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A Crossover fanfic by A J

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but the plot is all mine.

Prequel Chapter 3

Just after Race Against Time:

The massive energy wave crashed over Bellwood like an avalanche, battering away all that was before.

Max, Ben and Gwen met hurriedly in front of Gwen's house when Carl and Sandra stopped to drop Gwen off. When his parents objected to him climbing out as well, Ben said, "It'll only be a minute, guys. I've just got a question for Grandpa."

"Hey, kids!" Max said when he saw the two young foxlike beings running towards him. The sound of his familiar voice calmed both of them down more than they would admit.

Gwen looked worriedly over her shoulder, to where she could see what had to be her parents peeking out the window of the house. She gulped. Another fox-face like Ben, Carl and Sandra (her father, she guessed,) and a giraffe with purple spots going up its neck (her mother, she feared,) eyed her with relief. 'They probably heard about the robbery at the mall,' Gwen thought to herself.

"Grrrr, like our lives aren't already messed up!" Ben fumed. Max chuckled at the adolescent growl.

"Could be worse, Ben," he said. "This could have made the Omnitrix go nuts, as well." Ben hurriedly put a paw over the face of the otherwise-unaltered alien device. "Soooo, any theories?"

"Only one," Gwen growled as well. "Animo."

"We'll check on that first thing tomorrow," Max said.

"Uh, second, Grandpa. We've still got one more day of school before Christmas break, remember?" Max and Gwen both sighed. Leave it to poor struggling Ben to have to at least maintain perfect attendance to keep his grades up.

"Alright, I'll pick you two up from school, then, and we'll go from there." Max looked at both his sons and their wives quickly. "Don't worry about your parents. I'll tell them you two just remembered a very special Christmas gift you wanted to get for them all, but it's out of town."

"Aw, maannnn," Ben groaned. "That means we'll actually have to get them something, now. More shopping." He growled under his breath again, and Max laughed.

"Suck it up, Ultradoofus," Gwen hissed at him. "It's all in a day's work for a hero. Either way, we're on the road as soon as possible." Ben just growled louder. He hated it even more when Gwen got practical.

"So, bring our allowances, and clothes for when we turn back, huh?" he asked, and Max nodded.

"Go on, you two. I'll see you right after the last bell tomorrow. Oh, and Ben?" Grandfather and grandson exchanged serious looks now. "If any of the other Plumbers are aware of the change, reassure them, but tell them to keep it quiet. We'll handle this as quickly as possible, but …" Max sighed. "We have to do what we can to avoid a panic. Agreed?" Both kids just nodded, and scurried off to their respective parents, Gwen still having trouble with the new mode of locomotion.