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Hiya people. Felix here. And Ebony. This is going to be a strange story. Each chapter might be from a different story. Chapter 1 might be from one story, 2 from another, and 3 from the first again. But I'll keep that clearly marked. This first chapter begins the arc known only as 'beginnings'. Enjoy.

(I hate the) disclaimer: I do not own pokemon. I own the characters and their names, except for Jaster, which belongs to guard of the twilight. The Blademaster families are an idea which we should probably share credit for.

Tales of the Blade Chapter 1-Beginnings: The Meeting

"Well, I expect you're wondering why we're here." said a man, standing on a small platform. They were in an impressive garden, trees, lakes and plants. Wild pokemon were everywhere. But the centre of attention was focussed on the man. His name was Alan Jaster, and he had black hair, blue eyes, and a large sword on his back, as well as a smaller one in his belt. He was the founder of the sword fighting Discipline of Inner Strength, though most referred to it as the discipline style.

"Yes, we are." yelled out a woman. She looked about the same age. She had two swords in her belt, long brown hair and brown eyes. Her name was Lauren Lorn, creator of the Speed Discipline.

"I wouldn't have come if I knew HE was going to be here…" muttered another man, with blonde hair and green eyes and a strong build and a wicked looking sword, throwing a dirty look at another man who looked completely different, black haired, almost black eyed and very slim, wearing a single very long sword on his back, and a long dagger on his belt. They were Sam Rofani, founder of the Power Discipline, and Alex Sonai, the creator of the Intimidation Discipline.

The fifth person remained silent. He was James Verin, a brown haired, green eyed Swordsmaster who had always been the quietest and most sensible. He was the creator of the Defence Discipline, and wore two swords on his back so perfectly alike they were like mirrors.

When the talking died down, Alan continued.

"So do I." he continued. There was almost an uproar, impressive as that is from four people, but he continued. "As the only one of us on speaking terms with the rest, I was asked to bring you all here."
"Who BY?" shouted out Sam.
"Mew." There was silence.
"You're joking." said Sam.
"I'm not. She- or he- should be here any minute now" he said, getting down from the stage and sitting on the fifth chair.

"And that's my cue!" came a loud voice from nowhere. There was a loud pop, and a flash of bright pink light, and Mew appeared on the stage. She giggled, summoning a chair from nowhere and sat down.
"No, wait, that hurts my tail. And this is awkward anyway… Got it!" she murmured. There was another pink flash, and Mew was a young woman, with bright pink hair and bright blue eyes. She giggled again and sat down.

"Well, you all know why you're here."

"No we don't." said Lauren.
"Didn't I tell you?" said mew, surprised.
"No." she said.
"Oh." Mew giggles. "Must have slipped my mind. Anyways, I asked you here because you are the five greatest Swordsmasters, and each of you comes from a different region. Now, we legendaries have a problem."
"Get on with it, Mew." came another voice. With a flash of green light another figure appeared. It looked like a human boy, with light green hair and darker eyes.
"I'm Celebi." he said.
"Is that ALL of you, or are their more pixies to come?" said Lauren.
"There are more, but not here. I'm sorry; Mew has a tendency to go on a bit. Some… thing has got into our world. We don't know quite what it is, but it shouldn't be here.
We've both tried to find out, but it's blocking our more special abilities. We need you five, if you will, to do this for us."

They looked around at each other. There were a few moans of "Does it have to be HIM?", but they eventually died down.

"We'll do it." said Alan Jaster of Sinnoh.

There was silence.

"What exactly are we doing?" he asked.
"There are some… things in Altomare. I presume you all know of Altomare?"
They nodded.
"Good. We can't get a look at them psychically, and what we like to call 'god powers' don't work near them, so no time travel checks. We daren't go alone, and the other legends can't help. We can teleport there." The group nodded. It made sense. It hadn't quite clicked that two gods were asking for help.

"Ok then!" said Mew, brightly smiling. "Hold my hand. Or Celebi's." Grudgingly, slightly annoyed with Mew's honeyed attitude, they did, and when the five warriors were touching the legends, there was a twin flash of pink and green, and the garden vanished, to be replaced by a sight if possible, more beautiful. A rolling city of canals and ancient buildings. Celebi closed his eyes as they started to glow.

"That way." He said, opening them and pointing. Mew had stopped smiling now. Seriousness didn't fit her face at all. They started to run, unsheathing their weapons. It wasn't long before they saw what was going on. A group of pokemon were attacking people and buildings, defeating attacking pokemon almost as if they were nothing. There was a Kabutops, an Arcanine, a Sneasel, a Girafarig and an Aerodactyl. But each one was strange-it was entirely black, with spikes all over it. The Arcanine had a pair of horns, the Kabutops' shell was covered in spikes all over, the Sneasel had claws as long as it was tall, the Girafarig had five tails, each tipped with a horned demonic head, and the Aerodactyl had a tail tipped with a mace so large and powerful it was demolishing walls. They charged in without a second thought, weapons glinting.

Alan got there first, swinging his swords at the Kabutops. Somehow, it turned and blocked them, even though it was looking the other way. It swung one blade, hard, knocking Alan off balance when he blocked, and threw a second attack at him. He barely dodged it, diving onto the floor. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt.
"Jolteon!" the electric dog pokemon materialised.
"Thunder!" The Jolteon grinned, and a huge blast of lightning shot towards the Kabutops. It struck, and the creature started to smoke. But it still stood. With a contemptuous strike, Jolteon was on the floor, unconscious. Quickly, Alan threw his pokeball, recovering Jolteon. He just finished as Kabutops swung a blade again, and he ducked quickly, rolling out of the way. He grabbed a spare pokeball from his bag, throwing it at the Kabutops. It struck the pokemon, and glowed red, than black, then shattered. He stood still for a second, shocked, until another blade swung and he remembered to dodge. Two loud voices echoed through the street.
"Purity Wave!"

Lauren was having similar problems. Roll under when triple claw, dodge the next. She barely had time to attack. Didn't stop her. Dodge, attack, duck, lunge, spin out of the way, slash. She was desperately trying to think of some way to defeat it. She jumped forwards over both attacks, slashing with both swords in a move that should have cut it into three. It blocked. Impossible. Nothing was faster than her. She had defeated Sneasels, Weaviles, Scythers, even a Ninjask. It pushed against her, throwing her backwards. She grabbed a pokeball from her belt.

"Scyther!" she said. The Ninja pokemon appeared, and looking around, saw what to do. The Scyther charged with Lauren, each attacking at the same time, lightning fast Lauren hit first, striking out with both blades. Its arm caught them pushing them away, and throwing her to the floor. Scyther arrived, a Hellblade charged with fire ready to strike. Its other arm blocked the attack, and the backswing from its defence against Lauren crashed into Scyther's arm. He was thrown away, arm bleeding heavily. If he didn't have tough armour, he would probably have lost the arm. Lauren returned him. And just then, two loud voices echoed through the street.
"Purity Wave!"

Sam drew his huge, huge sword, and charged at the Arcanine. It growled, like thunder, and lowered its head, charging with horns outstretched. The two met quickly, the giant sword hitting the helmet like bone on the Arcanine's head, just stopping the horns before they reached him. He pushed the strange pokemon away, swinging his sword both handed. A paw came up, grabbing the blade. Blood dripped from the pokemon's paw as it pushed the weapon away.
This was impossible. He was the founder of the Strength Discipline. How could it be this strong? He needed a plan. He scowled. He hated it when that happened. But as he was trying to think, as the Arcanine approached, their came a loud cry.
"Purity Wave!"

Alex had both his weapons out. A long sword, the end curving into a dagger, and a long knife. Neither were helping against the Girafarig and it's five tails. It was walking forwards, but the tails were stretching, like scorpions, and attacking. He knew that this thing could not be scared. So what the hell was he going to do? He closed his eyes, searching for his inner powers. He opened them, and he changed, growing wings, horns, a long forked tail, the whole thing. The Girafarig laughed. He flew over it, circling and then moving into a steep dive, sword outstretched. It whipped all its tails out, slashing them across him and ruining his attack. Concentration gone, his demonic form faded. He lashed out with both weapons from the floor, and the Arcanine retreated. He needed a second to think. But then a loud voice came across the street.
"Purity Wave!"

James was having a little trouble. The Aerodactyl was huge, and it's mace was even larger. He was just managing to dodge the tail and block its claws and teeth. Normally, he fought by wearing things down, but something told him this thing wouldn't wear out. He had to attack. He didn't like doing that… He reached inside himself, trying to find his inner strength. It was cold, like reaching through the arctic, but finding it was like seeing the sun for the first time. Burning hot and wonderful. he pulled the energy out, shaping it and using it. There was a flash of light and his skin went brown, almost like rock. A claw raked across him. He felt nothing, swinging both mirrored swords out against the Aerodactyl in a fatal strike across the neck.
His blades clashed with its armour. They lost. They shouldn't have. The mace swung round, striking him on the side. He went flying. He was lucky his rocky skin hadn't shattered. It faded away from the pain. He had a problem. The voices of the two legendaries cried out together.
"Purity Wave!"

A wave of bright white light, a wave of gold, red, blue, violet, bright green, every colour, raced across the street. Where it touched the strange pokemon they screeched, like they were in absolute agony, and… something raised up from them, like a shadow. But they couldn't escape from the light pouring from Mew and Celebi. They slowly dissipated, into nothing. The pokemon, however, remained, still mutated, but in their normal colours. Their eyes were… dark, evil. They attacked.

Alan jumped, pushing his own inner power through his feet and leaping over the Kabutops. Sheathing the smaller sword, he concentrated, and a crackle of blue lightning played around the sword. He started to fall, putting the sword underneath him.
The sword stabbed into the Kabutops' neck, where it wasn't armoured. The lightning crackled through it. It fell to the floor, dead.

Lauren jumped forwards, kicking the Sneasel as she flipped over it. It sprawled onto the ground. It looked injured. She picked an ultra ball from his bag, and threw it. The Sneasel vanished in a burst of red light. She smiled, picking up the strange pokemon.

Sam grabbed his sword with both hands, and swung it as hard as he could, down. It struck the Arcanine's horns, shattering them, and went through the pokemon's head. He pulled his sword out, wiping the blood on some grass.

Alex knew this was his chance. He focussed again, and changed, growing horns, a tail, wings. He stretched out, and breathed fire to the sky. Then at the Girafarig.
When the fire died out, there was nothing left.

James saw the change in the Aerodactyl. It was struggling to carry his tail. Easy. James span, aiming both blades at the pokemon's neck in almost exactly the same move. The Aerodactyl died instantly, decapitated.

The five were victorious.

"What the hell were they?" said Celebi.
"I was hoping you knew." muttered Alex.
"Why don't we ask one of them?" said Lauren.

"Because they're dead, silly!" said Mew, laughing eerily.
"I beg to differ." said Lauren, smiling, and opening the pokeball.

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