"Ah… w-what..?"

"Gokudera…" Large, glazed honey colored eyes looked up at him, but Gokudera's eyes were more easily attracted to those full, kiss reddened lips as a pink tongue peeked out to moisten them. It took the Storm Guardian a moment to realize that Tsuna had said anything at all.


Tsuna sighed, pouting up at him, "I said: Please… my name is Tsuna… it's always been Tsuna. Please… call me Tsuna." He leaned up to capture his silly Storm Guardian's lips again.


Gokudera Hayato had always considered himself an intelligent, articulate man, even at a young age. He had always been the head of his class; his homework was always child's play. Really, he thought that those who didn't get such simple material were just idiots (certain Juudaime's excluded, of course!). So he was having a hard time believing that a simple touch of warm lips against his own was shutting down every part of his brain synapse by synapse.

Of course there was nothing 'simple' about this touch of lips to lips, the former set of lips were enslaving the latter, demanding both their submission and a offensive strike in return. They wanted to conquer him completely and utterly, but not before he could do all he could to try to conquer them in return. He gave into the wordless demands of those lips and attacked, ravaged as best as he was able. His body acted on its own, instinct was his only guide. His mind was too far gone, the last vestiges of thought echoing loudly over and over: Juudaime was kissing him! Him! Kissing him!

Lips and tongue and teeth were attacking him, pausing to soothe wounds, to give the opportunity to counter attack, then they would attack again. It was exquisite pleasure, beyond anything he thought himself capable of feeling, and this was only his lips. Where… where had Tsuna learned to kiss like this? Just as that thought filtered into the haze of Gokudera's mind, those lips were taken from him, and all he could do was whimper at his loss.


"Tsuna," the small brunette interrupted.

Gokudera stared for a moment, trying to regain use of his brain. He shook his head, that request was just impossible. He respected his boss too much to call him so casually, "Ah… but… Juu-"

"Tsuna," the other interrupted again, pouting adorably at the taller boy.

Gokudera looked frustrated, "I can't, Ju-"

"Hayato!" Tsuna cut in once again, his eyes bright, flecks of orange dancing in the warm brown depths. Gokudera went stalk still, staring helplessly into those hypnotic eyes, "Call my Tsuna."

Gokudera was still mentally reeling. Juudaime had just called him casually…! It was an event he thought he'd never get to experience, not between boss and subordinate. His heart had almost stopped beating then and there, he was sure of it, but instead it filled with so much warmth he thought it might burst instead. "Juu-ah… aaah…" but he couldn't call him casually in return; it went against everything he trained himself to be as the perfect right hand man.

"Tsunayoshi," Mukuro had decided he had watched idly long enough. The show had been entertaining, but he wanted to be part of the fun. He wrapped his arms around the petite brunette's waist, nuzzling the top of his head again, "Can I call you Tsuna, as well?"

Gokudera's lips parted, ready to make a scathing remark against the male Mist Guardian, but Tsuna beat him to it.

"No," the Sky Guardian answered simply and quickly, sulking at Mukuro from over his shoulder like a petulant child.

Mukuro raised an eyebrow, looking amused, "I cannot?"

Tsuna huffed cutely. "No, you cannot," he confirmed.

"Kufufufu, and why can't I, Tsunayoshi? Am I not special enough to call you casually?" If Mukuro was insulted by the rejection, he was at least very good at hiding it.

"No," Tsuna crossed his arms over his chest childishly.

Gokudera could only stare incredulously. The whole scene seemed so surreal, he couldn't even react.

"You wound me, Tsunayoshi… have I done something to offend you?" Mukuro wasn't deterred, peppering kissing along the back of Tsuna's neck.

Tsuna gasped and shivered, but his pout remained firmly in place. He would not give into his Mist Guardian that easily, no matter how tempting and easy it would be to do so. "You were mean to Gokudera before."

Gokudera stiffened, and even Mukuro stilled his affections. "Was I?"

Tsuna nodded, still craning his neck to look at the illusionist, "Yes. Gokudera is a nice guy! He's the only one who is always here to help me, while everyone else is always coming and going with their own personal lives. He works hard for my sake, and he tries to make our family better and stronger all the time! He doesn't only study and work to improve his own abilities, but he also looks into the best tactical ways to improve us all in case of battle. You have no idea how much time and effort Gokudera puts into trying to make us a strong family! I wouldn't be able to do all the things I do without his help, but you're always mean to him. Even when he apologized to you, you were still mean to him."

"Juudaime…" Gokudera breathed out, once again awed by this unlikely mafia boss. He could feel the heat of a blush rising up his cheeks, his fingers twitching with the sudden urge to cling to his boss and weep with joy at his praise.

"Tsuna!" the Vongola Decimo turned his attention to Gokudera long enough to scold him again. Gokudera flinched, that's right, even with the praise his boss was still upset with him right now.

"Kufufufu," the whole situation just tickled the Mist Guardian pink. "And if I were to apologize to him now, Tsunayoshi? Would you forgive me?"

"Tch, you wouldn't mean it, you just want me to forgive you," Tsuna looked away then, arms still firmly crossed.

"I can be very sincere, Tsunayoshi. In fact, I truly am. I had no idea the lengths Gokudera Hayato goes through for all our sakes, how important he really is to you. He has my sincerest apologies and my deepest respect. Gokudera Hayato…" Mukuro let Tsuna go, striding purposefully up to the Storm Guardian, crossing the line of personal space.

Gokudera flinched, glaring hotly at the illusionist, retreating back a step. He trusted Mukuro about as far as he could throw him. "Stay the fuck away from me, you fucking asshole!"

"Now, now Gokudera Hayato… I come before you now seeking repentance for the way I have treated you in the past, and especially earlier this day. Is that any way to treat someone who approaches you sincerely seeking your forgiveness? Kufufufu…"

"Forgiveness my ass! You're just playing more of your head games with me!" Gokudera knew he sounded paranoid, he didn't care. He took another step back. "Juudaime," he looked to Tsuna imploringly.

The Sky Guardian, watching curiously, only shook his head, "It's Tsuna… and he just wants to apologize, Gokudera… Let him. It can't be that bad."

Gokudera mentally sighed. Why did his boss have to be drunk? He was sure under normal circumstances, Juudaime would have told Mukuro to stop with these antics. Even more, if Tsuna hadn't been drunk none of this would have happened at all!

"Yes, Gokudera Hayato, let me apologize to you properly," Mukuro's grin was devilish, his mismatched eyes glinting.

"Juudaime…" Gokudera pleaded, glaring at the illusionist when he dared to laugh at him.

"Tsuna," was the brunette's only reply, now sulking at the bomb user as well for not heeding his wish to call him casually, "Accept his apology, Hayato." Even the way he said his name had an icy ring to it.

"Tch…" Gokudera cringed, then sighed and gave in, looking away, "Fine. I forgive you, Mukuro. Are you happy now?"

Mukuro shook his head, his grin only widening, "No, that simply won't do. I have not given my apology, you cannot forgive me yet. Simple words cannot convey the depth of my lament for being so cruel to you."

"I-it's okay, really. Apology accepted," Gokudera pressed, feeling his heart skip a beat in fear.

He really didn't like where this was going. Even less when long, cool fingers gripped his chin and forced him to look straight into demonic red and blue, his own stormy teal eyes widening in shock. He felt like a deer caught in the headlights, his body refusing to move.

"No… truly, I must repent properly," those grinning lips didn't seem the least bit apologetic as they moved in closer, "Please… accept this with my deepest apologies."

Gokudera made a stifled sound as his lips were taken once again, this time by a devil rather than an angel. He couldn't react at first, his body frozen in shock. But that only lasted moments and after it was only too easy to struggle to get away. Although, actually getting away was another matter entirely, Mukuro's grip was surprisingly strong.

And his lips were unsurprisingly wicked. If he had thought that Tsuna had been an amazing kisser, it still didn't hold a flame to what the illusionist was doing to him with his lips alone. No, that wasn't quite right, either. It was just their methods were entirely different. Mukuro drained the fight out of Gokudera entirely in a matter of moments, the Storm Guardian's body going limp into the devil's arms. While Tsuna had wanted them to be equals in the battlefield, giving and taking alike, Mukuro only wanted his quick and unquestioned submission. Gokudera would be damned if he gave into him so easily! He felt the smug smirk on those lips against his own, as if Mukuro knew just what he was thinking, but all he could do was nip at those lips in chastise. He felt that insufferable laugh muffled between them, and then a slick and agile tongue slipped past the defense of his lips.

It was over then; Gokudera couldn't even remember why he wanted to fight this off anymore. His fisted hands relaxed, releasing their tight hold of the other boy's shirt, smoothing up the chest they had been balled against, hooking around a long neck to anchor him in place. Assured that he would no longer slip to the floor (or at least that's what he would tell himself later), Gokudera gathered all his remaining will and began to fight his attacker off… by retaliating against the attack with his own tongue. It made perfect sense… in theory.

But his opponent wouldn't go down easily. It didn't matter, Gokudera still had a few tactical manuvers left in his arsenal. He feigned defeat, sucking submissively on Mukuro's tongue, laving it with attention, unclenching his jaw, leaving it pliable to move and open wider as his attacker saw fit. He moaned softly between them, feeling his body go limp against the illusionist, assuring the other boy in his victory. It was all a lull. Once he was sure that Mukuro had grown compliant in his victory he took to the offense and invaded his mouth in return.

He felt the taller boy stiffen in genuine shock, a rumbling growl followed, then the battle started anew. Tongues warred, lips attacked, adrenaline rushed through his veins, his body feeling alive. Gokudera nipped hard once more, groaning when he tasted blood, shocking himself at the feeling of power it brought over him. His tactics didn't work for long, the taste of his own blood had driven Mukuro mad, but it was gratifying to hear his opponent gasp and moan in surprised pleasure. That would teach the bastard to try to treat him like a pushover!

Oh! Gokudera's thoughts fuzzed over. What had Mukuro just done with his tongue? It almost made his knees buckle! Gokudera heard a whimper and for a moment he thought it had been his own, ashamed of giving the other Italian any sort of feeling of superiority over him. But it hadn't been him at all. Dark and glazed storm teal eyes fluttered opened to half mast. It had been… Juudaime! With a gasp, reality crashed back down around the bomber and he reeled away from Mukuro like he had been burned.

"J-juudaime, I… I…!" Gokudera wiped the trickle of blood from his mouth, falling over himself to try to explain, but there were no words. How could there be words to explain this?

Tsuna just squirmed in place, looking down right sulky as he stared at his two guardians, his face red with his anger. Gokudera was sure that his boss was about to tell him off for the first time in his life. The diminutive teen pushed between his two guardians, pouting at one, and then the other.

"My turn!" the petite brunette suddenly exclaimed and pounced on Gokudera. The Storm Guardian was once again frozen in place as for the third time his lips were attacked. Wasn't Juudaime upset with him, disgusted by his actions? He didn't seem to be… Had he only been upset that he had been left out? What was this? Where had this situation come from? Was he asleep and dreaming some bizarre not-nightmare? The questions were starting to matter less and less as his id demanded that he just enjoy the moment while he was in it. It was getting harder to argue with it as every action seemed more and more as material out of his dreams.

Tsuna's lips had barely touched his friend's for a few seconds when he was suddenly yanked away by arms encircling his middle, "Aaah!" He reached for the stunned silver haired teen desperately with both his arms and legs, hoping to cling to him in any way that he could. "Mukuro!" he pouted at his Mist Guardian over his shoulders. "Leggo! It's my turn!"

"Kufufufu, but it's still my turn, too Tsuna-kun… It isn't fair to me if you take my turn away," the illusionist nibbled along Tsuna's throat, then tilted his head to claim this pouting lips for himself.

"Mmn…" Tsuna gave in easily, shifting himself around so that he could better cling to Mukuro's shoulders. Gokudera was cute, especially when flustered, and kissing him was fun, but this was good, too.

"H-hey!" Gokudera spluttered, eyes wide.

He was ignored, and all he could do was watch in shock as Sky and Mist tried to devour one another. Mukuro looked like he had more experience, but Tsuna wasn't without technique of his own. The mafia boss had far more energy and resilience to fight off the demon's dominating snare. It was hard to tell who was winning, in either case neither seemed ready to surrender. Mukuro's long arms slid down Tsuna's back, pressing forward against the small of his back, drawing the petite brunette flushed against his body, then slid lower still, cupping his perfect, round backside. Tsuna gasped, and it was all that the illusionist needed to gain an upper hand, tongue plundering the sweet tasting cavern of Tsuna's mouth.

Gokudera was finding it impossible to look away. It was all he could do to keep from being drawn in like a moth to the flame. What was wrong with him? His mind screamed at him to pull the two apart, to end the insanity and pretend none of it ever happened. But there would be no pretending or forgetting, every touch, nip and kiss would be forever burned into his memory. His fingers touched his full and still heated lips. Both Tsuna and Mukuro had seared their heat into him there, and Gokudera couldn't help but wonder if his lips would ever feel normal again. It just didn't make any sense! This whole day had taken a detour into crazy town and Gokudera just didn't have the energy to fight it anymore. More and more this was all starting to feel like a dream, and a very strange one at that.

… He also couldn't deny his body's reaction to the show his eyes refused to turn away from. It boiled in the pit of his stomach and spread out like magma through his veins, searing every nerve ending in its wake, his body alive and very aware. This was wrong, it was so completely wrong… He cupped his hands in front of his legs to hide his shame.

It was wrong… Juudaime wasn't like this, he shouldn't have been like this. He had watched the boy for years, had grown with him. Tsuna was the perfect picture of innocence and naïveté. This boy before him, this boy clawing his way up the Mist Guardian's shoulders to gain better leverage, where had he come from? What had he done to Sawada Tsunayoshi? He was like every illicit dream Gokudera had ever had concentrated into one being and personified into his reality.

Rokudo Mukuro seemed less inclined to care about where this creature of lust had come from. All he seemed to care about was making it his. That was just like the illusionist, Gokudera thought. Mukuro growled and slammed his fantasy onto the couch, pinning him under his weight. The fallen angel arched and writhed desperately under the demon. Gokudera heard a whimper and he realized that this time it really had been his own. It was more than he could take. How much he wanted to be the man pinning the wild creature under him, claiming him, christening him to the sins of the flesh, drawing the melodic cries from kiss ravaged lips.

It was his darkest fantasy brought to life, and he was just a spectator. A demon had taken his angel away. It was more than he could bear, buckling to the floor in defeat. He was a weak creature, incapable of fighting his body's desires, and like a weak fool governed by his body he gave in and touched himself as he watched the debauchery unfold before his eyes, dry gasps catching in his chest.

Eyes of orange fire caught his own from the corner of his vision and Gokudera looked up. Tsuna was looking right at him, as he melded his lips against Mukuro's. It sent a shiver down the Storm Guardian's spine, and he had to squeeze himself hard to keep from losing his composure then and there. Those eyes… they beckoned him over, and it was all too easy to fall into their thrall, to crawl over to the couch, awaiting further orders. He was done fighting. What was the point?

"Hayato," his angel spoke to him and he was lost.

"T-tsuna…" the word was offered like a prayer, thick on his tongue, and his reward was that heart melting smile.

Still trapped under Mukuro's weight, Tsuna reached out to his Storm Guardian, his arms encircling around the pale Italian's neck, "Hayato…"

Tsuna's lips were full and rosy, hot to the touch as they brushed against his own once more. Gokudera made a soft, keening sound, leaning forward desperately, wanting more.

Mukuro wasn't deterred in the least. He considered himself a flexible man, if he couldn't have Tsuna's lips, he'd feast on his flesh instead. Nimble fingers smoothed over the exposed flesh of Tsuna's chest, his mouth following suit. Warm, peachy skin quivered under his tongue, and the illusionist entertained himself with the different sounds he could draw out of the Sky Guardian as he tasted different parts of his flesh.

His nipples were the best so far. Under his tongue Tsuna mewed and arched forward, demanding more without words.

"So demanding, Tsuna-kun," Mukuro teased with a soft chuckle.

"Mmmn!" Tsuna didn't even bother abandoning Gokudera's lips to reply to him properly, but his hand tangled in the illusionist's hair, holding him in place.

"Kufufufu, as you command, boss," Mukuro complied with another laugh, drawing a hard bud into his mouth. He pinched it with his teeth, soothing the wound with his tongue, and then teasing it full of blood by sucking hard. Muffled moans and whimpers were his only response, but he figured he was doing a good job all the same. He treated it's twin with similar affections then moved lower, nipping at the slightly protruding bones of his ribcage, laughing when it made the smaller boy jump under him. "Do you intend to kiss him all night, Tsuna-kun? I'm starting to feel neglected. And after I went through all the trouble of apologizing to him properly."

Tsuna broke the kiss with a sigh, fixing his orange-eyed gaze on his Mist Guardian. He raised an eyebrow, "And if I am?"

"Kufufu, well that's no fun at all," Mukuro replied. "I can think of a much better way to spend your night."

It was around then that Gokudera's brain finally starting functioning again, "However Juudaime wants to spend his time is up to him. You can't tell him what to do!"

"Tsuna," the mafia boss reminded his Storm Guardian with a sulk.

"I would never dream of telling Tsuna-kun what to do," Mukuro went on.

"Right," Gokudera muttered sarcastically.

"I was merely making a suggestion. Perhaps Tsuna-kun would prefer to do a little something more… Something more like this," Mukuro suddenly cupped the petite brunette between his legs to demonstrate.

"Aahn!" Tsuna moaned, hips bucking forward.

"Juudai-ah… T-tsuna! Mukuro, you bastard!" Gokudera grabbed the illusionist by the scruff of his neck, yanking him off his boss.

"Uhn!" Tsuna winced when Mukuro tugged just a bit too hard for his likings.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera cried out, worried now that he had inadvertently hurt his friend.

"Kufufu, always so pushy, Gokudera Hayato… You just always have to be first… so be it." In one fluid motion, Mukuro grabbed Gokudera by the wrist, twisting just enough to force the bomber to let him go. He then pushed off the couch, shoving the gray-haired Italian forward with the same motion. With a surprised squawk Gokudera suddenly found himself face to 'face' with his boss's arousal. It was radiating heat even under his clothes. Or was that his own face burning crimson?

"Ah..." Tsuna gasped, cupping his hands over his mouth, eyes widening. He muffled a moan as he body reacted, trembling as his arousal stiffened further in the confines of his jeans.

Gokudera breathed out in awe, gasping it back in when Tsuna shivered again. Storm teal eyes looked up and drank in the sight of the Sky Guardian.

Tsuna was quivering; his shoulders shook with a hiccup as he looked down at Gokudera. His eyes were bright, face flushed. "Mmnh..." He closed his eyes tightly, "G-gokudera..." He hadn't intended it to go this far… kissing, maybe some touching, he wanted his Storm Guardian to relax around him… but this… would Gokudera really be okay with this?

This was the angel in his dreams... That was what Gokudera thought. This shy and shivering creature before him was what he had always imagined. He felt a tightening in the pit of his stomach. It was perfect… and yet it wasn't, not anymore. Tsuna wasn't the pure angel of his dreams, he had come to realize that now… but that he could live it for just a moment… it emboldened him. "It's Hayato..." Gokudera spoke softly, ducking his head nuzzle his crotch.

"Aahn! H-hayato!" Tsuna cried out, spreading his legs a little wider to grant the other boy access. "P-please..!"

"Tsuna," Gokudera murmured as he mouthed the clothed heat, sucking on it until the cloth was damp, massaging the throbbing bulge with his tongue.

Tsuna whimpered with need, biting the palm of his hand to keep from crying out. His other hand tangled in the silvery strands of the Italian's hair. "Gokudera…! Hayato! Nnnh!" He closed his eyes tightly. If he kept looking he knew he'd lose it too quickly.

"Tsunayoshi," Tsuna's face was tilted up by long, cool fingers, his hand brushed aside as equally cool lips descended over his own, taking in the moans he could no longer hold back. How could Mukuro's lips still be so cool after everything? It was absurd!

His zipper was eased down, and he arched forward against the illusionist as his bomber freed his already dripping length. "Uuhm!" this moan was swallowed up as well, and Mukuro cupped the back of his head to keep him from escaping. A tongue plundered his mouth, but Tsuna couldn't concentrate on the battle of wills when Gokudera was drawing all the strength out of him just with the brush of hot lips over his length. With all his remaining strength, he fisted his hand into Mukuro's shirt and yanked the illusionist down to his knees so that the demon wouldn't have that leverage over him anymore. After that it was far easier to submit.

Gokudera worshipped his boss's aroused length with his lips, peppering kisses along the underside, his tongue tasting the tip, teasing the ridge of his cockhead. The heady scent of his sex was almost enough to make the Storm Guardian cum in his pants. Tsuna was sex personified, the sight of him, the sounds he made, the taste, Gokudera would be content to just stay like this all night. Even if the bastard was there with them, he could deal with that.

Gokudera's breath hitched suddenly when his own arousal was suddenly squeezed. Wide eyes followed the hand cupping him back up to the arm, attached to none other than a smirking Rokudo Mukuro. The bastard was watching him while he kissed Tsuna, drawing soft mewls from the young mafia boss. That hand squeezed him again and Gokudera hissed a soft breath, mentally berating his body for reacting to the cocky bastard. The asshole was challenging him, daring him to do something, anything that would risk ruining the mood, would risk Tsuna deciding to end this then and there if they started to fight.

Gokudera wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Glaring at him, he decided to just ignore the massaging hand, turning is attention to Tsuna's needs. Of course, deciding to ignore him, and actually accomplishing the goal were two different things entirely. Deft fingers popped open and unzipped his fly, gaining access into his tight jeans. The cool digits wrapped around his aching arousal and Gokudera couldn't stop the moan that escaped him, his parted lips drawing the tip of Tsuna's length and pulling a muffled moan from the Sky Guardian in return.

"Hayato!" Tsuna gasped as he broke the kiss. He pressed his face against the crook of Mukuro's shoulder, both hands cupping Gokudera's head, massaging this scalp, wordlessly encouraging him to continue.

"Tsuna…" Gokudera moaned softly, drawing the tip into his mouth and suckling gently, savoring the taste fully, exploring slowly, learning every nook and cranny, and reveling in the helpless moans he would draw out from the smaller boy under him. Tsuna would tug at his hair gently when he did something he liked. Gokudera would try to do the things Tsuna liked as often as possible.

A fingernail scratched lightly up his length and Gokudera swallowed down his moan, taking Tsuna deeper into his mouth, "Uhhm!"

"Kufufufu... don't forget about me, now Gokudera Hayato. I won't allow it." Mukuro scraped his nail almost painfully up the length of Gokudera's arousal again, just hard enough to add to his pleasure, rather than detract from it. He laughed again whent he Storm Guardian only made a rude, muffled sound at him, still attending to his boss.

"So dedicated, I suppose such loyalty should be rewarded," licking the palm of his hand, Mukuro wrapped his hand around Gokudera's length, squeezing firmly, stroking slowly. He could start to understand why Tsunayoshi might enjoy flustering the silver-haired teen. His reactions were so genunine; honest and straight forward. It was true in his anger, and it was certainly true now. And Mukuro would only admit to himself that the flush of arousal over the bomber's pale skin was enchanting... His thumb slid over the other Italian's thigh, the pressure turning the skin whiter in it's wake, then turning red in the aftermath.

Gokudera moaned, his body shuddering. What was Mukuro doing to him? He was touching such strange places, only with his finger tips. His body's reaction surprised him more than anything else. He took Tsuna into his mouth as deeply as he was able, his moan vibrating over his length, making the small brunette cry out. His own moans were muffled around his mouthful, he couldn't stop them. Where did the demon learn to do such things?

And that hand on his own manhood was unrelenting! Those fingers were still surprisingly cool, a balm over his heated flesh that somehow only raised the inferno to new heights. They made wet, slick sounds as his precum coated him thuroughly. His face was burning red with a shameful flush as those sounds echoed in the room amongst their moans and gasps. He redoubled his own efforts in hopes of ignoring it. Tsuna's hips were arching and rolling shallowly under the guidance of his mouth. Gokudera gagged once, then tried to relax his throat, bobbing up and down along with the motions to keep from gagging again.

The hand on him sped up and unconsciously so did his mouth. Mukuro smirked, amused that with little effort he could control the reactions of both boys just by touching one of them. He slowed his hand on the Storm Guardian, and Gokudera would in turn slow his efforts out on Tsuna, keeping them both at bay of their climax. He sped up and Tsuna would howl in abandon as Gokudera increased his suction in turn. He would add just the teasing touch of nail, and Mukuro knew that Gokudera had grazed his teeth in turn as Tsuna keened desperately and tugged on those silver locks. He wondered... Mukuro's hand suddenly slid lower, past Gokudera's pulsing need and squeezed his sac.

Tsuna threw his head back, his body arching and stiffening as he came when Gokudera suddenly managed to deep throat him. Wave after wave of his climax washed over him in pure white, his body convulsing under it's power until he was spent, crumpling bonelessly back onto the couch. "H-hayato..."

Gokudera had swallowed all that he could, the rest spilling down the side of his mouth. He pulled back with a gasp, eyes wide in shock and the feat he had just accomplished. "J-juudaime..."

"It's Tsuna," Mukuro whispered into the bomber's ear, his tongue flicking over the shell of it. "Look at what you've done..." the illusionist taunted softly, still nibbling, still stroking. "He's beautiful in his debauchery, don't you think?"

Gokudera only moaned softly in answer, his own end held in check only by the tight squeeze of Mukuro's hand around his base. "nnh..."

"But we're not done, are we, Gokudera Hayato? There is so much more to be done," the devil whispered in his ear, tempting him, "I'll even let you go first... I know how you love to go first... Just leave everything to me..."

Gokudera gasped, reeling in shock as warm, slick, green vines slid over his body, under his clothes, pulling them off effortlessly. They were suddenly everywhere, crawling over every surface of the room, some of them sprouting large, pink lotus blooms. They blocked entrance and exit to every other room in the villa. Illisuions! When had the illusionist summoned them? They wrapped around him, squeezing, carressing, tickling every sensitive spot on his body.

Gokudera gasped as they pinched at his nipples, unable to fight the hot shiver that ran down his back. They had to be illusions, he knew that, but no matter how much he tried to will them away their image didn't even flicker, they feel of them over his skin didn't disappear. One wrapped around his length, Gokudera arched with a moan despite himself. It was slimmer than the others, pen thick and thinning out further at the tip. It was so warm, just a bit moist, like the feel of a tongue, but unlike any tongue that could ever really exist. The fine, warm tip teased his slit. threatened to slip in. Fear and an alien feel of excitement bubbled up inside the Storm Guardian. He moaned, leaning back against the demon's broad chest. After everything else it was so easy to just give in now.


"Kufufufu... Aa... but you're enjoying this Gokudera Hayato... Who would have thought you'd be turned on by this sort of thing? Your body is rubbing against me so shamelessly. Even if you deny how you feel, your body is much more honest," the illusionist chuckled breathily, his breath warm against Gokudera's ear.

The Mist Guardian rolled his hips in a lazy circle. It was still enough to draw a broken, wanting moan from Gokudera. He could feel the muted heat of his arousal, this was definitely turning on the illusionist as well. But he stilled after that, and Gokudera couldn't help but whine and writhe shamelessly against him

"Just what is it you want from me?" Mukuro sucked at his pulse point along Gokudera's throat, drawing a submissive mew from the Storm Guardian.

"Aauhn~!" Tsuna suddenly cried out.

The sound was like liquid fire and ice water running through Gokudera's veins all at the same time. The vines had wrapped themselves around the now equally naked Vongola Decimo as well, sliding slickly over his skin, binding his wrists together, wrapping around each leg to spread them wide apart. His lithe body arched and strained against the bindings, mewling pathetically as they flicked teasingly over his length, rubbing against the sensitve expanse of flesh between his arousal and his secret entrance.

He looked so helpless...

"Tsuna!" Gokudera struggled anew to break free of the vines, his need to protect overriding his body's craving for pleasure, but those vines just held onto him tighter.

"Hush, Gokudera Hayato, Tsuna-kun isn't in any danger... in fact I'd say he's enjoying this more than you just were."

"Bastard! Let me go! Juudaime! Tsuna!" Gokudera fought and clawed at the vines to no avail.

"Hayato..." Tsuna moaned, and Gokudera stilled.

Eyes of molten gold burned into him, looking right through his skin, deep inside, they stimulated him in ways that not even the persistent vines could. It went down to the very pit of his core.

"He wants you," a demon whispered in his ear and he shivered hard, breathing hard as he watched his boss, his best friend, lose himself to the sins of the flesh while calling out his name.

"Hayato... Hayato!" Tsuna strained, not fighting, but desperate to feel more, as warm, slick lengths stroked his skin like smooth tongues. They spread his legs wide and licked over his perineum. He heard Gokudera gasp sharply, shivering hard in response. Hayato was watching him, was really seeing him. "Hayato! Aaahn!" a tentacle circled around the pucker of muscles around his entrance, wetting it, pressing lightly, teasing to slip past. "No..! Hayato!"

"Juu... Tsuna!" This was taking it too far! Gokudera struggled to break free once more, making a surprised sound as this time the vines let him go with little resistence, making a squawking sound as he fell face first into Tsuna's lap once more.

"Hyaaahn!" his boss cried out, bucking up wildly.

"Tsuna..." Gokudera wrapped his arms around the petite brunnette's hips, nuzzling his inner thighs, tilting his head so that his lips brushed against the smaller boy's sac

"Uhnn!" Tsuna shivered, shaking his head, "N-no... Gokudera... H-hayato..." Eyes of storm and eyes of fire met. "K-kiss me..." Tsuna's voice was suddenly quiet... shy...

Gokudera blinked dumbly a few times, then smiled, a rare and genuine smile for the Storm Guardian, "Un."

He drew himself up, tilting his head up to angle perfectly against Tsuna, kissing him, first with a soft, tender brushing of lips, then more, soft, sweet smacking of lips that turned into slow, languorous, emotion filled kissed. This wasn't a battle like the others, it was softer, conveyed more emotion. It warmed him over from his head to the tips of his toes. The slow draw of lips gave way to sudden and desperate passion that threatened to consume Gokudera whole and burn him to ash. The bomber felt a wet warm brush against his backside, shivering hard. It slipped past him, though, the length of it rubbing against his cleft, and he knew with sudden clarity what caused his boss's sudden desperation.

Tsuna was still held captive after all, and there was no way Mukuro would leave the mafia boss alone when he had him prone and distracted. Gokudera felt a sudden burn of rage, because he knew without looking that those tentacle vines hadn't let up on claiming Tsuna completely. If he looked over his shoulder, he'd be able to see how they had slipped past Tsuna's final resistence. If he listened closely he could hear the wet sounds as they pushed in deeper, twisting coiling, seeking drawing out slowly, then pushing back in with new force. But he didn't look at them, tried not to hear them; Tsuna's moans, his face in ecstasy was enough to make his body throb and threaten to explode. They twisted and Tsuna jolted in his arms, throwing his head back with a scream of pleasure.

"He's ready for you now, Gokudera Hayato," Mukuro's whisper made the Storm Guardian shiver to the very tips of his toes.

"W-wha..?" Gokudera mumbled, eyes widening.

"Kufufu, aren't I nice, Gokudera Hayato? I let you go first, I even prepared Tsunayoshi for you. Don't squander my generosity..."

"Hayato..." Tsuna's arms were suddenly freed, all the vines gone, and they instantly wrapped around the silver haired Italian, "Please..! I... I need... I need you... please!"

A fine tremor raced down Gokudera's spine. He looked into those imploring eyes of burning magma, "Tsuna..."

"Please!" Tsuna begged again.

Gokudera shivered hard again. Who was he to make his boss beg to him? His arms tightened around the petite Japanese boy, burying his face against those soft, brown locks. "Y-yes..."

His heart raced in his chest t as he lifted the smaller boy up, thrumming loudly as long, lean legs wrapped around his waist. He swore his heart almost stopped as the tip of his penis nudged against heated ring of muscles, rubbing there gently, drinking in Tsuna's soft moans. Time seemed to slow down, all Gokudera could hear was his own heart pounding in his ears. Tsuna arched under him, gently pushing his hips back, silently demanding more. Behind him Mukuro guided his hips, pushing forward slowly. This... this wasn't right.

"A-aah! N-no!" Gokudera threw himself back, untangling himself from Tsuna's limbs.

"Aaahn! Hayato!" Tsuna cried in dismay, pain and rejection clear in his eyes.

"N-no! I... I can't..." Gokudera shook his head, looking just as hurt by his own actions. He cupped Tsuna's face, rubbing his cheek with his thumb. "Juudaime... T-tsuna... I.. I'm sorry... I can't... I... t-this isn't right.."

Tsuna sniffled, closing his eyes to hide his pain, "I... I understand..." he felt a shift in weight and he was sure that Gokudera was going to get up, leave him there, completely open and vulnerable. Tomorrow... tomorrow he'd have to be able to pretend that it was all okay... t-that none of it really meant anything... m-maybe like none of it ever happened.

"Juudaime... I love you."

"E-eh?" Tsuna's eyes opened in surprise, just in time to see his Storm Guardian poised over him. Gokudera offered him a soft, shy smile, then dropped down carefully on his lap, the Storm Guardian biting his lip hard against the pain as he was suddenly impaled.

"A-aaah!" Tsuna cried out in shock and pleasure that was almost pain as incredibly tight heat suddenly enveloped his sex. His hand clung to the other boy's sides, his nails scrabbling over his shoulders as he fought the instinctive need to thrust forward into the feeling.

"Mmmnh! Mmffmmn!" Gokudera breathed hard through his nose, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy to anchor himself as his body was stretched wide apart, the pain more intense than he first thought it would be. Tears stung at his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. He was determined, he wouldn't withdraw now. He felt blood trickle down the corner of his mouth where he had bitten down hard. He felt like he was being split in two... b-but it was for Juudaime... the Juudaime he loved... his best friend... Tsuna...

"You surprise me, Gokudera Hayato..." Mukuro chuckled softly behind him, peppering kissing on trembling shoulders, wrapping long arms around his middle. "Though I should have realized it... this is so much like you..."

"Hayato..." Tsuna's worried voice filtered past haze of pain, but Gokudera didn't dare unclench his jaw.

If he made a pained sound now Tsuna would stop this, would push him away for his own good. Battle rough finger tips gently stroked his cheek and jaw. When Gokudera dared to look it was eyes of honey that were looking at him, not eyes of bright flames.

"Hayato, are you okay..?" Tsuna asked quietly, looking the taller boy over. He bit his lip gently, cheeks still warmly flushed, as he realized that the Storm Guardian's length was completely limp. "Hayato..."

"He's fine, Tsuna-kun, he chose to do this all by himself," Mukuro hummed as he stroked long, cool fingers down Gokudera's chest, flicking his nipples.


"Mukuro! Stop, we don't know if Gokudera is really hurt!"

"Then it's best to distract him fromt he pain, don't you think?" Mukuro responded with a laugh as his other hand wrapped around the unexcited length.


"Aah..! Aahn... I'm fine..! T-tsuna... please...D-don't stop," Gokudera gasped, feeling the sparks of pleasure despite the lingering burn of the pain he had caused himself. But even that was starting to settle into a lingering warmth.

"Gokudera... I... I'm not sure... I... nh!" Tsuna gasped.

Gokudera smirked lightly despite himself, tightening and relaxing his muscles to better adjust around the other boy's length. The resulting massage felt so incredible. "It's Hayato... and please... don't stop..."

Tsuna moaned softly, then bit his lip gently. He tried to gather his thoughts but it seemed impossible.

"Tsuna," Gokudera moaned his name. It was his turn to shiver in response.

"... H-hayato..." Tsuna licked his lips.

Awkwardly, he wrapped his arms around the silver haired boy's waist, as if he wasn't sure how to do it just right. His finger tips soothed down Gokudera's back, brushing along his spine on either side. He gasped sharply, moaning low. The ticklish sensation had made Gokudera shiver... and his muscles had tightened pleasantly around him.


It was like an epiphany... a revelation... what other reactions could he get out of the short-fused Italian... He licked his lips as his mind thought up dozens upon dozen ideas to test out.

"Kufufufu... I can see your devious side showing Tsuna-kun~..." Mukuro's voice taunted softly against his ear.

Tsuna blushed, pouting at his male Mist Guardian, "L-liar..."

"Kufufufu... maybe... but not right now... and to think, Hayato-kun used to think you were an untouchable angel... how far this angel has fallen..."

"S-shut up!" Tsuna glared/pouted.

"T-tsuna..." Gokudera gasped softly against his ear, "I-it's okay... I... I can see you now... I... I'm sorry..."

The Vongola Decimo's brow furrowed in confusion, then widened a little in understanding. He blushed shamefully, "Hayato... I... I'm sorry I couldn't be what you wanted me to be..."

Gokudera shook his head with a light twitch of a smile, "D-don't be... I'm not..." The bomber had decided he had enough waiting. He lifted himself up slightly, trembling as flesh tugged, slowly pulled apart, then rocked back down, tilting his head back with a moan.

"Aaah!" Tsuna keened loudly, his hands on Gokudera's hips tightening. They started a slow, sweet pace that left both the boys gasping, holding onto each other as if they'd both float away into oblivion if they let go.

"Fu... we'll last all night the way you two are going... I can't wait all night, Tsunayoshi..."

"Nnngh..." the bastard was always so selfish, "N-no one is telling you to wait..."

Tsuna meant for Mukuro to go if he was going to sulk all night. Of course his words were taken differently.

"Kufufu, no... I suppose not." The illusionist suddenly pulled Tsuna further back onto the couch, lifting his legs high up, the change of position making Gokudera yelp. "Thank you for the meal," Mukuro laughed as positioned himself behind both the boys. Tsuna's heart leapt in his throat. He wasn't intending to... B-but Gokudera hadn't even stretched himself, he couldn't possibly...!

But he wasn't. Tsuna felt the tip of Mukuro's length, the only place in his body that seemed to be hot, at his own entrance. He was barely able to suck in a breath before he was impaled by the thick arousal, arching high and bucking in deep and hard into Gokudera in return. Both boys cried out, Mukuro barely hissed out a soft breath.

"Tight... you're always so incredibly tight, Tsunayoshi..."

"M-mukuro... a-asshole...!" Tsuna gasped, his body twitching as sensation bombarded him from both sides.

"Nnnh... yes, it's a nice one, Tsuna-kun..."

"Mmnh! Y-you always say embarrassing things... s-stop...!"

"A-aah! Tsuna..!" Gokudera squirmed, wanting more attention, craving it like he craved air to breathe. What Mukuro said confused, him, made bells go off in his head, but he was too far gone to think on it.

"Yes... no more words, Tsuna-kun..." Mukuro murmured as he kissed Gokudera between the shoulder blades. Fully seated, he didn't waste time, drawing back, then snapping his hips forward hard.

There were no more words. Mukuro set the pace for all of them. He drove deep and hard, rolling his hips to find that sweet spot he knew would drive the Vongola boss wild. It worked, Tsuna cried out in abandon, any lingering protests gone. He rocked back desperately to feel more, then would buck forward. Gokudera was still so incredibly tight around him, it was almsot painful. He wasn't used to it, he couldn't get enough of it. His body burned and Mukuro would pump faster, harder, trying to reach inside him deeper.

Gokudera was gone, the creature left in his place couldn't be human, was too wild and free to have ever known human inhibition. That pale lithe body twisted and arched, his body sucked Tsuna in, as if trying to meld together with his rutting mate permanently. No more thoughts, just primal instinct. Gokudera was really so honest in his actions when he wasn't honestly trying to deny them.

Time was a forgotten concept, none of them knew how much time had passed as body moved against sweat slick body, the villa echoing their gasps and moans lewdly back at them. It could have been hours, it could have been minutes. It stretched on forever and it never lasted long enough. It was all lost in the push and pull of flesh, the taste of salty, tangy, sweet skin, and in the echos of moans, yes, more, harder exclamations to deities as they reached for a higher state of nirvana.

Gokudera thought he might have cum once already, he wasn't sure, there was enough fluid pooling from his groin that he might have... it didn't really matter. His sole focus was pleasuring his boss, that seemed to be enough to keep his body singing with it's own ecstasy. Over and over he was filled, completed, the loss when Tsuna pulled away was maddening, but then he would be full again and everything would be right with the world.

The burning pain had long since given way to electric jolts of pleasure. Hands massaged at his hips, teasing his backside, up his spine, sending tingles throughout all his nerve endings. He felt kisses and nips peppered along his shoulders and throat. He mewled and leaned back against the other rutting beast behind him, the change of angle striking a bundle of nerves inside him that made Gokudera see stars. He cried out his pleasure, bucking hard to feel it again. There! T-that... that was...


He couldn't give any more warning than that as he came hard, the feeling intense, all his muscles coiling tight as wave after wave of electric bliss washed over him. It set off a chain reaction. Tsuna cried out, tight muscles convulsing around his throbbing length He gripped Gokudera's hips almost painfully tight as he came deep inside his spasming channel. Mukuro wasn't far behind as Tsuna tightened impossibly around him. With a surprising roar of pleasure, the illusionist came right against Tsuna's prostate, drawing another scream of pleasure from the spent mafia boss. Gokudera could feel the spasms of the illusionist's release against the small of his back, all of Mukuro's muscles tightened and twitched in his orgasm.

That was the last thing Gokudera remembered... no... that wasn't true... he remembered feeling like he was free falling before something anchored him and drew him back against a cool, comfortable surface. With a tired mew, the bomber felt darkness come up and swallow him whole.

The next thing he was aware of was light filtering past the protective block of his eyelid, seeing red behind the lids. With a groan, Gokudera let the waking world take him in. He was in his room, dressed in his pajamas... that... was some crazy sort of dream. He shook his head, just another dark fantasy to add to the countless others... even if this one was strange for having the illusion freak in it as well. Still... this one made him think... Maybe he had put Juudaime on too high a pedestal... maybe today he'd try to look at the other boy and really see who he was... it was a start...

Funny, though... he couldn't remember going to bed. He shrugged it off and sat up, wincing as pain lanced up his backside.

"Ah! Gokudera-kun! You shouldn't move so abruptly, you're going to be in pain for a few days... it's best if you just rest today..." Tsuna rushed to his side, having opened the door to check on his Storm Guardian just in time to see him sit up.

Gokudera stared blankly at the mafia boss for a few moments, trying to add up everything in his brain, "W-what..?"

Tsuna sighed softly, smiling sheepishly. A pink hue dusted his cheeks as he gently pushed the bomber back down onto the bed, sitting on the edge. "You really pulled a number on yourself, last night Gokudera... I know what a dry stretch can do to you... luckily I'm not..." the blush became darker, "q-quite as endowed as some of the others..."

Gokudera conintinued to stare dumbly, but a deep red color was slowly rising up his shoulders, neck, covering his entire face to the tips of his ears. "L-last night..."

"I-it was really great... you really took my by surprise, Gokudera-kun! I... I'm sorry I pushed myself on you like that..."

"N-no! Y-you didn't! I... I-if it's Juudaime I-"

"It's Tsuna," the Sky Guardian smiled patiently.

It was all coming back now in picture perfect clarity... his dream had very much been a reality. He felt suddenly light-headed, glad that he was laying down, "I... I... a-ah... I..."

Tsuna smiled sheepishly, "I remember being like that, too... Was that your first time...?"

Gokudera couldn't answer, so he just silently shook his head.

"I thought maybe not... if you were then you're an incredible natural!"

"Juudaime!" Gokudera sputtered, beyond embarrassed.

"Tsuna," Tsuna corrected.

"T-tsuna..." Gokudera repeated meekly, "L-last night... how... what... when... wha..."

"Aa... you probably have some questions, ne..? I... I really wasn't sure if I should ever do that with you... I... I wanted to... but I wasn't sure how you'd react."

Who... who was this? This guy saying these things and smiling with Juudaime's face? It was like he was suddenly in the twilight zone again. "I... w-what was that, Juu-... T-tsuna..? I... I don't understand."

"Ano..." Tsuna rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Well... see... i-it started last year..."

"Last year?" Gokudera screeched, making Tsuna wince.

"U-un..." he took a deep breath, "Umm... well... actually it all started with Reborn," when didn't it start with Reborn, "he saw that I wasn't able to control my guardians as well as I should have... many of them didn't trust me, they felt no connection to me... and he devised a way to strengthen the bonds between us..."

"By making you have sex with them?" Gokudera's eyes widened in shock. That was too extreme, even for Reborn.

"Well... sort of... by expressing my bonds of caring for them in ways that they could understand... I trained first... I... first spent a week with Dino. He had a similar problem with some of his guys when he first took over for the Cavallone..." Tsuna's face got redder and redder as he explained. "I... I was hesitant at first... scared... but I do like Dino... and he was gentle and caring with me... we formed a deep bond. Our families will remain united now, I feel that deep in my heart.

"A-anyways... w-when I returned Reborn trained me next... F-fined tuned my abilities... s-so to speak... After that... I tried my new techniques on Hibari-san," Tsuna winced, recalling the memory, "Hibari-san... he was... weary of my sudden change at first... but... eventually he came to trust me... He still comes and goes as he pleases, but when I tell him I need him home, he's more likely to come... and his fights with Mukuro have become less extreme. It's working slowly, I think, but I can see a difference. I don't think I'll ever be able to get them to fully stop fighting, though. I think it's almost like a friendship thing with them."

"Kufufufu, that would be one way of putting it. Tsunayoshi came to me next," Gokudera jumped, not sure when the illusionist had slipped into the room.

"So then that thing where you were curious how Tsuna would react... that was a joke?"

"Oh no... that was very much genuine... I had never seen Tsunayoshi drunk before... I admit it was very amusing. And that I did it partially so that he'd get over his insecurities about jumping you, kufufufu," Mukuro chuckled, smirking deviously.

"J-jumping me?" The red color flushed anew over Gokudera's pale skin.

"Y-yes..." Tsuna admitted shyly, "Reborn was pushing me to form bonds with all the guardians, n-not just the ones I was having trouble with, m-minus Lambo of course, I... I wasn't sure I wanted to... Y-you and Yamamoto are my friends... Ryohei is like my brother... I... I didn't want to risk everything like that..."

"But you wanted them anyways. You truly are a devious little minx, Tsunayoshi..." Mukuro chuckled again.

"I-is that... is that true, Juudaime... Y-you wanted to..? W-with me..?"

Tsuna's face was as bright red as Gokudera's now. He could only look at his friend for a long moment, not speaking, trying to read the Storm Guardian's expression. He ducked his head shamefully, "Yeah... I did... You and Yamamoto... you are the first friends I ever made... You mean more to me than anything! I... I wanted to."

Gokudera swallowed thickly, feeling a tight lump in his throat, "Juudaime..."

"D-do you hate me, Gokudera..?" Tsuna asked so meekly, so afraid of the answer, he couldn't even look at the silver haired Italian. So he was surprised as slim fingers gripped his chin and he was forced to look into stormy teal eyes before his lips were claimed.

"Of course I don't hate you... You're Juudaime... I'd lay down my life for you... Don't you understand? You're my most precious person... I... I wanted to, too..."


"Yes, it's all very warm and gooey," Mukuro rolled his eyes, feeling left out again.

"Mukuro!" Tsuna chastised.

"Aren't I an important person to you, too Tsunayoshi? Everything is your precious Gokudera and Yamamoto... what about me?"

Tsuna rolled his eyes, but a smile quirked at his lips. He tilted his head up, tugging Mukuro down to brush their lips together, "Aa... you're important, too."

It was true... they were all important to him... he loved them all... Even little Lambo, though that was a more paternal love... for now... he wondered if one day that would change... once Lambo was old enough of course... It made him nervous.. wondering if one day he'd become a dirty old man like Reborn. Most people probably wouldn't understand the depth of his feelings for five... six men at once... He loved them all, and if he could, he would show them all his love. Of course he would step aside and let them love freely if they found their one true love. It would hurt, but he loved them enough to want their happiness over his own. Sometimes he wondered if Vongola Primo shared this connection with his guardians, so many similarities had been drawn between him and the founder of the Vongola... but what Vongola Primo did didn't matter... he was Vongola Decimo and he would do things his own way.

The room fell into a thoughtful silence for just a moment, all three Guardians lost in their thoughts, even as they shared soft affections between the three of them.

They were interrupted with the sound of the front door, a voice calling in, "I'm home!" It was Yamamoto. Gokudera craned his neck towards the door to his room, as if he could see Yamamoto behind it all the way in the foyer.

"So... then... you haven't done this with Yamamoto..?" Gokudera asked after a moment.

Tsuna blinked in surprise, then shook his head, "Only with you, Mukuro, and Hibari-san..."

Gokudera nodded, still looking thoughtful, "Okay... when you try this on him, I want to be there, too."

Tsuna's eyes widened in shock, then he laughed, making his Storm Guardian blush, "I knew you liked him!"


End! X3

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