I wish to acknowledge Enfleurage for being my Beta Reader. Her advice has been a great addition to my story. There's more to Life then Death

Based on the TV Show "Airwolf," whose copy writes is the property of Mr. Donald P. Bellisario.

Plot: A friend of Dominic Santini finds herself running from a mob syndicate as they hunt her down to get a ledger and list of Swiss Bank accounts that were hidden in her meager belongings.


String was lying awake in his bed when he heard the approach of the helicopter. That' not Dom's helicopter, he told himself as he quickly stood and dressed. He past his guest and out the door, he stood leaning on one of the roof supports on the porch, and watched as Michael and Marella traversed the last four yards towards his cabin.

"What have you found out?" String asked when their approach was close enough to call out to them.

Michael didn't respond until he had reached the porch, "We have a problem," he said in a grave voice, as he handed Hawke an envelope that had already been opened. "Damascus has Dominic. I stopped by the hangar this morning to talk with Dominic before he was scheduled to fly out here," Michael began to explain, "and I found that letter on the hanger door."

Cassie quickly moved to the open door and looked pleadingly into Michael's eyes as if looking for something that would indicate she had heard wrong.

"What are they asking for?" Hawke asked, as he pulled the letter out of the envelope.

"They want to trade him for Cassie and her belongings."

Hawke turned and looked at the young woman standing in the doorway and then back to Michael.

Cassie's mind was reeling, a good man was in saver danger and it was her fault. She wanted to tell String that their only option was to make the trade. But she also knew that by so doing she would, very likely be trading with her life. She stood staring at the two men unable to speak, as tears rolling down her cheeks.

"It says here that they will call the phone at the hanger at 8:00am and give us the details for the place and time of the exchange," Hawke pointed out as he finished reading the letter. He looked up at Michael, "That doesn't give us much time."

When was this nightmare going to stop? Cassie asked herself. By allowing Dominic to help her she had endangered his life. Cassie was beginning to understand Hawke's view of life.