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Dear Diary:

Isn't it funny…

Isn't it funny how things turn out?

When I was a kid my parents took me to see Cinderella at the local opera house. Of course Bonnie and Kim took to arguing through half the play. But to me it really didn't matter, even then I could block their childish tantrums out. Personally I've always loved Cinderella, I always pictured myself in that title role. I had always expected that I'd get a happily ever after. I had always expected to find my Prince Charming.

In high school I was popular enough, even though I oddly became shy around boys. Joining the cheer squad probably saved my place on the food chain. Bonnie somehow always managed to keep us in the upper echelon. All of us except for Kim but that's an entirely different story.

Now as graduation approaches…God I can't believe that it's only a week away…

Now as graduation approaches I think back again to Cinderella…

I haven't found my Prince Charming…

Surprise of surprises I've found my Princess Charming instead.

I've never considered myself to be anything but straight. However while showering with the other girls after practice I one day suddenly found myself doing what could only be described as ogling. At first I tried to just brush it off with the idea that all I was doing was appreciating beauty. A few times I barely managed to look away just before I got caught looking. They'd look over at me, frozen in time, for a few seconds before deciding that they must have been mistaken.

Tara once caught me very nearly drooling over a soapy and sudsy Liz. I somehow managed to convince her later on that I was only trying to check and see if I'd lost a contact or not, even though I don't wear glasses in the first place. Thankfully she bought it…Tara never was the sharpest tool in the shed either so…

Now as I sit here on my bed fresh from a nice hot shower with my Princess Charming I can't help but allow my gaze to stray from this entry to her lithe figure in front of me. She's lying on her stomach at the foot of my bed watching Sailor Moon. Like me she's letting her hair air-dry after brushing it out, our clothes laid out on the backs of the chairs beside my bed. I giggle at her fits of laughter as once again I allow my gaze to follow every curve of her body, especially her beautifully tanned shoulders and insanely long toned legs, the source of many stares and muffled mumblings from some of the guys in our class.

I'm staring so intently in fact that I don't immediately notice when she pushes herself up on her elbows and turns back to me with a smile.

"You're staring at my ass again…aren't you," She asks with the grin that just drives me crazy.

"I can't help it…I mean, it's so huge, it'd probably block out the sun and cause and eclipse," I chuckle back trying to sound as cool and relaxed as possible even though my stomach is actually in knots.

"You're such a meanie," She pout playfully back to me as she turns and fully sits up so that the sides of our knees are touching with her feet near my but and my feet near hers.

I try not to stare at her bare breasts…hopefully she's having the same problem with mine.

"Well I try," I joke back as sarcastically as I can with a sly grin and a shrug of my shoulders before I'm silenced as she reaches out and traces a finger from my mole to across my lips. I so want to suck on that finger but somehow I manage to only close my eyes and let out a small moan. She interprets that correctly as an allowance to her on my part and leans in for a kiss that takes my breath away. As I feel her hand on my side I know where this is headed and I can't wait.

Fully ready for what is to come I let you diary drop to the floor as I ignore the television ad focus instead on her soft lips and how her smooth skin feels against my own. The last words that I hear before losing myself to the moment were hers.

"I love you Hope."

Hours later after my parents came home and found us sitting together at the kitchen table going over college brochures my only thought as I snickered softly to her about our private moments together was, "I love you to Jessica."