i might not finish this story but if you think i should cont. i will k, k oh and i changed the name of the killer k

Killer like puppet master

Ch.1- sick

Booth chased Camon o'leary down the ally way while Brennan headed around through the city to cut him off, he had ran around a corner so booth lost site of him for just a second but he was gone, he took his gun out of its holster and inched further down the ally way

"Mr. o'leary come out with your hands up and I won't shoot you" he raised his gun and continued in to the darkness.

Camon slowly came out from the darkness behind booth if he was going to kill Dr. Brennan he'd have to get closer to her. 'But that failed miserably the first time she doesn't date creepy psycho killers is what she said' he thought bitterly to him self. He slowly took a syringe out of his coat and….

Brennan walked up to booths apartment and briskly knocked on the door, the whole lab including booth were annoyed o'leary got away, but what are you going to do besides take it out on booth, after knocking three times booth finally answered the door, he didn't look good he had black rings under his eyes and five o'clock shadow that looked more like ten o'clock shadow.

"Booth, why the hell did you let that sick rat bast…?" Tempe looked up at booth and studied him for awhile "you look like crap what happened?"

"I'm just sick it's o.k. and it's not my fault he hit me with something from behind" he rubbed his face and blinked rapidly "come in, I need to sit down"

Tempe made her way to the couch and sat down

"you should really she a doctor, you have a fever swollen throat and you cant pronounce your words properly." She studied him longer

"I'm fine really, listen I'm gonna get some sleep and see you tomorrow"

"how about I stay here and make you some soup, I know you probably hate my company but your sick and Angela says when someone you care about gets sick its your job to make them feel better"

"no fighting with Angela, fine there's s…s…souppp in t…the cupboard." He scrunched up his nose like parker does when he gets stuck pronouncing a word.

"Go lay down, I'll bring it in to you" he gave her a charm smile and went back to his bedroom, where he had no idea would soon be the last place on earth he wanted to be.


I'm thinking about the story but ye might not like it because Booth hurts Bones

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