May, Misty, and I

Part 2,

by Ambezua

Theme song: (Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You)

Chapter 1: May

I awoke, and sat up, my long hair fell over my shoulders.

'long hair?' I wondered, but I soon found more important changes.

To my surprise, I found myself in a nice, velvetly bed. I took a moment to look aorund the room.

A rather large bedroom spread out before me. Transparent curtains hung on eather side of each window, and draped across the top of the bed frame. A cool, refreshing breaze rushed through the room, and caused me to giggle with delight. I lept out of the bed, and began sipinning with delight, my arms spread wide. Elaborite designs decorated the walls and ceiling, and decodant rugs covered the floor. My pokeballs stood on stone pedistals in the far corner, and those of someone else stood on identiacal pedistals in the other. A walk-in dressor and a silver vainity stood against another wall, opposite the bed. I looked up and beheld a clam-shell seiling fan, with luminous tentacools for light. I spun around the room, beholding each new delight I discovered. As I began inspecting the vainity, I felt a tug on my nightgown. I slowly looked over my shoulder, and saw a young girl, around the age of four. She wore a small nightgown, identical to mine. She had short red hair, and deep brown eyes. Somehow, her face seemed familiar...

"Mommy," she said quietly, "when can I become a pokemon trainer, just like daddy?"

I stood there, stunned. My eyes widened when I realized the truth. The little girl had my hair, and Ash's face and eyes!

"Um... When you turn ten," I managed to speak, but even my voice seemed foriegn to me.

"But, that's soo long!" the little girl whimpered.

"You must be patent... Did I ever tell you the story about how I caught goldeen?"

"No..." the little girl's voice drifted off.

"Well, look who is awake..." it was Ash's voice, only deeper.

"DADDY!" the little girl ran over to Ash and hugged him

Ash chuckled, "I thought I would come home early today. After all, yesturday was my birthday, and you know what day that is..."

"Yeah, the day mommy and you fell in love." the little girl giggled.

"So, Mist, how long have you been up?" Ash's eyes shone brightly.

"Um... not long. I havn't even changed yet."

Ash wlaked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek

"Don't ever change... I love you just the way you are."

"I won't..." I assured him.

"Oh, and there is someone else who wanted to say hello..."

May wlaked into the bedroom, and waved hello.

"Hia, Misty" she said with a simile

"Uh... Hi May, what brings you here?"

"What do you mean? I come over every year." May looked a bit confused.

"May, Misty just woke up, so... you know..." Ash's voice trailed off.

"Oh... right..." May nodded and added, in a lower tone, "I forgot, she can't remember..."

I awoke with a start, a lightning bolt flashed across the sky.

It was all just a dream?...

I sighed, and pushed myself up off the stone floor.

I had found a nice, dry, crevice to sleep in. Unfortinuely, it happened to have a floor of solid rock.

I looked out past the rain, and into the dark clouds.

"Why did it have to come to this? Why am I here? Why did I ever think that I could win Ash's heart?" I asked myself these questions, and cirled my legs up under me.

"I love you Ash, but I love you enough to wish the best for you... If May will make you happy, then, I am willing to sactrifice my happiness for that, even if it means I have to forcibly remove myself from the picture... I jsut want you to be happy..."

I sighed, followed by a flash of lighting and the boom of thunder.

"I'm not good enough for you... I tried to hide my feelings from you, and now it's too late... The only time I will have you for myself is in my dreams... But it will never be reality."

I closed my eyes, and pulled my knees up to my face.

"I love you..."

Song: (Girl Next Door)