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Chapter 47: The Prodigy's Ascension

July 1…

Harry looked at himself in the mirror. He looked rather imposing, he thought, in his armor. The armor was made of dragon hide, carefully stitched together with acromantula silk to give it a balance of both endurance and versatility. These were qualities in armor which decided its quality. One of its standard was thought of to be very expensive perhaps amounting to a hundred thousand galleons.

These last few days had been hectic, to say the least. With the rush to enthrone him officially before the people involved lots of planning even with Rigan's help. They had security detail to organize and inspect, advertisement of the event to be kept within their borders only, and the need to coordinate the various elements required of the coronation.

Harry was brought out of his musings by the sound of knocking on the door of his chambers. "Enter." He commanded, knowing full well only Rigan would have a reason to knock on the door. That would soon change with his official ascension to the throne. He foresaw that there would be no end to people wanting to see him after his coronation.

"My liege, the crowd grows impatient to see the beginning of your crowning." Rigan informed him.

"Crowd? What crowd do you speak of?" Harry asked whilst sheathing his sword.

"My Lord, there are a great many deal of people who would give anything to see this momentous event. Therefore, nearly all the islanders have charged here in zeal to see this event. According to Commander Sinther's report, the other islands have been subject to mass emigration just for this event." Rigan said meaningfully.

Harry's eyes widened in shock, the full impact of what this meant to the Ionians hitting him. "Come now my lord, we must depart soon and I'd rather not disappoint the crowd's on your first day." The Council Lord said, dragging Harry away. Rigan chuckled to himself, making his way to the carriage that would take them to Montfortal for the coronation.


Faren waited patiently for the Heir to arrive, constantly turning his gaze to passersby of his position. The Guardians had been increased to two hundred strong specifically for this event. With the massive crowds, estimated to be twenty thousand people, swarming the castle in preparation for the event, they needed all the manpower they could get to keep the order. His Guardians had been strategically placed to keep the crowd away from the path the Heir would take. The problem with that plan became apparent as more and more people tried to get closer to the area, almost causing a stampede at one point.

Soon the coronation would start and they could get over with this thing. Jubilant cheers and shouting could be heard at a distance. That could only signify one thing of course. It was time to get to work.


Harry wasn't quite sure how he had gotten here. He had been dragged here while in shock and his mind had not yet processed the new change in location, so you could imagine his shock at seeing the crowd in actuality. And they were yelling his name. That was a good thing, he supposed.

Just as he was about to start walking, a group of armed men, the Guardians if he remembered correctly, encircled him. Their leader saluted to him briskly, saying "Sire, we are here to escort you to the Enthronement Area. Follow us please." He then turned and nodded to his men. Then, as a group they started moving forward, the men adjusting themselves so that Harry would always remain at the center of their encirclement.

In such a scenario where there were, thankfully, no obstructions in their path, it was of little surprise to see that they made it to the throne room for the coronation in no time at all. There was a much smaller, selected crowd in the room, numbering maybe a thousand men and women at least. The masses were, however, by no means excluded from viewing the events inside the room as it was magically being projected outside the room in various areas of the castle.

Rigan, as his position of being the Council Lord moved in front of the Throne, his backed turned against it. Harry slowly, but surely, walked to him regally. Rigan smiled at him encouragingly before speaking to the crowd. "Today we are gathered to celebrate and witness this miraculous event God has given us. He has brought forth an Heir to the crown. He has returned to us our King!" Cheering followed his rather short speech.

Rigan turned to face the gathered congregation. "To you the people, I ask, do you accept this man as your sovereign ruler, the head of our nation, and to follow him?"

The cries of "Yes!" was deafening.

"To the army and the legions of Ionos, do you swear to uphold the King's laws, whatever they may be, and to protect him and the state at his command?"

"Yes!" Was once again the reply.

"To the Imperium Council, do you swear to keep in line with the policies of the King, to rule when he is unable, and to guide and advise him in times of uncertainty?"


He raised his hands to signal them to be silent. "Do you, Harry James Potter, solemnly swear to govern the people of Ionos and all the Territories which come under us according to the laws set by our predecessors?"

"I solemnly swear to do so." Harry replied.

"Will you, to the fullest extent of your capabilities, have Mercy, Law, and Justice in all of your judgments?"

"I will."

"Do you swear to protect the people of Ionos and all the territories which will come under it? To uphold the law of our land and ensure that you will do all in your power to ward of evil from our people?"

"All this I swear."

"Do you swear never to abandon your people to its enemies? To lead us in good and bad times and to strive on against all odds for the glory of the nation?"

"All this I swear."

Rigan handed Harry an ornate staff with various inscriptions on it. "Here is the Shepherd's Staff. It represents your strength. May you use it to protect your people as well as to guide us. Long may it symbolize your reign."

He handed Harry a horn shaped like a dragon next.. "This is the Dragon's Call. It represents your voice amongst all your people. May you sue it in times of need to warn us of evil and to gather us under your banner."

"Kneel." Rigan whispered inconspicuously. Harry obeyed without question. Rigan placed a crown on his head. "This is your crown, from which the Kings before you wore and whom you succeed today. Wear it proudly and always with honor. It represents our nation's sovereignty. Wear it with pride and may no one tarnish it. May God bless your reign." Rigan turned to the crowd once again. "People of Ionos, I present to you King Harry James Potter, Lord of Ionos. Long Live the King!"

"Long Live the King!" The crowd replied, followed by thunderous applause.

Harry's eyes gazed at the crowd who cheered for him with a smile. Who would have thought that he, the ignored brother of the girl-who-lived, would rise to such an esteemed position at this opportune time. And for once in two very long and stressful years, things were going well for Harry in all aspects he could think of.

Oh I can't wait to see the look on Fudge's face when he learns of this. Who would have thought, an ex convict turned into the leader of a state which most likely hates him now. Getting my revenge on him will be fun, fun indeed. Harry thought. But I must secure my country first. Laws need to be passed and things need to be fixed. But that should be simple. I've faced Azkaban and survived with my sanity intact; this should be cake walk. I am Harry Potter. The prodigy of the Potter family, isn't that what they used to call me? And this, this is my Ascension. The Prodigy's Ascension. Harry thought smiling.

"My people, I do not claim any great knowledge of which to lead you with. Nor do I claim any experience in this matter. But I swear to try my hardest to rule justly and fittingly as a King of Ionos should. I swear that as long a single breath is within me, I will fight for our people's rights. No longer shall we stand the insolence of others! No longer shall we sit back and watch as others meddle without matters! We will fight back and reclaim what is ours! Together we can forge our own destiny. From here on out, it is up to us to decide what we shall be and no one can tell us otherwise!" Harry finished his short speech. The crowd cheered once again. The rebels had to be crushed. The Ministry had to be pacified. It was time to get to work.

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