we're the least compatible people in the whole Hoenn region, I want to tell you, AGAIN, that I like you. Furthermore, I liked you even before we got stuck in this weird position and I'll continue to do so even now that we're not stuck together."

Sapph's grin widened. "Well, I could say all of that too, but since you already did…" She grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me into a brief kiss. "That's all I've got to add."

Blinking in surprise, I couldn't say anything. And before I could say anything, a loud whoop interrupted us.

"I got it!"

Sapph and I looked at each other in surprise then hurried to the window.

Looking out, I saw Blue surrounded by the others, all looking amused; even Green was wearing a slight smile.

"Got what?" Sapph called out.

"Oops!" Blue laughed. "Got this!"

Squinting, I could just make out the figures of Sapph and I kissing on the small screen Blue held up. Her chortling made it shake so much that I looked away to Sapph. She looked just as horrified as I felt; Blue wasn't the blackmail queen for nothing.

"Blue, gimmie that right now!" Sapph yelled.

"What? Can't hear you!" Blue yelled back happily. "We're going to go to that café now; we decided to come and spy on you two first before we went, so hurry up!"

"Spy on…?"

Turning, I looked from corner to corner in Sapph's room. I counted at least five cameras hidden from view throughout the space, along with Latios knows how many more I missed.

"When did…?"

"They were there from the start," Blue shouted, finishing my thought. "You and Sapph were just too busy with each other to notice!"

Sapph flared up. "Blue…"

Of course Blue only giggled more. "See you guys at the café! Let's go!"

Sighing, Green turned as he wrapped his arm around Blue's waist.

"I want an iced latte," we heard Blue said.

"…I expect you expect me to pay?"

"I could always ask Red," Blue said, raising her eyebrow delicately.

"…I'll pay." Green's arm tightened.

"Good, that leaves more money for Red to spend on Yellow," Blue laughed.

I stared as they all headed away, Blue chattering away to Green, Red and Yellow looking slightly bashful, and Gold and Crys bickering like an old married couple.

"Agh…stupid Blue!" Sapph yelled, kicking at a random plushie on the ground.

I picked it up, putting it back on the bed. "I take it you want to go get the tape back from here?"


Smiling, I opened the door while holding out one hand.

Looking at me curiously, Sapph took it slowly.

"Hm…wasn't sure you'd actually take it," I said, cocking my head playfully at Sapph.

"Like you said, I like you even now that we're not stuck together," Sapph retorted.

I laughed. "True. But even with that choice, I'd rather be stuck with you any day."

Sapph grinned. "Same here." She reached up, brushing her lips against mine, before drawing back with a slight blush. "Now let's go!"

This time we left the house linked once again, not by our fingers, but by our hands. And honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way.

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