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"No," Edward muttered in monotone, as if it was obvious that I should know this already.

"Edward, I wasn't asking you. I was telling you," I sighed, "I'm going to the dance with Jake-weather you like it or not." Why am I so attracted to this stubborn idiot?

"Well…I don't like it. How would you feel if I went out with my ex-girlfriend who still had the hots for me?" He huffed, making himself look half his age. I wanted to slap him so badly right now that my fingertips were tingling at the incredible urge.

"Will you stop it?! Do you not remember how Jake and I broke up? Oh yes, because I cheated on him with YOU." My nose flared and my nails were digging into my palm. "Edward, if you try to stop me and Jake from going to the dance together-so help me God-I will kick you where it hurts until you can't have babies anymore." My voice was deathly serious and I scared myself a bit too.

His eyes widened a bit and he flinched after I said 'kick you where it hurts'. Probably because he knew I wasn't kidding. Jerk…

"Fine. But if I see him with his hands all over you…"

I glared at him but my anger passed quickly as it usually does when I'm with him. "You're cute when you're jealous," I giggled like a love-struck schoolgirl and saw the lines in his forehead smooth out as that crooked smile I love so much appeared.

"Well, you're just cute," he said lowly and grabbed me by the chin to gently place his lips over mine.

Hmm…tastes like a mixture of watermelon jolly rancher and lovespell perfume-if it were edible.

And with that talented tongue of his…

"Get a room."

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw Emmett come in Edward's room and grab something that looked like a shirt then left without even looking at us again.

"We're already in one, dumbass!" Edward shouted when Emmett slammed the door behind him.

"Does the term 'knocking' exist in this household? Because that wasn't the first time someone walked in on us…" I drifted off and felt the familiar warmth make its way up my neck and to my cheeks at the memory.

Edward shrugged. "I've walked into way worse when he was with Rosalie."

"Ew." I shivered a bit, trying to remove the image from my tainted thoughts.

Edward crawled over me and trapped me underneath him on his master sized bed, looking like a lion stalking its prey. "Now…where were we?" He purred and made a beeline for the underside of my jaw with his teeth-indeed acting like a lion now.

I couldn't help the giggle that escaped from me but somehow mussed up the will power to push him off. It didn't work, of course.

"I believe we were discussing your stubbornness to side with my decision and my motivation to handle the life of your future children." I applauded myself for not letting his proximity affect my speech.

Edward made a slight rumble in his throat and rubbed the stubble of his cheek against my neck. The vibrations of his face was spreading goose bumps over every inch of my body. It felt as if he were sniffing my neck, then I felt his tongue jut out, taste the vein that was pulsing out of my neck, and suck gently.

"Can't we just make out?" Edward whined in between nibbles.

I was far too gone to deny him this time so I just mumbled something that sounded like "Mmf," and drifted into ecstasy.


"Alice, if you think I'm wearing this piece of cloth to the Halloween party, then you are clearly out of your small mind, my infinitesimal friend," I picked up the shirt-or bra-and flew it across my room with disgust.

"Small mind?" Alice pouted and went to retrieve the shred of fabric, looking like a minx.

I shrugged. "I would say it's pretty microscopic if you don't know my style of clothing by now." I shook my head sadly. "Baggy and comfy. Just the way I like it."

Alice scrunched up her face in revulsion. "That's fashion suicide!" She growled, "And I don't care what you like. There's no possible way not to look slutty when you're a French maid."

"Actually, Alice-"

"Enough!" she interrupted, "I don't want to hear another complaint!" she ran her fingers through her spiky hair and took a deep breath, "now Bella," her voice was terrifyingly calm, "try on the maid costume or I will do it for you."

Now I know how Edward felt when I threatened him. Her voice matched the same tone mine had. I slowly took the costume out of her hands, afraid she'll snap at me like a terrier. I backed into the bathroom, still keeping my eye on her, and surprised I didn't trip over my own feet.

The dance was tomorrow night and I had yet to find out what I was going to be. Up until now, of course. Unless I found a way to escape Alice's plan to get me raped.

Jake still hadn't told me what he was going to be, stating it was a 'surprise'. Since Edward was only going to be hosting the dance-consequences from his punishment-he couldn't dress up. However, this also meant he couldn't interfere anything that went on between me and Jake. I still don't know how I'm going to make Jake forgive me fully on what I did to him. The least I could do was spend some time with him without my boyfriend breathing down my neck.

I had a bit of trouble trying to find which limb should go into which hole, although it was only a maid's outfit, I'm fashionably challenged.

I looked into the body length mirror and my jaw dropped in horror.

My entire torso was showing because of the bra-like top that was making my B-cups pop out more than usual. The bottom was lacy, poofy, and just plain slutty. I was more exposed than I was at the pool party. This black and white contraption was deathly enough to knock any parent unconscious.

"ALICE!" I screeched.

"Yes, Bella?" her voice feigned innocence and I was about to pull the door out of its hinges because of how pissed I was now.

"There is no way in any circle of hell will I be wearing this. Maybe if I'm applying to be a prostitute," I huffed. "No. Not even that. I wouldn't even be caught dead in this thing."

"Good. Because I might kill you if you don't show me right now." She started pounding on the door and I was slightly afraid that her small fists would crack my decrepit door.

"I said I wouldn't be caught dead in this. And stop banging! What did my door ever do to you?"

She just continued to pound and I decided that she was going to get her way eventually.

I unlocked the knob and openly the door hesitantly and, almost simultaneously, Alice let out an ear piercing, glass shattering, and animal scaring screech.

I draped my arms across my stomach. "I know, it's-"

"Sexy!" She said then grabbed my hand in an attempt to turn me around. "I cannot wait until you try on the knee highs, and the cute little bow that ties around your hair, and the duster, and the heels, oh! And the-"

"Heels? Alice, that's crossing the line. I took that chance with that last time, and-"

"It turned out to be fine! Come on, Bella," she pouted.

"Stop interrupting me!" My blood pressure was rising and my face felt hotter than usual. I took a minute to breath and tried to get my face back to its normal color. "I will wear this…sex costume…under one condition."

She jumped at my offer and nodded her head eagerly. "Well…what is it?"

I smiled evilly. "You have to wear something equally slutty as me."

Alice just laughed. "Way ahead of you, mon bien-amié."


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