Killer like puppet master.

Ch. 5

The pit:

The night was cold in the mud pit, so unconsciously Brennan and Booth had moved closer together to keep warm.

The dim light that was casting shadows around the room went out, and a grate was opened above them, waking them both up.

"Bones?" Booth shifted his weight to his side causing him pain.

"Yes?" Brennan watched him. "Booth are you ok?"

"My side hurts; I think I slept on it wrong or something." Booth placed his hand on his side.

"Let me see"

"No ….Bones" He said a little bit to fast.


Booth looked at her, she look concerned. "o.k."

Brennan placed he hand on his side and put pressure on it.

"Bones!" he yelped.

"You've got a broken rib Booth, you need to go to a hospital"

"Well Bones I don't think I can go to a hospital right now, do you?"

"well obviously"

"Yeah, so no point stating the obvious when there's nothing I can do about it"

The door above the pit opened again and several men jumped down from it.

Brennan got up to fit, while Booth struggled where he was on the floor.

Two of the armed men went for Booth and held him down, while the other armed guards fought with Brennan.

"Bones!" Booth struggled trying to get up so he could defend Brennan.

Brennan was knocked unconscious by one of the guards and was dragged out of the pit leaving Booth scrambling around the floor.

Experimentation scientific name for Torture; Facts:

Murders all get their killing fantasies from somewhere, right? The internet holds the key to every fantasy imaginable.

In April of 2005, a group of highly intelligent serial killers got together, all complaining about how killing isn't always satisfying, that if it was to be satisfying there had to be more pleasurable ways of doing it.

That's when 'Experimentation scientific name for torture' was founded.

Murderers from all over the world could post videos and tell about their experiences in forums and the F.B.I knew nothing about it, all the sites being encrypted and passwords needed for every access, threw them off the trail every time they got the sent.

Camon was a popular poster on said site. His blog held hundreds of videos of his victims and pictures of them bound and tortured.

There were also many complaints about a well know anthropologist who caught a lot of the people from the site.

Pictures and newspaper articles about Temperance Brennan filled the forums; there were prizes for who would be able to kill her first.

She and her F.B.I friend were hated amongst the groups.

The experimentation room:

Brennan woke up restrained to a metal operating bed. There were numerous tools around the room.

"Booth?" Brennan had a sever headache.

She flinched as a bright light was turned on above her head.

"Good evening Dr. Brennan" a man dressed in surgeon scrubs stepped out from the shadows of the room.

"Camon?" Brennan couldn't form a full sentence.

"Yes?" He picked up a syringe. "Now, this may sting a little"


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