Hello readers,

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to those who have remained subscribed to this story even though it has been under revision for several years.

The good news is I have finally (sincerely) begun writing again. I have about thirty ideas simmering in my head, and about four that are bursting in my fingertips, hardly waiting to be written. Unfortunately, this story is not among them, but it is on the list! I am, for the time being, more excited about other stories but I promise you that I will spend time developing this fic once again.

I have a few other Labyrinth stories in mind, but I'm thinking of combining this story with another one to form a better story and I hope that when I'm ready to present it that you all enjoy.

For the time being, I will leave the old chapters of my awkward writing beginnings up for any newcomers who may have an interest, but please be aware that before I post any new content I will revise the previously posted chapters so that they do not sound like the scribblings of a seventh-grader.

Thank you for your attention and patience,