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Operation 1: Task 124

"And what is this supposed to be?" Zero asked as he fondled the object in his hand. It was the size of a perfume glass bottle, inside a green liquid swirling about.

"Just a task for you to complete", Toga replied, putting the stack of paper in his hands properly before placing it aside. "The instructions are here. Just follow it to complete your next task." He took a slip of paper out of his coat pocket and handed it to Zero.

Even before the hunter could read finish the instructions, his teacher was out the door without a single word.

Sniffing, Zero returned to the piece of paper.

Task no. 124
Infiltrate Moon Dormitory

Place bottle in main hall

Pull tab

Check results the next morning

Zero knew his teacher and sometimes even Cross would hand him weird jobs or tasks. He was willing to do most of them, since the pay he got later was pretty satisfactory for a high school student. Plus, he had little intention on depending on his 'dad' for money.

The task he was given to do seemed easy enough. Although, he wondered greatly what the mission proved. Usually they would be hunting or searching, but this time it only concerned with leaving this bottle in the Moon Dormitory.

Since the pay for this simple job was more than reasonable, he agreed to it.

"Might as well get over and done with it."

Zero made his way down to the Moon Dormitory. Since it was daytime, most of the vampires ought to be asleep. He snuck in quietly and placed the bottle on the table.

"And what are you up to, Zero?"

The ex-human was so used to the sudden approaching of the pureblood, he pretty much got used to it already.

"Job", he replied, not turning around to properly greet Kaname. He stood in front of the glass table as he took a firm grip on the small tab.

Kaname stood behind and encircled his arms around the ex-human's waist. Zero lazily shifted back and took the tab off.

Almost immediately, a musky aroma filled the hall and Zero placed the bottle on the table.

"What is that?" Kaname asked.

Zero rummaged for the task sheet folded nicely in his pocket and Kaname took it, reading.

"Sounds suspicious. Any idea?" He asked again as Zero took the paper, this time just crushing it.

"Just following what it says", he sighed, feeling Kaname pull him closer against his chest.

"If someone sees…"

"They won't be breathing a word on this."

"So much for being discrete", Zero snorted.

"You know, I don't see a reason why we should be keeping this a secret. We've been together for what? Almost three months now."

Zero felt his sense of smell causing a slight nausea in his head. It could have been from the bottle he had just opened. He looked over his shoulder.

"It doesn't smell like perfume, does it?"

"Hm? What smell?" Kaname laid his chin on Zero's shoulder, the previous topic forgotten.

"You can't smell it? It sort of smells like… vinegar."

"Can't smell anything."

"And your sense of smell was supposed to be better…" Zero winced at the scent which was getting stronger. He took Kaname's hand at his middle and led the way out of the Moon Dormitory.

Kaname followed without much thought and they both stopped just outside the main doors.

"God, that stinks", Zero snorted, brushing his nose.

"I'm getting even more suspicious of the thing you left in there", Kaname commented as he looked back at the double-storey dormitory.

"Don't look at me. I was just working", Zero shrugged, his hand slowly trailing down the pureblood's arm. Kaname caught the hand and intertwined their fingers. Zero didn't mind and Kaname pulled them to somewhere a little more private.

Although it was the summer holidays, a small percentage of the students were running around, including Kaname and his famous group of vampires. Yuki was here as well, but she was handling the Sun Dormitory matters with Cross, thus Kaname was pretty confident he could get away with what he wanted right now.

"What are you up to?" Zero asked with a sigh as they took to hiding under the big tree in which Kaname liked a lot, since he could be well shielded against the sunlight.

"Nothing. I just missed you", Kaname replied as he lay back against the tree. He pulled Zero along and the ex-human was pressed up against his chest, this time facing him.

Zero snorted and placed his chin nicely in the crook of Kaname's shoulder blade. "We just saw each other last night."

"That was seven hours ago. Plus, I didn't get you to sleep with me."

"I had to run errands", Zero huffed, pulling back a little. Kaname's hands were locked at his lower back and effectively kept him remaining where he was – partially uncomfortable due to the proximity between then, yet comforting since it was the pureblood. Zero looked over his shoulder, a little wary whether anyone would pop up anytime.

Taking the chance that Zero wasn't paying attention, the brunette dropped his head and kissed the tattoo, getting a soft squeak as a response.

"Kaname!" Zero barked, a hand going for that tender spot as his face turned a little red.

"You let me", Kaname smiled a little. Zero returned with a frown, rubbing his neck absently.

As if having bitten there had not made his neck sensitive enough, Kaname would always exploit that weakness for his own advantages – especially when he had an intention of some sort.

Zero caught a hinting spark of desire and Zero's heart leapt.

"Oh no, don't even think – mmph!"

Kaname had already caught the hunter well off-guard and kissing him. Zero gave groans of protest, but had not bothered to pull away. It wouldn't work anyway. Kaname was so much stronger than he was despite his slight evolution to Level D, which supposedly made him better by several folds in comparison to his old human abilities.

Tongues and fangs were dangerously brushing against each other, close to drawing blood anytime soon. Kaname had them fully pressed against each other, every possible area coming in contact almost symmetrically to the other's. Zero moaned into the kiss, half grumbling about the pushy side of the pureblood.

Both of them stopped their little make-out session when a soft explosion was heard, and it sounded like a glass-shattering noise accompanied it. They both looked into the direction of the Moon Dormitory and glanced back at each other again, before running to the dorm.

Zero grimaced as the vinegar smell started to repel him. He was wondering why Kaname couldn't smell the horrid scent and had to end up breathing through his sleeves, arm pressed against his upper-lip.

Both vampires rushed to the door and Kaname wasted little time in opening the doors to the dormitory, even using a little of his kinetic ability to barge in. Almost immediately, a soft-green color smoke escaped through the doors, momentarily hazing the visions of the two.

The ex-human ended up coughing while Kaname, who seemed less affected, entered the hall and looked around. Under his feet, the soft, audible of crushed glass caught his attention. He looked down and found the top bit of the bottle Zero had brought in and frowned.

"Your bottle seems to have exploded", Kaname said out loud.

The smoke cleared out the door a little, clouding the floor to knee-height and Zero went over to his lover's side, staring at the cap.

"Looks like it…"

A series of shuffling caught the vampires' attention and they froze. Cautiously, Kaname let out a slight kinetic blast which made all of the smoke retreat out the door and the two were mortified by what they found hiding in the green smokes.

There were several piles of clothes pooling at the floor which had young kids in them. They ranged in ages, probably four to seven or so. All of them had shocked faces washed over and Kaname found them awfully familiar.

Zero on the other hand, was looking around and got a head count of six.

"What in the world…"

"Oh my god", Kaname suddenly said.

Zero glanced at the pureblood's face, which turned pale.

"They're the other vampires of the Night Class…"