Chapter 2 :Time skip, Training, and whats this? A BALL?

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5Month time-skip!

Harry sighed as he slumped back on the couch; he stared up at the ceiling,

five months since he arrived from some loophole that managed to save him from a early death, five months since he was turned five months and a second chance.

Sure it's been fun, He had gotten used to the culture of France and its customs. Training kept him busy; it seemed as Jacques wouldn't train Harry until he knew how to fight with out a wand or magic to simplify things.

Five grueling months of fencing, magical dueling, wand-less magic, researching, reading, and to Harry's horror: dancing lessons.

Of course it was tradition for Evan men to know how to dance, as well as sword fighting.

Harry had just finished another grueling spar that the old man scheduled for him; he swore to himself, facing Voldy any day was better then a training session with Jacques.

He was now both mentally and physically exhausted.

Jacques entered the room humming while levitating a silver tray of martinis.

Much to Harry's annoyance, Jacques enjoyed his pain.

He left the tray suspended in mid-air before plopping down on another chair on the right of Harry.

"Well then, how are your studies coming along?"

Harry groaned as he sat up straight, training made his muscles sore.

"They're fine but I could do with out the spars."

Jacques chuckled before floating the tray over to Harry, who in turn lifted the martini; Jacques sipped his own martini before hesitating for a moment to stare at Harry who returned to his original position staring at the ceiling.

Placing his glass on the table not far from his chair, Jacques announcing, "There will be a Ball hosted tomorrow night by the minister."

Harry turned his head towards Jacques, "What about it?"

"The Minister expects us to attend, and when I mean us, I mean you and me."

Harry set the finished glass down on the table before staring at Jacques; the tension in the air seemed to rise as Jacques stared back. The room was silent during the short moment the two glared at each other, even the grandfather clock down the hall could be heard through the silence.

Finally it was broken when Harry asked "So who do I go by? I mean I can't really go as Harry can I?"

Jacques lips curled upwards as he answered "Don't worry about that, I already have something set up; name change, magical signature, blood, prints, and etc. anything you can think about."

"Well then, what time is this Ball?" Harry questioned intrigued.

Jacques stood up before motioning for Harry to follow. As they walked down the halls of the Evans estate, Harry followed Jacques into a room far bigger then any bedroom he had seen in his life.

"From this point on, your name will be Daniel James Orion Evans, your day of birth is be August 1st, and you of course are my grandson. Your parents are no longer here because they died fighting dark wizards.

Everything will be changed and in a few seconds your brain will replace your past biography with the identity I am giving you; however you will still be able to recall your past and where you come from."

Harry had a headache trying to piece together every single bit of information that was said by the older Evans.

"We will head down to Ville Magique to pick out your dress robes; every noble who attends a Ministry Ball must wear a sword as a emblem of their family while women wear the colors of their family."

"So you expect me to mingle along with the rest of the young nobles?"

Jacques raised his left brow in amusement.

"Je plains la fille qui veut tre votre amant," Harry chuckled at the comment before throwing his own thoughts in, "Yes, but at least I can still get some."

Day of the Ball

Harry was nervous, he truly was, but he couldn't afford to show it to Jacques, who already had enough blackmail onhim.

Jacques stared through the door, "Well then are we ready?"

Harry sighed for what seemed like the thirtieth time in twenty minutes, before buckling the crimson red sword onto his belt.

The sword was exactly like the one Harry remembered holding on to in his second year. When Harry was sent through the Loop somehow, everything that belonged to him, went with him; his possessions included the Sword of Gryffindor, the invisibility cloak, an old wand (which Harry had no idea who it belonged to. (-hint hint-) and a peculiar stone.

A shout called Harry from his daze, and he quickly strapped on two wand hostlers, one on each arm; Harry's phoenix wand was on his right while the mysterious wand was placed on his left which Jacques deemed as the Elders wand, before dashing out the house.


Harry (now Daniel) and Jacques arrived at the palace where the ball was hosted via Portkey.

As they stepped in, a joyful voice called over, "Lord Evans c'est un plaisir de vous revoir!"

A tall man walked over to Jacques who in turn shook his hands grinning. "Minister, It is indeed a pleasure to see you." Jacques turned to introduce Harry to the minister.

"Jules, this is my grandson Daniel, he is from Britain and he is staying with me from now on because of his parents' tragic death a few months ago."

"Plaisir de vous rencontrer le Ministre," Harry bowed while a large, seemingly pregnant woman walked over, followed by two girls.

"Madam Delacour! How are you?" Jacques kissed her hand before introducing Daniel.

"Lord Evans, 'et iz a pleasur' to zee you' again!" She turned towards the two girls before introducing them to Daniel, "Zis 'es my oldest daughter Fleur, and my youngest daughter Gabrielle, -she turned to them while they curtsied.

"Girls, this is Daniel, Lord Evan's Grandson." Daniel watched Fleur as the adults chatted about politics while Gabrielle seemed shy around him and hid behind her mother. While chatting with Jules, Daniel noticed Fleur slipping away from the party to head toward the back garden.

Fleur's POV for a bit ;3

Fleur was bored, not only that but most of her old friends hated her for being a Veela.

When her mother introduced the young Evans she knew he was probably one of those boys who only noticed her because of her looks, sometimes sheeven hated being Fleur Delacour.

She wanted to be just an average girl and live the way she wanted to. No, she was fated to be Fleur no matter what happened, her whole life was decided for her. She knew the reasons for the Balls her father hosted, for she was coming of age.

Fleur wasalmost 15 and there had yet to be a proper suitor. Most boys trembled in the sight of the minister no matter how much they liked her; they'd have to get through her father first no matter what.

For the most part she was thankful for that, but there was always someone who would meet her father's high expectations, and challenge the other successful suitors for her hand.

Fleur sighed as she leaned against the fountain; her reflection on the water below seemed scared and confused.

Tonight was her last night to find a proper suitor or her parents would arrange a marriage with the son of Baron Mannequin.

She rolled over from her spot on the fountain and sat on the grass, the flower bed surrounding her. There she lay to stared at the dark, midnight sky while subconsciously playing with a white rose which she had picked from the garden around her.

Fleur's conscious was slipping away when a voice spoke out behind her, "Flower among flowers Fleur?"

Daniel's POV

Daniel was getting bored of the formalities, he had chatted with Gabrielle for awhile and found it amusing how the mind of a three year old worked.

He met many "important" people as his Grandfather suggested he do, most of them he found interesting, but he barely tolerated one of the guests…what was his name?

Ro'vert was it? Daniel couldn't remember but he had an argument with Gabrielle when Daniel walked over. The young girl seemed furious while she screamed back at the boy, who in turn pompously replied back in a drawling voice.

Daniel watched them go for awhile before he noticed Ro'vert raise his hand to slap Gabrielle. Stepping in he caught the arm before it connected with Gabrielle's face.

"What are you doing?!" Ro'vert screamed, his face red.

"I believe I should be asking you that!" Daniel replied coolly, as he glared at the boy, his cold voice made Ro'vert step backwards.

Ro'vert huffed before he strode away leaving Daniel with Gabrielle, who pulled his sleeve trying to get his attention.

Leaning down, Daniel questioned why she was fighting.

"He said he would marry Fleur... but I don't like him."

Daniel sighed before guiding the pouting girl back to her mother, before he walked out to the back garden.

Staring up at the moon, Daniel thought that it's half crescent seemed upside-down in a frowning motion.

The midnight air seemed warm and inviting, Daniel continued looking up before noticing someone a few feet away from him lying on the flower bed. She was twirling a white rose between her fingers.

He gazed at the young lady before grinning and strolling up to her.

He bent down slowly before whispering to her, "A flower among flowers Fleur?"


Fleur sprung up in what seemed like in an instant, unknowing that Daniel's head was right on top of her, which resulted in a collision.

His face all red, Daniel was the first to recover quickly and caught the swaying girl in his arms before springing apologies.

Fleur turned her head towards Daniel before asking, "Why are you here?"

Daniel seemed puzzled for a moment, "I was bored and decided to watch the sky."

Fleur's mind was confused, was he here to see her or was what he said really true?

She stared at him before sighing, gesturing for him to lie down next to her as she asked him about his life as an Evans. Not knowing what to do, Daniel blurted about his past before he found out what he was doing.

Fleur was shocked, a boy her age, seemingly older then what he was, described how hewas being chased by a dark wizard, how his family was killed when he was a child, andhow he was abused in an orphanage before his grandfather picked him up.

For a passing moment, Fleur's respect for Daniel grew, he didn't have problems speaking to her directly and his smiles made her face flush despite her efforts.

Daniel noticed Fleur was shivering and decided that it was time they made their return. As they walked back in, they were greeted by the band.

Daniel smiled before bowing to Fleur, "May I have this dance my lady?"

Fleur smirked before accepting his hand as they twirled into the crowd.

Half-way into the dance, a cry of outrage stopped the music and dancers; a large figure walked in front of an even larger person, burst through the crowd shoving away anyone who didn't move out the way before stopping in front of Fleur and Daniel.

Ro'vert pointed accusingly at Daniel, "Y-You! What do you think your doing with my fiancée!"

Daniel stood rooted in his place as he watched the older man, a porky man almost as big a Vernon if bigger. Ro'vert made to grab Fleur's hand away from Daniel's shoulder but she slapped him away.

"Look Ro'vert I am not your fiancée, and I never be!"

Shock spread across his face before it turned purple with anger, "You!" he screeched at Daniel, "You did this to her! Y-You warped her mind!"

Ro'vert reached for his sword and pulled out the rapier to point to at Daniel.

"I, Ro'vert Mannequin, challenge you to a duel for her hand!" he spat before waiting for Daniel to answer.

Daniel thought for moment before nodding and pulling out his sword, the sword of Gryffindor, out from it's sheath to cross it with Ro'vert's rapier.

"Very well then, I, Daniel James Orion Evans, accept this duel." Jules, who was walking in to break up the fight was appalled, he turned his head towards Jacques who raised his wine glass at him before downing it.

Jumping up from his seat Jacques skipped over to the two duelers.

"I will referee this!" his voice was slurred by the wine making a few guests slide away from him.

But his eyes iced themselves before staring back at the two boys, "Any questions?"

Hearing none, Jacques murmured "Begin!"

Harry dodged a strike at his heart before flicking his sword upwards to block a downward blow. Ro'vert growled before leaping towards the unmoving Daniel.

Daniel watched Ro'vert knowing that he was much slower and less skilled than Jacques, who was known to never hold back during spars. Deciding to finish this fast before any more damage was done. Daniel waited as Ro'vert lunged at him; blocking three consecutive blows, Daniel spun the goblin made sword at Ro'vert before slamming it down on the thin rapier.

Ro'vert decided to slash at Daniel once again, his face flustered with sweat pouring down. He didn't even notice his blade was cut off before he was knocked back by a sheathed sword.

Ro'vert's face went dark; this couldn't be happening, he was the three-times champion when it came to fencing, his father made sure of it! How could he lose!?

His eyes locked on Fleur who was looking towards Daniel, before his eyes grew white with fury. Dropping his rapier, he pulled out a wand despite a cry of warning from his father. However, Jacques sent a stunning spell at him, causing Ro'vert to firea cutting spell at Fleur's head before he blacked out.

Daniel was walking towards a smiling Fleur before realizing a spell ramming towards her; he burst into a full sprint knocking Fleur as the curse slammedinto his torso.

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Ville Magique: Magical City

Je plains la fille qui veut tre votre amant: I feel sorry for the girl who wants to be your lover

"Lord Evans c'est un plaisir de vous revoir!": " Lord Evans it is a pleasure to see you again! "

Plaisir de vous rencontrer le Ministre: Pleasure to meet you Minister

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