Title: Mafia Dreams
Chapter Title: Mafia Seduction
Rating: NC-17 for most if not all the stories that will be submitted
Genre(s): Smut, PWP, Some silliness?
Pairing(s): Various but 00(R)x27 for the first story
Spoilers: None



"Hyaa!" The sound of the yelp was accompanied by the large explosion that blew off the glass from the third story of the expensive Italian villa. All action in the Vongola main headquarters came to a stand still for just the moment of surprise, all eyes turned to the smoke billowing out of the Decimo's office. The surprise lasted for all of a second before life resumed with a few chuckles. They knew nothing was wrong, just Reborn teaching the Decimo a few more hard lessons in life.

Back in the charred remains of his office Tsuna had just barely managed to jump away from his desk and chair before it exploded, now curled up in a corner of the room, arms shielding his head from more damage. Once he was sure that it was safe he looked up, and nearly jumped when he saw he was scant centimeters away from the gaping hole wanting nothing better than to swallow him up and drop him down the three stories to the grounds below. To his credit he didn't and managed to get up gracefully and walk further into the safety of the room.

"Geez Reborn, you're going overboard with the explosives today." Tsuna sighed and dusted himself off. The years had matured the young Vongola boss and now a high school graduate he was instantly moved to Italy to take his place as the 10th Vongola boss. He had long ago given up denying his destiny and instead worked day to day to be strong enough to protect his loved ones from a future that no longer existed and any events that wanted to send them all down a similar path.

"Fnn…" Reborn smirked as he set the dynamite plunger aside. "That was a good dodge, Tsuna. Your reflexes are getting better." The tall, dark, and handsome Italian adjusted his fedora so that it shadowed his dark eyes before he pulled out the book he had been looking into before. With Tsuna's help he had been able to break the curse that had taken hold of him and the other arcobalenos just mere months ago, and it had taken a while to readjust to his adult body, but he was nothing if not a fast worker. And of course they all owed it to Tsuna, all of them had pledged loyalty to the Vongola Tenth Boss, albeit in their own ways.

"Now back to your lessons. What year did the 4th Vongola head…" he was cut off by his pupil.

"Reborn, why am I learning all this? It's pointless!" Tsuna sighed as he found chair still steady enough to hold his wait. He barely managed to dodge the bullet shot that had been aimed at his head. "REBORN!"

The hit man put his gun away, still looking down at his book, "The past isn't pointless, Tsuna. Neither is learning about the exploits of the ones who came before you. If we don't learn from the past we'll only be doomed to repeat it."

Tsuna sighed, but gave in, resting his elbow on his lap and his head on his upturned hand.

Reborn took that as his cue to continue, "The 8th was known for using her feminine wiles to her advantage, using the allure of her body to lead countless of her enemies to their deaths. Back in her day she was known as the seductive black siren of the mafia world." Reborn looked up, raising an eyebrow to see that Tsuna was only paying attention to about every other word. He smirked.

"I want you to be the successor of her title."

"W-wha?!" That definitely got Tsuna's attention. The young man blushed crimson, "Don't say strange things, Reborn! I can't do that!"

"Why not?" the hit man countered with an amused smirk pulling up at his lips.

"W-well… f-for one, I'm a guy! I can't do things like that! It'd never work! They'd laugh at me if they didn't kill me on sight!" The nineteen year old mafia boss shook his head vehemently just trying to imagine himself doing something like that. Tsuna hadn't grown much taller since the days where he was still a scared junior high school student denying any claims to being tied to the mafia, maybe just a few inches. Despite all his hard, rigorous training his body was still lithe, almost feminine, though there was no denying the movement of firm muscles under his pale skin, it was compact and flexible, making him quite agile. He had let his hair grow out, usually tying it at the nape of his neck, though the shorter strands framed his face, a clip or bobby pin usually set in place to keep it out of the way of his large honey colored eyes, his long eyelashes only added to his feminine looks, along with those full lips that were currently pouting at his tutor. Tsuna could give any woman a run for their money in terms of look and beauty, and he turned heads everywhere he went. Of course the young boy was completely oblivious to this, and sometimes Reborn wondered if he had failed his student in being self aware of his surroundings.

"Hmm…" Reborn looked the boy up and down appraisingly with his intense black eyes, a look that made Tsuna's cheeks burn hotly. "Maybe you're right. In either case I think it's time for some new lessons."

"A-ah… Really..?" Tsuna asked in surprise, not having expected his tutor to drop the subject so easily or at all really. But a change in lessons might be good. He hoped they were going to do combat training, which was something he knew he was good at, though never quite at Reborn's level. He was improving even now and that was all that mattered to him.

"Aa, let's go, dame-Tsuna." Reborn still called him back that nick name, but Tsuna knew it was because it'd make him keep trying until he was good enough to get past that nickname of the past. No one else called him that, just his tutor.

Trying to keep from heaving a sigh, this would only earn him a punishment from the hit man, Tsuna followed the black clad Italian out of his office and down the halls of the mansion he still hadn't completely mapped out and memorized. So he was a bit surprised to find himself in a room decorated in blacks, golds, and silken reds. A large, four post bed covered in dark red silken sheets was the main attraction, black and red pillows trimmed in gold taking up about half the bed

"Reborn…?" Tsuna looked around in confusion. Whose room was this?

Reborn didn't answer him, taking off his hat and hanging his hat on one of the bed posts, pulling off his dark jacket, tossing it to hang off the head of the nearby chair, after which he started to loosen his tie a little.

"Reborn..?" Tsuna asked again, though this time he wondered more about what he was doing here, since he had come to the conclusion that this had to be Reborn's bedroom.

His red tie now loose and draped around his shoulders the taller mafiaso turned his attention back to his pupil. "This is where we will have your next lesson."

"My next… lesson..?" What did Tsuna have to learn here? Was there some sort of secret to Reborn's room? Maybe a hidden chamber or booby traps set around the room he'd have to figure out?

Seeing his pupil's confused expression the dark haired Italian smirked, stepping towards him. "Aa, your next lesson. I've put it off for a long time, really. Before, I would always wonder who I would get to teach it to you. No one else seemed to be quite up to standard and so I put it off. I thought maybe you'd start to learn the lesson on your own, but years have gone by and you're still no more learned than you were when I first met you." He was standing over his pupil now, dark eyes gleaming as he looked at this wide honey colored ones, smirking at how adorable Tsuna looked when he was confused. "So I figured now… that there's no better teacher for you than me, of course."

"A-ano…" Tsuna took a tiny step back, a little unnerved at how close Reborn was standing over him, the way he was looking at him, he suddenly felt trapped. Was this the training? Overcoming frightening auras? Still, he pressed on, "W-what lesson are you talking about, Reborn..?"

"Fuu…" the hit man smirked, stuffing his hands into his pockets, and leaning closer to his pupil until their faces were scant inches apart. "The art of Mafia Seduction, of course," he breathed out in a soft, spine tingling husk.

Honey colored eyes widened in shock and Tsuna took a large step back this time, his arm coming up as a barrier between him and his tall tutor. "Hi-hiiiiii?! W-what are you talking about?! Mafia seduction?! I thought that was a joke!"

Reborn chuckled, calmly stepping forward to close the distance between him and Tsuna again, grabbing his arm and yanking him forward so that the small brunette bumped into him in a tangle of limbs, smirking when Tsuna's free hand automatically grabbed onto his shoulder to steady himself.

"Oh no… Mafia Seduction is quite real… and you'll need to learn it if you're going to pick up the 8th's title."

"B-but… But you said I was right about me not being able to do something like that! I'm a guy! I can't seduce other guys!" Tsuna panicked, trying to push away from his tutor, but Reborn kept a firm hold on his wrist, not letting him budge back an inch.

"I said maybe you were right," Reborn corrected, "As you are now you couldn't take the title. That cute naivety of yours attracts lots of other mafiaso to you, Tsuna, but you lack the skill to use that to your advantage. So I will teach it to you now. Don't forget that innocence, though Tsuna, its part of your appeal and it's how you draw so many to you. If you remember it and use it, you'll far exceed even the 8th's capabilities."

He was leaning over Tsuna again, and Tsuna could feel the warmth of his breath ghost over his own lips as he spoke, his eyes zeroing in on the older man's lips so close to his own, "R-reborn… Reborn wait! Y-you're… you're joking, right? I… I mean, you can't really do this… W-we're both guys!" He tried to talk reason to his teacher, though at this point he knew deep down that it was pointless.

"Shut up, Tsuna" Reborn chuckled softly before yanking Tsuna forward again by his trapped wrist, his free arm circling around the petite brunette's slim waist as his lips sealed over the petal soft ones under him.

Tsuna's breath caught in his throat, eyes as wide as saucers in disbelief of what was really happening. That Reborn's lips were really against his own, that the hit man's arm was pulling his own body flushed against the Italian's. Those lips expertly coaxed his stunned and frozen lips into moving and… and…

Tsuna felt his knees buckle as his body melted into the older man's experienced ministrations, moaning softly between their joined lips as Reborn ran a slick and warm tongue against the seam of the mafia boss's lips, making the younger boy gasp. And he took advantage of the slight move, plundering the brunette's mouth with the slick muscle of his tongue, earning another gasp and a trembling moan in return. Reborn couldn't help but smirk. Tsuna's reactions were so sweet, he couldn't help but want to tease him more, get more reactions out of him.

At this point Tsuna had forgotten that he was probably supposed to be struggling against the weird actions his tutor was taking with him, his arms clinging around the taller man's neck, hanging to him for dear life, trembling and arching forward against the solid feel of his body when he felt the hit man's rough hands pull the tails of his shirt out of his pants, then push those hands under his shirt, smoothing up and down his back.

"Mmmnh…aah!" Tsuna broke the kiss with a soft gasp of surprise when he was suddenly tipped back with a soft bounce onto the bed, his chest heaving with each breath he took, eyes soft and glazed over as he looked up at the tall, dark haired mean leaning over him and smirking seductively. "R-reborn…" he breathed out.

"You give in way too easily, Tsuna," Reborn teasingly reprimanded as he pulled the length of his tie off his shoulders at last, making the small brunette blush darkly and pout at him, "But don't worry, by the time I'm done training you, you'll have men falling to their knees before you." He smoothed his hands up Tsuna's sides, eliciting a soft moan from the Vongola Decimo, smoothing his hands and arms up over his head and he leaned down to claim those sweet, kiss swollen lips again with his own, meeting no resistance this time, but rather shy acceptance and even a bit of the boy's excitement. He wasn't surprised. He and Tsuna had always shared a bond that left most others in awe, so bridging the gap to this deeper bond wasn't that big of a jump at all.

Tsuna gave in easily this time, the experienced man above him having already taken his senses from him and ignited a strange new fire in his belly. If someone had asked him that morning what he thought of kissing another man, he would have sheepishly admitted that he thought it was weird, and really it wasn't something he thought about at all, but… But once again, Reborn had turned all his perceptions upside down and the impossible was suddenly very possible and it was so intoxicating all he could do was give into it and let the feeling lead him along.

Even so he was surprised when he suddenly found his arms tied above his head by the dark haired hit man's red tie, straining against it and staring at the man smirking down at him in shock, a dark blush dusting his cheeks. "R-reborn!!"

"You can't let yourself be overwhelmed dame-Tsuna," Tsuna glared at his tutor to be called that nickname at a time like this, "You're lucky I'm not the enemy or you would be in a lot of trouble right now."

"I wouldn't do this with the enemy in the first place!" Tsuna retorted, twisting in the tie's hold and glaring up at the man.

"Wouldn't you? You got overwhelmed so easily. Who's to say an enemy couldn't just take you by surprise like this?"

Tsuna blushed darker, "T-they wouldn't! Th-this is different! I wouldn't do that with them! I wouldn't react like this!"

"Oh..?" Reborn smirked and leaned close to Tsuna's face again, "So you're saying that there is something different about me that made you react this way? Are you saying that you were already attracted to me and that is why you gave in so easily?"

"A-ah… NO! Stop saying weird things, Reborn!" Tsuna didn't think he could blush any darker. "W-we're both guys! Something like this isn't right!"

"Fuhuhu…" Reborn chuckled softly, a bit darkly, brushing his lips against Tsuna's in an aching tease of a kiss, making the brunette whine and arch against him pitifully. "You can say what you want Tsuna, but your body is much more honest, isn't it? I've only kissed you, barely touched you and you're this excited already." He lowered his body so that their forms just barely brushed together with another tease, making Tsuna whimper softly in surprise when the older man's leg nudged between his legs and brushed the swell of his arousal there.

"A-aah…! R-reborn..!" Tsuna gasped and closed his eyes tightly, willing his body to stop reacting strangely to the other man. It was useless of course. He could feel his own excitement, the way his body was trembling for more attention… He couldn't meet Reborn's gaze, knowing the hit man was smirking down so knowingly at him.

Reborn simply chuckled and sat back against Tsuna's legs, studying the boy for just a moment, letting his hand smooth up and down the trapped form under him, enjoying the little whines and mewls those kiss bruised lips emitted. And even still Tsuna refused to look at him, his eyes tightly shut, long lashes fluttering against flushed cheeks. His pink tongue would peek out past those full lips to wetten them only to whine again when Reborn grazed his fingers teasingly light over a clothe covered nipple. "Your reactions are so cute, Tsuna," Reborn breathed out and lunged forward to claim those sweet, honeyed lips again.

Tsuna was lost and he knew it. He was another helpless victim of Reborn's long bragged 'Mafia Seduction,' and the worst part was that he only wanted to feel more, would gladly just let himself be it's victim. He strained against his ties as he kissed the older man back, inexperienced, but eager and learning quickly from the hit man's teachings, trembling as that agile tongue invaded his mouth, sliding his own against it, suckling hungrily on the slick muscle, getting a high of pleasure when he actually made the experienced man groan softly in return.

Deft hands quickly undid the buttons of Tsuna's shirt, hands rough with weapon handling smoothing over the pale, soft expanse of flesh now at his exposal. Reborn broke the kiss; dark eyes gleaming as he looked down at the flushed and wanton form of his adorable pupil under him. "Tsuna…" his voice husked lowly, and the sound of it alone sent a tremor down Tsuna's spine.

Glazed honey eyes met gleaming obsidian and Reborn could only lick his lips to see the new and virginal arousal in those eyes. "Remember what this feels like, Tsuna… I'll take you to heaven." Once again he claimed those addicting lips in another hard, but fast kiss, chuckling at the whimper he received for pulling back too quickly, "Calm down, Tsuna… just feel…" he chastised teasingly. His lips started a burning hot trail down Tsuna's throat, sucking on the pulse point there, dragging little mews from the boy under him as his hand smoothed over his chest again, stealing a small cry from Tsuna with rough finger tips circled around a little pink nipple.

He lightly pinched and rolled the rosy bud between his fingers until it was, hard, dark, and filled with blood, reveling in the cries they dragged out of Tsuna. "So very sensitive… I want to hear more of your wanton cries, Tsuna." Reborn breathed against the teen's ear.

"R-reborn… p-please…" Tsuna breathed out between gasps, his whole body thrumming in sensation. Though he didn't know what he was begging for, just more he supposed. His body felt like it was on fire, but it was a fire the likes of which he never felt before, and risking the chance of getting burned he wanted more.

To have his pupil begging to him like this was something Reborn had dreamt of on more than one occasion, but to have it become reality was better than any fantasy could ever be. To have his pupil under him in the throes of passion seemed forbidden, should have been forbidden really, but he was nothing if not a risk taker. That was probably what made him the best hit man in the world, if he did say so himself.

His mouth continued its southward trail down Tsuna's soft, pale skin, feeling the straining of hard, compact muscles beneath. The salty sweet skin was just as addicting as those honeyed lips and the hit man found himself leaving a trail of little love marks down his skin, making Tsuna whine and keen desperately under him. "So cute, Tsuna… cry more for me…" he whispered hotly against the sweat slicked skin, his tongue darting out to circle around the navel of the belly straining up hard to feel more of his touch. He nipped at the bottom dip of his navel with a smirk at the cry of his name that was his reward.

He continued the slow descent of his mouth as his hands slid lower to work on the boy's slacks, unbuttoning them and pulling them down along with the heart print boxers, sliding them down slim hips to soft, milky thighs, freeing the younger boy's aching need, then down further until he pulled them off, leaving his pupil in nothing more than an unbuttoned shirt that hid little more than his arms.

"E-eeiih..! Reborn!" Tsuna's embarrassed face was the cutest of all, Reborn decided. At least it was the cutest so far. He couldn't wait to see how Tsuna looked completely lost to passion.

He kissed the juncture of the brunette's hip and lower stomach, licking a hot line down the seam that had vongola heir squirming and mewling with want. "So impatient, Tsuna… This is your lesson. Show some restraint."

Tsuna keened pitifully, arching desperately, "R-reborn, please! T-this… this isn't fair…! I… I want…" he paused there, blushing crimson. How could he beg like this?!

"Oh..?" Reborn stopped, his tongue just scant centimeters from where Tsuna wanted attention the most. "What is it that you want dame-Tsuna?"

Tsuna flinched to be called something like that at a time like this again, but was too needy to even pout at the man. He shook his head. He could never be able to say something like that, that he wanted something like that from another man, from his tutor of all people!

"Fnn…" Reborn smirked and nibbled on Tsuna's lower stomach, "I won't continue until you tell me what you want, Tsuna. I'll just stay right here…" he chuckled softly, the warmth of his breath ghosting over the aching, making Tsuna buck desperately.


"Please?" Reborn repeated, running the flat of his tongue over his stomach.

"I… please… d-do that..!" Tsuna whispered, looking away in embarrassment.

"Do that..? Do what..? I'm already doing something… Be more specific, silly Tsuna." Reborn chuckled.

Tsuna whined, writhing desperately under the taller man. "I… I can't… I can't say it, Reborn, please!"

The hit man hummed low in his throat, nibbling lightly at the flesh of his lower stomach, "If you can't say it you must not want it that badly after all. I guess I can stay here a bit longer, then" He languidly started to run his tongue over the hairless stomach, the tip of it just barely teasing around his navel again, only to move back down, hot breath ghosting over the teen's arousal, but not drawing any closer than he originally had. His hands kneaded at the teens hips, then lower to the cute little backside, then to his thighs, smirking against his skin when all he got in response were more mewls and ragged breaths.

"R-reborn…" Tsuna breathed out between little, needy keens.

"Just say it, Tsuna. If you want it bad enough just say it." The dark haired Italian's voice was a low rumble, the tip of his tongue just barely brushing wetly against the very base of the teen's need, making the boy jump and cry out.

"P-please! R-reborn..!" Tsuna licked his lips, eyes shut tightly as he screwed up all of his courage, "P-please… t-take me..!"

The hit man felt all the air leave his lungs. Well that wasn't exactly what he had had in mind, but… why look a gift horse in the mouth, right? "Very good, Tsuna…" he praised his pupil before ducking his head to take the heat of him into his mouth, making Tsuna scream in passion. Yes, Tsuna's cutest face was definitely the one where he was lost in his need.

"Aah aaaaahn!" Tsuna's head fell back against the pillows as his hands only twisted more fiercely against the tie holding them up above his head. "G-gods, Reborn!" He cried out loudly as his hips bucked up desperately. He had never felt anything like this before, and the touch of his own hand paled greatly in comparison. To think that his tutor was bringing out these feelings in him.

Reborn worked over the pulsing heat in his mouth, watching the boy above him with lust gleaming eyes, taking in his every reaction. Tsuna really was so cute and inexperienced. He was completely lost with just this. Little did his pupil know that with his own request he had much more in store for him.

Using Tsuna's distraction to his advantage, he sat up enough to free the boy's legs, spreading them wide apart, pushing them high up and forward so that the boy was doubled over, wanting to see just how flexible Tsuna could be, letting his fingers slide down to tease the hidden depths of the boy's body.

"Aa-aah! R-reborn!" Tsuna gasped his face coloring darkly all over again, "W-what are you… d-doing… uhn…!" His voice trailed off into a surprised moan to feel a finger pushing into him, wincing as he tensed reflexively.

"Calm down, Tsuna… You asked me to do this, remember? 'Please take me'?" He quoted back to the boy with a smirk at the scandalized look on is face, a look which melted away when he expertly curled his finger in deep to brush against his pleasure center.

"Aahn! N-no! R-reborn..! I… nnh!" Tsuna tried to form words in the aftershocks of such an intense jolt of pleasure.

He was answered to a light brush of lips against his own, another brush against his prostate that had him crying out, "Just relax, Tsuna… I'll make you feel good. This is your lesson, after all." Reborn licked his lips, then smirked as a second finger worked in along the first.

"Nnh-ngh!" Tsuna bit back a cry of pain to feel his body stretched wider than it should have naturally been. All pain was quickly forgotten when that pleasure spot was stroked again, then stroked mercilessly repeatedly, and then he really couldn't hold back his cries of pleasure anymore.

"That's it, Tsuna… remember this, take it all in. I'll teach you everything you'll ever have to know about how to use your body to your advantage." Reborn smirked, adding a third finger before he felt he was ready. He withdrew, chuckling at Tsuna's cry of dismay. "So very sensitive and such honest reactions. You're so cute, Tsuna."

"R-reborn…" Tsuna begged, frustrated tears dotting the corners of honey colored eyes that almost seemed to glow in his arousal. "Please, Reborn…" the poor boy was beyond protests and being shy, having been teased to the brink of insanity.

Reborn took mercy on the poor boy, opening the fly of his own pants to free himself, groaning softly as he stroked himself a few times before positioning himself at the younger boy's entrance. Dark eyes met glowing honey and the hit man pushed in home with a tight hold on Tsuna's hip. He met with resistance, but he had expected it with taking the boy's virginity.

"Aaa-AAAH!!" Tsuna strained against the tie on his arms, more tears springing free as he was felt like he was slowly being torn apart. "Reborn!"

The older mafiaso didn't relent until he finally pushed past the tight resistance, pulling Tsuna's body tightly against his own, both arms wrapped around the small of his back. "Tsuna..!" he could feel the boy's panting breaths tickle his neck as he struggled to adjust, groaning at the tight, hot sheath enveloping him. He was the first to taste this sweet boy, and he'd be the envy of many when they found out. There would be no denying it. Tsuna would be forever different after this and he was the one responsible. He smirked. Tsuna would always come back to him wanting more, he knew this and reveled in the thought of having this warm, soft body at his disposal as he saw fit. And he'd give in just as easily, already knowing that he was just as addicted to the boy with just one taste.

Tsuna was panting hard for breath, pulling tightly at his bonds, but it was no use, he was at the complete mercy of the older man. He could feel the heat of his tutor pulsing inside him, almost like he could feel the other's heart beat this way. It hurt, and it was all he could do to keep from crying at the throbbing pain on his backside. "Reborn… please... i-it hurts..!

"Ssssh…" the Italian shushed him softly, gently wiping away his tears. All Tsuna could do was look at those dark eyes shining with arousal and something else… something warm and soothing and suddenly the pain became a little more bearable, his heart fluttering. "Just breathe, Tsuna… I'll make you feel good." Once he felt that they had both adjusted enough he started to move, gently at first, then with growing urgency.

Tsuna could only wince in pain at each forward rock, making little keening whimpering sounds, but then Reborn rolled his hips, struck that spot inside him again and the brunette saw stars. "Hyaaa!"

Reborn smirked, then made sure that each role of his hips hit that sweet spot within his student, groaning deeply himself when Tsuna suddenly clenched so tightly around him. He chuckled, "Do you like that, Tsuna..? Should I keep doing it?"

Tsuna shook his head wildly, but even as he denied it his hips rocked back to meet his now, making desperate little mewling sounds as pleasure built higher and higher inside him.

"Fn… We're going to have to teach you to be more honest, Tsuna. But for now it's okay. You're cute this way. Cry for me more." He snapped his hips forward hard and Tsuna cried out.

It seemed to last forever, exquisite pain and pleasure building higher and higher in the two coupling bodies. Reborn took his pleasure from his sweet student and in return he drowned Tsuna in more and more sensation than the boy could take, though made sure he kept the boy from finishing too soon, enjoying torturing his student even in this. He alternated his strokes from fast to torturously slow, Tsuna's keens and whines were music to his ears.

"R-reborn! Please! I… I can't..!" Tsuna shook his head wildly, his mind half gone from the pleasure, his body straining, arching desperately each time their bodies joined tightly together again. His breathing came fast and hard, heaving in desperation, his skin glistening with sweat that made his brown locks cling to his face, the rest of his hair a wilder disarray than usual, and his eyes were glazed over, looking up at his tutor desperately. "Please!"

That was the perfect image of erotic beauty in Reborn's opinion and he squeezed his hold on his hips tighter, thrusting in harder, groaning when Tsuna's muscles tightened around him in response. "That's it, Tsuna… That's the erotic face that will lead countless men to their demise. Remember that face, remember this feeling!" He reached between them and started to stroke the smaller boy off.

It was all Tsuna could stand. Body arching in a perfect bow he let bliss take over him, the world flashing a blinding white before fading into black. Reborn wasn't far behind, watching Tsuna's exquisite face as he lost control, over and over again until his body could barely hold him up, letting himself fall onto the brunette like so much dead weight. It was just as he had expected, feared even. He was completely at the boy's mercy now, addicted to him, but fortunately Tsuna didn't have to know this. "Aah… my cute little Tsuna… good… that was very good…"

Almost like an afterthought he reached up and untied the boy's hands from his bedpost, rubbing the reddened marks around his wrist in apology. He was surprised when Tsuna's arms, now free, he wrapped around him, clinging to him. He chuckled, nuzzling his throat.

He was almost sure that Tsuna had fallen asleep on him, carefully turning both of them to their sides when the boy spoke, voice breathless.

"R-reborn… will I really have to do things like this… w-with just… anyone…?" his voice was timid, afraid.

Reborn sighed softly; shaking his head and pulling the boy close to curl around his body. "No… not if you don't want to. How far you take it is up to you. But you can't put on a play of seduction of you don't know the art. That is what I taught you."

"Soka…" the word was breathed out in relief and Tsuna cuddled closer into the taller man, "I'm glad… because I don't think I can do this with just anyone…"

Reborn smirked as if everything had gone according to his plan. Fortunately for him, the boy couldn't see that calculating smile, only feeling Reborn's long fingers carress his hair.

Tsuna sighed in relief, feeling his body start to sag with fatigue. "I think this lesson will be enough to last me a long while…" After all, he still was knew to even the thought of having a male lover, and though he had enjoyed himself at the end, he wasn't sure if the pain he felt to get to that pleasure would be worth it that often.

Reborn's eyes gleamed dangerously, "Fuhnhn… who says the lesson is over?"

"W-wha..?" but before Tsuna could protest he was pinned down to the bed again, this time his hands held over his head by Reborn's. He looked into this gleaming dark eyes and he felt a thrill of fear and something else go through him.

"Silly Tsuna… the lesson is far from over. I'll pound it into your body until you have it memorized!"



Sixteen year old Sawada Tsunayoshi stared into the sleeping face of his tutor, a little unnerved by the strange smile spread on across his lips, mostly because the child tutor slept with his eyes open, and if it wasn't for the sleep bubble rising and falling from his nose he wouldn't be sure if the infant hit man was really asleep or not.

"Is Reborn having a good dream, I wonder…" he spoke quietly to himself, tilting his head a little to the side. Ah! Reborn was mumbling something in his sleep…

"…Cry out more, Tsuna… louder…" was mumbled between the sleepy murmurs.

"Hiiiii! He's dreaming about torturing me!"

If only Tsuna really knew.



I... I really, really should be working on my other stories, but what are you supposed to do when the smut monster demands you write smut? You write the smut, dammit! XD;; Umm... I know that more than likely sooner or later I'll probably have more one-shot ideas for Reborn fics, it's my current obsession, so I think I'll put them all in a theme "Mafia Dreams" and just clump them all together, so you can say this is the first in a line of one shots, more than likely most of which will be smut, but I'll only continue with the 'series' when the idea hits me to write the story? shrugs

First up... Adult!Reborn x Tsuna! OO;; Umm... I can't say that I'm a HUGE fan of this pairing, but obviously the kink for it hit me since I wrote this... please don't hurt me! XD!

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