has now been 13 year's since Kagome and Sesshoumaru's twins Hope,and Maru where have trained them in there every ones surprise Hope has miko powers as well.

They won the war they had been twins are full blooded dog thouhgt Hope has miko has got matted with the princess of the northe has turned into a demon and ,moved to the northern castle.

Everything has been very busy at the and Souta have never went back to there time and so forth sealed up the well after she made her un selfish wish on the Shickon Jewel.

Sango and Miroku have had 6 children of there own.4 boys and 2 are living at the castle.

Ok everyone there it is.A preview to the sequel.I do not know when I will publish it.I am going to try and get it up before title for it will be

The Miko and the Demon Lord The Sequel

So please watch for it.I would like to thank all of my loaly readers and you all for loving this story as much as I since this story is complete and the sequel wouldn't be out for a while here are some storys of mine you could read while you are wating

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Some Ways to Know you watch Inuyahsa to much 2

So there you check them Our Special Someone is co wrote by my BFF Chibi's are please go check out her storys they are the best,

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