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"Nii-chan, are you two going to get married?"

"Is it possible to do that?!"

"Of course! Even though you're homo, you can."

"Who's homo, you little-"

"Zero, calm down."

Everyone was in Kaname's large room. Zero sat crossed legged on the bed, laying a heavy head on his palm while his elbow dug into the side of his knee. Kaname was behind him, leaning comfortably against the hunter's back. His legs were nicely outstretched across the horizontal length of the bed, crossed at the ankle. The kids were littered around them on the bed and floor as well, but Kaname didn't mind.

"Are you really not our mother?" Aido asked, taking to sit beside the gloomy prefect.

"Aido, your mom is out at the moment. Zero isn't your mother," Kaname said gently, partially due to laziness. Lying against Zero's warm back, accompanied by the all-too familiar scent of him, made it almost a natural sleep inducer.



"Lying to a kid… You're rather mean, Kaname," Zero silently whispered with a small smile, after Aido hopped to the floor and ran after Rima.

"Who do you think made me this mean?"


Kaname shifted all of a sudden, catching Zero by surprise. The pureblood reached back and pushed Zero down, causing the hunter's legs to flail in the air for a second or two. Zero was too stunned to react in time, giving a small 'oof' when his back hit the bed.

By the time he recovered, Kaname's head was on his stomach, forcing him to remain.

"You have a death wish?" Zero grumbled.

"I do…" Kaname smiled, looking up at the ceiling. "It's to be with you forever."

Zero blushed. It wasn't uncommon to hear Kaname say such unusual, almost cheesy stuff, but even so… Every time he said something like that it never failed to make him feel all embarrassed.

"Right… "He mumbled on.

"You two are getting married!" Ruka exclaimed at the side of the bed. Zero looked over towards the female vampire, his face in a greater shade of red and tried to deny it, but Kaname stopped him.

"Yes, very soon."

"Kaname your jokes aren't getting any funnier," Zero said, almost pouting. He got up on his elbows and partially overlooked the pureblood's head, which continued pillowing his stomach.

Kaname looked up with his brown eyes, staring into lilac ones, seriously. "Who said that was a joke?"

Zero was dumbfounded. Kaname couldn't possibly mean that… they…

Takuma, who had long settled at a corner of the bed, started clapping with glee. "Yay! A wedding!"

Zero was redder than any tomato. A hand went to shield his mouth, looking as if he was trying to prevent himself from bursting out loud. Both vampires' gazes were still locked onto each others, unable to tear away.

Kaname smiled and reached up, brushing the back of his hand against Zero's cheek. "Now that you've mentioned it, I've done the proposal in a very inappropriate position, didn't I?"

"What?! No, it's not… inappropriate…" Zero mumbled into his hand. "I'm just… surprised…"

"True, it could be too early…" Kaname sighed. "But everything would seem too late for a vampire… I felt that if I didn't do it now, the next chance might be thousands of years away."

"But… why now…?"

Kaname got off Zero, and turned to Zero's semi-raised form. He leaned over, placing a kiss on Zero's forehead. "Because I don't want to hide you any longer. You're every pride, and every part of who I am. I want to let everyone in the Night Dormitory, in the school… Hell, I'd give everything to ensure that the whole world knows that I love you."

Zero felt his heart leaping against his chest much harder than needed. His face burned hotter than a flame. Kaname was proposing to him. No, Kaname was practically announcing it. He couldn't explain how he felt, but he was suddenly aching to pull the pureblood into an embrace.

"So, Zero…" Kaname bent over, bringing their lips to brush against each other's. "Will you marry me?"

Zero couldn't help but smile unusually widely. A small chuckle escaped him, as he cleared the tiniest of distance between their lips. "Yes."

"A wedding! A wedding!"

"Kiss! Kiss!"

Zero would've gotten annoyed by the children's antics, but he didn't have the heart to do that at the moment. Somewhere inside, he rather appreciated that these kids were around. Frankly, there were amusing times. The past six hours wasn't too bad after all.

The six children started yawning all of a sudden, which was odd, considering that they were vampires and that they slept at night. But, they were up the entire day…

"Kaname, I think we should bring them to their rooms," Zero suggested.

"Yes, I think we should."

The two vampires proceeded to bring the youngsters into their respective rooms, tucking them into bed.

When they got back into Kaname's room, they flopped onto the bed, feeling pretty exhausted themselves.

"That was fun," commented the pureblood.

Zero snuggled against him, resting the side of his face on Kaname's chest and listened to the calm, rhythmic heartbeat.

"Maybe." Zero almost purred at the feel of Kaname's fingers gently stroking his hair.

"You do remember me saying that I'd be requesting compensation from them?"

Zero laughed. "Provided that they even remember 'using' your time…"

"I'll make sure they will…"

Takuma and Shiki's room.

"Takuma," a soft voice called out. The redhead shook the blonde's shoulder, trying to urge him awake. "Takuma."

"Ngh? Huh? Shiki? What time is it?" The vice-dorm leader groaned.

"It's already seven."

Takuma immediately jumped out of bed. "What?! Why didn't my alarm go off at five?"

"I don't know but… I woke because of a weird dream."

Takuma scratched his head, as Shiki came to sit beside him. "Come to think of it, I think I had one too."

"Really? Mine is regarding the dorm leader and Kiryuu."

"What a coincidence! So was mine!"

The two vampires heard thundering footsteps towards their room and the door swung open, quite roughly.

"Takuma!! Shiki!!" Aido yelled at the top of his lungs. "I had to worst nightmare ever!!" The blond clutched his own shoulders and shuddered. "Kiryuu was… Kiryuu was carrying me for god's sake!"

"What? That sounds cute."

"Not according to him when he said he's the one who wanted it." Kain walked up from behind, yawning.

"Takuma save me!!!"

"Now that you've mentioned it, I did something pretty… odd myself…" Shiki silently mused. "I think I bit the dorm leader and Kiryuu."

"You WHAT?!?!" Aido roared.

Kain scratched the back of his head. "I think I did something bad too. Somehow I think I told the dorm leader off…"

"Kain you back stabber!"

"I'm not the one wanting a piggy back ride."

"It wasn't a piggy back ride!!" Aido hissed, face flushed.

"I think I somehow made fun of them," Takuma laughed away, ignoring the playful strangle Aido was doing.

"So, what of the girls?" Shiki asked.

"They locked themselves in their rooms. Not sure why, but I think they were complaining something about their horrible dressings…" Kain shrugged.

"Noo why does the nightmare seem so real!!" Aido continued moaning.

"Maybe it was real," Takuma replied.

"Why'd you say so?" The other three asked.

"Look at our clothing, guys. They are definitely not our pajamas."

All of them looked at each other's rugged clothing for a moment or two before Aido started bawling.

"Then I didn't hear wrong?! Kaname-sama and Kiryuu are… are…"


"My dream was pretty clear… and yes, Aido I think the dorm leader and Kiryuu are getting married."


Kaname's Room

Both the vampires on the bed sneezed.