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Btw this is all in Bella's point of view. I like Stephenie Meyer's work a lot and try to relate to her. And since Midnight Sun isn't published yet, I'm not sure how Edward's mind works so yea Enjoy!

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Chapter 1-

Ugh. Forks High School. It was my first day here and I already began to hate it- with the annoying blond who wouldn't stop talking to the boy who didn't seem to stop breathing down my neck.

Her name was Jessica.

His was Mike.

They were perfect for each other but didn't know it yet.

By the time I got to lunch I learned how to tune everyone out. I figured if they noticed I wasn't paying attention, maybe they'd get the hint. Not.

My eyes were scanning the lunch room while I absent mindlessly played with a loose thread on my shirt when I saw him.

With his perfectly tousled reddish brown hair and green eyes that I could melt in, even from across the room. He was surrounded by three girls who seemed to be laughing at every word that came out of his full lips-weather he implied it to be funny or not.

He then flashed his perfect set of sparkling teeth to a redhead and I forced myself not to cringe.

"Yeah," Jessica sighed. "I think he's hot too."

I couldn't agree. Hot wasn't quite the right word. More like beautiful and godlike. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

Then his eyes abruptly flashed to mine and he winked at me subtly-obviously not allowing the redhead to see.

I looked down-a color of crimson filling my cheeks.

"Who is that?" I asked Jessica, my head still down and returning to my loose thread-concentrating on it as much as possible now.

"Edward Cullen." Jessica nearly groaned his name. I could tell that he's probably pulled something on her to make her suffer this much.

"But don't bother," she said quickly. "Unless you wanna get some sort of STD. He's a major player. He claims he's a virgin but other girls can prove otherwise."

Ew. A player? Well, he was too gorgeous to not have every girl on him.

I sighed and shrugged it off. I decided not to try and obsess about him just because he winked at me. I'm sure he's done a lot more to other girls.

I made my way to Biology with Mike right at my heels. When I got in there I handed a slip to my teacher that was to be signed by each one of my teachers and he appointed me to the only empty seat in the room.

Next to Edward Cullen.

There was a smile on his lips that seemed to be permanent. It enhanced his looks and made him look more beautiful. His smile broadened when he saw me making my way towards him.

"Hello there." His velvet voice was appointing me as I sat down.

"Hi." I replied in a nasty tone-remembering who he was.

"It seems we haven't met before." He smiled even wider, ignoring my manner and held out his hand-a gesture that's supposed to be friendly. "I'm Edward Cullen"

I was in no position to accept that handshake so I simply smiled-a bit sarcastic-and spoke instead. "Bella, I'm Bella Swan."

"I figured you were." He said, his smile fading a bit and he put his hand down, embarrassed.

"Yup." I said, popping the P and pretending not to be mesmerized by his intense stare. I looked at the teacher, acting as if I was preoccupied by what he's doing although he hadn't started class yet. I was never good at hiding things though.

"So, how do you like Forks so far?" Edward asked. I felt like he wasn't used to conversation because girls were just all over him at this point. Not me.

"I don't." I said, not looking at him yet.

"Oh." I could see a slight frown forming on his face from my peripheral vision. He was obviously not used to rejection.

He smiled abruptly and tried again. "Maybe I can help with that."

Was he serious? Couldn't he see that I wasn't another toy he could just play with anytime he wants? Just as every other girl was in this dreadful school.

"I highly doubt that." I said, looking at him now-my voice firm.

He just shrugged but I could see the hurt in his eyes. He deserved it anyway.


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