Okay, so I haven't gotten all the rangers yet, I'm missing a blue ranger and the sixth ranger, but I really wanted to update. So if anyone wants to send those rangers in that would help. Oh and I tweeked my character Evie just a tad so some of the characters wouldn't seem so similar. Anyways on with the story!

Evelyn Nolan descended the stairs of her house and went into the kitchen.

"Morning mom, dad," She said.

"Morning kiddo," Her dad said not looking up from his paper. Evie grabbed a bagel and put it in the toaster. She noticed her mom giving her a look.

"Yes mom?"

"Why are you wearing that?" Her mother asked giving Evie's outfit a once over. Evie was wearing a yellow T-shirt, with jean capris, and sneakers. "It's the first day of school, can't you try to at least look nice?" Evie was about to respond when her father spoke.

"Honey is Evie's shirt showing her mid-drift?" Her father asked, still not looking up.


"Are you capris too short?"

"No," Her father stood up and folded the newspaper.

"Then what's the problem?" He asked. He kissed Evie's head. "Have a good first day kiddo." He left the kitchen and headed out of the house.

"Please Evie?" Evie grabbed her bagel from the toaster and grabbed her bag. She heard a car horn honk outside.

"Bye mom!" Evie said heading out of the house. She quickly walked over to the small blue camri and hopped into the front seat. "Morning."

"Morning Evie ready to start our senior year?" Evie turned to her companion and gave her a look. While Lilly was her best friend her excitement about school was annoying. Nobody but Evie ever saw this side of her. They knew Lilly as the shy girl who was normally buried in a book.

"Let's go," Evie said. "We still need to pick up Jake." Lilly nodded and began driving down the street. Evie munched on her bagel as Lilly drove. They stopped at a house and Lilly honked. The door of the house opened and the two girls watched as Jake ran down the steps and across the yard to the car. He hopped into the backseat and Lilly began driving.

"Dude's why is summer over?" Jake asked.

"Cuz it's only two months long," Evie answered. Lilly chuckled and Jake rolled his eyes.

"So did you guys hear the news?" Lilly asked. Evei and Jake shook their heards. "Mrs. Nullington retired!"

"Aw sweet no more torture in history!" Jake exclaimed pumping his fist into the air.

"Who's her replacement?" Evie asked. Lilly shrugged.

"Dunno but hopefully they'll be nice," Lilly said. "By the way Evei, I like your top."

"Really?" Evie asked. "Cuz my mom was about ready to make me change."

"Is that why your mom doesn't like me?" Jake asked staring at his tan cargo shorts and plain green T-shirt. "Cuz she thinks you get your laid-back style from me?"

"No my mom doesn't like you because your brother left a dent in her car," Evie said. Jake made an oh face and Evie rolled her eyes. Lilly pulled into the school parking lot and killed the engine.

"Alright we're here," The three got out of the car and headed into Angel Grove High School.

She meandered slowly through the dark halls, feeling her way through. She finally made it to the throne room when suddenly light brust up all around her.

"If you needed light," She nearly jumped when she heard his voice. "You could have asked."

"Must you scare me like that?" She asked in a scolding voice. He made a tsk tsk noise at her and smirked.

"Is that really anyway to talk to me?" He asked. "It's not my fault you're here now is it? It seems you were the weak one."

"Well excuse me for being hungry," She said in a huff. He smirked again.

"My dear you can fight me all you want be you aren't leaving until your time is up," He said. She made a face. "Six months correct? For the six seeds you ate from that pomegranate." He beckoned her forward and she approached his small throne-like chair.

"Yes?" He gave her a look. "My wonderful husband?" He smiled.

"It is time I got my revenge," He said. "If I am correct my stupid power-hungry brother no longer has people to hold power over or people to fight me."

"So what?" She asked.

"Silly girl," He said. "While my brother is powerful, I am just as powerful as he is. So I could easily fight him and claim what should be my throne. And then my poor brother will be banished to the underworld."

"But I thought you liked it down here," She pointed out.

"I've grown acustom to it," He said. "It's not like I love it so much that I'd tell people to build summer homes here. But that is besides the point. My dear, just think me the ruler of Mount Olympus." She nodded and suppressed the frown that was forming. She sighed.

"While you plan your revenge," She said. "I'm taking a nap." And with that she swiftly headed down the hallway. She entered the room he had made just for her and headed over to her dresser. She unlocked the top drawer and pulled out a small mirror which had a black cloth over it. She uncovered it and looked into the mirror. "Uncle?" She waited until her Uncle's face appear.

"What is it?" He asked.

"He's planning to attack," She said. "You must assemble a new team of warriors. I have to go." And with that she quickly recovered the mirror, put it into the drawer, and locked the drawer.

Lilly, Jake, and Evie sat in their history class waiting for it to begin.

"I saw the new teacher in the hallway," Lilly said.

"And?" Jake asked.

"He doesn't look that old and he's cute!" Evie and Jake rolled their eyes as they heard the door open.

"Good afternoon class," A man who seemed to be in his thirties, maybe younger approached the front of the class. "My name is Mr. Park and I'll be your history teacher this year." He looked at the students most of them with already bored looks on their faces. "Alright so first off I would like to know which culture is your favorite when learning about history. Any volunteers?" The class was silent.

"None," Someone mumbled and a group of boys broke out into laughter. Evie watched the teacher roll his eyes but continue.

"And would you like to tell me why you don't like history Mr," He stopped not knowing the kid's name.

"Griffith," The boy said. "And dude it's history it's just a bunch of stupid stuff that a bunch of dead people did a long time ago that hardly affects us today."

"Really?" Mr. Park asked and the kid nodded. "Well tell me does the telephone not affect us?" The kid looked confused. "Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, are you saying that this is something that doesn't affect us."

"Dude no one cares about the telephone anymore," The kid said. "It's stupid and useless like this class."

"Marcus just shut up!" Evie shouted turning around. "Maybe if you stopped complaining you would actually learn something and not expect to pass on someone else doing your work."

"Shut it Evie no one asked you," Marcus said.

"Yeah and no one asked you to be a jerk," Lilly said before putting both her hands over her mouth.

"Oh does little Miss Britain have something to say?" Marcus asked in a mocking tone. Lilly bent her head down so her blonde hair covered her face. "Look at that Dean, she's trying to hide."

"Heh scardey cat," The kid named Dean responded.

"Hey leave her alone!" Evie said getting out of her seat and approaching Marcus and Dean.

"What is your little friend to scared to fight her own battles?" Marcus asked, again using his mocking voice.

"She shouldn't have to defend herself against you," Jake said walking up next to Evie. "You two are a bunch of mean, rude, and stupid jerks." Marcus jumped up at this comment. This caused his chair to go flying back and into the desk behind him which then caused everything on the desk to spill all over the floor. The kid at the desk looked up and Marcus with a look of disdain and was clearly pissed off. Marcus laughed at the look the kid was trying to give him.

"Oh look the emo boy is trying to look mad," Marcus said. "Why don't you just go back to your little black hole and stay there." The kid kept giving him the look, his blond hair hanging over his eyes creating a shadow. Marcus grabbed his shirt and lifted him off the ground. "You gonna say anything, emo boy?"

"That's enough!" Everyone turned to Mr. Park who was clearly fuming now. "Marcus, Dean to the principal's office, now!" Marcus left go of the kid, inadvertently dropping him to the ground. They both snickered before heading out of the classroom. The bell rang and everyone quietly began gathering their books. "Evelyn, Jake, Lilly and," He paused not knowing the name of the kid still sitting on the ground.

"Connor," Evie said walking over to him. She offered him her hand, which he simply ignored and stood up. They all approached Mr. Park's desk.

"While I understand how you feel about Marcus and Dean," He began. "What just happened is not something I will tolerate in my classroom.

"But Mr. Park we weren't just gonna let them rag on Lilly," Jake said looking at his friend is pink who was still hiding her face. They heard her sniffle and Evie put her arms around her and held her in a hug.

"I understand," Mr. Park said. "Believe me when I was in high school there were two kids like Marcus and Dean. But please if they do anything like that again please let me handle it, alright?"

"Yeah," Evie and Jake said. Lilly gave a small nod and Connor nodded as well.

"Alright you can go now," They all were about to leave when suddenly a bright light appeared and all five of them disappeared.