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Heat 8

Rukia stifled the urge to yawn…again. She began to wonder how long Jake would be kissing her. Inadvertently she had been counting the seconds that had ticked by since his lips had glued themselves to hers. Thirty seconds and counting. Jeez, has he not heard of breaks?

Rukia was trying to enjoy the feel of Jake's lips on hers, honestly she was. In fact, she wanted nothing more than to enjoy the kiss. The man was gorgeous; every single girl in her high school was after him. He was like her school's George Clooney, or Brad Pitt. Rukia had been thrilled when he had accepted her request to go on a date with her and she had practically been the one to initiate the kiss.

So she should be ecstatic to be kissing him.

But, man, was she dying with boredom underneath. Apparently, her friends had been shitting her when they had claimed that he was an awesome kisser, that or they had no idea what a real kiss was like. Rukia had been so pumped up thinking that she would finally get to kiss someone who'd make her feel something close to that tingly good feeling she used to feel but she just had to be let down.

No offense, Jake was an extremely good looking guy, she could vouch for that herself. But honest to God his kissing style was crap. Rukia could easily pick out a million flaws; he was too slow, his movements too dull, too mechanical, too sloppy, he breathed too hard from his nose, his kept his face perfectly straight, his lips were too dry, his nose kept bumping into hers, making it difficult for her to breath properly.

She was completely indecisive about his hands; one second she wanted them on her but then she'd feel repulsed by his touch. He wasn't aggressive enough, hot enough, demanding enough. All she could feel for him was irritation and frustration. Rukia wondered again whether her friends had been lying to her. Good-for-nothing friends…

Dammit, she shouldn't be thinking of this at the moment! She should be overcome with lust, pleasurable sensations should be wracking her entire body, making her moan with need. She should be incapable of thinking coherent thoughts. Her knees should feel like jell-o. Her heartbeat should be escalating.

She shouldn't even be able to think up words longer than five letters!

Rukia tried once more to focus on Jake's lips, forgetting the irk she felt when his knees knocked clumsily into hers.

Jeez, why don't you put a little force into it if you're so bent on mutilating me?

Damn, that was too harsh, even for her. She squeezed her eyes tighter, blocking out all thoughts from her head, focusing onto the feel of his lips moving on hers, shifting sides, parting…

Will my knees bruis-DAMN!

Rukia gave up on trying, resisting the urge to heavily sigh on her predicament. Why was this happening? No matter how much she tried, she just couldn't feel anything. And she wasn't just referring to Jake. Even after going out with five other guys, she had felt nothing close to what she had felt in that hallway with-

Stop thinking of that!

Rukia snapped back to attention, driving that unwanted thought out of her head, suddenly kissing Jake back with renewed effort. She leaned forward from across the tiny table, pressing her lips harder against his. Jake momentarily froze on her sudden intensity and Rukia quickly took that chance to take control of the kiss. She cupped the side of his face, her other hand moving to grip the back of his short hair, harshly tilting it to one side, causing her lips to slant over his.

The kiss gained a sudden urgency. Her pace quickened as she aggressively took control of his lips, pressing in deeper, pushing him further into his chair. Her tongue snaked out to touch his lips before entering his mouth. Jake groaned against her lips, shattering Rukia's focus.

Dammit, does he have to groan?

She quickly tried to refocus on kissing him, determined to make her feel that spark she so craved for. She didn't care if it took her the whole bloody afternoon to feel it. She was even prepared to go out with a million guys just to feel it.

She had to feel it no matter what.

Rukia mentally cringed when Jake started to respond too excitedly. She stifled the desire to slap his hands away when they went up her knee, slowly creeping under her denim skirt towards her inner thigh.

No, no matter how disgusted I am because of his creepy hands on my leg I am not going to bloody quit.

Rukia desperately needed to get over her sick brother complex. She needed to get over what she was feeling for her brother. She needed to. Her sanity was on the fucking line. She had already dated five guys, kissed them as well, but had felt not even one single spark, not even one fucking inkling of desire for them. She had to make it work with Jake. This had been going on for way too long.

Jake suddenly slid his tongue out, directly sticking it into Rukia's mouth without any warning. She immediately yanked herself away from him, barely hiding the revulsion she had felt on his slippery tongue entering her mouth. Her irritation rose.

What the bloody hell was wrong with her!? Rukia used to have absolutely no problem with kissing other guys, let alone tonguing them. It had never disgusted her before. And kissing had never bored her before either. She used to enjoy it very much. Rukia took a good look at Jake.

He was really handsome, with short ebony hair, fair skin and grey eyes. He had a good height and from the looks of his shirt, he probably worked out as well. Hell, he was exactly Rukia's type. She shouldn't even feel like yawning or wanting to end the date. She shouldn't even be disgusted with kissing him!

Dammit, she should be interested in him! What the fuck was wrong with her!?

She already knew the answer to that. What was wrong with her was that even though he was good looking, he wasn't attractive enough for her. His hair was ebony, the way she liked it, but it was too short for her liking. She preferred longer hair, hair that she could run her hands though, hold on to, tug and pull at. Hair like…fuck, Byakuya nii-sama was the only person she could refer to.

And his eyes, they weren't the right shade; they should be darker, more intense, less almond shaped. And his face, although very nice, just wasn't going for her.

Dammit, it had been the exact same problem the last time. The last guys had either not been tall enough or not sophisticated enough. All of them had been black-haired, but they had either been cut too short for her liking or not silky enough. They all even had similar eye colors, but Rukia would always find a bloody fault in them.

Fuck, when had she become picky!? There had been a time when she had been interested in blond haired men…what the heck happened to that? Why was it that all the guys she had recently dated had all resembled…

Rukia froze, suddenly realizing something extremely disturbing. She hadn't even thought of the possibility but…all this time…had she been specifically picking guys that resembled her...brother?


She had been unintentionally doing that! She had been going after guys that had perked her interest, and Rukia had vaguely wondered why they all resembled someone familiar. Why had she not figured that out sooner?

All this time, she had been comparing them to him; their looks, their kisses, their touch. All because, Rukia swallowed hard, she had wanted them to be him.

Rukia felt her heart plummet. God, why was her life so fucked up? Ever since she had kissed Byakuya, she had lost interest in other guys. As in caput, zilch, desire gone.

What the hell was she supposed to do now!? Become a nun!? At seventeen!?

She sighed heavily, turning around her chair to pick up her purse. She looked back at Jake with an apologetic smile.

"Where're you going?" he asked Rukia. She clenched her teeth. Hell, she even had a problem with his voice. It wasn't deep enough. She was so bloody screwed.

"I'm sorry Jake, I just remembered that I have to check in at the corporation," she said without any hesitation, using a similar line that she had given to the last unsuccessful date, with minor adjustments.

Hey, at least she was getting better at lying.

Jake gave a lazy smile. "Aww, can't you skip today?"

She smiled back, her mind already forgetting about him. "Sorry, that's a no-can-do. It's getting pretty hectic over there."

"But we just got started," he whined. Rukia couldn't help but be annoyed by that. Did guys not get when they were being blown off?

Jake leaned forward to place a hand above her knee. She lifted a single brow.

"Why don't we head off for someplace quieter?" he said with a smirk which he probably thought looked sexy. Was it sexy to her? Uh, that'd be a no.

Rukia rolled her eyes, pushing his hand off her leg. "I'm sorry but I-nii-sama?"

Rukia tilted her head to look past Jake's shoulder at the approaching figure that bizarrely looked like her brother. He had on an office shirt and black suit pants, which was what her brother often wore as well. His hair was the exact match of her brother as well. The man was working his way round the tables placed outside the ice-cream parlor, walking towards them swiftly.

No way!

He really was Byakuya!

Rukia's eyes widened. Nii-sama was here!? But that was impossible; he was supposed to be at work. What was he doing in an ice-cream parlor during the afternoon!? She focused on his expression.

Was he…angry?

Byakuya reached Rukia and Jake with long, angry strides, stopping shortly behind Jake. He ignored Rukia's gaping mouth and narrowed his eyes, tapping the clueless boy's shoulder from behind.

The moment Jake turned around Byakuya clenched his fist and slammed it directly into the boy's face with blinding force. The crunching sound of the boy's nose cartilage snapping was muffled by the cry he let out in pain. He tumbled off his chair and Byakuya grabbed hold of his shirt before he could hit the floor.

"Nii-sama! Don't!"

Rukia quickly jumped up, pushing her chair back as she hurried to stop Byakuya.

Byakuya ignored Rukia again. He effortlessly picked the boy off the ground and threw him head-first towards a table placed a few feet away. The couple that had been occupying the table hastily stumbled out of the way before Jake hit them. He crashed onto the table, the table-legs snapping under the sudden impact.

Rukia froze on the spot, standing a few feet away from Byakuya, horrifyingly looking at her date on the splintered pieces of wood. Jake moaned loudly, the lower half his face covered with blood. Byakuya straightened his back, ignoring the looks people were giving the three of them.

He turned his face around to look at Rukia. His facial features were expressionless, showing no emotion, but his eyes revealed the rage he felt. Rukia looked back at his glare and swallowed hard; her eyes wide as saucers.

"I will see you at back at home, Rukia," he said in a clipped tone before turning around and stalking off, away from her and Jake. People stepped out of his way as Byakuya walked out of the parlor courtyard, not glancing back at her even once.

Rukia mutely watched him open the door of his company's car and step into it, slamming it loudly shut. She didn't unfreeze until the car had driven out of her sight.

She could still feel her heart thumping loudly against her chest. Her mind went blank as panic settled in, she glanced back at her semi-conscious date.

The owner to the parlor suddenly came out the front door and took in the sight of the broken table and bleeding boy. He crossed his arms and spoke in a clear voice.

"Now who's the lucky bastard to pay for the damage?"

Rukia stepped into the elevator with a heavy heart. She was on her way to the apartment, where Byakuya nii-sama obviously was at the moment, waiting for her arrival. He had been beyond furious at the ice-cream parlor; his little act with Jake had proven that point. And Rukia had absolutely no clue what was in store for her.

Was she going to be punished? For what by the way? Rukia hadn't done anything wrong. She had been on one of her usual dates, nothing else. And suddenly her brother had come out of nowhere and beaten Jake to a bloody pulp.

And he had done it by only punching him once! Rukia had taken Jake to the hospital, ridden with guilt and had seen just how much damage her brother had inflicted on him first hand. She hadn't even known her brother was that strong!

Fuck, she shouldn't be admitting this, but it had sort of impressed her…just a little bit.

But was he going to beat her? Rukia had no idea. Previously she hadn't even known he could get violent, he had always been the perfect gentleman in front of her, now she didn't know what to think.

Please let nothing happen, God.

Rukia stood in front of the apartment door, pulling whatever courage she could find together to face him. After realizing she still had feelings for her brother, she had plain and simply been avoiding him, using whatever free time she could get to go out with other guys. Nii-sama and she hadn't even spoken properly with each other since then. Confronting him now was going to be very difficult.

Rukia sucked in a lungful of air, straightening her back and turning the door handle. She opened the door and stepped inside, ignoring her heart pounding loudly against her chest. She subdued the sudden desire to run backwards out of the apartment on hearing the door click shut behind her.

You can do this, Rukia.

Rukia urged herself to move onwards, stopping by the coat rack to hang her coat. She mortifyingly felt her cheeks heat up on remembering what had happened here. It had been just a few days back that she had been slammed into it and kissed Byakuya in that extremely-

She mentally slapped herself, now was not the time to think of that.

Rukia walked out of the hallway and paused on seeing the lounge. One suitcase was standing in front of her, which she instantly recognized was her brother's. She frowned.

"Oh, Rukia."

Rukia jumped a foot in the air on hearing nii-sama's voice. She snapped her head around to look at him. He was leaning against the door frame of his room, a small smirk playing on his lips.

She frowned even more on seeing that smirk. She had been expecting a, how to put it, more angry welcome from him? He hadn't said anything to her in front of all those people at the ice-cream parlor so she had figured he had been waiting for them to be alone.

Rukia's heart sped up on that last word. She was completely alone with him; there was no one else in the apartment, no one to disturb them if something were to happen.

Something were to happen? Like what?

Rukia looked him over. He had exchanged his shirt for a similar black one; the front unbuttoned, revealing his lean chest and tapered muscles, showing his collarbones to perfection.

She swallowed hard. He looked utterly delicious at the moment. His silky black hair, loose, fell over one eye, strands slipping under his shirt over his smooth skin. Her eyes travelled hungrily down his abdomen, recalling how it had felt like in her dream, how his skin has tasted like, all sweet and salty but hot at the same time.

Her body instantly heated up, reacting to her thoughts. A sudden warmth pooled inside of her, slowly eating at her senses, devouring her reason.

Oh, what she wouldn't give to feel that body…

Rukia quickly looked away from him, shutting her eyes to bar the desire that assaulted her. This was not what she wanted. Yes, she wanted to feel desire, to feel pure unadulterated lust, but not for her Goddamn brother! Lusting after him was wrong in so many ways; Rukia didn't have enough fingers to count on for that.

She had only looked at her brother and she was getting turned on. His shirt was only unbuttoned and she was full-on lusting after his body, imagining all the things she could do to him, all the ways she could make him cry her name, make him moan with need.

Why could she not feel that way after fucking kissing another person!?

Do I have to be so bloody fucked up?

Rukia gritted her teeth, wondering how long she had been staring at Byakuya, hoping he hadn't noticed. She broke the silence.

"Yes, nii-sama," again, she just felt like she had to emphasize on that word. He instantly replied back.

"There is a suitcase in your room, pack for a week," he said in a calm voice.

Rukia did a double take. "What!?"

"We are going on vacation," he turned around to walk into his room. "And the flight will leave in three hours."

She froze, her eyes widening. She had to ask.

"W-Who else is coming?"

Byakuya looked back at her and lifted a single eyebrow.

"Just the two of us."

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