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Wedding Night 2

Given the great response to my last B&B story(possibly as it is one of the few rated M ones and completed rated M ones), I'm writing another short one. Thank you for reading and PLEASE REVIEW!!


Adam looked up from his desk when he heard the light tapping on the door. "Come in," he said, his deep voice booming across the room.

The door slowly opened and from behind it emerged first a dainty foot clad in a delicate, embroidered slipper, and then the beautiful face and body of the woman he loved.

"Belle," he said, his happiness at seeing her evident in his voice. "I told you that you could wait upstairs. I've only got a few more papers to look at. Apparently I've been neglecting my duty for far too long.

"Adam," she admonished in her sweet, musical voice. "You know that Cogsworth only wants what is best for you and your people. Now that everyone is no longer under a curse perhaps it is time to look into what would be best for their well-being."

Adam smiled charmingly. "My Belle. You always think of others. That's why I love you so much."

"Is it?" she asked.

He grinned. "Among other reasons," he added as his eyes drifted slowly over her body, lingering on her face and her gently rounded curves.

She blushed under his heated stare. "Adam."

He took pity on her and returned his gaze to her face. "What was it you wanted, my love?"

"I...I wanted to discuss the situation we find ourselves in...that is to say the task we are about to undertake...what I meant to say is..." She was twisting the skirt of her dress and her cheeks had turned a beguiling shade of pink.

He might have laughed at her nervousness, never having known her to be at a loss for words, if he had not known it would only make her more nervous.

"Belle, darling, do you mean you wish to discuss our wedding night?"

"Yes," she said quietly.

He got up from the desk and in a few steps was standing before her. He took her hands in his and brought them to his lips.

She lifted her gaze to his.

"Belle, I promise that this night I will endeavor to do everything in my power to ensure that you find the experience pleasurable and that you remember it for the rest of your life," he vowed. He bent his head and gently kissed her to seal his promise.

When he lifted his head he found her staring at him with nervousness still evident in her large brown eyes.

"Adam, it isn't that I don't love you or trust that you would do your best to...to pleasure me...or that you would..." she trailed off as a blush crept over her features once more.

"But?" he prompted.

"I spent months with you, falling in love with you as a beast. I haven't spent more than a day and a half with you as a man. I cannot possibly share a bed with you tonight," she finished firmly.

He had found her beautiful from the moment he saw her. He had lusted after her as soon as she passed through the castle gates. He had pined for her when she had first refused to have finner with him. He had started falling in love with her when they threw snowballs at each other that winter's day. He had discovered he loved her one day while listening to her read to him in the library. Now, after all of this time, after finally learning she loved him, to hear her tell him that she loved him as as a beast but had to reject his advances as a man, it was more than enough to send him over the edge. So she wanted a beast, did she? Shocked and frustrated he gave in to his beastly nature and roared at her.



Yes, it is short. I was tired and I went to bed. I plan less than five chapters for this and hope to be done with them very soon. Much love, Cat.