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Summary: Mikato Namikaze is the son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime. Four years ago, day of his birthday giant fox attacked the village. Boy is made a Jichuuriki. Four years later he is beaten almost to death again and certain peoples decided to 'kill' him. Now he lives among the ANBU to be raised by the elite. How will his life change? Will he join the academy? Does he have to? Or will he be turned into a living weapon? And what about new people around him? Young boy with Sharingan eyes. Small boy with fake smile. Woman with red hair. Lazy guy who reads porn. Purple haired sadist. How will they affect on him? Will they be able to live bring him to trust them?

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Chapter 1: Death of Mikato Namikaze

"Have they arrived yet?" Bandaged man asked looking serious. He had pointed his question to something that seemed to be empty room.

"Not yet Danzou-sama." Man voice answered to him from shadows. "Both Dog and Cat are on their way now. They should arrive any moment."

At the same moment another masked shinobi arrived at room silently. "They have arrived, Danzo-sama."

"Finally." Man thought out loud and rushed out of his office. Councilman Danzos 'official' office was next to all other councilmen offices at second floor of Hokage-tower. He rushed his way though the corridors towards the Hokages offices where he crashed unannounced. Room had seven people inside already. First his gaze fell to the small yellow haired boy who was lying on the desk unconscious. ANBU medic was working with him already. Pleased of this he let his eyes wonder around. Next his gaze fell to two other black ops. Silver haired man with dog mask on him and brown haired man with cat mask. Kakashi the Copycat and Tenzo of the Wood. Of course. Who else old Sandaime would send expect his two most fateful pawns.

"So you're here, councilman." Old man with pipe said looking the newcomer. "What brings you're here at this hour?"

"Like you already wouldn't know." Man said angrily. He usually carried himself as this pleasant man and got very rarely angry enough to loose this mask. But this was one of those reasons he would forget that mask. "How come you have allowed this boy to gotten almost murdered again? I remember this is already fourth attempt this week! And its only Wednesday night!"

"Now calm down Danzo." Sixth person on the room interrupted trying to calm him down. Hokages advisor, Homura Mitokado. Old man but also Sarutobis old team mate. "Yelling wont change anything."

"Then explain to me how this happened again?" Bandaged man said angrily. He looked over to the standing ABNUs. "Explain!"

Dog sighed. "We got a report saying that large group of people had gathered around the block seventy-eight. Because we knew that the boy-" He pointed the yellow haired boy on the desk. "Mikato Namikaze was living around that block we left in a hurrie."

Cat masked person continued. "We arrived the area four minutes later. Large group had gathered around something we could not clearly identify. But we could tell that that groups intentions were hostile. Dog-senpai used the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique to drive them away meanwhile I myself infiltrated the group and recovered the small boy. We found out that the boy was Mikato Namikaze who had several bad injuries. I gave him to Dog-senpai who used Kage Bushin sending a clone to ANBU hq to alert medical personal while he himself rushed to here carrying the boy. Luckily his clone met the Robin-san who was on patrol duty at the moment as well and she rushed to here. Hokages office. I myself followed all those group members using Moku Bushin no jutsu (Wood Clone) and identifying all the suspects who had fled the crime-scene. After that I rushed to join Dog here."

Silence fell to room that was only interrupted med-ANBUs movement while she worked on the boy.

Sandaime looked dark colored village from his window looking extremely disappointed. "Im sorry Minato… Ive failed you again." He whispered sadly. He knew that all the people were looking at his back. Even the medic-nin though she only gave quick glances because she had to keep working on the boy. Her long red hair was held back by robin mask.

Silence started to irritate heavily the bandaged man. "What are you going to do this Sarutobi? Are you going let this continue?" Danzo asked leaning to his cane.

"There isn't much I can do." Old man turned to face all the people on the room. "Council has been very strict what I can do and helping more than this would be testing my limits with this."

'Cowarded fools.' Danzo thought but kept himself calm as possible. But before he could say anything Dog cut him to it.

"Its not like I tend to agree with Danzo-sama on most of his ideas." Man began earning a frown from Danzo. "But in this I agree strongly. If we continue to letting people hurting him so much and so easily we should just finish him off to save them from the trouble." When he had said everyone on the room looked at him terrified. Even Danzo eyes widened to Copycats idea. "It seems that Ive made my point." He stepped back leaning back to the wall showing he had spoken.

Danzo hurried to agree on him. "Exactly. Like I said earlier this is already the four time in three days. Attacks are becoming more and more bolder and frequent. If we wont do anything boy will die. He had without his amazing healing ability but it wont save him forever."

Sarutobi thought this.

"I agree on both Dog-san and Danzou-san." Koharu Utatane said nodding. Old woman had also seen this coming but her agreeing had different reasoning.

"Me too." Homura nodded as well. "If you cant provide better protection on the boy we could just as kill him and be done with it. Im getting tired for these late night alarms time after time. If they you cant fix this situation then kill him already! Leaving things way they are wont help anyone."

Red haired medic moved to cover little boy from glass-eyed councilman. It came to her naturally. During her years as ANBU medic she had seen things. Things that even some of the experienced jounins would find... disturbing but she had never been this angry. Especially to people on this village. How they could continue beating this little boy time after time even though he hadn't done anything. The evil was inside him. Her team mates had to hold her almost every time she was on patrol duty so she wouldn't go berserk in the middle of the village. If that would ever happen, then they would see a real demon.

Danzo also frowned at him. "So all we agree that boys situation must change." He hurried to change to subject.

"What have you thinking Danzo?" Hokage asked narrowing his eyes. "I know that you wouldn't bother such theatrics without full plan. Lets hear it."

Bandaged man frowned a little. He had hoped that he wasn't that obvious. But then again. Hokage wasn't the Hokage for nothing. "I suggest that Mikato Namikaze will be entrusted to my and to ANBU black ops care."

Room fell silent. Even though this wasn't totally unexpected it still was quite a shock still. Openly to request something like that.

Both advisor started to state their disagreements. "Sarutobithat is madness! You think giving this boy to this man will improve anything? It will only make matters worst!"

"That's the first time I hear you showing concerns over the boy." Danzo answered coldly. "You must have better idea."

Old man stepped back in lack of these. All they eyes fell over the Hokage who had remained silent. After a moment he narrowed his eyes and gazed on the mans only visible eye. "That's very unexpected request, Danzo."

"This child is four years old." Man began and walked besides the desk where to boy lied still unconscious. His only visible eye was focused on him. "He got kicked out from orphanage year ago after ending up almost bad condition as today. After that we have been forced to stretch out our resources to aid him almost daily basis. As your own student, Jiraya-san of the Sannin said that's these attacks only harm the seal that was designed to hold Bijuu inside. Its only a matter of time before they do something they will regret by releasing Kyuubi."

"That's true." Hokage nodded agreeing. "But you still haven't explained why you want to take the boy to ANBU with you. For the second time."

"Just like when he was a baby he must be protected." Bandaged man started again to speak. "And I cant think better place than under my own eyes in ANBU headquarters."

Room fell silent again. Third Hokage blew out a cloud of smoke and thought it for a minute. He had to agree that Minatos son was in danger from the second he set his foot into the village. And that it was only a matter of time before they would harm the boy permanently or even worse. And he himself was out of ideas. Council had denied round the clock protection from the boy (several of them wanted to see Jichuuriki dead by the end of the day from various reasons). But that rose another question.

"Why you think council would ever allow you?" He asked finally. "They didn't allow any other family to adopt him so why would they allow you of all the people to do it?"

"That is a good question Danzo." Koharu asked narrowing her eyes. "As you must know that is way too dangerous – for the boy and the ANBU black ops to let them to live side by side. Its like leaving a bomb inside our main forces base. One wrong move and we have lost all our ANBU units."

"You don't have to worry about the ANBU mam." Dog ANBU interrupted her. "We in the force have taken a like to the boy. Almost every single one of us has saved his life at least twice (even if he himself doesn't know it) and my personal record is seven times. Cat has five. Ive heard the Bear has saved the boy twelve times. If something is starting to piss us all of is your indecisive attitude while waiting the boy getting killed. And what you said about this bomb inside main forces base is just fu-!"

"Dog-senpai! That's out of the line." Cat hurried to calm his friend.

"Someone had to say it." Silver haired man muttered angrily turning away. He couldn't stand anymore this. His teacher and mentor had died saving the village and this is how they repay him? Trying to kill his son time after time. This was going way too far! Even if he had to take actions to his own hands.

"Calm down Dog-san." Danzo looked at masked man. "I share you feelings completely. So Sarutobi? Why don't you say your opinion on this?"

Old Hokage new already opinions in the room. His advisor and his old team mates were against the idea but Danzo and every ANBU in the room for it. He also was pretty sure of everyones motives. His advisor wanted the boy dead. Simple. He knew that like most of the council thought, if theirown families could not get the hold on the Jichuuriki, no one should.

At first Sandaime had been pleased with everyone in his council when he had reinstated as Hokage due his successor death. Every family was willing to adopt Namikaze heir and Kyuubi with it. Those two in one hand would prove very powerful cards in the game that they all played. Game of thrones.

First one was of course Uchiha. Man had stated him being friends with Yondaime and it would in childs best inters to be in his family. Hyuuga had reminded that he was Yondaimes old team mate and it would be a duty to raise his friends son. Each and every clan head stated similar ideas. Only civilian clans were against the motion but they had no real power in the council without a help of one of the shinobi clans so they had remained silent for the moment. Even though their opinion was loud and clear.

But after three weeksof arguing and without any resolve they had compromised. Boy would be taken care by the ANBU for few years and then to orphanage when he was little older. Hokage was disappointed in himself for being so hopeful and in his council not being able to reach united agreement.

But it wasn't anythingto the feelings what he felt after boy had been given to orphanage. Even though he carried his fathers surname, Namikazeit didn't save give him any help. If anything it made the matters worst. Constant beatings, bullied by other children, starving and finally kicked out after a year. The idea of adoption had been opened again but they never reached agreement. So Mikatohad been forced to live alone in his run down apartment. Year after that they had finally reach the point where the old man too had lost his patience. But the council was clear on their opinion. If they didn't get the boy no one ever should.

He gazed to other side of the room to two waiting ANBUs. Kakashi opinion was clear. His teachers son. Tenzo of course agreed with him. To him boy was only a boy and he couldn't stand treatment like this either.

Finally he turned his head to look red haired medic who was still working on boys several injuries. Akahana Misachi. Codename Robin. She had stated several time her opinion on boys treatment in the village. He had also noticed that the woman had started to act more and more… nonANBUish around the boy. Several occasions he had seen woman helping him from shadows during her patrols like leaving an untouched bento to his road. Scaring the bullying kids away and so on. He was sure that she would take care of him if she was allowed to or even if not.

He sighed. "For once you've thought an idea that I would want to follow. BUT as my advisor were sure to remind me, I cant without councils permission." He had rushed to continue when both his advisor were about to start protest.

"I understand that." Bandaged man nodded and looked the two elderly. "But there is a way we can fool the council."

"Excuse me!" Koharu stated. "Did you just said: 'fool the council'?"

"Yes I did." Man nodded not raising his gaze from unconscious boy. Robin had finally stopped his treatment. "By killing him."

"What!?" Woman yelled totally surprised. "You cant be serious!"

"Don't be hasty and before you people jump to conclusions let me finish." Danzo smirked a little at their reactions. "Dog, Cat, you were on the scene. How severe his wounds were?"

"They were very severe." Cat masked person answered. "Without medical treatment he would have died almost certainly."

"There you have it." One eyed man turned to face Hokage. "Mikato Namikaze is DEAD. Killed by an angry mob at the age of four."

Old Hokage nodded understanding the situation. "I can see where your heading."

"You cant possible hope to succeed!" Homura said angrily. "That is illegal. Unethical and insults the council."

Room fell silent. Dog and Cat gave quick glances to Robin whosarms were slowly reaching to her weapons. There had been small hope for them. Small hope that boy would found some sort of security and happiness. And if lucky, she could watch for him openly and not only from shadows like she did now. But now that old asshole was about to take that chance away. Dog gave small hand signal to be prepared just in case.

Hokage had similar thoughts but before either of them could do anything Danzo slowly walked to him and whispered something to mans ear. Something that must have a lot affect on him because he stepped back gulping trying to seemdignified as possible. His old team mates watched him surprised how easily he had given up. When his fellow advisor tried to ask about this he only shook his head.

"That's that then." Danzo nodded back to Hokage. "Theres an empty room near to my own quarters at ANBU hq. He will stay there. I will look personally his training in shinobi arts and such."

"Wait just a minute." Sandaime raised his hand. "I haven't agreed with anything especially training Mikato-kun here as some ANBU killing machine." He narrowed his eyes. "You tested my patience with your NE group. I will not allow you to use those barbaric training methods on him."

"Then what?" Bandaged man asked irritated. "He must be trained!"

"I agree on that." Hokage nodded while taking his pipe from his lips. "But we must take his personality into picture. He wants to be Hokagein order to stop people hating him. Even after all this beating he still wants to them to acknowledge him. I owe to his father that must that to give him a chance. He will join the academy."

"Hokage-sama-" They turned over to Dog. "If I may… I don't think it's a good thing to let him join academy. Not at least until he can take care of himself and… let the dust settle a bit."

"You think idea of letting people know that he is dead is… good?" Cat asked looking at him little surprised.

"Yes. People are simpletons. Just this year has proven that." Silver haired man nodded. "Out of sight out of mind. Im sure when the information of Mikatos 'death' spreads there will be lot of…" He grunted to image. "emotions on the air but soon they will continue their lives and in few years they forget boys existence."

"Makes sense." Hokage nodded. "But what about his academy teachings? Ever since he found out about the place he has been frequently asking to get there. How will we tell him no to that?"

"He is still four years old." Cat pointed out. "It would take at least two more years before he could join the academy. But before that it wouldn't hurt him to know little bit of basics before that."

"See Sarutobi." Danzo stepped forward. "Everyone in this room agree on this. Right Robin?"

Woman raised his face from boy. She had concentrated on petting the boys hair. "Yes. Danzo-sama. I too believeit would be in boys best interest to live in hq."

Sarutobi nodded. "Cat, inform the military police that Mikato Namikaze is dead. His murders must be found."

"Shall I give them the our own suspects?" Brown haired man asked.

"No. Let themselves work on this. Im more than sure that Fugaku-san will do his everythingin his power to find the criminals." Old man frowned a little to idea. Even though clan head would have gladly taken the boy as his own, all of the great Uchiha clan was not that open minded. Mikato had stated many times that when he had asked help from police officers they had either ignored him or helped to beat the boy up. If they could do anything about it, they investigations would be short and firm. He could already see the report: 'In lack of witnesses and evidence against suspects crime murders remains unresolved.'Council would be satisfied. People would be… festive. And the only people who knew the truth would be under Danzos tight gaze. He was sure of it. Only remaining problem was…

"What about you two?" Hokage asked from his advisor who had remained silent. "Will this be a problem to either of you?"

They looked quickly each other. Homura could feel his fellow councilmans gaze on his neck burning. They both shook their heed.

"Its settled then." Danzo smiled. "I shall make the arrangements for moving his belongings to his new quarters."

"Wait another minute." Sarutobi halted him again in the middle of victory speech. "We must disgust on terms."


"You know what I mean." Sarutobi sat down to his chair. "Is he okay now?" He asked from Robin masked woman.

"He is not in any danger anymore, Hokage-sama. But I would like to insist immediate full inspection and at least full week of rest in hospital bed." Woman said still petting boys hair.

Old man nodded. "Dog, you go gather Mikatos belongings quickly as possible. Don't attract any attention on yourself. Cat, go alert the military police. Tell them that Mikato Namikaze… is dead and his murderess must be found immediately. Homura, Koharu I don't need you anymore. You may go." Three persons left leaving only Danzo, Hokage and robin masked ANBU and still unconscious boy. "Leave us." He muttered to last person in the room. She looked little confused. "I will ask you to return when were done. Wait outside."

She nodded and swiftly moved out of the office.

"So Sarutobi. Tell me your terms." Bandaged man asked moving to other side of the table. Looked each other from opposite sides of the table between them lied yellow haired boy with whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Only few." Old man said looking serious. "One: you keep your barbaric training methods away from him. Two: I shall frequently monitor his progress personally. Three: he will join to academy and became a genin. If he wants to remain as ANBU he must wait until he has been officially offered a chance. If Im not satisfied with him, mark my words: I will destroy you until theres nothing but roll of bandages left. I maybe old but I can still kick your ass."

"Anything else?" Danzo asked frowning in annoyance.

"I want you to place Akahana-chan in charge of him. She shall be my eyes and ears so you don't try anything… you might regret. That woman has taken deep care of the boy and gods know he deserves someone like that in his life."

ANBU leader nodded. "I shall agree on these terms of yours. But you must agree with my terms as well."

"Go ahead." Old man narrowed his eyes.

"I will be charge of his training. Personally. He shall have his first patrol duty with in three years. He shall be assigned a training partner of my choosing among NE ranks."

Sandaime thought it for a minute. "Fine. When you will transfer him to his new quarters?"

"Now." Danzo looked at the boy. "To make your life easier I shall have Akahana-san move to the next room. Now? Is there anything else we should disgust?"

"No. If everything is in order you shall take him. I shall be checking his treatment tomorrow. Until then." He sat down. "Robin."

Red haired woman entered the room with light speed. "Yes, Hokage-sama?"

"I shall entrust Mikato-kun to your care." Old man smiled. "I trust that you take care good care of him."

Woman looked astounded even if it was a bit hard to detect with the mask and all. Both men could hear her gulping. "Yes Hokage-sama. Danzo-sama. Thank you."

"Now transform him to the clinic." Bandaged man ordered. "Have him in full check up and make sure he rests. I shall come to the clinic first thing in the morning."

"Yes sir." Woman nodded and proceeded to carry him out. 'Finally.' She thought. 'Finally I can keep you safe.' "Excuse me, but what is his name?"

Both men turned to her little confused. "What you mean?" Hokage asked.

"Didn't the Mikato 'died' already? I thought he would need a new name. Just in case." Woman thought it was a bit amusing that two most powerful men in the village had let this kind of thing slip through their minds. She was holding the little boy in her arms trying her best not to disturb his dream, even though she knew that it would require more than earthquake to wake him up.

"His mothers name was Kushina Uzumaki." Sarutobi remembered. "Powerful woman." He closed his eyes and his something came to his mind. "Their plan was to name him 'Naruto Namikaze'."

"Naruto?" Akahana asked little troubled. "Like that ramen topping?"

"Yes." Hokage shrugged. "Minato told me that they had decided to name him after main character of Jirayas first book. But because both his parents were dead and Jiraya and I were busy he was named after his father when no one who knew his parents wishes was present. Its kinda relief now when you think about it."

"Youre suggesting naming him: Naruto Uzumaki?" Old soldier said narrowing his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"It was his name in the first place. And I think its more than safe to use his legal name remembering how few people knew boys parents relationship." Grey haired man thought. "Or do you have any better ideas?"

"No… Jiraya-samas idea is more than perfect." Robin answered before Danzo could who narrowed his eyes to this but let it go. If he wanted any control over this boy even a little he would need this boy to trust him and first step was to make him feel secured and comfortable. "Do you like it? Naruto-kun?"

"Robin." Danzo cleared his throat. "I remembered that boy was in need of medical attention."

Woman stopped on her tracks and nodded as she rushed out of the office towards the ANBU hq.

'I hope I wont regret this.'Hokage prayed as he watched the boy go.

"Then I too shall take my leave." Bandaged man smirked. "We see each other tomorrow I believe. Good bye then."

"Good bye."

Door closed behind crippled councilman leaving Hokage alone in his office waiting clan heads storming into his office demanding to see Mikatos body. He would have to come up with clever camouflage story. He rubbed his eyes. This would be a long night.

Akahana entered the big building on the outskirts of the Konoha. It seemed like rundown factory or something like that to most of the people. But those who knew what it was knew it was the place where most dangerous weapons of all the village had in its disposal resided. The fearsome ANBU headquarters. It was surrounded with fence all around.

Red head woman jumped over the fence easily carrying unconscious child. She landed on front yard looking around quickly and being sure that no one was looking (who shouldn't) and quickly jumped to the wall and charka-walked to small balcony high on the wall. Old factory doors and windows were all fakes. Inside was thick betony wall. Balcony over the main doors was the real entrance. People wouldn't get there if they couldn't use chakra to climb up walls. Akahana was sure to teach her 'son' that soon as possible.

She entered the building quickly heading to higher levels. To ANBU private clinic.

"Yo Hana! Whats up?" Purple haired woman asked in trench coat holding an empty dango stick in her mouth. She smiled to woman but when robin masked woman rushed ahead without even greeting she realizes something was wrong. Then she realized that the woman was holding… "Mikato!" She gasped and rushed after them.

Red haired ANBU rushed through the corridors not bothering to greet anyone or answer any questions on her rush or the unconscious boy. She didn't even realized that the time she had finally reached the clinic half of the people on the building was chasing her. She only bang the door open and closed it behind her leaving all of them to corridor.

"Akahana-san. Right this way." Doctor Kumari guided the woman to examination room where they stripped the boy. "We will take care of the rest." Man sure to her. "You need to rest."

"I will wait here." Robin said firmly.

Man didn't argue anymore and rushed after his patient.

Akahanaremoved her mask and breathed hard. Was this really happening? Would something so wonderful actually happen? Her legs gave out and she landed on her butt. After few hours they brought him back in hospital bed.

The fearsome ANBU medic Akahana Misachi, codename robin sat next to this little yellow haired boy who slept soundly after hours of inspections and tests. She smiled to the boy when she heard the rooms door opening and people rushing in.

"Hana! Is everything okay?" Anko rushed to her side looking at boy. "Is Mikato okay?"

Just now she realized how many people was around her everyone looking at her concerned.

Then she smiled lightly. "Mikato is… dead."

"WHAT!?" Everyone looked from her to boy whos chest raised calmly and fell down. "What the hell was that Hana? Don't joke like that!"

"I didn't." Woman stood up looking everyone in the room. "Mikato Namikazehas been killed by raging my few hours ago. Futile attempts to save his life didn't help." Then she walked to other side of boy bed. "Everyone, this is Naruto Uzumaki. And he will be living with us from now on."

Room fell silent.