The Miko and the Demon Lord

The Miko and the Demon Lord

Auther's here it is everyone my new revised Miko and the Demon Lord.I did not know which story I would get done first but I guss this one is it.I also would like to thank my best friend Yuki-Onee-sama for editing it for has a great story out called The Mikos Taiyoukai,so please go and check it I hope you all enjoy this next story

Chapter 1


This is a story based on Kagome and Sesshoumaru. It has been four years since Kagome first fell down the well and she is still traveling with Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara. As of lately, Kagome has been losing her feelings towards Inuyasha and has fallen in love with someone else. And that someone else is none other than Inuyasha's older, Taiyoukai brother Sesshoumaru. Every time she sees him her mind goes blank and she has trouble finding words .The one thing Kagome does not know is that Sesshoumaru is in love with her, too. Please note that this story was edited by Yuki-Onee-sama.! Now, enjoy!


We had all been traveling since sunrise. It is now noon and we are all lagging behind our normal pace. I looked around and to see that I'm not the only one feeling the miles we've done. The others are all showing signs of strain as well. At least, everyone but Inuyasha that is.

"Inuyasha," I said, "can we stop for a short break please? Everyone is tired."

I caught Inuyasha muttering under his breath, "Weak little humans."

That immediately got me mad so I yelled, "We are not weak humans, Inu-baka!! If it wasn't for me you'd still be pinned to the Goshinboku or dead! So stop being such an idiot!"

"Fine," Inuyasha huffed. "Rest if you want but I'm going ahead. I'll be back soon."

He leapt off into the trees, leaving the rest of us to set up camp. I boiled up some instant ramen for everyone and it was devoured up almost instantaneously. After the meal, everyone lay down for a small nap. Miroku attempted to sleep next to Sango but was discouraged by her steely gaze. Disgruntled, he had to settle for sleeping by Shippo.

The group fell asleep in about five minutes flat but I stayed up, not feeling sleepy. I soon felt something rubbing against my legs and looked down to see Sango's fiery two-tailed demon cat, Kirara.

"Can you watch over them, Kirara?" I whispered to her. "I need to go somewhere."

Kirara meowed in a confirmative tone and I grabbed my bag after thanking her. I also picked up my bow and arrows before leaving camp to head into the woods. It was dark, quiet, and most importantly, it allowed me a solitary place to think.

'Why am I falling in love with Sesshomaru?' I thought, tramping through the woods. The last beams of sunlight hit my face now and then.

'You haven't just started to fall in love with him. It's been there ever since you first laid eyes on him,' a voice in the back of my head whispered. 'He is also much stronger than Inuyasha.'

'Who the heck are you?!' I thought, alarmed. Surely hearing voices in your head was a sign of madness?

'You, dummy,' the voice replied. 'I'm your conscience.'

'I can talk to my conscience?' I asked.

'You're a priestess. You have to be in touch with your inner soul,' it explained.

'You do have a point. On both aspects, I mean.' I stepped over a tree root and shifted my backpack to a more comfortable position.

'I know I do,' was the smug reply.

'So what do I do?' I pleaded to it. 'Agh. Wait. Why am I asking questions to myself? I won't even know the answers!'

But before my conscience could answer, my thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream. I immediately sprinted towards the direction it came from and soon came to startling sight. Rin, the little girl who I saw travel with Sesshoumaru, was cornered against a tree with about ten panther demons staring her down.

Determined, to help my young friend, I pulled an arrow out of my case and notched it. I aimed it into their midst and called out, "Leave her alone unless you have a death wish!"

The panther demons jumped and turned around to see me glaring at them. They all burst into a hideous laughter.

"Why should we be scared of you, human?" one of them sneered.

"I'm a miko," I said.

"Oh yeah?" another one said. "Well I'm a pussy cat!" Their laughter continued as the small child wimpered.

I rolled my eyes and said, "You're hilarious. Anything other wisecracks you wanna throw at me?"

"If you're really a miko, show us," a third panther commanded.

"You'll regret that," I warned.

I pulled the bowstring taut and released it with a loud twang. Pink spiritual energy started to gather at the tip and the arrow flew straight into the midst of the demons, instantly slaying eight.

"Go," I said. "I'll spare your lives for now but if I ever see you threaten or go near this girl again, I can assure you that I won't hesitate to kill you on the spot."

The two remaining panthers promptly fled, leaving me alone with a terrified Rin. I hitched my bow back onto my shoulder and ran over to her. I fell to my knees and drew her into a small hug before holding her shoulders and looking her in the eye.

"Rin," I said, "why are you all alone? Where's Sesshoumaru?"

Much to my alarm, Rin started to cry.

"Lord Sesshoumaru is badly hurt," she sobbed.

I felt my heart wrench and I found myself saying, "Take me to him, Rin."

"Thank you, Kagome-sama!" Rin cried, even though I hadn't said anything to merit that.

She took my hand and ran off into the forest in a headlong sprint, dragging me behind her. Apparently, we had no time to waste. I picked up my own feet and started to run beside her. We kept up this pace until we reached a clearing that was strewn with panther demon bodies. In the middle of the carnage was a white figure and it was to this figure that Rin ran towards.

As we got closer, I began to recognize the figure lying on the ground for Sesshoumaru and by the time I had gotten there, I saw that he was badly injured with grazes, cuts, and even deep slash wounds all over his body.

"Rin, where are Jaken and Ah-Un?" I asked, not being able to see the two. They were always close by the Taiyoukai. Or Jaken was, anyway.

"They're a small distance away from here," Rin answered, sniffling a bit.

"Go get them," I directed her. "We'll have to move Sesshoumaru so we need all the help we can get." By now I was inspecting the young man's wounds in much despair.

"OK, Kagome-sama," Rin said.

Rin ran off while I was left alone to investigate the true extent of the demon lord's injuries. I noticed that his armor was completely broken off and practically crumbled to dust. I removed the rest of the armor along with his Tokijin and Tensaiga. I placed the objects by my side and slipped off his robe, trying not to blush. I gasped as I saw a gaping, bloody wound in his chest and another on his hip.

I opened my yellow backpack and took out my trusty first aid kit. I took out a roll of bandages and began to dress his wounds, trying not to move him too much. When I finished, I put the first aid kit back in my bag along with Sesshoumaru's two swords. Afterwards, I spotted Ah-Un in the sky and strapped my backpack on while waiting for the demon to land.

I attempted to pick up Sesshoumaru from behind and somehow managed to lug him onto Ah-Un's back and I got on behind him.

"Up, Ah-Un," Rin commanded.

Ah-Un took to the sky with a gentle jolt.

"Where do you want to take Lord Sesshoumaru, Kagome san?" Rin asked me.

"I can't take him back to my friends," I mused, "so we'll find a nice, warm, snug cave that we can stay in."

"OK, Kagome san," Rin agreed.

I should probably mention by now that Jaken was still staring at Sesshoumaru, speechlessly.

So for the next couple of hours, we searched for a cave from the air. I finally spotted one that seemed to be okay and called,

"Ah-Un, there's a cave down there. Mind landing?"

Ah-Un immediately started to descend and landed outside. I slid off his back and took the reins in my hand to lead him inside the cave. It was the perfect size and not too damp. I bade Ah-Un to sit down and he did, allowing me to again pick up Sesshoumaru to prop him up against the wall.

"Come, Master Jaken," Rin said, dragging a still dumfounded Jaken out of the cave along with Ah-Un, leaving me alone with Sesshoumaru.

I took off his shirt and checked his wounds again, bandaging them again as I saw fit. I then put his shirt back on before sitting next to him. I couldn't help staring at him as he was so beautiful even asleep.

'I would love to run my hands across that crescent moon,' I thought, sighing. 'Oh man, is he hot.'

'Kiss him then,' the inner voice commanded.

'I will not take advantage of him when he is asleep,' I thought back firmly.

'Fine. Don't blame me if this is the only chance you have to ever kiss the guy you love,' was the snotty reply.

'Whatever,' I thought back, rolling my eyes. I couldn't believe I was having an argument with…myself. I was arguing with myself, wasn't I?

As I was debating this, I noticed that Sesshoumaru was starting to stir so I backed away a little to give him some space. I didn't want him to think I was a panther demon and then attack me. That would not end well. For me that is.

He opened his gorgeous amber eyes slowly and looked at me for a moment before saying,

"Miko, what are you doing here?"

'Some greeting for someone who just bandaged you up,' I thought. I replied aloud,

"I found Rin being attacked by panther demons. I scared them off and she told me you were hurt so I went to check and bandaged up your wounds. We brought you here after Rin fetched Ah-Un and Jaken."

"Why aren't you with that hanyou?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"He's getting on my nerves and I hate him," I said bluntly. I quickly blushed as I realized what I had just said.

"Why?" I could tell his curiosity was piqued.

'Why so interested?' I swallowed my nerves and said,

"He's been running to Kikyo lately and I've been getting fed up with that. I used to love him. Or at least I thought I did." I was blabbering on now. "I've put up with his bullheadedness long enough but you know what the weird thing is? I'm in love with someone else." I blushed hotly at that. Why had my mouth run away on me? Damn my hormones.

"Who might this be?" Now Sesshoumaru was really curious, I could see it in his eyes.

"I... umm, can't tell you," I replied quickly. I then smacked myself mentally. 'Real smooth, Kagome.'

"Fare enough, miko," Sesshoumaru said, shifting himself to a more comfortable position.

"My name is Kagome," I said, "not miko. Please remember that."

"Kagome it is then," Sesshoumaru repeated, sounding slightly amused.

I looked somewhere else and played with my thumbs. "Are you feeling any better?"

"A slight amount." Sesshoumaru drew up to a sitting position next to me. "I'm wondering about something though."

"Shoot. Uh, not literally though," I added hurriedly.

"Why would you help me, an enemy?" Sesshoumaru asked, raising one eyebrow.

"You're Inuyasha's enemy, not mine," I answered. 'That's actually smart Nice job Kagome!'

"Why did you protect Inuyasha back then?" Sesshoumaru persisted.

'What is it with these questions damnit!?' I took a breath and replied,

"because I didn't know any better then."

"Know any better about what?"

"About you," I elaborated a little.

I turned my head at this so he couldn't see that I was blushing hotly. I felt a hand come under my chin and turn my head. I faced the demon lord a bit unwillingly as I was still blushing deeply. Those beautiful amber eyes weren't helping matters either.

"Why are you blushing, Kagome?" Sesshoumaru inquired smugly.

"Well, uh, um," I stammered. "You see, er, it's b-because, uh—" 'Oh yeah. Real eloquent of you.'

I trailed off, unable to find a good reason. The blush lingered, though, and it only got worse when Sesshoumaru suddenly leaned in and kissed me. I was momentarily shocked but soon got over it and wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss him back. He pulled back after a few moments, leaving me slightly disappointed but also elated.

"Why?" was the only thing I could think of asking.

"Because I wanted to," Sesshoumaru replied curtly, turning away.

"But I'm just a human," I said, looking down at the ground.

"No, you're no ordinary human," Sesshoumaru objected. "You're a miko and if they're strong enough, they can live as long as demons."

"Well, um, thanks I guess," I mumbled.

"Aren't you going back to Inuyasha and your other friends?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"I guess," I said reluctantly. "I don't want to leave you, though."

"Then why don't you come with me then?" he suggested.

"That'd be great!" I said before thinking. Damnit Kagome! Fix that mouth of yours!

"Perfect." Sesshoumaru stood abruptly, much to my alarm.

"Your wounds!" I warned, springing up as well.

"Demons heal faster than humans." Sesshoumaru brushed my worry off. "These measly injuries will be completely gone by tomorrow."

I remembered that Inuyasha's wounds had also healed extremely quickly due to his demon nature and said, "Oh. Right."

Sesshoumaru led the way out of the cave and I followed, picking up my backpack. We walked down the small mountain the cave had been on and entered a flower garden where we found Rin chasing Jaken and Ah-Un sitting on the sidelines. We walked forwards and Rin spotted us. She promptly cut her game short and made a beeline straight to us.

"Hello, Lord Sesshoumaru. Kagome san," she said courteously. "Are you feeling better, Lord Sesshoumaru?"

"Fine, Rin," Sesshoumaru said.

Jaken waddled over with a flower crown on his head. I had trouble stifling my giggles and had to turn my head to be sure the small imp-like demon wasn't offended.

"Greetings, Lord Sesshoumaru," Jaken said, bowing.

"Jaken," Sesshoumaru said curtly.

"Sesshoumaru.." I said shyly.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Jaken objected loudly, waving the staff he always carried around frantically.

"Yes mik-- Kagome?" Sesshoumaru turned to me, ignoring Jaken.

"May I go see my friends and explain what I'm doing? So that they don't worry?" I asked.

"You may but I'm coming with you," Sesshoumaru said.

"Alright…. But why?" I said, puzzled.

"Because," Sesshoumaru said mysteriously, obviously ending the conversation.

"Okaaaay," I said slowly, still puzzled. I then turned to the girl and the small demon and said, "Rin, Jaken, get on Ah-Un."

"Impudent wench," Jaken huffed. But he did as he was told and climbed up after Rin.

Sesshoumaru himself created a demonic cloud under his feet and held out his hand. "Come."

"Thanks," I said gratefully, stepping on the cloud after him. I clung to him as he suddenly took off.

In no time at all, we had made it to my friends' camp due to Sesshoumaru's strong nose. We landed a small distance away from it so they wouldn't assume the worst.

Sesshoumaru remained silent for a moment before saying,

"Inuyasha and the dead clay pot are here as well as your friends."

"Kikyo?" I felt a slight pang of anger before remembering that I didn't love Inuyasha anymore. "Ah. Who cares? I certainly don't."

"Rin, Jaken, stay on Ah-Un and take to the sky," Sesshoumaru said. "Try to stay out of sight."

"Yes, my Lord," both of them replied dutifully before doing as they were told.

Sesshoumaru and I started to head to the camp and when we got there, I wasn't surprised to see Inuyasha wielding his Tetsuaiga in a threatening manner with everyone behind him and holding their weapons at the ready. But then the others saw me and lowered their weapons slightly.

"What are you doing with him, Kagome?" Inuyasha demanded. "You know he's—"

"Dangerous?" I interrupted. "To you maybe but not to me. Put down Tetsuaiga, Inuyasha. He won't do anything."

Inuyasha looked at me skeptically but the others lowered their weapons completely and took the short distance between us easily. Shippo immediately hopped on my shoulder.

"Where were you, Kagome?" Shippo asked. "We missed you." He then added quietly, "Inuyasha hurt me a lot, too."

"Well that's not very nice of him," I said reprovingly. "But he does know what he gets if he does that." I opened my mouth to say "osuwari" but noticed with surprise that the beads around his neck were gone. I couldn't help but release a small gasp.

Inuyasha laughed slightly and said, "I had Kikyo take them off for me so no more 'osuwari's."

I glared at him. "Fine. But I do have another way."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Would I really tell you?" I shot back.

"Fine." Inuyasha set the Tetsuaiga slightly aside but didn't sheath it. "Maybe you can explain to me why you're with Sesshoumaru."

"Because I helped him."

"How? And why would you help him?"

Sesshoumaru stepped in at this point, tired of being spoken of rudely. "That's none of your business, hanyou."

"Don't tell me that it's none of my business, Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha snapped, lacing his elder brother's name with hatred. "She's in my group and she will tell me."

"Oh really?" Sesshoumaru let a smug smile play at his lips. "You might be interested to know that she's no longer traveling with you."

"Really." Inuyasha snorted. "Like I'll believe that."

"Umm, Inuyasha…it's true," I said. "Sesshoumaru invited me to travel with him and I accepted. You guys can come, too, if you want," I added to my other friends.

"I'll come with you then, Kagome," Shippo said.

"Great." I smiled at the small fox demon.

"Great!" Shippo yelled. He jumped off my shoulder and sprang over to Inuyasha. He brought up his hand and brought it down to release a bluish fire, shouting, "Fox Fire!"

The bluish fire enveloped Inuyasha and when it disappeared, he was burnt in several places. Shippo jumped back up onto my shoulder, evidently fearing Inuyasha's wrath.

"Why, you little runt," I heard someone else say. I looked around before seeing Kikyo behind Inuyasha.

I felt a flare of anger surge up within me. "Don't talk about my friend that way, you dead clay pot."

"Don't talk about Kikyo like that," Inuyasha snapped.

"I'll do whatever I want, Inuyasha, and you can't stop me," I retorted. I turned my back to him and looked at my other friends. "Do you want to come?"

"Yes" and "Why not" were the replies.

Kirara transformed in a blaze of fire. Miroku and Sango hopped on her back and took off after I pointed to where Ah-Un was flying out of sight. I looked back to ask Sesshoumaru to leave when I shut my mouth upon seeing that he and Inuyasha were fighting with their swords.

I let out a breath of frustration before summoning my miko powers in my right hand. I focused them and let them out in Inuyasha's direction, careful not to hit Sesshoumaru. They hit him straight in the chest and knocked him back into a tree. A closer look revealed that he was unconscious.

Sesshoumaru put Tokijin away and summoned his demonic cloud. I got on after him and we left Kikyo and Inuyasha behind. We met the others in the sky.

"Follow me," Sesshoumaru directed.

He took off to the west and the others followed us. After a couple of hours of hard flying, we entered the realms that belonged to Sesshoumaru and we started to descend. We landed in a clearing and I set up a small campfire while the others prepared camp. I heated up some ramen and gave it to the others. Even Sesshoumaru's group tried some and expressed their approval.

"Sango, do you want to come to a hot spring?" I asked her when she finished eating.

"Sure." Sango nodded and shot Miroku a glare that made it clear to him that spying wouldn't be appreciated.

"Can Rin come, too?" I asked Sesshoumaru.

"That is your decision." Sesshoumaru waved his hand, giving Rin his permission.

We three left the camp and found the hot spring that we had spied from the air earlier. We each hid behind a bush and undressed before slipping into the hot water with a sigh of relief.

After a couple of minutes, Sango broke the silence. "I didn't say anything before because it wasn't the right time but why are we traveling with Sesshoumaru now? I thought you…" She shot me a vague look that I took to mean that she was talking about me loving Inuyasha.

I ignored the look and said, "I told him how Inuyasha was acting and he said that we could travel with him."

"Did you know that when you were gone Inuyasha came back with Kikyo?" Sango said in a hushed tone. "He said that they were mates. I never thought it was possible of him."

"I don't care," I said loftily. I smiled at Sango's incredulous expression. "No really. I don't care. I've fallen out of love with him. I'm in love with someone else."

"Who?" Sango was hanging on my words.

"Sesshoumaru," I whispered. I had no qualms about telling Sango as I knew she would be tight-lipped about whatever I told her.

Sango's eyes widened. " A…are you serious?"

"Dead serious."

"Well, he is better than Inuyasha," Sango mused thoughtfully. "I can say that he won't go running off after another woman every five seconds either. Like a certain perverted monk I know," she muttered.

I laughed. "You're right. He so totally doesn't do that."

After roughly half an hour, we headed back to camp. We found the others talking and Sango sat herself down by Miroku; Rin huddled over by Shippo; I sat next to Sesshoumaru quite comfortably.

In another hour or so, Rin and Shippo had fallen asleep and were leaning against Ah-Un and Kirara respectively. The two tame demons had also fallen asleep. Miroku and Sango followed soon after and I had to stifle my giggles upon seeing the two of them leaning against each other and propped up against a tree. It was so cute.

"Kagome, you should sleep, as the others do," Sesshoumaru suggested after a small silence.

"Maybe I will," I agree sleepily.

I lay down against the tree I had been sitting with and closed my eyes. I soon fell asleep, sleeping easily in the knowledge that Sesshoumaru was watching over camp. Perhaps, this was the beginning of a new journey for me.

That was chapter 1.I hope you all enjoyed reading review if you did.