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She Blinked. the records were very complete. details that were only in her personal files. Then she noticed that these were based on Tendo Inc. Data files.

'Tendo Inc.?' she looked at the file with her name on it then noticed that it was not as complete as the other three. It was composed of only police reports and witness statements.

"Where does this leave us?" She asked the Admin-tech.

"Well, no need to worry about the medical bills, the Company has covered them, A repersentive will be here shortly to explain the full details. The Police have a few questions, then you are free to go. " the short male was having trouble keeping his mind on the female before him, as the other two were clinging to Ranma like seaweed on a California roll.

In walked two guys. The short one dressed in a rumpled suit, the tall one wore something like combat fatigues. there was something about the big guys eyes...

"Hey there. I am Togusa, this is Batou. We have some quick questions."

his tone, while gentle, screamed cop. It caused Nabiki to flicker into 'Ice Queen' Mode, which triggered Ranma into Defender Mode, causing the girls to find themselves holding one another as Ranma 'Appeared' beside Nabiki. "Trouble Boss?"

This got a couple eyebrows raised. "So, the records were correct. Small time crime boss with an elite strike force." the tall guy grumbled 'Bakatou' Nabiki labeled him.

The room dropped a few degrees, but was it from Ranma or Nabiki?

"Officer, I would advise careful rethinking of that last statement. Ranma is very protective of those under his care. Now you have given the impression that you are calling the four of us part of the criminal underworld. Would you please clarify"

"So, you are denying that you are linked to any known criminal organization?" the short guy 'Togusa' asked.

"As far as I know. Yes. For any further Questions, I am going to have to ask that you wait until I speak with someone about my rights. I need you to wait outside, please." the room grew colder.

The door blew open and five women in heels, short skirts, and Shades strode in. two in tan, two in grey, one in red.

"Say nothing." Red Declared. Turning to the officers, "Out, I will be speaking with My Client, then we will see if there is anything to talk about with you."

The admin-tech, bolted, knowing when trouble was going to strike, and being elsewhere was how he survived on the streets as a youth.

The guys from section 9 looked at the fem-troopers. Batou pulled his hands from his pockets. "IDs please."

"Tully, from Miko, Kim, and Tully. "

"They can afford you?" Togusa asked

"More like; Can we afford them?" Tully smiled "Miss Tendo opened many paths before she disappeared. All of Us at Tendo Corp owe everything to Miss Tendo. I owe her my 300 billion yen yearly salary. Now you will wait outside, or I will slap you, your entire unit, and this city with lawsuits from simple harassment to illegal search to violation of legal, humanitarian and civilian rights."

"Ladies, Sir." and the two officers shuffled out, the door sliding shut on their heels.

"Just how much is owed me?" Nabiki had a feral gleam in her eye.

Tully turned to look at her. "Tendo Corp. alone pulls 365 trillion Yen in Profits. Yearly. Plus the Younger Companies... You are worth a cool 12 Digits, but not all is touchable. For a complete look at your Empire, you will need to talk to Kim-sama, as he is your Corporate 'Advisor'. I am just Legal."

Nabiki stopped breathing.

the Bed started beeping and in burst three Med-techs. Plowing right over the two Officers outside the door. They even brushed Ranma aside.

Tully snapped her fingers, and the ladies in tan drew Shampoo and Ukyo behind a curtain and laid out a suit, double breasted, dark grey for Ukyou and a Plum copy of their suits for Shampoo. One of the gals in grey tossed a sports duffel to Ranma, who ducked behind another curtain. the other laid out a silk suit in light blue, for Nabiki when she regained control of herself.


A beeping was the only warning they had, three Med-techs charged passed and into the room they had just left.

'not nurses, not nurses, they prefer Med-tech' Togusa muttered to him self, as he flashed back to his Daughters Birth, when he had called a med-tech 'nurse'.

Five minutes later the Med-techs exited the room.

"What Happened?" Batou grumbled.

"Miss Tendo had a Repertory attack, The Playback indicates that she choked on how much she is worth." the 'tech grinned, "Then again, finding out you are now worth 12 digits, can do that to someone who did not go to sleep worth at least 11."

Batou whistled.

Batou, Report. a crisp female voice sparked in his skull.

They are awake, the guy is fast, and they have Tully from Miko, Kim, and Tully advising them right now.

How can they afford MK&T?

Togasa patched in, It seems that Miss Tendo is owed a lot from before she disappeared. When introducing our selves, Miss Tendo went defencive, causing Mister Soatomi to display great speed. When asking about possible criminal activity, the room grew colder.

Pull back, but have a Tachikoma follow them from concealment.

Heard and obeyed.