Chapter 1 Midnight Roses : Fall of Potter By

Chapter 1 Midnight Roses : Fall of Potter

A/N: This was not writen by blah blah blah... you get the point... the story :

Expelliarmus! a flash of light, like a harsh shove, hit him in the chest, sending him stumbling back. Voldemort's face was one of glee, very similar to that of a boy who finally gotten what he wanted, as he jabbed his wand again, sending Harry flying back once more.

"Look at him! The great Harry Potter! Boy-Who-Lived!" Voldemort cried in a mocking tone

"Look at him!" "This is the so-called Golden-boy?" Voldemort announced with mock glee, sending Harry back again, with another blast.

Harry groaned, before his back hit a rather tall tombstone.

He slid down it, his shirt riding up, and the stone scraping the skin from his back, as he sat in the dirt, heedless of the location or circumstance.

It felt like the end of the world, to Harry. His darkening vision was punctuated by flashes, while his body shook with terrible small seizures.

He tasted bile and something metallic in the back of his throat, the latter he dimly recognized as blood.

It felt like his skin, his muscles, were burning, like he was hit by the cruciatus curse, pain spread through every joint and fiber of his body.

The very ground beneath him seemed to shake, a feeling many others would describe as shell-shock.

He felt something wet on his cheeks, as the front of his shirt was suddenly hoisted up by a single, unnaturally powerful hand, and reacquainted with the hard stone of the cross as he was slammed again against its rugged surface.

"Don't pass out on me now, Boy." A serpentine face, all flat ,slit nostrils and burning red eyes, invaded Harry's dull vision.

"I shall ends this quick for you" Voldemort cackled in Harry's ear.

A flash of green and a cry of victory Harry's vision became shrouded in darkness.


It was raining outside, Harry was sure of that.

The wind carried the typical moaning wail and inside the an old mansion, an oppressive silence weighed down on his ears.

The noise of the tempest raging outside had been muted down to a soft, rumbling echo.

Harry's eyes fluttered open into the darkness that surrounded the room.

Using the rest of his strength Harry leaned on the bed when a sudden pain ripped through his head. He fell back on to his bed screaming as the pain increased.

It felt as if his body and entire being were stretching.

The door slammed open as a figure rushed into the room.

A man, whose skin was pale and wrinkled with crimson eyes stared through the darkness. Harry stared at the man as he seethed in pain.

The characteristic flame-like eyes of the dead that inhabited the darkness.

He could hear the sounds of lightning behind him.

In front of him stood the man. It stretched out a blackened four taloned hand in a crude imitation of a come hither motion.

A crude laugh echoed through the halls as Harry accepted the hand. He felt something prick his neck as Fiery pain surged through his veins.

Harry felt his throat dry, his vision seemed to improve, the searing pain doubled as Harry thrashed around the bed, then in the end a surge of power, peace, and calmness engulfed him as he fell into a dreamless sleep.


Harry awoke once again in the darkness.

While he was used to not sleeping on the most comfortable of beds, the hot, humid, air made it hard for him to get any rest.

After only a few moments,

he found himself covered in a thin layer of water, a combination of sweat and humidity, which made his clothes cling uncomfortably to his body.

His mind became more and more muddled with each passing second. It was almost as if he was awake and dreaming at the same time.

He could still see and hear what was going on around him, but it felt likeit was

happening to someone else, as ifit was a dream, and not reality.

The detached dream-like state fled as blinding pain engulfed his body. He could feel it everywhere; every limb, every finger and toe, even through his skin and hair he felt the pain. The searing pain felt like fire, it was as if he was being cooked alive, only from the inside out.

He wanted to scream, to shout, to run away from the pain, and to curl up in a tight ball and give up. But he couldn't; the mental pain was almost as bad as the physical pain itself.

He was a prisoner now, a prisoner in his own mind, no longer able to control his body.

The pain became more intense with each passing moment. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Harry couldn't handle the pain anymore, and he screamed.

Only it wasn't a scream that came out.

A giant roar emanated from his throat a stream of raw magic shot out of his mouth.

The very air itself seemed to be set alight by the magic. It was an awe-inspiring sight.

He found it odd that he could see the magic as it surged through the room..

Then, as the pain eroded away Harry felt as if he were flying.

His body felt light, almost feather light as he lied on the bed, for what seemed like hours.

As time passed away an voice spoke up from the opposite side of the room.

The voice sounded old and ragged.

"So you have awaken eh?"

Harry looked around before his once emerald eyes now crimson landed on another pair of crimson orbs that seemed to glow dimly.

Harry spun around feeling for his wand, only to find it wasn't there.

"Who are you? Where am I? What happened to Voldemort?"

An surge of questions seemed to erupt from his mouth as he sat on the bed.

The man laughed. It sounded as if a lawnmower was going over a dead animal.

"You, Mr. Potter, are in the Noble and Humble House of Evans, and I am the Master."

House of Evans? Then something clicked in Harry's head -as if someone just hit the Author's head with a giant rubber Mallet-. "Do you know anyone named Lily Evans?"

"Lily? Yes... Lily's Child.

Now I see how you have found your way here. Tell me boy. Have you ever wondered why your mother never seemed to come up in the pictures of the Evan family?" Harry thought for a moment.

Sure he had never seen a single picture of his mother from the collection his aunt owned,

but he only figured that it was discarded due to Aunt Petuniadislike of his mother.

"Lily...," The man started again, "was adopted into the muggle family of Evans but her true lineage traces back to mine.

You see Lily is my Grand-daughter which makesyou my Great-Grand-Son."


Harry let his brain access the information before repeating the phrase to himself multiple times,

He faced the man as he stepped out from the shadows.

His face was pale, wrinkled, and stern, standing about 5'9'', with a grin of pure mischief he spoke.

"Jacques Theo Evans, Vampire, extraordinary, and the last Noble of the House of Evans, at your service Mr. Potter, or should I say my grandson."

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Sorry to all Harry/Seeker fans but Daniel will not be playing seeker, instead I plan on Daniel playing as a Chaser taking over Angelina's position, or if you can think of any other positions you want him to play I will gladly take your advice.

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